Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 115



Broly suddenly flashed. The light in his hand flashed, and the orange energy ball was thrown violently. The tiny energy ball came quickly and suddenly became larger when it was close, expanding to a ten-meter range in diameter.

Ayaka gave a startled cry, and her body followed the rapid movement hastily dodged. Turning back subconsciously, she found that Broly had disappeared from sight. She immediately woke up to the fact that the expanding energy bomb was just a decoy, and the real attack was behind it.

She calmly floated in the air, watching the surroundings out of the corner of her eye.

As expected, a slight fluctuation emerged overhead, Broly’s robust body appeared above Ayaka. His hands clasped, and the whole body was immersed in a golden glow. Terrifying high energy diffused between the fists, and a halo of light condensed and sharp, then struck down violently.

The speed was so fast that people could not defend themselves.

‘Not good!’

Her heart cried out. In the face of the powerful attack launched by Broly, Ayaka knew that it was impossible to dodge. She bowed up, bending her arms to resist up.


Broly’s heavy blow hit Ayaka. Although a lot of the force was removed by Ayaka’s arms, the remaining force was still extremely powerful. The moment it was hit, the energy actually went through her body and regrouped behind her, creating a huge shockwave that went straight down, forming a ring of cyclones around it that was visible to the naked eye.


Ayaka’s arms felt pain, and her whole body fell fast. She was about to hit the ground when she stabilized her body and then instantly moved to disappear.


Not far from the top of the mountain, Ayaka appeared on a rock, feeling the tingling sensation from her arm. Her face was gloomy down, and her golden flame was like a blazing flame, whirring and flickering.

“I can’t believe Broly is so powerful! Worthy of the Legendary Super Saiyan. If it wasn’t for the limiter restriction, his strength would probably be even more powerful.”

Ayaka realized that Broly’s strength was more than that, and her heart could not help but envy the Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique. The Legendary Super Saiyan could keep getting stronger even without training. His strength was better than that of Super Saiyans of the same rank.

However, remembering that her body wasn’t bad either, Ayaka balanced it out again.

“I shouldn’t think too much. This kind of transformation that loses its sanity!” In the original story, Son Goku and other Super Saiyans were able to defeat Broly, who is a Legendary Super Saiyan. Wouldn’t Ayaka, who has more advantages, be able to?”

The golden hair was glowing, and a smile emerged on Ayaka’s pretty face. Her deep turquoise eyes were filled with strong confidence.

What a joke, what Legendary Super Saiyan, how could this guy Broly stop her from advancing! The Legendary Super Saiyan could only become a cornerstone on her road to becoming stronger. Ayaka was enlightened. Her mind was suddenly silent. Her aura suddenly soared, and her burning flame shot straight up to the clouds.


Broly looked at Ayaka. The cold light in his eyes flashed, and a low roar came from the throat.


Broly crazy up, and his whole body golden ki expanded out. The sky soon became gloomy and lightless like the end of the world.

Knock knock

The planet shook violently, and the riotous energy made the stone out of gravity suspended up. The mountains and rocks collapsed, the ocean waters stirred, violent churning, waves lapping the shore.

“Haha, destroy… destroy it!”

Broly looked crazy. He laughed wildly and flew up. His chaotic ki seemed to wrap him like armor. He then moved like lightning and instantly flew across to Ayaka.

Broly was flickering with light on his fist, and the lightning on it was enough to destroy the world.

He struck a blow with the force of a thousand pounds.

“Broly, you alone want to destroy me!”

Seeing Broly attacking her, Ayaka roared. A cold light flashed in her eyes, and she coldly grunted as she stretched out her two palms.


Broly’s fist and Ayaka’s palm collided, and a blindingly strong wave of energy erupted in an instant.


The mountains and rocks collapsed, the earth sank steeply, and was turned over in large chunks of soil.

Time seemed to stand still, then a huge dazzling light broke through the clouds. The whole planet was instantly illuminated, and the blinding light covered the whole planet with the shock wave. The powerful vibration stopped the rotation of the planet for a time.

The riot stopped, and the dust and smoke dispersed.

At this time, the ground seemed to have undergone a dramatic change. The continental plates that had become one fell apart, covering the entire continent of green forests also disappeared. The scene reflected in the eyes became a dusky desert.

Ayaka stood firm on the ground, her beautiful face covered with sweat and sand.

“Cough, cough, blocked!”

With a light cough, the pain plus tingling sensation came from the palm of her hand. Broly’s attack was incomparably violent. Although she blocked it, Ayaka felt that her ki was being consumed rapidly, depleting half of it in just a moment.

Shaking her head with a bitter smile, Ayaka lamented from the bottom of her heart, “My ki was consumed by half so quickly, and the entire continent was wiped out. This kind of battle is too damaging to the planet.”


Broly’s eyes showed blood, and his face was hideous and twisted. He was emitting a gloomy and horrible but messy and incomparable aura.

“The Legendary Super Saiyan on this brutal crazy look is really a pity.” Her turquoise eyes flickered with cold light, and Ayaka bristled.

The light wind was blowing yellow sand, and two golden flames were shaking standing. Broly and Ayaka carefully observed, and the powerful ki impacts each other.


Broly threw back his head and roared. The golden ki flames scattered.


Like the beating sound of the heart, Broly’s muscles swelled violently, and his body became taller all of a sudden.

“Not good!” Ayaka subconsciously reacted to see the way Broly’s energy kept rising. He was about to break through the restriction limit of the restrictor.

“I absolutely can’t let him release it uncontrollably anymore.”

Ayaka was fast. Her legs lashed out and instantly flashed in front of Broly.


A piece of green light flashed, and Ayaka’s ability was fully opened, releasing a large ki wave. The burning ki wave hissed like a pale dragon coming out of the abyss and roared wildly towards Broly.


The ki wave struck Broly’s body.

“Did you block it? Damn, the ki wave has no effect!”

Seeing the state of Broly, Ayaka’s face suddenly changed. She didn’t expect Broly’s flesh to be so strong, and the ki wave actually didn’t have the slightest effect.


With a crunching sound, the limiter lost its effect, and Broly’s ki began to soar.


Broly floated in the air and began to roar miserably. The muscles of his body swelled open, the turquoise pupils had disappeared, the golden hair color on his head turned into a greenish grass green, and faint electric arcs were flashing on his body. Broly laughed wildly at Ayaka. At this point, he had completely lost his mind, turned into a puppet that only fights.

“The grass-green hair color without pupils. This is the Legendary Super Saiyan form!”

Ayaka gulped. Her heart was a little panicked.

Broly finally broke through the restrictions of the limiter to show the Legendary Super Saiyan battle form.

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