Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 116


The sky was overcast, and a huge pressure enveloped the entire planet.

It rumbled as if the thunderstorm came when countless electric thunder fell from the sky and struck the ground.

Broly had completely turned into a crazy Super Saiyan state. Although it could not match the second stage of Super Saiyan like in the original, the power was increased at once.

The consciousness of destruction dominated Broly. 

When Broly saw Ayaka, he was immediately attracted by her ki and rushed forward regardless of everything.

“Damn!” Ayaka cursed. She had to be seriously cautious in the face of Broly. Her arms waved as large crescent-shaped ki waves shot out.

These ki waves alone could not hurt Broly. She just hoped to stall a little to allow herself to prepare a more powerful move. However, the result was disappointing. The crescent-shaped ki wave failed to attract Broly’s attention. He directly ignored the ki wave, allowing it to hit his body, and his body fled violently. The ki wave that hit Broly’s body did not have any substantial effect, except for causing a huge sound.

It didn’t even manage to delay Broly in slightly.


Ayaka’s move was interrupted by Broly halfway through the execution.

The time-consuming move was no longer possible. Ayaka’s cold face instantly moved to the far side and distanced herself from Broly. Broly’s eyes white without pupils, and she wondered if this shadow did not affect his vision. He was covered with swollen muscles, which at first glance, was very frightening. There was a roar of anger, and his feet were powered up. Broly shot up only by brute force and looked close to Ayaka.

Looking at Broly, Ayaka began to move at high speed. Her turquoise eyes did not have any fluctuations, and her fingers pointed out a series of energy attacks.

Finally, when the ball of energy blocked Broly’s line of sight, she saw the right moment to launch the Instant Transmission again.

She immediately gathered her energy and released a big move after teleporting to the back of Broly.


With a low roar, she gathered the remaining fifty percent of her body’s ki in her hand and released it in a spiral form.

The Sword Wave was the most penetrating and destructive of all her moves, presenting its power. It also consumed a lot of ki when it was released. Just now, it drained Ayaka’s remaining ki.

Broly was losing his target thunderstorm, and he felt a strong energy wave from the rear. The next moment, the Sword Wave appeared.

The Sword Wave shone with blue light, containing half of Ayaka’s ki. It was bizarre and terrifying, and it was like a long drill. Even the unconscious Broly subconsciously sensed the danger.

The Sword Wave was too fast, and Broly realized that it was no longer possible to avoid it. So he subconsciously put his hands like claws and released energy to resist.


A huge roar resounded through the sky, accompanied by a blindingly bright light. Then, everything reverted to chaos, and the sky was emptied of gas all at once.



“Did it work?”

Suddenly, Ayaka’s heart flashed a danger signal, followed by a sharp pain. Then, she was hit by a huge force, and her whole body flew out.


A series of crashed several mountain peaks, and straight dust rose, leaving a ghostly deep, terrifying impact zone on the ground.

“Cough cough cough!”

Ayaka collapsed in the gravel, a few drops of blood flowed out of the corner of her mouth. A stinging pain came from various parts of her body. “It’s not good, I’ve broken several bones, I can’t continue fighting!”

She laughed bitterly and got up, and with a bit of sensing, she knew the extent of her injuries. The blonde hair on the head flickered a few times and turned flaxen again, surprisingly exiting the Super Saiyan state. She did not expect that even the shock wave containing all her ki was still unable to defeat Broly. Was the Legendary Super Saiyan really that strong?

Looking up, Broly appeared in the air. At this time, Broly was also extremely miserable. His hands had been burned and deformed, his whole body was covered with wounds, and he looked awful in blood. —The only difference was that Broly still had some ki in his body. So although he could not compare with his heyday, it still maintains the Super Saiyan form.

What a fierce man!

Ayaka couldn’t help but shout in her mind.

“Ahem, the defeat was not too bad. At least the Legendary Super Saiyan was injured like this.” Ayaka forced a smile, reassuring herself.

Of course, the current Broly was only a dozen years old, less than twenty. He certainly hadn’t grown up to be so powerful like he was in the later stages.

“DAMN IT, I WILL DESTROY YOU!” Broly threw back his head and roared, then raised his altitude to fly to a height of ten thousand meters above.


He frantically gathered his ki and held his hands together. Surprisingly, a black ball of energy converged, and a terrifying and ominous aura was brewing in a concentrated manner.

Ayaka was lying on the ground. Her eyes were open when she saw the black ball of energy high in the sky, and she couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

“Broly, this madman. Did he want to destroy me and the planet together, would he?”

To destroy the opponent and destroy the whole planet was something that only a madman would do. Such as Frieza, who was pushed to the end and so on. Who would make such a fuss if they were not pushed to the end? But it just so happens that Broly was such a senseless madman.

“If the planet is destroyed, how Broly will live by himself? In order to destroy the opponent and even lose themselves, crazy people could not use common sense to speculate.”

Ayaka swore that she could never die in a fight with a madman. Then, suddenly, Ayaka remembered that Broly seemed to use the energy shield to survive in the universe. —In the original story, when King Vegeta wanted to kill Broly’s father and son, Broly saved them with the energy shield.

“GO TO HELL!” Broly laughed madly and struggled to throw the black energy ball down. The black energy ball pierced through the air layer and whistled as it approached the ground.

Ayaka gazed at Broly and launched Instant Transmission. Then, her body disappeared from the ground.


The black energy ball impacted the ground. The terrifying energy melted the sand and gravel at once and then continued to sink.


Black thunder wrapped around the energy ball soon through the planet’s crust. The fiery magma with smoke gushed out from the impact port and flowed everywhere.


The entire planet shook.

The black energy ball has penetrated the core of the planet. Within minutes the planet would surely be destroyed!!!

Broly’s icy cheeks revealed a cruel smile, grass-green hair rushed up to the sky.

The legendary Super Saiyans had always been synonymous with destruction, and countless planets had been destroyed by them over countless ages. —Any time a Legendary Super Saiyan appears, it is a disaster.

“Broly, the Saiyan bloodline in the universe is already very rare, I did not want to kill you, but your existence will only bring destruction!” An icy voice came.

Ayaka appeared in the universe. An ice blue light shone at both hands, followed by a crystal longsword with a cold, cold light appeared in his hands.

When the divine ice sword in the palm of his hand, Ayaka sensed a cold breath from the depths of the soul. At the same time, the almost dry body surprisingly emerged with incredible energy, that is, the power of the divine ice sword. The unseen eyes and boundary energy passed from the Planet Yardart opened at the same time.

In the infusion of incredible energy, Ayaka felt the dry body was met with spring rain. There was a different kind of powerful attack on the heart.

Although only for a moment, Ayaka immediately returned to a Super Saiyan state. The tip of the sword condensed an ice blue ball of energy.

“This planet is about to collapse, you also follow the destruction, Broly!!!”

A sword chopped down, and an ice blue energy wave contains a huge power like a huge phoenix with wings in a clear sound sweeping towards Broly. Broly looked back, and a trace of shock emerged from the crazy, cruel smile but was quickly swallowed up by the energy wave.


Deadly silence!

The entire world stood still, then as a bright, blinding light rose, the whole planet erupted with a violent clang.

The first round of shock waves from point to point quickly covered the entire planet. The plates were torn apart, lava splashed, and the Cave of Wright had become an ocean of magma, soon to be destroyed.


After putting the Ice King Sword back into her body, the dizzying pain immediately came up. Ayaka quit the Super Saiyan state and moved to a safe place without caring about Broly’s death, lying on a small meteorite.

“Ahem, the overdraft is too much.” Ayaka took out a Senzu Bean and ate it. Healing the injuries on her body, she calmly recovered for a few breaths and then hurried to escape this star field.

A few minutes later, a strong cosmic storm erupted in the star system where the Cave of Wright was located. After that, all the spacecraft that passed by this place failed to find the Cave of Wright, and only a ring-shaped meteorite belt remained in the orbit of the planet.

The whole planet had disappeared.


A few days later, the news of the collapse of the planet was heard in the nearby galaxy for unknown reasons. At the same time, the Green Vine people also celebrated globally because of the disappearance of Lord Slug.

Whether Broly was dead or not, no one knew anymore.

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