Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 122


After transforming into a Super Saiyan, Ayaka’s ki was like a rainbow. She looked at the messy Cooler, but her mood was unexpectedly like a calm lake without the slightest fluctuation, as if she did not put Kevlar in her eyes. Ayaka’s strength now exceeded his dozens of times, and she didn’t care about him.

Her turquoise eyes were relentlessly defiant.

Cooler’s face was worse now. Due to the unrest in his heart, his most intuitive reflection in the two clenched fists, and the two fists constantly trembling, his heart trembling more than relentlessly yelled, “Super Saiyan actually exists. How can she be a Super Saiyan!”

Cooler fear and resentment towards Frieza, “Damn, Frieza, since you want to destroy Planet Vegeta, why do not strike sharply. There is still a leak!”

Frieza did not do it thoroughly. He missed such a potential person, and now the opponent has grown into a Super Saiyan.

His face showed a smile of misery. It was over, and this time the whole Frieza Clan had a big disaster.

Although Cooler heard the rumors and did not witness the ancient ancestors encountered the terrifying scene of the Super Saiyan, with the legends left by the ancestors and the opponent emitting the terrifying ki, it was known that this time the Frieza Clan would be in great trouble.


The purple tail strikes the ground in a disorderly and irregular manner, and the ground that was as solid as an alloy immediately cracks open.


Cooler yelled in annoyance. His whole body disappeared in the same place, leaving a blurred figure.

He reappeared and already came to Ayaka’s side. It was so fast that he arrived in an instant.


With a heavy knock on Ayaka’s body, Cooler soon found something wrong. The opponent’s body did not move after taking a solid blow, as if his attack had no effect at all.

“Your strength is not strong enough!” The cold voice like a nightmare came into the ears, and Cooler’s heart tightened violently, and his pupils could not help but narrow.

Immediately, there was a small, strong palm grip on his wrist. It seemed to be as hard as steel pincers, tightly clamped his wrist. No matter how hard Cooler used his strength, he could not escape. Cooler could not help but flash a trace of panic. The corners of the mouth involuntarily twitched slightly, and his face full of incredible panic expression. His whole body was emitting a chill of imminent defeat.

With a splintering sound, Ayaka’s fingers crushed Cooler’s wrist with a hard push.

An intense pain rushed to the heart, and Cooler narrowed his eyes in annoyance. The time was different. He once had a penchant for playing with his opponents; now, he just wanted to escape from the Super Saiyan in front of him immediately. He didn’t want to face such an unbeatable existence anymore. However, he also knew how impractical his wish was!

Ayaka raised her leg. With cold and powerful air, she cut through the air and kicked Cooler hard in the abdomen.


Cooler’s body was similar to armor in that the skin couldn’t withstand the huge force and cracked lines.

Ayaka won the situation. She threw another lightning-like punch, overwhelmingly ravaging Cooler and making him experience the pain of life and death.


Cooler’s balance was unstable, and he was half-crouched on the ground with his face twitching.


Cooler’s expression was full of resentment as he prepared to strike to his death. His eyes were shining with a piercing light that was like daylight, and for a moment, the entire hall was covered with a dazzling glare.

Cooler naturally wasn’t trying to defeat Ayaka. He knew that his power was completely unable to pose a threat to her. He just wanted to preserve his strength and escape from here as soon as possible.

Seeing his timing, Cooler lashed out, and his wild power exploded in the hall at once, raging like a storm, targeting not Ayaka but the roof of the room.


The searing energy hit the roof and began to melt the material of the overhanging beams. Cooler’s heart was very anxious and regretful. He regretted not having chosen the most outstandingly strong material in the universe to build the palace.

Well, in just less than a second, the roof was melted out by the scorching energy wave, and a big hole was made.


With surprise, Cooler flew out, then immediately increased speed and flew out of the ruling planet with all his might across the atmosphere towards the endless starry sky.

Seeing that the ruling planet was getting smaller and smaller and had been left hundreds of thousands of kilometers away, Cooler could not help but sigh with a fluke. However, he did not relax and still flew with all his might.

After this battle, Cooler had deeply experienced the terror of the Super Saiyan. He could only put his mind at ease if he escaped as soon as possible, knowing that his strongest state had a 51 million power level! However, in the face of the Super Saiyan, he was still like a child. The Super Saiyan was far above him in terms of power level alone.


Inside the main hall of the Cooler Headquarters, Ayaka tilted her head up and looked at the night sky through the big hole. The corners of her mouth hung a faint smile. She levitated lightly, and with a little effort, she shot out like lightning, leaving a golden ribbon of light behind her.

The people on the ruling planet, who had been in a state of high mental tension, suddenly felt the intense and frightening aura disappear, and their hearts were relieved.

Raising their heads, they actually found a bright golden light rising up to the sky and breaking through the clouds…


On an adjacent planet beyond the ruling planet, Cooler warily docked, panting heavily. He needed to take a breather due to some signs of overdraft from his earlier outburst.

This escape was Cooler most wretched one. In order to save his life, he had to give up his own territory, and at the same time, Cooler felt very aggrieved. He was full of anger and nowhere to vent it.

“Cooler, you can’t escape!” The clear voice penetrated the vacuum straight to Cooler eardrums.

Cooler paled miserably and looked up only to find the nightmarish golden figure suspended in space with turquoise, merciless eyes staring straight at him.

The cold sweat dripped from Cooler’s face, and his expression twisted.

The corners of Ayaka’s mouth curved up in an arc, and his voice was clear and cold, “The Frieza Clan is cold and ruthless, scouring the galaxy. They even go so far as to destroy the heavens and slaughter living beings for their own dominance. You die here today, and soon King Cold and Frieza will reunite with you in hell.”

The palm of her hand spread out flat and then pressed downward.

A strong sense of oppression accompanied by mysterious ki burst out. The hard surface of the planet cracked under this force and then sank with a bang. As if a huge object pressed his body, Cooler’s entire body sank steeply. His eyes showed a panicked look, and he bent his waist with unusual difficulty, half bowing his body.

“Damn it, I am the King Cooler, how can I submit like this!”

Cooler forcefully exerted his power to try to fight, and then a blood-red flame emerged from his body as if the demon flapped its black flesh wings.

“How interesting!”

Ayaka was surprised for a moment, then she increased her strength without moving. The blood-colored flame was quickly suppressed, Cooler’s entire body prostrated in a deep pit and, he couldn’t move. The difference in strength base was too great, and the unbeatable Cooler’s tricks couldn’t change the ending.

Step by step, Ayaka gently walked to Cooler, grabbed his horns, and dragged him up, “Now, you can go to hell!”

A golden glow began to light up at the wrist, and the night sky exploded with bright starlight. A surge of power erupted from the palm of his hand, engulfing Cooler in an instant, and the searing energy wrapped around Cooler-


In a miserable cry, the powerful energy wrapped around Cooler across the planet-to-planet distance and again visited the ruling planet, impacted on one of the moons of the ruling planet, and then sank into the interior of the satellite until the core of the planet. “Suddenly”, the whole pillar of light actually penetrated the satellite, disappearing in the diffuse river of the planet.

The moon had been penetrated, and the huge penetration of the hot lava was gushing out. The whole moon seemed to be floating in the universe like a dead body.


The cosmopolitans on the ruling planet looked at the starry sky in shock. They could not believe that the “moon” in the night sky had actually been shot through, and in a flash, everyone panicked.

After a few seconds, Ayaka returned to the ruling planet again, like an empress descending to stay in the air. Her turquoise eyes scanned below, then her face was cold, and her tone was not provocative, “Cooler has been killed. The northern territory is now under my rule, and if there is any resistance, that moon is your end!

“King Cooler is dead?”

The cosmopolitans gulped and looked at the magnificent and noble figure in the sky with horror and respect.

There was a loud chatter, and a large part of the people panicked in the absence of King Cooler. These people were all loyal to Cooler and followed Cooler to make a difference. Gradually, the noise calmed down.

No matter what kind of mentality they held, they would never dare to stand out first and offend the majesty of the victor.

However, most of the cosmopolitans looked at Ayaka with a fiery gaze. This was the existence that could kill King Cooler and easily destroy the moons! It wasn’t a happy thing to live under Cooler’s rule, they had the will to resist, but they were just not strong enough to do it. They wondered what kind of temperament the new ruler would have and hoped that it would be kinder than Cooler.

Cooler was evil and murderous. The ruler who was a little more restrained was merciful in their opinion. All the cosmopolitans knew what to choose. They put down their weapons.

“Your Majesty! My Queen!”

The whole ruling planet resounded with a fervent and deep cheer.

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