Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 121


The commotion on ruling planet soon affected Cooler Headquarters, and the cosmopolitans panicked after learning that the mysterious powerhouse might have returned. Likewise, the people of the universe panicked after learning that the mysterious power might return.

The cosmic warriors responsible for guarding the security of the headquarters had a hideous look on their faces, and the panic that flashed in the corners of their eyes had revealed their mood.

This was the headquarters of King Cooler. As headquarters warriors, they had to obey orders unconditionally. Once the mysterious strong person appeared, they had to fight to the end, which was almost a situation of death without life.


Deep inside the headquarters, Cooler’s gloomy face scanned the subordinates who came in before him to inform. His blood-red pupils flashed with a cold light.

“Are you saying that the mysterious woman is back?”

Cooler’s voice was chilly, and the cosmopolitan who came in to inform was dripping sweat on his face. However, he didn’t dare to wipe it off, and his voice trembled as he replied, “Yes…. King Cooler. According to the intelligence… that woman is back again! “

Cooler’s face was gloomy. Not knowing what was in his mind, he waved his hand towards the cosmopolitan, “What are you waiting for? Let the guard forces search with all their might. Get the hell out of here!”

“Yes…. king!”

The cosmonaut wiped his sweat and ran out quickly.

Cooler was in a state of shock and anger that could explode at any time, and the terrifying pressure made the cosmonaut so scared that he didn’t want to stay for a moment.

After the cosmopolitan went out, Cooler’s gloomy face flashed with a hint of electricity, and his whole face was hideous.

He was the terrifying King Cooler, one of the few terrifying masters of the Frieza Clan, who was considered to be above all others in the North Area. Unfortunately, however, the terrifying existence that was so powerful and intimidating has been repeatedly traumatized in recent years.

A few years ago, the woman who appeared from nowhere destroyed his trump card – Cooler Armour Squadron at once, resulting in his raid plan being postponed. The opponent also escaped under the circumstances of Cooler’s personal attack, which once became his shame.

If the destruction of the last Cooler Armour Squadron let Cooler lose some skin, there was no harm in it. However, this time it was a different story, and it really hurt the bones to the root.

A few weeks ago, two people appeared inexplicably to find him. Cooler might not consider the strength of those two people, but in the subsequent battle, they actually used a magical technique. They merged into one, their strength soared and surpassed him at once.

The latter battle could be said to be devastating. Cooler, who had transformed into his strongest state, was defeated and seriously injured. His reputation had been impacted like never before. When the house leaked, the land under his rule stirred up muddy water. Some guys who could not stand the loneliness have revealed the water!

Normally, Cooler would wipe them out in one fell swoop, but at that time, he was already seriously wounded and finally relied on his father and brother to send assistance to stabilize the situation.

King Cold sent people to assist, and it already made Cooler felt justified. Yet, Frieza even sent people over, which made Cooler, who always regarded Frieza as a waste, feel deeply humiliated.

Cooler’s heart roared. Because of those two mysterious people, he, the Emperor of the Universe, suffered unprecedented shame. He vowed to break the opponent into pieces to eliminate his hatred. However, at that moment, the news came from his subordinates that the mysterious person had appeared again in ruling planet.

“Damned bastard! She came again. Does she really think I am easy to bully?”

Cooler gritted his teeth and cursed. His whole body was emitting a cold and piercing chill.


On the other hand, Ayaka was leisurely scurrying around the ruling planet with a relaxed look, as if she was on a field trip, not putting the heavily armed cosmonaut troops in her eyes at all.

Those cosmonaut warriors each had a weapon in hand. Their expressions were tense as they stared ahead, fearing that the woman on the other side would suddenly strike.

‘It’s no fun going on like this. It’s better to get down to business. Well, let’s go straight to Cooler!’

Ayaka thought about it and decided not to poke fun at these cosmopolitans.

She teleported, and her whole body disappeared.

“She vanished again, same as before…”

Seeing Ayaka suddenly disappeared, those cosmonauts were relieved. They remembered the bizarre appearance of those mysterious people last time, and their nervousness faded a little.


Deep inside the headquarters, Ayaka’s figure suddenly appeared.

Sweeping around, Ayaka then locked Cooler’s ki.

“Found it. The ki is a little weak, it seems that he was hurt quite badly!” Ayaka thought with a smile, smoothly pushing open the door towards Cooler’s location.

After bending a few corners, she came to a large wall of majestic and magnificent doors. From behind the doors came extremely powerful ki, and Cooler was inside.


The door opened.

“Who is it? Don’t you know you can’t just come in here?” Cooler frowned in an unhappy mood and shouted angrily.

However, when he saw the appearance of the person who walked in, he haughtily changed color, “It’s you. How dare you appear in front of me? You escaped from the hands of this king and now appear in a big way, are you really not afraid that I, King Cooler, will kill you?”

“Oh, Cooler, back then I was not your opponent, but it doesn’t mean that now is also not!” Ayaka said with a light smile.

Cooler’s face was instantly more gloomy. He was ironically blue, and his purple lips looked as hideous as a demon. Finally, he laughed out loud and said in a mocking tone, “I haven’t seen you for a few years, do you think you’re my opponent now? You’re dreaming! Even though I’m not at my best, it’s as easy as pie to clean you up!”

Ayaka shook his head with a regretful look.

These years Cooler’s luck wasn’t ordinary. First, he was disgraced because of her, then he was seriously injured because of the girls, and now, his whole life was about to be given up.

Seeing the regretful look of Ayaka, Cooler was burning with anger, and boundless evil thoughts came up. The whole body emits the cold and suffocating killing intent. Cooler didn’t say anything, he immediately transformed into the peak state, and the powerful and suffocating aura came out. Although he was seriously injured at this time, and he couldn’t play the strongest strength, the ki from the fourth transformation state still made the whole ruling planet shake. The uninformed cosmopolitans looked at it with panic and then fled everywhere.

The whole planet was in chaos.

In the face of the horrific ki, Ayaka stood lightly in the clouds, not affected at all.

Cooler was surprised that his ki couldn’t shake the opponent. His face could not help but look ugly, and then he continued to increase his energy.

“Surprisingly, you can resist my ki oppression. It seems that the strength of these years has grown a lot. No wonder you dare to appear in front of this king! But even so, how many moves can you take from this king in a real fight?”

Ayaka shook her head. Her bright eyes flashed with a trace of coldness and then stretched out a finger and wiggled it gently.

“No, no, no, you’re wrong Cooler. It’s not how many moves I can take, it’s how many moves you can take! My growth in the past few years is not something you can imagine.”

“In fact, I am the existence that your Frieza Clan fears the most to appear!” Ayaka mysteriously smiled. Then, in Cooler’s astonished eyes, she raised the ki of her body, and majestic energy broke out of her body. All of a sudden, she was on par with Cooler’s ki.

“How is it possible? How have you grown so much in a few years!!!”

Cooler finally had a shocked expression on his face. A few years ago, the opponent’s power level was just over ten million, and in just a few years, it had increased to about the same level as him! He did not know that this was not yet the real strength of Ayaka; otherwise, it must have been even more unacceptable.

Suddenly, Cooler remembered a legend. This was a legend passed down by their Frieza Clan from ancient times, only that it had always been treated as a joke by him. However, now it seemed that the legend might be true.

“Could it be that…. you are….”

“Well, you guessed right. I am the existence that your Frieza Clan fears. Your brother Frieza has no reservations about trying to strangle an existence like me.”


The horror of the momentum surged dozens of times at once. The heavenly aura rose from the ground, such as the sea waves swept in, spreading towards the boundless emptiness. In the middle, the powerful, strong woman with blond hair and blue pupils was burning with rolling flames stood there, as bright as the white moon.


Cooler disheveled bitterness.

At this point, Ayaka’s ki was at least tens of times his, and he had no possibility of survival.

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