Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 117


Frieza’s spaceship quickly crossed the starry sky with countless stars as the background and headed towards the direction of the Cave of Wright.

In the ship, Frieza hands loaded on the back of the egg-like hovering command module. His blood-coloured eyes were unruffled, staring coldly at the dazzling starlight outside the shield.

The Cave of Wright was only one of the many planets under Frieza’s rule. However, because it only served as a raw material supply planet, it didn’t have a high status. Originally, it was a small raw material planet destruction that didn’t require Frieza to personally go, but a series of anomalous events in recent years had made Frieza feel uneasy.

His position as the King of the universe had been challenged like never before!

Three years ago, news came from the Central Area. His elder brother King Cooler suffered a mysterious, strong attack, and the Cooler Armour Squadron was wiped out. But, unfortunately, it hadn’t been re-established yet, and the opponent also escaped in Cooler’s Fourth Transformation state. This was remarkable! Such a strong person dared to confront the Frozen Clan brutally, making Frieza stuck in his throat. How could he feel at ease?

At that time, he suspected that the opponent was a Super Saiyan. Thus, he ordered a review of all the Saiyans sent out, making sure to keep track of their dynamics and prevent the emergence of Super Saiyans among them.

However, this task didn’t go well. Due to the frequent foreign wars, Frieza’s men were replaced by several groups. Moreover, with the destruction of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyans’ archives could not be found. Frieza worried about the remaining Saiyans who knew the truth. Any subordinates who had participated in the task at the time were either killed by him directly or sent to the edge of the war zone. There was actually not a single survivor left today.

As for those cosmopolitans responsible for managing Saiyan babies, to ensure the smooth implementation of the plan, they were not given advance notice, and most died with the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

“It really hurts. Although the backup database was pieced together, the information of recent decades is still vacant.” Frieza rubbed his temples, regretted for the recklessness of the time.

However, the information of recent decades hadn’t been built up, so Frieza wasn’t particularly worried. Although the number of Saiyans born during this period was large, they basically returned to Planet Vegeta after a few years. The few people sent out before the destruction of Planet Vegeta did not return. According to the calculation of time, they were almost adults now.

First, the number was small. Second, the time was short.

Frieza did not believe that they would reach a level that would threaten the Frieza Clan. However, it should be known that those who did not return were Low-Level Warriors! Therefore, they wouldn’t have accomplished a lot even when they were given much time.

However, there was a Saiyan that impressed Frieza, which was Broly! Originally, he wanted to deal with him directly, but Broly’s dad was too keen. He actually took him to hide in advance, and even Frieza could not find him for a while. —Now, when he thought about it, King Vegeta had spoiled his big event!

A few days ago, Frieza’s subordinates detected an alarming energy reaction in the Cave of Wright. Soon, after the destruction of the Cave of Wright, there was news of the disappearance of the nearby ruler, Slug.

Slug was able to confront Frieza for many years. So naturally, there was nothing more to say about his strength. Frieza thought he was a match for himself. How could such a strong man say missing?

“I’m 80% sure Slug has died.” Licking his lips, his scarlet eyes narrowed down.

Frieza’s heart wasn’t as calm as it appeared, there was always a chill swirling around his heart, and his face was then clouded with darkness.

First, it was Slug disobedience, and then the mysterious strong man who could kill Slug…. In his rule of the North Area, situations had emerged one after another, which was a challenge to his ruling position!

Frieza was still young, he wasn’t too old in the Frieza Clan, and his strength couldn’t compare with his big brother and father. The problem with Cooler and in his ruling area was the sudden emergence of a guy whose strength was suspected to be above him. Whether the information was true or not, Frieza could not rest easy.

This time, he heads to investigate the incident of the Cave of Wright!

“King Frieza, in another hour, we will reach our destination!” Zarbon came over and reported.

Zarbon had long dark green hair tied into a braid with the appearance of a gentleman, but in fact, the heart was very cruel and ruthless. He helped Frieza do a lot of bad things. He and Dodoria were two of Frieza’s entourage and second only to the Ginyu Forces in the battle under Frieza and had been deeply trusted by Frieza.

Frieza raised his hand and waved it a few times, signalling Zarbon to stand down. Then steered the special oval-shaped spaceship back to the observation deck behind the main pilot.

“Mr. Zarbon, who do you think killed that old man Slug?” Frieza asked with a faint smile and an evil air.

Zarbon thought for a moment and replied, “King Frieza, although the territory of the North Area is infinitely vast, I am afraid that the only people who can kill Slug are King Cooler and King Cold. Other than that I cannot think of anyone else.”

King Cooler and King Cold were stronger and more powerful than Slug, that’s for sure, and Zarbon’s answer was very smooth and clever not to offend Frieza.

Of course, he was clearly talking with his eyes open.

“Wow, Mr. Zarbon, do you think so? Hahaha, I also hope that everything will be under control…. However, will that guy who destroyed my big brother’s personal Cooler Armour Squadron three years ago reappear? Hmph, anyone who threatens my strongest clan will have to die!”

Frieza laughed loudly, and cold killing intent was floating in his scarlet eyes.

Zarbon’s laughter was as hearty as a spring breeze. Then, he said to Dodoria next to him, “Dodoria, this time Lord Frieza is personally leading, so we can’t be left behind when the time comes.”

“Oh, I can’t wait to get my hands on it!” Dodoria’s face grim licking his tongue, clenched his fist and threw it hard.

Zarbon and Dodoria body was Frieza’s entourage. However, since Frieza had never exerted his full strength in front of them, they were unsure of Frieza’s real strength. They only generally understood that the power of King Cooler and King Cold was above Frieza but did not know much about the strength of Slug.

However, King Frieza should be more powerful than Slug.

Without knowing, the two would never think about how terrifying the strength of the person who killed Slug! With their 30,000 to 40,000 power level, they were just cannon fodder.


Time hurriedly passed, and Frieza’s ship was getting closer and closer to the solar system where the Cave of Wright was located.

Beep beep beep!

The scouter indicator in the spaceship gave an alert.

“King Frieza, we have arrived at the orbit of the Cave of Wright!” The cosmonaut in charge of piloting the ship reported.

Frieza nodded blandly and flew to the front of the space cover with the elliptical seat, sweeping his gaze flatly at the large and small meteorite fragments in orbit, which were all the wreckage from the destruction of the Cave of Wright.

“Search with all your might. I want to know everything that happened here!” Frieza took one look and didn’t want to look anymore. He flew back with a cold aura emanating from his body.

The cosmonauts in the ship hurriedly manoeuvred their machines to detect the meteorite belt and the surrounding cosmic space. The astounding data shown by the detected cosmic background mapping almost exceeded the upper limit of the large probe!

The cosmonaut wiped his sweat and compared the database with trepidation, deeply afraid of making mistakes.

Beep beep beep beep.

The precision instrument emitted a continuous beep.

“Report to the King, the map will be processed through the time retracing technology and found residual high energy reactions. But…. but due to the time that has passed, no useful things were found.”

“Expand the scope!!!” Frieza said coldly.

The cosmonauts wiped their sweat and faithfully carried out the order. They expanded and expanded the range of data sources that needed to be collected for mapping the background of the universe…


“Report to the King! A very large energy reaction has been found behind a meteorite, and there are definite signs of life activity!”

Frieza stared up in interest, and a cruel smile flowed from the corners of his eyes. His lips rose slightly, and his icy voice rang out, “Mr. Zarbon, I want you and Mr. Dodoria to go ahead and detect it!”

“Guarantee a successful completion!” Dodoria responded loudly with a fist pump.

The hatch opened, he and Zarbon flew out of the spaceship together.


It didn’t take long for Zarbon and Dodoria to return with a green sphere floating behind them.

Frieza looked at the green sphere. His eyes narrowed, and he waved his hand to hit a piece of energy over. The green sphere accepted the energy hit by Frieza and began to move up, slowly revealing an old and dry face.

“Mr. Slug, it’s really fate. I never thought we would meet in this occasion!” Frieza’s cold voice came.

Only half of Slug’s body remained. He slowly woke up and opened his eyes to see Frieza. His pale old face could not help but show a look of panic.

“Frieza, don’t kill me. As long as you don’t kill me, I’m willing to tell you an amazing secret! You will definitely be interested.”

“Oh, what kind of secret is it?” Frieza asked with a smirk. What could be more exciting to him than having his initial opponent fall into his hands!

“I’ll tell you as long as you promise not to kill me! This news I also learned by accident, it is about immortality!”

Slug knew that in the hands of Frieza, the hope of survival was extremely slim, but he was not willing to die.

Sure enough, upon hearing the news about immortality, Frieza’s face immediately changed. His suffocating aura of terror erupted out, piercing soul eyes stared straight at Slug.

“Say it. As long as it satisfies me, this King does not mind to let you go.”

“Not long ago I just learned that there is something called Dragon Balls in this world. It is said that as long as you get the Dragon Balls you can achieve any wish, immortality is not a problem!”

Slug only learned about the Dragon Balls partially from the mouth of Ayaka. However, in order to save his life, he made up his mind and became a connoisseur of the Dragon Balls all of a sudden, selling the Dragon Balls to Frieza in a big way.

In fact, Shenron could not violate the rules of the universe because it could resurrect people who died accidentally. It could slow down the aging process and thus extend the life span, but Shenron could not disobey the rules and could not make people who had died naturally resurrected again. It could slow down the aging process but could not let people live forever without limit.

However, Frieza didn’t know that.

After learning the news of the Dragon Ball, Frieza laughed wickedly, and the ambition that was not small was even more inflated. What else was more attractive than immortality! If he got immortality, wouldn’t the future of the Frieza Clan depend on himself?

“So, there is such a thing in the world. Thank you so much, Mr. Slug, but one person is enough to be entitled to the Dragon Balls, so you can go on your way in peace!” Frieza laughed wildly. The palm of his hand gathered concentrated energy.

Slug’s face changed dramatically. He moved his body frantically, but he was already locked by Frieza and could not escape.

“Frieza, how dare you go back on your word! Haha, sooner or later you will also encounter her. With her, your Frieza Clan is doomed to extinction….” Slug shouted madly.

The battle between Ayaka and Broly really made Slug realize that there were people outside of the world.

Frieza’s face was cold, sneering and throwing out energy. This energy quickly wrapped around Slug’s mutilated body and sent him deep into the universe with a destructive explosion.

“Haha, your strength is no match for her. You… will surely…. be… destroy…” Slug, who was in searing energy, slowly dissolved and finally completely disappeared.

Frieza’s eyes were cold, and disdainful “cut” a with a cruel smile on his face: “Mr. Zarbon, pass down the order. Don’t leak the news of the secret search for the Dragon Balls to the public, especially my big brother and father there!

After Zarbon and Dodoria responded, Frieza excitedly looked out of the cabin of the spaceship and inflated ambition.

However, among Frieza’s subordinates, except for Vegeta and Nappa, who were fortunate enough to learn about Planet Namek, no one else had any idea, let alone the news of the Dragon Balls.

For Frieza, at most, there was an empty joy.

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