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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 120


“The ones who seriously injured Cooler should be the girls!”

After learning that there were two people who seriously injured Cooler, Ayaka had a guess, especially when she knew that only one person fought in the end. She was more certain.

When they first left the Demon Realm three years ago, the girls had a strength of nearly ten million. A few years later, they should have made great progress, and combined with Castro’s report, Ayaka was sure that when they fought with Cooler. They should have used a Fusion Technique. With their extraordinary individual strength to cast a Fusion Technique, it was very likely that they seriously injured Cooler.

Ayaka felt relieved from the bottom of her heart that the unbeatable Cooler would be seriously injured.

“What happened to Cooler must have made Frieza Clan panicked. Their dominance for many years was truly threatened, and King Cold is now afraid that he cannot sleep at night.” Ayaka had a faint smile on her face.

Castro considered, hesitated for a moment and said his suggestion, “Lord Ayaka, since Cooler is seriously injured, then why don’t you go out and destroy the forces controlled by Cooler in one fell swoop with a strike of thunder? So that those unsettled guys can have a good look and deter some.”


This suggestion seemed good. Castro’s proposal made Ayaka a little bit moved and quietly thought about it slowly.

The destruction of Cooler was naturally very simple for her now, but the management of the territory after taking over was a bit of a problem. Currently, it was very troublesome to rule only the dozens of planets left by Slug. The ambitious people from various kinds who tried to take her territory had already made her uncomfortable. If she took over the huge territory of Cooler, she would be exhausted.

Castro could see that Ayaka was hesitant. After a moment’s thought, he understood that she was definitely not concerned about Cooler but was unwilling to take over a super territory that was in unbelievable chaos.

“My lord, if you are willing to take over the territory of Cooler, there is no need to worry about the management. You can copy the current model of management, and I think those who resist will go down immediately as long as you deter them a little and directly scare them with your absolute strength.”

“When you’re strong enough, there will be no explicit rebels.”

Ayaka nodded. As long as there were no open rebels, she didn’t want to care about those in the dark. As long as they did not face opposition, she wouldn’t bother to take care of them. What was the purpose of having so many people like Castro on hand? These little things should be left to them!

Ayaka’s idea of leaving everything alone was very wise. It wasn’t a “king’s” way of life to do everything herself.

She also thought that if she took over the entire Northern Area, the Frieza Clan would certainly be a deterrent, and North Kai would be happy about it.

There was something about constructing a peaceful, righteous territory that would be enjoyed by all the universe. Perhaps in the future, people would have to call her “Your Majesty” or “Queen”. At that time, little Reimu would be a “Princess”.

The more Ayaka thought about it, the more she felt that there was a lot of potentials!

Castro watched Ayaka’s expression, and when he saw a smile appear on her face, Castro’s heart suddenly heated up. He could not restrain the excitement in his heart. If the “big boss” in front of him was willing to take over that huge territory, wouldn’t his status rise along with it?

He never thought his big boss would be afraid of the Frieza Clan. In his heart, he was worried that the Frieza Clan would not be enough for Ayaka to play with.

And so it was!

Castro was lucky to have never seen the horror of the Frieza Clan. Although he had heard its name for a long time, he did not have a substantial impression. However, he saw with his eyes how powerful Ayaka was, so in his heart, he thought that Ayaka was stronger than the Frieza Clan. The reason why he said he was lucky was because Ayaka was indeed more powerful than the Frieza Clan, and he followed a good master with great strength.


Ayaka called out lightly. Now that she was sure to take over Cooler’s territory. She got serious as a whole and spoke with majesty.


“You go and arrange the personnel to prepare to take over the territory ruled by Cooler!”


Castro loudly answered excitedly. He didn’t dare to hesitate and hurriedly ran back to arrange the personnel.


“Nah, Mama, are you going somewhere again?” Little Reimu pulled the corner of Ayaka’s coat.

In the past two years, to quell the rebellion of the nearby planets, Ayaka always leaves every now and then for a while, to which little Reimu had already gotten used.

Slowly, in her consciousness formed a concept: There were many valuable treasures on the planet. Because the planet was theirs, all the wealth on it was also theirs. Every time Ayaka went out, she always got a big, big territory, and their family’s assets were always rising. So, the more times Ayaka went out, the richer the family became.

‘It looks like Mama is going to go out again, does that mean she could get a lot of money again?’

Little Reimu thought with some intoxication.

Seeing Reimu’s eyes gradually sparkling little stars, Ayaka knew without thinking what the child was thinking in her head again. So, she helplessly looked up at the sky.

“Mama is going to be away for a while, so take care of yourself!”

“Yes!” Little Reimu nodded vigorously and continued, “A-Ma is also going to bring back many, many valuable things!”

When Ayaka heard this, her face darkened, and she almost fell on her heels, wobbling and disappearing from her spot.


Northern Region of the North Area.

A few weeks ago, the sudden intrusion of two mysterious women that seemed like a meteorite hit the ground at once stirred up shocking waves here. Their most powerful and terrifying King Cooler was seriously injured. Such an impossible thing to think about had happened!

Now the Northern Region could be described as grass. The wind was cranky, and wherever a large number of people were arranged to carry out uninterrupted inspections.

Because Cooler seriously injured, the Northern Region was like a muddy lake becomes ripples. Those who couldn’t resist ambition had surfaced and wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to divide a hand.

These guys usually hide in the depths. When there is movement, they opened their bloody mouths like sharks that smell blood.

However, the Frieza Clan quickly reacted. King Cold and Frieza sent their men to the Northern Region to support Cooler. Those ambitious people who wanted to take profits were caught off guard and were naturally cleaned up severely. So stability was restored to the Northern Region.

However, because of the existence of the mysterious, strong person who injured Cooler, it was basically impossible to return to the way it used to be. So, as long as the opponent hadn’t been eliminated, King Cold and others would be the same as Cooler.

The existence of the mysterious, strong person was like the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, making them stuck in their throats.

From a few days ago, the planet had been in the highest state of alert. Even the air was tinged with the smell of slaughter, and a team of men and horses kept patrolling. There was no single expression on their tense faces, and there was an image of a grass-roots army.



A human figure appeared in the open space.

Ayaka appeared on the ruling planet of the territory of Cooler.

The Northern Region was ruled by Cooler, and there were tens of thousands of planets under its jurisdiction. So, in order to facilitate the ruling of so many planets, there were administrative planets, ruling planets, and other institutions for a hierarchical rule. The headquarters of Cooler was the highest status planet, and Cooler was stationed here all year round.

Ayaka appeared on the ruling planet with a swagger, quickly attracting the attention of patrolling cosmonauts. Then a team of cosmonauts swarmed over and shouted at her, “Stop, who are you?”

Smiling like a spring breeze, Ayaka paid no attention to them and disappeared with an instantaneous shift.

Looking at the place where she disappeared, the cosmopolitan’s heart chilled. They suddenly remembered the mysterious woman who defeated King Cooler a few weeks ago.

‘Could it be that the mysterious person who defeated King Cooler is here again?’

The cold sweat immediately emerged, and they sent out a signal in panic, making the whole ruling planet shook for a while.

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