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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 123


A few days later, the guard led by Castro arrived at the ruling planet, which had by now been renamed Planet Yeling. Ayaka was made the first ruler of the Leaf Spirit Planet after the name change.

The next period of time, after a series of preparations and clearing a large number of Cooler loyalists and attempted rebellion, Ayaka took over the Northern Region. Her power accounted for nearly a quarter of the entire North Area. For a while, Ayaka’s prestige resounded throughout the North Area.



King cold angrily smashed the wine glass in his hand on the ground. The silver bottle broke at first, and his eyes glowed red, flashing with a bleak cold light.

The death of Cooler had touched King Cold quite deeply. It seemed to mean that the heyday of the Frieza Clan had passed and that strong people who dared to challenge and had the ability to challenge the Frieza Clan had appeared. Especially the Frieza Clan lost a large territory, the guy who killed Cooler could be said to eat its flesh and sleep its skin!

However, even when King Cold was angry, he was very sober. The strength of the person who killed Cooler couldn’t be underestimated, even he had to deal with it carefully.

After this battle, it could be said that the Frieza Clan lost its reputation. —Not only had the strength been greatly damaged to the foundation and could no longer withstand the torment, but this incident undoubtedly sent a signal to the entire ruling area. It was a signal that inspired them to rebel against the rule of the Frieza Clan. King Cold knew that there were already many ruled planets forced into the Frieza Clan rule. When they saw that the Northern Region had been “restored”, they also had the same idea.

In particular, some places bordering the Northern Region were sending messengers to contact Planet Yeling, hoping to receive blessings, or even more radically, willing to be directly incorporated into the rule of the Northern Forces. They already knew that Planet Yeling’s rule was not like the Frieza Clan’s high-handed, forceful way of ruling – purging at every turn. Planet Yeling had a very strict management model, and with the promulgation of various systems, chaos was strongly restrained. This was the governance strategy of civilized people.

The matter of revenge for Cooler could only be put aside, and the primary thing now was to stabilize the current situation.

“Someone!” King Cold shouted coldly.

A subordinate soon rushed in.

“Send people to stabilize the situation. If there are any betrayers, kill them all! Also, have someone keep an eye on the Northern Territory, and report to us as soon as there is any movement!”

“Yes!” The subordinates answered and quickly withdrew.

King Cold sat gloomily in his seat. His face was cloudy and uncertain, with a murderous look between his eyebrows.


Frieza Headquarters.

After learning the news that Cooler was killed, Frieza immediately fell silent. He then immediately arranged for people to pay attention to the situation and withdrew all the subordinates sent to support the Northern Region.

Even a guy like Cooler was killed…. Frieza was afraid. He did not dare to easily offend the other side.

“Mr. Zarbon, deploy personnel to strengthen the supervision of the territory, and let Ginyu Force back. We have been acting badly lately!” Frieza said tiredly.

The most tense person after Cooler was killed was not King Cold, but Frieza!

King Cold, Frieza, and Cooler ruled the Eastern, Southern, and Northern Regions of the North Area, respectively. Now the Northern part had fallen under the control of the Planet Yeling, which was ruled by the original ruler of the Planet Bodhi. In this place, Slug was in control before being taken over by a mysterious power.

Of course, Frieza was aware that after Slug’s death, nearly 70% of the territory was annexed by himself, except for a portion of the territory received by the mysterious powerhouse. In other words, he originally thought to take the opportunity to expand the territory to the North (the central part of the North Area), but the reality was that he was now in a disadvantageous situation with the direct border of Planet Yeling.

So, Frieza was very worried that he would follow Cooler’s footsteps.

However, the good thing was that the Northern Region had already caused Planet Yeling to be burnt out and would not have the ability to expand for quite some time.

Zarbon and Dodoria nodded cautiously.

The change of Cooler’s territory had already made the North Area all windy, and their minds naturally knew what to do next.

“Well, how are Vegeta and Nappa lately?” Frieza raised his eyes and asked.

“As usual. They honestly carry out the tasks arranged by the king. The big guy, Nappa, is not worth mentioning, but Vegeta’s strength has grown. He has more than 15,000 power level!” Dodoria gloomy answered.

“Oh, he already have 15000 power level? Mr. Zarbon, Mr. Dodoria, you should pay attention to him, don’t let the younger generation exceed!”

Knowing Vegeta’s situation, Frieza laughed.

A small Saiyan was not worth mentioning. Even the best qualified Saiyan Vegeta was still had only more than 10,000 power level. The reason was that he was still watching out for the appearance of super Saiyans!

Zarbon and Dodoria shook their heads indifferently, not caring that Vegeta would exceed them. In their view, 20,000 power level was already the limit of the Saiyan. It should be noted that King Vegeta’s normal state was only 10,000 power level. Using the Great Ape Transformation, he barely reached nearly 100,000 energy. As long as he didn’t allow Vegeta to transform into a Great Ape, he could be completely ignored.

However, the destruction of Planet Vegeta led by the Saiyan (Bardock) against them caused them some scruples, but the opponent had died in the hands of King Frieza.

“Well, how is the news of the Dragon Balls?” Frieza asked seriously.

“Great King, so far we have not received any news about the Dragon Balls. Even if we have never heard of it, this Dragon Balls… might be just a lie by Slug!”

Frieza waved his hand with a sullen face and said, “Do your best to find out whether it is true or not, and give me to investigate!”

“Yes, King Frieza!” Zarbon and Dodoria straightened up and responded.

Frieza did not know that the Dragon Balls actually existed on Planet Namek. Because of the climate change experienced by Planet Namek, the people had been scarce and basically didn’t go out of the planet. So, they naturally had no way to learn the news of the Dragon Balls. —The only one who knew that the Dragon Balls existed on Planet Namek was Vegeta.

All kinds of coincidences let Frieza do useless work. He simply couldn’t get any information about the Dragon Balls.


In Planet Yeling, little Raimu walked around the entire planet under the leadership of Ayaka. Now, little Raimu could be called a little princess in the true sense of the word.

“Nah, Mama, are all these castles ours?” Little Raimu asked with starry eyes.

“Yes, not only here, but this whole starry sky too!”

“Oooh… I’m so happy. Raimu is so happy. Mama is getting better and better at making money!” Little Raimu pulled the corner of Ayaka’s clothes and jumped.

Ayaka had no way to deal with this child. Reimu’s modesty fell up. She couldn’t even pick it up to check.

‘I can’t keep my virtue, but I can only try to keep your integrity!’

Ayaka thought breathlessly. However, now they had a large territory, no matter how Reimu fell modesty, it was no problem.

With a quick glance, Ayaka noticed the furry tail behind the little Raimu, remembering that this tail, in addition to transforming into a Great Ape, was somewhat useless. Basically, it had no great effect, and it would become a weakness of the Saiyans, so she had the urge to pull it off.

With a light grip, she grabbed Reimu’s small tail, and Reimu immediately fell to the ground with her whole body powerless.

“Mama, what are you doing? My whole body has no strength, it’s so hard!”

“This tail is too obstructive, and will bring a lot of trouble. I will help you remove it!” With that, Ayaka’s fingers lit up with electricity between them, and a divine power unique to Kami shone.

With a slight point at Reimu’s tail, there was a bar, and the whole tail actually fell off. After it was repaired by divine power, it would not grow back in the future.

“Okay, Reimu stood up and gave it a try!”

Reimu obeyed and stood up, snapped, and fell due to imbalance.

Seeing this, Ayaka knew that the child was unable to adjust to the balance, so she picked her up. Reimu felt Ayaka’s warm embrace and moved her whole body to find a comfortable position to squint her eyes.


A few days later, Reimu adapted to the balance and ran around the hall in a blaze of glory.

The cosmonauts guarding the headquarters knew that this little girl was their little princess, and they all respectfully did not dare to be the least bit negligent.

These cosmonauts were much happier than before. The dark clouds above their heads dispersed, and they were able to smile when they stood guard. They believed that with the blessing of a strong person like the Queen, Planet Yeling would only get better and better.

One day, the voice of the North Kai rang in Ayaka’s ears.

“Haha, Ayaka you actually killed Cooler. If I hadn’t investigated a bit during this time, I wouldn’t have known that Cooler was dead!” North Kai laughed brightly.

The destruction of Cooler’s forces could be described as a great pleasure. The boulder pressed in the heart of North Kai was immediately released. Although he didn’t know how Ayaka killed Cooler, it didn’t matter. Cooler died and took over all his forces, which immediately made the Northern Region completely calm. Wouldn’t North Kai be happy?

Moreover, Ayaka’s scientific management has made North Kai very applauded. Even in the heart of the fantasy, if Ayaka could continue to make efforts to destroy King Cold and Frieza in one fell swoop, that would be better so that North Kai could completely relax.

Among the many Kais, North Kai’s “rule by doing nothing” was notorious. His management of the universe was chaotic. Many strong people weren’t in control. It could be said that the title Kai was only a name because, except for King Yemma, the gods had some role. They basically couldn’t intervene in the affairs of the universe.

“In fact, Cooler has been seriously injured by the girls. I killed Cooler, but it was a simple matter.” Ayaka truthfully explained the situation.

“Oh, the girls are now so strong?” North Kai asked in amazement.

Although the girls were helping to patrol the North Area, North Kai’s perception about their strength had remained in the past.

North Kai nodded, ‘so they had become that strong somehow.’

“Yes, Lunch and Lancy now are very strong. Although they’re Earthling, their physique is extraordinary, and ordinary Earthling are completely different. I’m afraid now that their individual strength is no less than Frieza!”

North Kai was shocked.

‘Their strength has been no less than Frieza, so strong?’

“This…. is incredible!”

North Kai was shocked when he knew Earthlings could be strong because he always considered the Earthlings a weak race.

“I found a technique from other planets called a ‘Fusion Technique.’ They can both merge into one, and their strength greatly increased. Although there is a time limit, the girls can seriously injured Cooler with this move!”

“Well, so that is the case.”

North Kai was a little query. He was indeed query about the FUSION Technique information.

“Right. Since you have been strong to this extent, Ayaka, please make sure you come to North Kai’s Planet, I will also ask the girls come over. There are important things to tell you.” North Kai said seriously.

Seeing how serious the North Kai was, Ayaka nodded and prepared to go to the North Kai’s Planet.

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