Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 124


The Snake Road of the Other-World connected to another space, surrounded by auspicious golden clouds. It was like an ocean as far as the eye could see, with a tiny spherical planet at the end of the Snake Road.

With a swoosh, Ayaka’s tall figure appeared, carrying a young child in her arms. Little Reimu looked in amazement with wide eyes at North Kai’s Planet below, which was no more than a hundred meters in diameter.

“Nah, Mama, is that the planet you said was the North Kai’s Planet? It looks so small!” Little Reimu’s clear voice rang out.

“Don’t look at the size of North Kai’s Planet, the gravity up there is very big. You will not be able to even stand up!” Ayaka lightly smiled and stroked Reimu’s little head.

Little Reimu’s eyes twinkled. She patted her chest and said proudly, “I’m not afraid of any gravity. I’m very strong!”

Ayaka smiled at this. Whether she could resist gravity, they would know later. Don’t look at Reimu’s small body over four years old. Under Ayaka’s brilliant guidance, her strength couldn’t be underestimated. Her power level was already 388! This was the reason why Reimu deliberately suppressed; otherwise, the strength would be even higher.

Ayaka wasn’t sure whether she was a Low-Level Warrior, Middle-Level Warrior, or Elite Warrior.

With a light leap, Ayaka appeared in the North Kai’s Planet. The gravity above then began to affect them, but the ten times the gravity was dispensable to Ayaka and would not be affected at all. However, Reimu was miserable. She shouted “Ah” and then prostrated on the ground, unable to stand up.

Looking at Reimu gritting her teeth and trying to get up but couldn’t, Ayaka laughed happily.

Seeing heAyaka was snickering at the side instead of helping herself, Reimu puffed up her little face and looked at Ayaka with tears in her eyes. It was very pitiful.

“How about it? The gravity of North Kai’s Planet is good, right?” Ayaka blinked, pointing at Reimu, making a cloud of divine power to wrap her up, instantly isolating the gravity on the North Kai’s Planet. The divine power was different from combat power. Although it was not powerful, the function was quite practical.

“Humph, you’re bullying me!” Reimu looked away with teary eyes.

Ayaka burst in amusement. She put the palm of his hand on Reimu’s head, constantly shaking, making Reimu a little dizzy.

“Huh, Ayaka, you came so soon. Who is this little girl?”

North Kai, dressed in a black Kai costume and somewhat short and fat, came out of the house, followed by the gorilla Bubbles.

“North Kai!” Ayaka greeted with a smile and then introduced, “This child is called Reimu, my adopted child. Reimu, this is North Kai who manages the North Area, and behind him is Bubbles. Come and say hello!”

“Hello, North Kai and Bubbles, I’m Reimu, Ayaka’s daughter!” Reimu greeted good-naturedly, her small hand tightly pulling Ayaka’s wrist.

“Oh haha, very nice child. It’s amazing that Ayaka has a daughter…” North Kai laughed up in a soothing mood.

Letting Reimu play with Bubble alone, Ayaka discussed the purpose of the trip with North Kai and asked, “North Kai, what is the matter with having us over so urgently?”

“It’s a quite good thing, I’ll announce it together when the girls arrive. I definitely won’t let you guys make a trip for nothing.” North Kai put away his cynical smile and looked at Ayaka with a serious face. His sharp gaze shot straight out through his sunglasses.

“Good thing?”

Although Ayaka was puzzled, seeing North Kai pretending to be mysterious, she couldn’t help but made her had some expectations. Since North Kai said so that there must be no immediate intention to announce. She took small steps to the front of the Realm King’s house and found a chair to sit down.

“Hehehe.” Reimu was happily chasing Babulus around. From time to time, she let out a cheeky, playful sound.

Ayaka sat on the side, one hand on the table with her chin resting to watch with interest.

About ten minutes later, two blurred figures appeared…. Launch and Lancy came to the North Kai’s Planet.

“Haha, Ayaka, long time no see!”

In a flash, the two girls had come to Ayaka as fast as lightning and shouted enthusiastically.

“You guys too, long time no see! Tsk, your strength has grown a lot. It is said that even Cooler was wounded by you guys!” Ayaka smiled beautifully like a spring breeze.

The two girls listened, waved their hands, embarrassed, “How come? That is only by coincidence. If you did not teach us the Fusion Technique, how can we beat Cooler.”

The three of them had not seen each other for many years, so they naturally had a lot to talk about when they reunited. Lancy was excited to talk about their experiences. Although they were only touring around North Area, they had seen all kinds of cosmic races and visited all kinds of strange and weird places.

North Area was actually a large star field, where the galaxy was not the galaxy in Ayaka’s previous life memory, but a huge cluster of galaxies countless times larger, which covers many large galaxies like her “previous galaxy”.

The three of them chatted with each other with great interest, and before they knew it, most of the day had passed.

“Mama, I’m hungry!” Reimu touched her flat little belly, pouted, and ran over to pull Ayaka’s wrist. Her pair of bright eyes curiously looking at the two beautiful big sisters in front of them.

“Huh, Ayaka, this is the little girl you adopted? So cute! Little one, your name is Reimu, isn’t it? I’m a good friend of your mama, you have to call us auntie from now on!” Lancy smiled and squatted down. Her pretty eyes were looking at Reimu flatly.

“Hello Auntie!” Reimu called out politely, then looked at Ayaks with immense eagerness and said again, “Mama, I’m hungry!”

Everyone was amused by Reimu’s adorable appearance and led her into the hut of North Kai so that she could eat up inside with painful pleasure.

“Little Reimu is also a Saiyan?” Launch asked in a whisper.

Ayaka nodded her head, said with emotion, “After the destruction of Planet Vegeta, there are only a few Saiyans left. Reimu was lucky that her whole ship was sealed into the ice layer and coincidentally found by me. When she was frozen, I looked at the poor and adopted her.”

Launch softly nodded and no longer spoke. The adoption of Reimu by the Saiyan couldn’t be more appropriate! 

Generally speaking, Saiyans were born with a strong social nature, which was reflected in other Saiyans. They were warlike, indoctrinated by machines to combat tasks, etc., but Reimu, on the other hand, behaved just like ordinary children. They wondered whether it was because she had been frozen or for some other reason…


After eating dinner, Reimu fell into bed and fell asleep contentedly.

The three people were summoned by North Kai.

North Kai exhaled, said seriously and gratefully, “Ayaka, through the development of these years, you have not let me down. Not only the strength of the strong up actually can defeat that demon Cooler, really good. Especially Ayaka actually managed to kill Cooler. After this, the Frieza Clan should be restrained. The North Area will also be peaceful for a period of time, and I am relieved that Ayaka is ruling the Northern Region!”

The two girls used the Fusion Technique and then managed to seriously wound Cooler but didn’t seem to be completely sure of killing him. Luckily, Ayaka filled in at the right time and managed to end the life of that cosmic emperor.

North Area had been delighted with the current situation. Compared to the previous barbaric rule of the Frieza Clan – almost no humanity to speak of, relying entirely on the force, treating human life as grass, and killing the strong when they felt unhappy – Ayaka’s rule was really a lot higher.

With Planet Yeilng as its central star, the new Northern Force had divided the entire North Area ruling region into seven regions, each with a general administrative planet, managing the numerous administrative planets below. The administration was based on an appointment system and a parliamentary system. All officials of the General Administration Planet were appointed by the Central Planet, and the Administrative Planet being elected by the native inhabitants of the planet through a parliamentary system.

This dictatorship system from above and democracy from below was very much in line with the needs of interstellar rule. According to the model of Planet Bodhi, each administrative planet could set up a fixed number of planetary guards with a strength of less than 1000 to consolidate the daily rule and suppress mutineers. The same applied to the general administrative planet, which had a fixed number of guards with a strength of less than 3000.

As for the entire new Northern Forces army and the appointment of the Central Planet, it was nominally under the control of the Queen of Planet Yeling. However, of course, Ayaka was not so empty, so she formed a “cabinet” responsible for handling various tedious matters. In addition, Ayaka was also ready to set up a Queen’s personal guards with power level of more than 50,000 to guard the Central Planet. However, due to the small number of eligible people, only three had been recruited so far. These three were also the hidden masters of the Cooler era.

This fusion of constitutional monarchy, dictatorship, parliamentary system of four was running efficiently and methodically. Moreover, the system was extremely stable because the leaders are all strong people with amazing power. The ruling class and power were distributed in the shape of a pyramid.


“North Kai, you shouldn’t have come to us just to say this, right?” Ayaka smiled lightly. Her smile was as relaxing and soothing as a lily of the valley.

“Of course not, the next thing I want to tell you is a big good thing. A good thing that we have not had in the North Area for thousands of years!” The North Kai spoke with a smile piled on his face, the antenna-like tentacles twitched, and his words were filled with pride.

Was it the best thing to happen to the North Area in a thousand years? The pride of North Kai, it seemed to be very not simple.

North Kai took a deep breath and excitedly announced, “Ayaka, your excellent performance in recent times has actually long drawn the attention of Grand Kai. This time with Cooler’s death, Grand Kai even made a special effort to inform me that he has allowed you to travel to Grand Kai’s Planet for training, and that you will be personally instructed by Grand Kai!”

Allowing them to enter Grand Kai’sPlanet and be personally instructed by the Grand Kai? Ayaka and the others were first surprised, and then smiles of joy crept up.

The Grand Kai’s was not something that ordinary people could go to. The Grand Kai’s Planet at the intersection of the four Other-Worlds in the Southeast and Northwest was located in a subgenre higher than the North Kai’s Planet, the highest level in the galaxy.

When you were qualified to go to the Grand Kai’s Planet to practice, it meant you were strong people who had made outstanding contributions or at least were strong people who had saved the life of a planet with their own power.

More importantly, those who go to the Grand Kai’s Planet were generally the dead who were qualified to enter Heaven, while the living like Ayaka to enter Grand Kai’s Planet, as the North Kai said, there might not be one in a thousand years.

Don’t look at the difference between North Kai and Grand Kai was only a word. It was a world of difference. The difference was the same as the ordinary Saiyan and Super Saiyan.

“You guys make the arrangements, after that I will personally take you to the Grand Kai’s Planet!” North Kai spoke excitedly.

Grand Kai had a high status. Usually, even if they were Kai without getting the summons of Grand Kai, they seldom had the opportunity to set foot in the Grand Kai’s Planet. Therefore, the fact that they could go to the Grand Kai’s Planet was a blessing to Ayaka and the girls, and it was a great honor for them to say so.

The thought of the future could stand up to the other three Kaiser speak. The North Kai’s heart was burning!

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