Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 13


“Find out where Leapton lost his life signal,” Dore said blandly.

The subordinate hurriedly worked up and soon found the exact location, “My Lord, Lord Leapton lost his signal on Planet Canno.”

“Planet Canno. That’s a planet with a shallow power level! What a waste. He can’t even clean up that bunch of scum!” Dore’s face showed disdain and then instructed his subordinates to prepare the flight to Planet Canno.

As a King Cooler’s Armored Squadron member, Dore didn’t care to be associated with trash like Leapton, who didn’t have a power level of 10,000. He went to Planet Canno for fun because he only had few opponents in the universe as a Cooler’s Armored Squadron member.

It was not that he was ignorant, but in the Northern part ruled by King Cooler, except for the terrifying strength of King Cooler and a few other members of the Cooler’s Armored Squadron, almost no one was his opponent. Even in the entire North Area, his strength was also among the top. Dore didn’t think there would be any powerful existence in that weak starfield where Planet Canno was located.

Like Frieza’s Ginyu Force, Cooler also had his ace unit, the Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

There were five members in the Ginyu Force, but only three in the Cooler’s Armored Squadron. The team leader was Salza, and the team members were Neiz and Dore. Although the number was very small, Cooler’s Armored Squadron had far better strength than Ginyu Force because each of their members’ strength was above the Ginyu Force leader’s.

Hearing Lord Dore’s order, the subordinate cosmonauts immediately prepared a spaceship for him and headed to Planet Canno.


On Planet Canno.

Since she knew that she had come to the territory ruled by Cooler, Ayaka didn’t want to stay for a moment longer. However, she couldn’t resist the begging of the Cannosians and agreed to escort them out of this area.

Ayaka sat on top of the building’s wreckage, which had become a ruin, and watched the Cannosians pack their belongings and board a spaceship. She was feeling sorry for them.

“This is the sadness of insufficient strength. When you were unable to resist, you can only escape.”

“My lord, everything is ready for departure,” With sadness on their faces, the Cannosians helplessly boarded the fleeing spaceship.

Ayaka nodded and stood up to board the spaceship with them.

“Are you guys planning to escape from that planet?” Sitting in her seat and fastening her seat belt, Ayaka asked the person in charge next to her.

The person in charge looked at the fading home planet and looked a bit lost in thought, “There is a planet inhabited by our people somewhere in the Northwest. We plan to join them.”

Ayaka nodded sympathetically but didn’t know how to comfort them, so she looked elsewhere.


The spaceship flew through space for a week. The Cannosians gradually came out of their grief and were no longer quiet.

One day, a Cannosians in charge of the route inspection saw something, “What is that?”

Ayaka sniffed. She looked out the window and saw a disc-shaped spaceship that appeared not far away. On top of the spaceship was marked with gears’ pattern, the symbol of Cooler’s Armored Squadron.

“Where have I seen that spaceship before?” Ayaka said to herself. Suddenly, she remembered that Frieza used the same kind of spaceship on Planet Namek.

“This is not good!” She shrieked and reacted. Wasn’t that pattern the symbol of Cooler’s personal guard, the Cooler’s Armored Squadron, which she had seen when she watched the anime? “Damn. Why is the Cooler’s Armored Squadron here.”

“My lord, do you know what that is?”

The Cannosians saw Ayaka lose her composure and felt anxiety in their hearts, as if the sky was about to fall, “What makes this powerful lady so nervous?”

Ayaka’s eyes gazed at the disc-shaped spaceship outside and said seriously to the Cannosians, “The strength of the people in that spaceship is very strong. Later, I will try to stop that spaceship, and you all have to leave at full speed. Whether you can escape depends on yourselves…”

The Cannosians looked at Ayaka with a worried expression after hearing the words. Even a few small children cried out in fear.

Ayaka waved her hand to silence them. She wasn’t entirely sure that the Cannosians spaceship could escape without any problems. “Listen to my words, and leave at full speed later!”

After saying that, Ayaka used Instant Transmission to disappear from in front of the Cannosians and appeared in front of the disc spaceship.

The Cannosians looked at each other and looked at Ayaka in space with pale faces and worry in their eyes.

“Listen to the lord’s words, and turn on the spaceship’s full power!”

The spaceship picked up the speed violently and soon disappeared from view.

Ayaka watched the spaceship go away and prayed secretly in her heart, hoping they could reach their destination without any problems. Then her eyes stared intently at Cooler’s Armored Squadron’s disc spaceship.

With Ayaka’s understanding, she should not be their opponent yet. Her advantage was her ability to survive in the universe and her immortality.

“Then let’s destroy your spaceship first!” A pale blue energy ball converged in her hand, and then she threw it at the spaceship.


Inside the spaceship, Dore watched with a calm face as the Cannosians’ spaceship escaped. He didn’t give a damn about those mongrels who had no fighting ability; instead, it was the petite figure in space that caught his interest.

“What race is she? Her strength seems to be very good!”

He couldn’t imagine that such a small girl would have such strength. It seemed that she was the one who defeated Leapton. She would definitely be a major threat to Cooler’s Armored Squadron in the future.


The energy ball hit the spaceship, causing the side of the spaceship to explode. The vacuum of the universe kept sucking the air in the spaceship into space, making alarms ring out inside the spaceship. Eventually, it was forced to land on a planet not far away.

Ayaka descended to the planet following the spaceship. She wanted to know the strength of Cooler’s Armored Squadron members. In the original story, Cooler’s Armored Squadron appeared in the anime version. However, the Dragon Ball story’s anime version was often in conflict with the manga version, making it difficult for her to judge some events.

Dore covered his mouth to avoid inhaling the harmful substances generated by the explosion of the spaceship. He walked very casually towards Ayaka, “When I decided to take action myself, there are not many people in the North Area who can get this honor. It seems that you have good luck!”

Ayaka’s gaze was grave. There was a great sense of oppression in her from Dore’s standing posture alone.

“Let me see how strong you are, little girl!” Dore turned on the scouter and beeped out the data – 12000.

“Ah, surprisingly 12,000!” Dore looked surprised and kindly suggested, “You have such power level. How about you follow me and serve for King Cooler?”


Dore showed a regretful expression, feeling sorry for not being able to recruit Ayaka, “In that case….”


Dore disappeared in front of Ayaka. Ayaka carefully observed the surroundings and quickly determined the location of Dore. She then extended a fist to attack, and the fist struck Dore’s body. However, at the time of the attack, Ayaka felt something wrong, and the punch fell short.

Huh? It’s an afterimage!”

It turned out that the fist attacked only an afterimage. Ayaka carefully examined the judgment, and her eyes kept following the direction she saw. Suddenly, she felt something wrong on her side, and her body quickly moved away.


Dore’s fist smashed into the ground. The whole ground violently tumbled up, and the land within a thousand meters was punched into a huge crater with furrows and grooves.

“That was close!”

Ayaka thought as she soared high into the air, looking at the ground that had turned into a crater.

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