Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 112


“How did the Namekian appear here?”

Ayaka wondered about the Namekian who stepped off the ship, and the keen one quickly found something unusual about the other party.

This Namekian form looked already winded, but the energy contained in his body was extremely huge.

“The energy is submerged very deep but still can’t hide it from me.” Ayaka blinked her eyes. The other side’s strength was exposed to her at a glance.

“17.1 million. When did the Namekian have this kind of strength?”

Ayaka did not expect that such an amazing strength existed in the Namekian. She was afraid that his strength was comparable to that of Frieza. Looking at the other side looked like the Old Kami that aged and decrepit appearance, her brain flash. She suddenly remembered the anime version of the appearance of the Super Namekian – Slug.

In the anime version, he escaped from the climate change of the home planet and accidentally found the Earth and learned that the existence of the Dragon Balls on the Earth information. He descended to the Earth and used the Dragon Balls to rejuvenate. He tried to transform the Earth into a planet suitable for the demons but was eventually defeated by Son Goku and others.

According to North Kai estimated, the heyday of the Slug was more powerful than Frieza.

The answer to why Slug, as a lord who could rival Frieza, would descend to this planet, naturally aroused Ayaka’s interest.

“Stop, who are you people? Don’t you know that this is the territory of King Frieza? Disobeying King Frieza’s orders is a capital offense!” The alien held a weapon and warned the soldiers, who kept moving forward.

If the opponent was some sporadic armed, they should be scared to death after hearing the mighty name of Lord Frieza. However, the actual situation was not as the aliens thought in their minds. They saw that the soldiers of Slug had a mocking look on their faces and did not take their words to heart at all.

It should be known that the leader of the team was the Lord Slug himself. The prestige and terror were not below Frieza, and even in their eyes, Slug was the real overlord of the universe. Not to mention that wherever Frieza was or when he appeared in front of them, there was Lord Slug in front. There was nothing to fear.

If it were not for the low profile of Lord Slug, how could it be that Frieza was so famous?

Seeing that the other side did not put King Frieza in the eyes in the slightest, the leading alien could not help but become angry, and of course, had a vague hint of bad premonition in his heart.

“Bastards, you are provocative to King Frieza. Aren’t you afraid that King Frieza will blame you? The wrath of King Frieza is not enough to fill a few lives.” The alien raised his neck and roared with agitation. However, the response was the heckling sound of the other side. The alien immediately bulged with veins and a gloomy face.

One of the combatants even stepped out from among the ranks and prepared to launch an attack on the strange armed.

“How dare you be so insensitive? You will have a good time!” The leading alien was furious and waved his hand to order all the combatants to swoop forward and purge the strange armed.

Seeing the aliens flashing their weapons, Slug soldiers who were already in line drew their weapons and prepared to fight. “Haha, even the miscellaneous soldiers dare to make enemies with the elite guards of our Lord Slug. They don’t know how to live!”

The two sides soon engaged in battle, with both the aliens and the Slug soldiers had a power level of 1000 or more, with the highest reaching 5000.

One side had to fight for the sake of King Frieza’s prestige and even more fearful of the punishment that might be incurred if the battle was lost. The other side was desperate to perform well in front of Lord Slug and perhaps be sent out to manage a planet. Both sides used the reason to fight to the best of their ability, so they both wanted to end their opponents as soon as possible.

When the battle broke out for a moment, countless scorching lasers and dangerous qigong waves began to run around, wailing and screaming in pain. 


Large waves of energy swept away. The raging shock waves stirred up relentlessly. As the battle continued, large forest areas were destroyed, bright lights rose, and the forest was instantly plunged into a sea of fire.

“Ah, Frieza’s men and Slug’s soldiers are at war, but with Slug around, those aliens are dead!”

Ayaka stood on a tall tree trunk in the distance, looking out at the battle in the distance. “Although I do not know why Slug appeared on this planet but encountered, should not we remove it in advance?”

Slug’s evil was without a doubt, and since it was a character that appeared in the anime version, its existence was bound to be in the main story. However, it might not attack the Earth. Although it was a virtue to get rid of violence, Ayaka felt that his virtue index was slightly low, and he needed to make up for it.

Slug, who had been watching his subordinates fight, had a chill for no reason. He looked around suspiciously, looking at the whole forest was burning in the fire, and suddenly thought of the life-prolonging side of the herb was in the forest, his face immediately gloomy down.

“Stop! If you destroy the Lord’s medicinal herbs, I will send you all to hell!” Slug’s voice echoed in the air. The coldness in it was distinctly obvious.

Slug’s soldiers trembled and only then remembered the purpose of this trip and immediately stopped their hands and feet and returned.

However, the aliens on the opposite side saw them retreat and thought they were afraid and chased after them regardless.


The corners of Slug’s dry and lean mouth moved gently and let out an icy hum.


The voice was harsh and cold, Slug stared up in disgust, and his eyes suddenly lit up with a blood-red glow.


Suddenly as if an invisible film flew down to cover everyone, a series of painful shouts were heard. The alien who rushed in front of the horror found his head seemed to be torn by some huge force, and soon the head and body were separated.

The alien stopped and scrambled backward, but unfortunately, it was already too late.


In just a few seconds, all the alien’s heads were separated from their bodies.

“Magic, this is the magic of the Namekian!”

Slug was using the ability of the Namekian, and the scene was too bloody.

The corners of his mouth hung a cold smile, Slug’s voice echoed in an old voice, “Search for me carefully, as long as you find the herbs this Lord will give the right to rule a planet!”

To extend the life span, Slug could do anything.

Hearing this order, all the soldiers’ eyes emitted a greedy glow. Then like a jackal, sniffed prey like crazy scattered to look for the life extension of the herbs.

The lure of a planet’s dominion was enough to drive them crazy.

From Slug’s order, Ayaka found that the herbs he was looking for seemed very important.

Looking at his wrinkled skin, she pondered whether she should immediately go out and destroy this unbelievably evil Namekian.

The answer came quickly, kill!

So, Ayaka leapt lightly and appeared brightly in front of Slug.

“Where is the strange woman come from?”

Slug’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the killing intent overwhelming. However, soon, he let out a cry of surprise, and his face instantly became ugly.

The person in front of him could hide for so long without being discovered by himself. She was no ordinary person. If the opponent had not taken the initiative to show up, perhaps he would not have been able to find her. Moreover, what shocked him was that the opponent was standing in front of him, but he actually did not feel a trace of ki from her.

No! Her ki existed, but that was only equivalent to the power level of only 5 ordinary people!

Slug did not immediately consider that Ayaka was a strong person but thought that the woman in front of him was just a girl with magical concealment ability. However, based on that concealment ability alone, which even he could not recognize, Slug had sufficient reason to kill her.

“Who are you, and what is the purpose of hiding before?” Slug looked at Ayaka with a smirk. His dried-up face looked very scary.

Ayaka laughed and clapped his hands.

Although she did not speak, that flat look made Slug’s heart tremble for no reason. “Not good. I’m afraid the person in front of me is not simple!” With this thought on the brain, even Slug himself felt funny. How could Lord Slug be afraid of a woman?

His attitude towards Ayaka was vastly different. Staring at Ayaka, his dry muscles surged up with a jolt. As long as he tested the other side a little more, when the time came, no matter what the result was, he wanted her to be killed in one blow.

“Slug, am I right? Namekian!”

Before he could test it, Ayaka was the first to say something that surprised him.

Slug narrowed his eyes, “You actually know my name. It seems that you are also prepared.”

In a blur, he felt the blood in his veins unexpectedly speed up uncontrollably. This was a bloodline warning! Since he was an adult, it hadn’t been this kind of throbbing for many years. The most recent one was the duel with Frieza.

“Wrong. I just happen to be passing by this planet and happen to know you as a Super Namekian.”

Although Slug still had doubts inside, his ki had been internalized, and the expression was more serious.

As for what the young girl said about the Namekian, he did not feel anything. Since he left Planet Namek as a child, he had long forgotten his homeland and had no idea what planet he was from.

“Slug, you have always wanted to regain your youth, right? It’s a pity that you are a combat-type Namekian. Otherwise, you would be able to make Dragon Balls and then summon a divine dragon to fulfill your wish!” Looking at his pale appearance, Ayaka shook her head.

Speaking without thinking and listening, Slug was instantly subdued.

‘What did this woman say? Namekian, making dragon balls, granting wishes? Do other Namekian possess such magical powers?’

At this point, he thought of his own magic power. Yes, such magical power could never be possessed by ordinary races, so what she said might be true.

Suddenly, great darkness erupted from Slug’s body. He was greedy and desperate to get that kind of Dragon Ball so that his wish for a long life would no longer be a dream.

“Eh, seems that you say too much! Well, today is the day you die anyway, it’s okay to know this! Hey, I have a bad problem with being too kind. I always let people who are going to die to be cleared and unattached. Of course, since they understand, they have to die completely.”

After knowing the method of immortality, you have to die immediately.

Ain’t this the most unfortunate death?

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