Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 125


After making some arrangements, the three girls leave for Grand Kai’s Planet, led by North Kai, while little Reimu was left behind on North Kai’s Planet with Bubbles accompanying her.

Little Reimu tearfully attacked Ayaka when she found out that she was going to be left alone in North Kai’s Planet. She stared at Ayaka with pitiful little watery eyes and tried to make Ayaka change her mind.

However, she had already used this little trick. With a glare and a stern gaze, Reimu was bluffed, and Ayaka knew how Grand Kai’s Planet was. Even if she wanted to take Reimu there, he had to abide by the rules.

As the Supreme God of the Galaxy, the planet inhabited by Grand Kai wasn’t something that anyone could go to. Besides, Reimu was still young. It would be a bit over-ambitious to take to Grand Kai’s Planet. It would be better to stay in the North Kai’s Planet and let the North Kai give good instructions. There was no requirement for Reimu’s strength to advance by leaps and bounds, as long as she could lay a good foundation.

Little Reimu pouted and looked at the ground with a dissatisfied face. Finally, in her stubborn eyes, Ayaka and others went to the Grand Kai’s Planet under the leadership of North Kai.

“Oooh… Mama and the girls left without me. Reimu is not happy!” Little Reimu sat on her butt and plucked the grass on the ground without relief.

“Uh-oh-oh, uh-oh-oh….” Bubbles cocked his head and made an oh-oh sound from his mouth.

“Bubbles, do you understand me?”

However, what she got was a puzzled look from Bubbles. Little Reimu deflated and flopped to the ground, casually tossing the small grass in her hand. The bright green young grass flew in the air and scattered lightly to the open surroundings.

Beep beep…

There was a beeping sound as if the bursting sound of burning firewood came.


Little Reimu climbed up, and her eyes were dripping around, looking for the source of the sound. However, she soon found that the energy circle around her body was trembling.

With each tremor, the energy circle would become a little thinner.

Little Reimu stared in amazement at the gradually thinning circle of energy with her mouth open wide.

“How can this be? It’s almost like the protective circle left by mama is disappearing!”

Little Reimu squatted to the ground again. She opened her mouth. Her whole body was anxious and terrified. Tears began to accumulate at the corners of her eyes, and they were about to gush out of her eyes. The taste of ten times the gravity of North Kai’s Planet was not pleasant!

“Oooh… Mama, come back! The protective circle is almost gone….”


The Grand Kai’s Planet was located in the higher dimension of the galaxy. It was a planet with a diameter of tens of thousands of meters. Compared to other planets in the universe, the size of the Grand Kai’s Planet was definitely not big, but compared to the four Kai’s Planet under it, it already belonged to the behemoth.

Legend had it that Grand Kai was the most powerful being in the galaxy, and the planet where he lives was home to many martial artists from Heavens who were proud to be instructed by Grand Kai. The fashionable and innovative competition-loving Grand Kai would often hold large martial arts tournaments, the winners of which would receive his personal instruction.

Compared to the four Kais, Grand Kai was more playful. He would hold all kinds of competitions, and spying on the Lower Realm was one of the essential pleasures in the life of the Grand Kai.

As early as a few years ago, when Ayaka eliminated the Cooler Armour Squadron, Grand Kai had already noticed her. However, at that time, Ayaka was not strong and could only barely enter the eyes of the Grand Kai.

Grand Kai was a very high vision. His planet had gathered countless excellent martial artists from the four galaxies since ancient times. After a long training, most of them were stronger than Ayaka. There were even several who could easily defeat the Perfect Cell. —Having seen many strong people, Ayaka’s little strength at that time was not enough to see.

What impressed Grand Kai was that some time ago, Launch and Lancy even used the Fusion Technique to seriously injure Cooler. Whereas Ayaka’s strike made Grand Kai really paid attention.

The blonde hair and blue pupils, crazy aura. Ruthless look, that was a long time since the appearance of the Super Saiyan!

In a few years, Ayaka’s strength surprisingly became sesame seeds and transformed into a Super Saiyan. This growth rate was simply incredible. Moreover, the strength that Ayaka showed at that time in the generations of Super Saiyan was considered the best.

The Super Saiyan, who hadn’t appeared for many years, appeared again, and the strength was extraordinary. All this immediately let Grand Kai to pay attention to. In contrast to the Super Saiyan, who couldn’t control his sanity like Broly, Grand Kai valued the Saiyan who could freely master his transformation state like Ayaka.

So, he immediately contacted North Kai and let Ayaka and others come to the Grand Kai’s Planet when they were free. Leading the galaxy for countless billions of years, Grand Kai knew more about Super Saiyans than the North Kai. So, Ayaka’s status as a Super Saiyan was enough to attract his attention.

The arrival of the three people and North Kai did not bring too much attention to the martial artists living here. They just pay attention to each other and nod as a greeting, but some martial artists from the North Area enthusiastically went around to chat when they saw the North Kai.

North Kai’s expression was kind. He actually chatted with them for a while. Then, when the martial artists left, he proudly said to Ayaka, “Haha, they were all heroes of the North Area. They were all credited with saving at least one planet and came here to practice after they died and entered Heaven with the permission of Grand Kai.”

Since this was known in advance, so it was not too strange. Ayaka’s calm performance made the North Kai nod repeatedly, and then they walked towards the Grand Kai’s Mansion.


As they walked along, they witnessed cosmopolitans from all parts of the galaxy and were secretly surprised.

Ayaka found that the weakest among them had hundreds of thousands of power level, and millions and tens of millions of power level masters also abounded, no less than the Dark Demon Realm. Soon, she understood. The corners of her mouth could not help but hang a smile. These people who came to Grand Kai’s Planet were heroes who were qualified to enter Heaven. They saved the world during their lifetime and experienced countless years of training after coming to Grand Kai’s Planet, so it was only natural that they had all this strength.

“Ayaka, later when you see Grand Kai, pay attention to him. Grand Kai identity is noble not to offend!”

The existence of Supreme Kai was only a legend, and the only one who was truly above the many Kais was Grand Kai, so Grand Kai was always noble and great in the hearts of the four Kais.

This time they came to see Grand Kai, which was more important than the other. So naturally, they should know how to take it. Ayaka nodded and then followed the North Kai into the mansion.


The mansion where Grand Kai lived wasn’t as gorgeously decorated as the usual palaces. However, it was as if he had entered a garden with a soft, warm breeze.

A sense of natural peace was born, and an intoxicating sentiment combed the depths of the soul’s noise, making people feel relaxed.

North Kai led Ayaka with a calm face, passing through a garden-like corridor and finally entering the place where Grand Kai lived.

“Grand Kai!” North Kai humbly shouted.

In front of him, a white-haired old man dressed in casual clothes and dancing fiercely with a tape recorder stopped dancing when he heard the voice and came to the North Kai one step at a time slowly.

“North Kai you came. Well, is this Ayaka? Oh, really extraordinary….”

The white-haired old man was Grand Kai. He first greeted North Kai and then turned his head to look at Ayaka and others. A glint of essence flashed in his eyes, and he laughed loudly.

At the time, Grand Kai look at Ayaka; Ayaka also watched him.

In the original story, there weren’t many scenes of the Grand Kai. He only appeared in the anime. In the manga, he was only mentioned by Piccolo, who served as Kami but did not show up. Only by the content of the amine, Ayaka simply pieced together the image of Grand Kai.

He had white hair, urchin, unfathomable.

This was Ayaka’s first feeling after seeing Grand Kai.

In Heaven to continue training in a righteous way, the martial artists believed that the Grand Kai was the strongest in the universe. In the original story, when Son Goku arrived at Grand Kai’s Planet after his death to see the Grand Kai, Cell and others were making trouble in hell. Grand Kai ordered Son Goku and Pikkon to solve. Later, Son Goku and East Kai were racing, Grand Kai easily ran before the two of them. This also proved that he was much stronger than Son Goku at the time they were.

Originally, the winner of the Heaven Martial Arts Tournament could get instruction in martial arts from Grand Kai. However, because Grand Kai was negligent in his practice and did not want to be disturbed by his disciple’s life, he casually found an excuse to cancel the qualification of Son Goku and Pikkon as winners.

Although there had been no indication of the real strength of Grand Kai in the original, just from some subtle plot, Ayaka could still figure out that the survival of countless years was known as the strongest in the galaxy. Thus, Grand Kai at least possessed a strength that rivaled the first stage of the Super Saiyan and much more powerful than Ayaka, who was now a Super Saiyan.

“North Kai, there is no more business for you here, go back to manage the North Area well!” Grand Kai said smilingly.

However, for North Kai, as if he had received an order, he shook his body, saluted respectfully, and turned around to prepare to leave.

“North Kai, please take care of Reimu for me. I will go back when things are over here!”

“Little Reimu is with me, so you can be completely at ease!” North Kai nodded with a smile and tried to salute Grand Kai again but was glared out by Grand Kai as if he was chasing a duck.

After North Kai left, Grand Kai, with a smile on his face, said in a nostalgic tone, “I have not seen a Super Saiyan for quite a few years. This Super Saiyan of yours is different from the previous ones…. No matter the strength or temperament is, you’re the best among the Saiyans! The previous Super Saiyan will only bring disaster to the universe every time he appears, but in your body, I can not see the hostility. Well, this is very good! If you can not fully control the power, you’re bound to be controlled by the power. They will become murderous, and those who retain some sanity will mostly become arrogant and cocky.”

“While your case. If you can practice more, you will certainly be able to shake the universe.”

“Grand Kai, you overpraised!” Ayaka said humbly.

“No, no, you and the two girls beside you possess very great potential, and that is exactly why I asked you to come to the Grand Kai’s Planet. Don’t look at my many masters here. Those are the ones who have gone through countless years of training after entering Heaven. To say that their power in life is not at all comparable to yours. Moreover, as the dead, none of them can leave the Other-World, and this World of Living has to rely on you to maintain it. Don’t you think?”

The three people smiled and nodded.

With such a master’s guidance, how could they refuse it!

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  1. Elizabeth Brown says:

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    As for which Broly it was, it would need to be the old one since the current iteration of Broly was stuck on planet Vampa until Frieza ‘saved him’. As for it following GT’s cannon I cannot say for sure as it would depend which the author prefers, where he was up to in writing the fanfic when super came out as well as having the chance of him deciding to just end it at Z or go down a completely different route.

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