Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 111


Planet Cruiser was a clarified blue planet like the sea, which belonged to the High-Level Planet. The race on it was not a Warrior Race like the Saiyans, but the individual strength was extremely powerful. The overall strength was no worse than that of Planet Vegeta.

Three hundred years ago, an alien ship crashed on the Planet Cruiser. The ship was blown to pieces, but the aliens riding on it did not die and stubbornly survived.

Many powerful people up there knew about the news of a ship crashing on the planet at first. However, they did not care about it, as they thought it was just an alien in distress, especially when they learned that the other side was just a child. They did not care about it.

No one expected that it was the child they let go in his overconfident and arrogant state of mind that would bring them to ruin in the future.

The alien child was a Namekian who escaped from the climate change of his home planet and lived on Planet Cruiser after surviving a fluke. With the very different changes in his upbringing, the child gradually lost his pure and kind heart and eventually became an evil Namekian. Due to the extremely high martial arts talent, the evil Namekian quickly became powerful and began to cause trouble.

By the time the masters of Planet Cruiser became aware of it, the Evil Namekian had already grown up. All the masters who went to crush the Namekian were killed without exception.

After continuous killing, the planet’s top masters finally paid attention to it. After some fierce battles, the evil Namekian was eventually expelled from the Green Vine.

However, after a few decades, the Namekian came back. He became even more powerful and evil, killing all the masters of the planet who had crushed him. After the loss of a large number of High-Level Warriors, the Planet Cruiser declined and were no longer able to continue their resistance. The Namekian ruled the planet and took the name of Lord Slug.

Such a powerful planet with powerful people, but ultimately it couldn’t escape the end of slavery.

Hundreds of years had passed, and no more masters of tens of thousands of strength had appeared on Planet Cruiser. Even if they did, they were immediately summoned by Slug, and if they did not submit, they were immediately executed.

Several hundred years had passed, Slug began to become old, but his strength was more and more powerful, during which he had enslaved more than a hundred planets. Slug’s greatest wish now was to regain his youth. He recruited a large group of scientists to work for him, developing various drugs that could ease aging and even extend life.


The headquarters on top of the high mountain of Planet Cruiser.

Slug forcefully put down his wine glass. His eyes mercilessly stared at the Research and Development staff who kept kneeling below.

“In such a long time, this is all you have given me? Did I invest so much money just for these useless things!” Slug’s voice was cold as his dried skin trembled.

The Research and Development staff were trembling to wipe the sweat on his face. His two eyes were terrified and uneasy, and he cautiously spoke, “Lord Slug, it’s not that we can’t invent drugs to relieve aging. After using a large amount of money, we have been researching day and night and have even worked out a solution to extend life…. “

“Oh?” Slug’s eyes lit up. The corners of his wrinkled eyes widened a lot, and then his expression went cold. His voice was icy, “If you have a plan, why haven’t you developed it by now!”

“The program we have fully verified, absolutely feasible. At least 200 years of life extension, just…. just….” The Research and Development staff looked at Slug in fear.

“Just what?”

A gulp swallowed, the Research and Development staff carefully replied, “The drug also requires a special herb, and that herb is said to be available only in the distant Cave of Wright. However, the Cave of Wright is under the rule of Frieza!”

“Frieza!!!” Slug narrowed his eyes. The cold light in his eyes flashed, and his body could not help but exude a terrifying aura.

“Get the hell out of here!” The tone of voice was like ice, emitting a chill.

The Research and Development staff suddenly wet their undershirts with cold sweat and poured out of the hall in a frenzy of hands and feet.

“Frieza, it’s you again! Hmph, it seems we have a lot of fights. The 200-year life span, for that herb, I have to make a trip no matter what!” Touching the deep scar on his left cheek, Slug’s voice was low and angry, “The defeat at your hands made me lose a large amount of territory. But now, you must no longer be my opponent. When I regain my youth, the entire North Area will be under the rule of Lord Slug!”

One hundred years ago, when Slug was still in his middle age, it was the time to open up the territory. With the expansion of his rule, he finally clashed with Frieza Forces nearby, and the two rulers ended up in a battle, which Slug lost and paid a great price. The scar on his left face was left at that time and had been regarded as a shame.

Fortunately, at that time, Frieza did not know the matter of Namekian, or the whole Planet Namek was to suffer in advance.

Time was the most merciless, and 100 years had passed in a hurry. Slug had grown old; although his strength was still improving, his body was no longer as young as it was. Knowing that he could extend his life by 200 years with the materials in the Cave of Wright, even if he knew that it was Frieza’s sphere of influence, Slug had to go. Not only to extend his life but also to avenge the shame of that year.

Moreover, even if it was Frieza’s territory of influence, it was not necessary to run into Frieza.

“Come on, people!” Slug stood up. The two-meter-tall body had decayed and dried up, but the dried-up body had a surprising amount of energy lurking inside.

The guards heard the summons and walked briskly into the hall.

“Prepare the spaceship. This lord is going to Cave of Wright!”

“Yes!” The guards answered, then quickly withdrew and hurriedly prepared the airship.

In a short time, the giant spaceship carrying Slug took off from the ground and headed for the distant Cave of Wright.


Ayaka teleported through the universe several times, each time the span of the teleport was not large. After a few moves, she arrived at a primitive planet covered with plants. The planet was not highly civilized, and the continent was mainly plant-based, with very few carnivorous animals, and those that occasionally appeared were mainly herbivorous.

“The planet is full of plants. Since there are herbivorous animals, there must be a lot of them. The food chain should be pyramidal, and there will be fewer carnivorous animals. But the result is that carnivorous and herbivorous animals are scarce. It’s really odd!”

Ayaka shook her head between the forest shuttle. The surrounding fragrant and quiet environment made people feel extraordinarily comfortable.

After resting for a few moments, Ayaka flew up in the air, shuttled up at speed. In front of a distant lake appeared the artificial civilization base.

“Alien, could it be that this planet is already occupied?” Ayaka thought somewhat strangely, as her body kept approaching the alien base.

In the base, a variety of aliens with different appearances wearing special costumes, bringing in a steady stream of plants and then boxing them up for processing.

Ayaka stopped to look at the trees, and had a general understanding of the situation in front of her, “There are already people using this planet as a planting base, and those aliens are the employees here.”

Using a primitive planet as a planting base was common in the universe and a relatively good practice. It was much more harmonious and natural than trafficking, immigration or even planet transformation.

Seeing that these aliens were quite disciplined, Ayaka was ready to leave. At that moment, the base “beep beep beep” a series of alarms sounded.

“Warning! Unidentified flying object is approaching and will soon arrive on land.”

“Warning! No system serial number found, the unidentified flying object belongs to the system serial number outside, decided to be nonsignature ship, please be ready to meet!”

The aliens heard the alarm and immediately put down the work in their hands, picked up their weapons and took their positions to prepare for the enemy.

Ayaka stopped, looked up out of the sky, and saw a huge spaceship was slowly approaching the ground.


The giant spaceship landed on the ground.

At once sinking the land, a few support pillars swish out, like inserting tofu deep into the rock layer.

The aliens on the planet, wearing protective suits, leaned towards the ship with their weapons.

The hatch of the spaceship opened, and rows of heavily armed soldiers came down, then stood up in line and gazed at the spaceship’s doors with respectful expressions.

At the gate, a two-meter-tall pale figure walked down the spaceship with incomparable dominance.

Ayaka stared at the green figure with dry and wrinkled skin and the two familiar tentacles on his head.


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