Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 119


In the windy afternoon, Reimu was calmly sitting in front of the house on the hitting stake, smiling at a small figure not far away that was jumping down and being very active.

On the vacant lot, little Reimu wearing a small vest punching a board. The little bun face became red due to exercise, but she still completed each action seriously.

These were the tasks that Ayaka had assigned to her every day, not a lot but a good exercise. So far, Ayaka and little Reimu had been living here for about two years, and little Reimu was close to four years old.

Under the arrangement of Ayaka, who was a master, little Reimu was growing strong.

Although Ayaka landed on this planet because of Reimu to live a secluded life, Ayaka also did not leave the practice behind. —The weight-bearing clothes load was opened to the maximum by her, and every moment her body was under great pressure. When her strength reaches this level, the normal weight-bearing was actually not very useful, but the good thing was that Ayaka’s weight-bearing clothes were transformed by Shenron and were able to deepen into every cell of her body.

Her strength was steadily advancing, and Ayaka put her mind on little Reimu.

Ayaka had so many divine things in her hands, such as Senzu Beans, Tree of Might Fruit which was not a rare treasure; coupled with Ayaka personally instructed, little Reimu’s training environment was superior!

However, Ayaka didn’t want to pull up the seedlings and overly harsh on Reimu. So, for the time being, she didn’t use any of the Senzu Beans and Tree of Might Fruit but only gradually honed Reimu to lay a solid foundation.

“Ho ho ho ho!” Little Reimu finished today’s task with a red face. She dried the beads of sweat on her face with her hands and ran happily towards Ayaka.

“Ama, I finished today’s task!” She said with a remarkable look at Ayaka, showing a hopeful gaze, just as close to saying “praise me quickly” and so on.

“Little Reimu is great. Your martial arts are getting better and better. You’ll be a great martial artist in the future!”

As expected, Reimu beamed with smiles. Ayaka smiled and stroked her little head. Reimu squinted her eyes with a comfortable look on her face and let out a soft mmm sound from her mouth.

The first time little Reimu called her mother, Ayaka was quite resistant. —She was only twenty-three or twenty-four. How could she have such a daughter? But over time, she got used to it, so she acquiesced to the name.

Later, at some point, Reimu would no longer call her mother but called her “Mama”.

“Mama” was a title that Ayaka felt less comfortable listening to. In a previous life, Ayaka had read a story called “Touhou project”, in which the mother could move her to the point of being in a trance, coupled with the harmonization of Reimu’s name, Ayaka felt some trance.

“Nah, Mama, I want a reward!” Little Reimu took a step back and raised her head. Her dark eyes were gurgling.

“Oh, then what Reimu want? I will not give you a reward if you go too far!”

“Not too much. I just want the statue that Mama got a while ago!” Little Reimu said with a smile on her face.

“Statue? What do you need a statue for? Sculpture is not something children understand!”

Reimu looked at Ayaka with a light smile. The statue was a recent mountain scavenger hunt. She saw it as beautiful and want it back.

“I want the statue!” Little Reimu said unyieldingly, pouting.

“Okay. I’ll get it for you. It’s not precious, but don’t break it.”

Ayaka went into the house and took out a statue. Reimu got the statue after three times a toss, directly keyed off the sculpture of a green bean-sized gem and then carefully put it away. The statue was actually thrown away directly after.

Ayaka looked dumbfounded. She grabbed Reimu’s ears and said, “I told you to cherish it, why did you just get it and tear it down!”

“People just want small gems, those stone lumps are not worth anything. It’s ugly!” Little Reimu eyes were glowing at the green bean-sized gems in her hand, and she said with a disdainful face.


Ayaka was at a loss for words, looking at Reimu’s toddler back and muttering, “Red and white, this is not scientific! Could it be that such a name as ‘Reimu’ has been able to penetrate the dimension and is contagious? Reimu Hakurei, you hanged the sky!”

“No. If this continues, Reimu will become the same as the feckless witch. It is important to start education from a young age. In order to curb Reimu’s future fecklessness, I must start education from an early age!”

Imagining Reimu in a boli witch costume all day to fall out of modesty, Ayaka shuddered. She hurriedly grabbed Ayame for profound education. If one day she becomes a “Shrine Maiden” that would be a big deal.


Day by day, in addition to teaching Reimu martial arts training every day, Ayaka also taught her temperance education. The results of her education were mixed. Reimu’s martial arts had been slowly growing, but her temperament was declining. Ayaka was worried, thinking that if this continued, Reimu would really become a Shrine Maiden, which could make Ayaka anxious.

“Reimu, where did the rubies in my drawer go?” Ayaka yelled in exasperation.

“Mama, I took the amethysts from the bottom drawer, not the rubies!” Reimu blinked innocently.

Reimu choked for a moment and pulled open the bottom drawer, and sure enough, there was an amethyst missing.

“Ayaka, your property will be left to me in the future anyway, so isn’t it the same if you take it early or late?” Reimu asked in disbelief.

Instantly, Ayaka’s face darkened.

“Oh… I don’t blame you. I shouldn’t name you ‘Reimu’!” Ayaka murmured. The more she said, the more anger finally gnashing her teeth.


Knock Knock Knock!

A series of knocking sounds came from the door.

When she opened the door, she saw a two-meter-tall thin young man standing outside the house.

“Lord Ayaka!” The lean youth said respectfully when he saw Ayaka.

“Castro, what do you want here?” Ayaka asked in a bland tone.

This lean youth was none other than Castro, the explicit ruler of Planet Bodhi. Castro had 40,000 power level, and such strength was more than enough to rule a planet. However, at this moment, Castro bowed to Ayaka respectfully and willingly.

More than two years ago, due to the news of Slug’s inexplicable disappearance and confirmed death, resulting in the disintegration of the forces under him, Castro moved quickly to take over Planet Bodhi.

In the past two years, the way Slug ruled the field could be described as a storm. All kinds of strong people showed their skills, coupled with the continuous erosion of Frieza Forces. Now nearly 70% of the territory had been swallowed up. —The reason was that these dozens of planets had long been secretly under the jurisdiction of Ayaka, so Castro was now only her subordinates.

Under Ayaka’s jurisdiction, she had gathered a large number of cosmonauts and scientists. In order to facilitate the management, Ayaka specially formulated a harsh law, benefiting from the promulgation of this law. As a result, dozens of planets under Ayaka’s jurisdiction finally ended the ongoing war to live a stable life.

Those who relied on a little strength to continue to do harm to the “strong” were all cleansed, and then Ayaka recruited a large number of people with power level of more than 1,000. There were 10,000 strong people to form a patrol squad to protect the rights of the territory. It wasn’t that she wasn’t willing to recruit more than 10,000 strong people, but such strong people were too few, and most of them were disposed of in the purge.

In addition, with Ayaka’s consent, each planet had its own security team, even when the power level was generally below one thousand.

“Lord Ayaka, news recently came that Cooler in the north is seriously injured!”

“Huh, Cooler is seriously injured? Is this news accurate?”

Ayaka asked in amazement, knowing that Cooler’s strength was extremely terrifying and could be said to be number two in the North Area, ranking only after King Cold. Would such a person be seriously injured easily? She didn’t think Cooler’s father would do that to him.

“I have sent someone to investigate in detail. Cooler is indeed seriously injured. Both King Cold in the East and the nearby Frieza have sent their men to support them.”

Ayaka raised an eyebrow, secretly thinking up.

‘There should be no strong person who could seriously injure Cooler in the North Area. Could it be that it wasn’t someone from the North Area?’

Castro watched Ayaka carefully, not daring to be careless. Although Ayaka was a woman and seemingly nothing, he knew that she was, after all, a terrifying strong person who could easily kill Slug. Even Cooler and King Cold were not her opponents; Castro did not dare to anger her.

“There is information that the opponent is two women. The strength of both very terrifying. However, the strange thing is that the last one who fought with Cooler is only one, and no one knows where the other one went?”

Ayaka listened, and the corners of her eyes could not help but float a smile, a brilliant smile as if lilies bloom.

“Oh, I see, you don’t have to worry about this. I’ll take care of it.”

When Castro heard this, he sighed in relief, and the pressure pressing on his chest disappeared.

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