Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 114


This dark-haired boy was Broly!

Broly’s angry, low voice caught the soldiers’ attention, making them all come closer towards him.

“Be careful. This guy seems to be not simple.” A soldier suddenly shouted, and the soldiers behind him quickly finished arming.


Broly clutched his head with a harrowing expression on his face, “Kakarot, Kakarot!” The voice was hoarse like a beast hissing. The muscles of the body twitched, and the cruel and tyrannical ki swept away.

The terrifying ki and cold chill.

“Not good. This guy is not something we can deal with. Back off quickly!”

Sensing the ki emanating from him, a soldier’s face changed dramatically and hurriedly shouted.

Swish, swish, swish.

The soldiers quickly fled from this forest as if they had grown wings. However, they did not know that they had already become Broly’s food on a plate.


The figure suddenly flashed, and Broly blocked in front of the soldiers. His arms fiercely trembled and crackled in a series of movements as Slug’s soldiers fell down.


Countless lightning penetrated the air and hit the target.

In just a moment, all the soldiers were killed by Broly.

“Hahahaha… Kakarot…. destroy, destroy!!!”

Broly’s long hair was floating, and his spirit fell into a state of madness. His purple-black pupils were flowing with a bloodthirsty light. After that, he felt huge ki coming from the far side.

With several sharp flashes in the air, the body flew towards Ayaka’s side.


After Ayaka killed Slug, she smoothly shot a piece of ki wave at the giant ship, the ship destroyed.

Without the ship, those aliens couldn’t leave the place.

Suddenly, Ayaka felt that huge ki was approaching. The ki was so powerful that it made people palpitate.

‘How can there be such a powerful ki on this planet?’

With such confusion in her heart, Ayaka was ready to deal with the ki that was approaching. It gave a feeling of a chaotic riot in its power.

“Here it comes!”

She raised her head, saw the light from a distance with breakneck speed. However, the opponent stopped at the high altitude, actually did not take the initiative to close around Ayaka.

‘How arrogant.’

Ayaka disappeared in place and soon came to an equal height. She hovered in front of the black-haired boy.

With a round earring, golden protective piece, and a bare upper body, Ayaka was startled to see the other party’s appearance.


‘Wait, how can Broly appear here? Shouldn’t he be with his father at this time?’

Broly was born on the same day as Son Goku as a Saiyan and had a combat power of 10,000 at birth. Quite a terror. He will react to the voice and breath of Son Goku and will be unusually angry when he sees Son Goku. Due to the normal control of reason will often go berserk. Soon after birth, together with his father, Bogas was expelled by King Vegeta.

In Planet Vegeta, the record about them was also erased. Perhaps the inability to control reason was merely one aspect of the 10,000 power level at birth, which did not appear in the history of the Saiyans, so how can King Vegeta be assured? Although he was highly likely to become the strongest Saiyan, this might overturn the existence of the royal family’s rule over the Saiyans. How could it be advertised with great fanfare?

The good thing was that Broly congenital anomaly, but it gives the Vegeta King an excellent excuse.

King Vegeta’s concern was not all unfounded. Broly’s father Paragus was a guy with unprecedented ambition, and King Vegeta had been aware of. While his son actually had a 10,000 power level at birth, this ambition should also be swollen out. In order to control Broly, Paragus used a special device to restrict him from achieving his own dark ambition.

“Where is Kakarot…?”

As if he sensed the scent of his kind, Broly gazed at Ayaka. His emotions fluctuated greatly and seeing that Ayaka did not answer his question, the fluctuations in his body could not help but be mixed up.

“Why should I tell you?” Ayaka asked a rhetorical question.

“Kakarot, if you do not tell… I will kill, kill you!”

Broly’s cold eyes flashed scarlet electric aura. When he did not get an answer, he gradually lost his mind. His mouth was constantly chanting “Kakarot”.

Violent and rampant energy burst out, with Broly as the center of the swirling air currents.

“The Legendary Super Saiyan! His strength is extraordinary. No wonder King Vegeta wants to get rid of it him. Unfortunately, the surge of energy led to the loss of sanity. If such a terrifying strength is not controlled in time, it will cause great harm!”

Ayaka was very appreciative of measuring Broly and felt sorry for him. As a Legendary Super Saiyan who appeared only one in every thousand years, compared to those Super Saiyans who were trained later in life, Broly’s qualifications were definitely the most excellent among many Saiyans.

“It’s a pity, Super Saiyan!”

Even if the Legendary Super Saiyan didn’t cultivate, his strength would increase year by year. If he cultivated, his growth would exceed that of ordinary Saiyans by a lot. At the same level, the Legendary Super Saiyan was much stronger than the acquired Super Saiyan.

Seemingly angered by Ayaka, Broly roared. His lean body gradually became larger, and his aura also rose. Soon, his body size grew to about two meters… three meters… and was covered by a burning flame within a few feet.


Broly muscles tensed with the majestic ki like a wave of anger gushing out. His long black hair turned golden yellow and shot straight up to the clouds. His eyes also turned turquoise and actually became a Super Saiyan state.

“Hmm? What a powerful energy!”

The intense windstorm blowing over, and Ayaka used both arms to block in front of the forehead. Her body swayed in the giant wind like floating weeds in the center and west.


Ayaka gave a strong fling and the wind in front of her body split. She then growled and followed by becoming a Super Saiyan.

In the sky, two clusters of burning flames shaking opposite each other. The same golden hair color and turquoise eyes. with unrelenting ki like two dazzling stars, churning with astonishing energy.

Suddenly, the two disappeared at the same time and appeared together in the next moment.

Ayaka leaf leg force, instantly leaping to Broly. A violent foot force brought up shock waves, and air friction issued a whoosh sound.


Ayaka struck out with a kick, targeting Broly’s chest. Although Broly lost most of his reason, the battle consciousness was unprecedentedly strong. Rather, his whole person had been dominated by battle consciousness. In the flash of lightning, he crossed his arms fiercely to offset the heavy blow from one of Ayaka’s legs.


Ayaka’s attack came to a screeching halt. The force of the recoil sending the body backward a few meters, while Broly was struck down with a single blow and shot down like a cannonball.


The ground was cracked by the impact. The smoke filled up, and Broly jumped up the moment he hit the ground and came at Ayaka through the thick smoke.

At first glance, Broly’s strength had already been shown. This guy had pure unprecedented brute force! This was slightly inferior to Ayaka. When she saw Broly coming, she immediately made a decision to dodge Broly’s attack by dodging to the side to avoid the impact.

The two sides tangled up. When he saw that his attacks did not work, Broly became even angrier. The scarlet electric ki was mixed in the burning air layer, which looked evil and weird.

“Not good!” Seeing Broly’s ki rising again, Ayaka’s face changed slightly, and her gaze focused seriously.

Broly’s age was a few years younger than Ayaka, and he had not gone through as much exercise as Ayaka, but the fight was actually not comparable.

If it’s not for the fact that Broly did not know how to move with his brute strength, perhaps Ayaka would have been sweating.

Ayaka knew that she could not let him improve, so she hurried to strike. The crackling, explosions, and shock waves were generated, and the whole planet was constantly shaking. After an exchange of blows, Ayaka actually had a feeling of being suppressed.

It should be known that Ayaka first transformed into a Super Saiyan with a 95 million power level. Then after some training in the Demon Realm, the strength had doubled again. The strength was absolutely terrifying. Even so, in front of the constantly raging Broly, she surprisingly had a bad feeling.

“He had just grown up and had this kind of strength. This Legendary Super Saiyan was so strong!”

Ayaka pulled away from a certain distance. Her face was strained as she looked at Broly, and her current condition could at best tie with him.

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