Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 12


The calm and deep universe was vast and boundless, and the seemingly quiet space was dotted with the glow of stars. The entire universe seemed quiet and calm, but there were various dangers in this relatively calm environment.

Planet Canno was one of the countless planets with life in the Northern part of the North Area under King Cooler’s rule.

Cooler was Frieza’s older brother, and his strength was even more terrifying than Frieza. They were members of the strongest race in the universe, born in Planet Winter. The clan was frozen in their lifetime; the longer they were sealed, the more powerful they became. After all, they were a super-rare Warrior Race in the universe, both in terms of natural talent and potential.

Compared to them, the self-proclaimed Warrior Race, Saiyans, would seem to be mud and clouds.

Like his younger brother Frieza, Cooler used his strength to suppress those planets that dared to rebel against him and engaged in the business of planetary trading, gathering a large number of powerful fighters and scientists under his hands.

Ayaka appeared on Planet Canno just in time for an attack by the cosmonauts under Cooler.


As soon as Ayaka arrived, she heard a loud explosion and thought that she must have come to a planet where war was going on.

Upon looking up into the sky, a colossal spaceship carrier hovered in the air. It was a giant military spaceship with a diameter of a thousand meters, which usually only the great powers would have.

From the bottom and sides of the carrier stretched out countless tentacles, each of which sent out energy cannons relentlessly.


The energy cannon hit a building towering into the clouds with an explosion, and the collapsed stone fell to the ground, still caught with thick smoke. The inhabitants of Planet Canno were blinded by the sudden disaster and fled with helpless cries, while a group of cosmonauts wearing battle armor and loaded energy cannons in their hand kept chasing after them, catching every one of them.

“Looks like I came at the wrong time!” Ayaka shook her head as if she had rerun into trouble. The moment she appeared was when the invasion had just started. So, she came right after the cosmonauts’ forces launched their attack.

She didn’t want to care about what was happening on this planet because she couldn’t help even if she wanted to. The universe was too big, and the weak were eaten by the strong, and most importantly, she was alone. Even if she drove the invaders away this time, she couldn’t stay and continue to help them. It was possible that the invaders would be ruthless, and the next invasion would be even bloodier. There was no way Ayaka was going to let herself be tied up here.

With that in mind, she was ready to launch an Instant Transmission to leave the place. Who knew that just then, a cosmonaut saw her and proceeded to fire an energy blast at Ayaka.

The energy blast hit Ayaka’s body with white smoke, but Ayaka didn’t suffer any damage. Instead, the cosmonaut’s behavior pissed her off.

“You cosmonaut want to suppress this planet, then go suppress it! How dare you mess with me! Do I have to act as a savior?” Ayaka thought with displeasure. She saw that these cosmonauts’ power level was shallow, not even 200. With the energy cannon in their hands, they didn’t know who they had messed with.

She disappeared with a swoosh and came to the back of the cosmonaut before he could react, then knocked him to the ground with a punch.


The other cosmonauts saw that Ayaka wasn’t something they could handle and hurriedly fled towards the main camp. This person who suddenly appeared was a strong person. However, Ayaka wasn’t going to let them go, and after a crackling series of blows, all of them were sent by her to King Yemma.

“In the end, a good person still helps!” Ayaka felt that she was too kind since she helped to kill all those cosmonauts in the end.

Ayaka leaped to the top of the spaceship carrier and gathered ki waves in her hands.

“What’s that?”

Inside the carrier, the commander saw Ayaka stopped in the air and was about to send a ki wave. They then shouted in horror, “GO, HURRY UP AND INFORM LORD LEAPTON!”


Ayaka fired out the ki wave in her hand. The carrier fell from the sky after a loud explosion.

When the fleeing Cannosians saw that a stranger destroyed the spaceship carrier, which destroyed their homeland, they immediately cheered excitedly. They worshipped Ayaka, who was still floating in the air, like a god.

Ayaka peacefully accepted their worship and picked out a person of some status and asked him about it, which led to the news about several nearby planets.

“This is Cooler’s territory.”

Ayaka’s heart flashed with amazement. She would never have imagined that she had come to Cooler’s territory. “Cooler is not something I can deal with, so I’d better leave as soon as possible!” She immediately had the idea of running away.

Ayaka was still afraid to face Cooler. Legend said he had one more transformation ability than Frieza. Regardless of whether the rumor was true, he was more powerful than Frieza, for sure.

“That little girl is over there!” A voice came from afar.

Ayaka saw a bald cosmonaut fly over and stop above her. Seeing the flying cosmonaut, the Canosians shouted in terror and fled in all directions. Soon, only the bald cosmonaut and Ayaka were left.

“Who are you?” Ayaka asked in an unhappy mood.

“This is Lord Leapton.” The bald cosmonaut barked arrogantly. That attitude made Ayaka’s brow furrow. Ayaka felt that this cosmonaut’s ki wasn’t very powerful. Still, it was hard to guarantee whether he was hiding his strength. Therefore, she activated her Unsighted to observe it.


The cosmonaut’s power level was a little higher than the revealed ki, but not much higher. It seemed that the cosmonaut was not very good at using ki. He could indeed be arrogant in the universe with a power level of 7800. After all, the overall strength of civilizations in the universe was low. In Ayaka’s memory, the Saiyan called Nappa, who came to Earth, had a power level of 4000 and was already arrogant.

“As a cosmonaut with some strength, he can be properly arrogant. However, that is only applied in front of people weaker than him. If he was arrogant in front of me, he was looking for death!”

When Lord Leapton did not react, Ayaka lightly stepped on the ground and rushed up.

There was a cracking sound!

Suddenly, a hundred square ground sank three meters in the position where Ayaka originally stood. The winding gullies covered the ground, and it turned into broken horizontal wreckage all of a sudden.


No one knew when Ayaka had arrived in front of Lord Leapton and punched a heavy blow on him.

Lord Leapton suddenly turned into a straight line, passing through several tall buildings deeply embedded in the ground.

Wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, Lord Leapton angrily flew out of the ground. He was not expecting the tiny girl in front of him to have such a strong force.

Lord Leapton hadn’t thought that Ayaka’s strength would be above his. He figured that he had just been negligent, and it just so happened that this girl also had some natural divine power.

Haha, little girl, how dare you to make this lord injured? This lord will make your life worse than death!”

With an evil glint in his eyes, Lord Leapton licked his lips. He quickly rushed towards Ayaka, but when he was about to attack Ayaka, a small, slender hand gripped his arm and stopped him. The small hand seemed to grab his arm like a steel vise, making him unable to move at all.


Lord Leapton couldn’t believe it. How could this little girl’s strength be even greater than his?

With a cackle, the bones of his arm were crushed hard, and then with a hard yank, the whole arm was broken off.


Lord Leapton held the disconnected arm and let out a painful shout. His face became pale, and sweat seeped down from his cheeks as he looked at Ayaka’s eyes full of fear.

Throwing away the broken arm in his hand, Ayaka looked at him cruelly.

“She’s a monster. We can’t beat her. We must hurry and leave!”

Lord Leapton’s brain was in a panic, but he also understood one thing clearly and unmistakably. He was certainly not her opponent, and he must escape! Must escape!!!

With a swoosh, his body turned into a white light and fled towards the distance. Unfortunately, he found that no matter where he ran, the little girl always appeared in front of him.

“You can’t run away!” Ayaka said calmly, then sent a ki wave at Lord Leapton.


The ki wave hit Lord Leapton’s body, and his body was instantly vaporized by the ki wave’s high-energy reaction, leaving only some blackened debris in place.


On a planet not far away, inside the vast fortress.

A man holding a glass of wine sat on a throne, sipping wine delicately. Countless computers in front of him flashed either red or green lights, and squeaking sounds emanated from the boxes as a group of cosmonauts busied themselves with operating the equipment.

“Lord Dore, Lord Leapton’s life signal has disappeared.” A cosmonaut reported with an edgy look.

After a brief moment, the man known as Dore had his face flashed with dismay, which quickly converged. He stood up from his throne and gracefully put the red wine aside with a wicked smile on his face.

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