Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 113


“What an arrogant fellow!” Slug looked at Ayaka with a grim face. His eyes on fire, and his terrifying ki instantly swept out.

“Nice ki, but you’re unlucky to come here at this time today!”

Slug was really unlucky. If his ship could have come a few minutes later, perhaps Ayaka would have left. However, since she ran into him, she could only say that it was his fate.


Ayaka disappeared from before Slug’s eyes. Slug glared, a dangerous omen flashed. His body immediately burst back a few hundred meters.

The next moment, there was a loud “boom”, Ayaka appeared in Slug’s original position. One of her feet had gone deep into the ground. The tyrannical foot force made the rocks burst open, and the ground seemed to have withstood the impact of hundreds of tons of heavy objects falling straight down from a height of 10,000 meters. The ground was dented, and large cracks appeared around the squeeze.

Slug looked at the deep cracks that stretched for thousands of meters, and his heart winced. He then gushed with bloodthirsty anger, and if he hadn’t reacted quickly enough, he would have been smashed.

“Oh, you escaped, but don’t worry, there’s more.” Ayaka leisurely and comfortable to pull out the leg. Her face blandly glanced at Slug, then swish disappeared again.

Slug immediately alerted up to look around, and his nerves tensed up violently. He did not dare to underestimate his opponent. He had a feeling that the woman in front of him was the most difficult opponent he had ever encountered, and it was possible that the gutter would turn upside down.

However, Ayaka seemed to have completely disappeared. No matter how carefully he looked, he could not find its traces. The blood flow in Slug’s body accelerated. This feeling of not being able to control it made him very annoyed.

“If you can’t track me at all, then you’re not really a Super Namekian! The strength of a Super Namekian is at least no worse than mine!”

A voice like a nightmare sounded, and a tremor ran through Slug’s heart as a great sense of crisis arose.

‘Not good!’

Slug’s heart screamed in anger. Although the opponent’s presence could not be sensed, Slug expected that the opponent must have been within a few meters of himself and could cause harm to himself at any time.

In an emergency, Slug released all of his energy. The red hot ki burned up, and he wanted to use his energy to block the opponent and seize the initiative.

However, he thought too much. His power level was less than 20 million, and he wanted to block Ayaka’s attack with this amount of energy?

Compared to Ayaka’s immense ki, it was a tiny handful.

The next moment Ayaka appeared in front of Slug. Her beautiful face had a smile on it. She then both palms easily penetrated the burning layer of ki and launched a desperate strike in Slug’s incredible eyes.

She pierced, flexed her fingers, and made a punch! The two fists hit the chest with a bang.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Slug’s mouth, and his body flew straight backward. With a succession of impacts, he went all the way to the center of the rock formation before being buried by the huge scattered rocks.


The messy pile of rocks exploded with a bang, and the smaller ones were directly blown into flying ashes, forming a huge explosion crater in place. Slug stood in the middle of the explosion crater roaring in anger. His eyes were full of blood, his creased and aged face was also covered with bloodstains, and his expression was very horrible.


The corners of his mouth, devilishly sharp teeth were rubbing against each other, emitting a squeaky, unpleasant sound. His palms were tightly clenched, and his whole fist was trembling due to anger.

“You dare to attack Lord Slug. You will experience worse than death!” Slug hissed angrily, and his endless killing intent exposed.

“Do you still think you can defeat me?”

Ayaka wrinkled her nose in displeasure, the bloody murderous aura like hell disgusted her, to form such a rich and dark fury, how many living beings need to be slaughtered. He was really this kind of demonic guy who’d be better to die as soon as possible.

“Hmph, little one, enjoy yourself while you can, and later you will know the horror of Lord Slug! My strongest technique, it’s your honor to see it. “

“Your strength has long been exposed in my eyes. How sad!” Ayaka shook her head and bristled with disdain.

Slug’s gaze was fierce, and after wiping away the blood from the corner of his mouth, his arms were wrapped around him, and he began to condense his ki.

“AH! AH!!!”

With Slug’s roar, his head was bruised, and his whole body muscles began to move up.








Slug continued to condense his ki, his teeth clenched tightly, and even blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.

Incredibly, as Slug vociferously regulated his breath, his body actually expanded little by little.

Three meters…

Five meters…

Slug’s body continued to become huge until it stopped at about eighty meters. His ki also showed up along with his body, truly reaching 17.1 million.


Slug arrogantly laughed. Although he was beaten by Ayaka before, that was only less than half of his own strength. After revealing his full strength, he thought he was already invincible to the world.

“You are very strong, but now you are definitely not my opponent, be a good boy and suffer death!”


Ayaka widened her eyes at the giant in front of him. The giantization was like a Saiyan. The muscle surge transformation, the weaknesses were also very obvious. The attack speed aside, the eyes and head that were magnified countless times alone would be a good target.

“In the North Area, you actually set up such a big target. On this kind of strength, you will be abused in the evil world!

Slug had been basically invincible since he became an adult, rarely encountering opponents. However, he did not know that most of the stunts he thought were invincible had not been tested in actual combat and were like rash in Ayaka’s eyes.

Slug moved up. Every step he took was accompanied by a shaking of the world. He looked around, intoxicated, with an unobstructed view of the landscape in front of him.

“Little one, suffer death!”

The loud voice made the air reel. Slug waved his huge fist with a fierce look on his face. The wind was mixed with a terrifying force whistling, and the huge fist seemed like a large celestial body falling from the sky, domineering and shocking.



The oversized fist came to a screeching halt, firmly fixed in mid-stride by something.

Slug beaded of sweat on his forehead, looking at his fist in disbelief, then horrified to find a pink palm against the fist. It was this small palm that stopped the fist’s attack. When he tried to withdraw his fist, he found that he couldn’t move his hand halfway no matter what.

Slug gritted his teeth and still could not retract his fist with all his might.

“This… How is it possible…”

The cold sweat swished down. He quickly came to his senses. His heart was filled with fear. This seemingly “evil” woman in front of him, the strength was definitely far more than himself.

Ayaka disappeared, then quickly upward. She instantly arrived next to Slug’s huge head, stopped at the same height as his eyes, and then launched a thunderous attack.

In an instant, he struck countless times on Slug’s head and finally kicked hard at the brow.

Like a drunken hulk falling eastward and westward, Slug collapsed with a loud bang. In a flash, the giantization lost its effect and changed back to its normal state.

“Damn it!”

Slug’s head swayed dizzily. His heart erupted with strong resentment and grievances, and his body struggled to get up.

“No need to get up. Keep lying down!”

In the air, Ayaka bellowed, then turned her palm down and struck down with force.

At this moment, the space seemed to solidify as if, under the propulsion of the palm force, down the whole. The terrifying force, even through the air, made people chill.


Several kilometers in diameter was stamped with a huge handprint. The ground under the handprint loosened and sank hundreds of meters, and the suffocating air dissipated as if space shattered with glittering light.

Slug was struck into the ground in that instant. The bones of his whole body seemed to be broken, and the hissing pain reached his brain, which was worse than death.

Ayaka landed and felt the faint gasping sound coming from Slug’s body, knowing that he was already seriously injured and unable to move.

“Please… please, Don’t…. kill… kill me…..” The weak voice came.

She frowned slightly, thinking of Slug’s previous appearance of authority. Ayaka knew to cut the grass to get rid of the root and did not want to let go of this evil Namekian.

She threw Slug to the high altitude and then casually sent a ki wave.

Under the majestic energy of the ki wave, Slug’s body was violently damaged and eroded until it disappeared.


On the other side of the Cave of Wright, Slug’s soldiers were searching deep into the hinterland for the medicinal herbs needed by their Lord, unaware that their Lord had already lost to Ayaka.

Deep in the forest, a black-haired boy with a topless body and a chest protector hung in a tree with his eyes blank.

With the end of the battle, the black-haired boy suddenly opened his eyes wide.

Hissing like a beast slowly came from his throat, emitting tyrannical and ominous ki. His whole body lost its mind and was gradually dominated by the desire to destroy.

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