Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 126


Next, Grand Kai took Ayaka to the training place, pointed to the platform hall, and said, “This is the venue specially used for training. There are all kinds of strange environments inside, which are very helpful for training.”

The platform hall was in the color of gold and white, with countless golden gates arranged in order on the tall and stately fence. The gates were arranged neatly and compactly. Each gate was marked with the name of the internal environment, stating Gravity Chamber, Cold Chamber, Flame Chamber, Pressure Chamber, and so on. Moreover, this platform hall seemed to be very popular among practitioners. From time to time, one could see martial artists with a circle of light over their heads entering and leaving the gates.

“This kind of environment with various forms is able to promote the practice. However, I wonder just how effective it is?”

Gravity Chamber and Cold Chamber, such common environments, Ayaka did not give much thought to. Of course, she had already experienced these environments many times, but it was the pressure chamber and other training rooms that aroused her interest.

The environment around the martial artist practitioners’ training was very important. These were the most basic common sense.

Seeing Ayaka and the others looking intently at the platform hall, Grand Kai laughed loudly, reaching out and stroking his white beard. “I spent countless years building up these. Each environment inside has reached the ultimate state from easy to difficult all the way, and can play a unique training effect. Moreover, the space inside is so huge that it can accommodate many people for training at the same time. I dare say that no better place for training can be found in the entire galaxy.”

Grand Kai’s laughter was tinged with pride, and Ayaka did not think that Grand Kai’s move was idle boredom. She nodded approvingly, and compared to the training chamber here, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber on the Lookout was a bit small and incomparable.

The number of people entering the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was limited, not to mention the mandatory rules for each person’s practice time. It is only allowed to enter for three days in a lifetime, and the three days were converted into three years inside. Neither the environment nor the length of time could be compared to Grand Kai’s platform hall, and the only thing worthy of praise was the different time flow. At the same time, the time flow was different.

“Oh, Ayaka, Launch, Lancy, next time, you will be in the chamber of this platform hall to practice. When you encounter difficulties, you can ask, I will give you the answer. There are also many powerful and highly skilled martial artists inside, you can also go and ask them for advice!”

Grand Kai’s gaze was profound, and his face showed a smile, “The Saiyans are a Warrior Race. Although they have repeatedly destroyed the balance of the universe, there are few Saiyans left now, and I hope that this race will change from you onwards. Well, that’s it, practice on your own next!”

With that, Grand Kai shouldered the big recorder, humming music, and walked away.


When he walked away, Lancy quietly came up to Ayaka’s ear and said, “This Grand Kai is really interesting, and unfathomable strength!”

The light breeze blowing on the ears felt itchy, and Ayaka nodded her head. She slapped a palm on Lancy’s shoulder and said, “Grand Kai has ruled the galaxy for countless years…. The training room that creates hundreds of strange environments alone is not something that ordinary people can do.”

“Then Ayaka, we will go in now to train, which environment should be chosen?” Launch gathered up her dark blue hair and found it a little difficult to choose.

Ayaka was unable to get attention even after a little consideration, so she said, “Whatever, it’s best to go in according to your needs, and ask Grand Kai or other martial artists if you don’t understand!”

Launch and Lancy looked at each other. Then, they took the lead and flew to the platform hall, thought for a while, and entered the Pressure Chamber and Spirit Chamber, respectively.

After they both went in, Ayaka flew around the hundreds of doors on the wall of the hall in turn. She finally stopped by a door with the word “Thunder” written on it.

Thunder House, as the name suggests, was filled with lightning and thunder extreme environments. Every second inside, there were countless lightning blasts down. It was an extreme place that could not tolerate the existence of life at all. —These thunderbolts were different from the lightning in the natural environment. They were more terrifying and harmful than lightning. They were the most primitive thunderbolts generated by the decay of giant stars, black hole collisions, and cosmic thunderbolts. They were 10,000 times more terrifying than the lightning in the natural environment.

Extreme thunder environment in many environments was also at the forefront. It was only a little weaker than the big thunderbolt, black holes, ray storms, and other extreme environments. However, it was not generally able to withstand, so it could be said that people without a certain amount of courage and tolerance into the land of thunder wouldn’t even be left by the thunder in minutes and seconds.

The Thunder Chamber was filled with purple lightning. When Ayaka entered inside, the door behind her immediately closed. Then the bright light shining with purple lightning descended from the sky, instantly engulfing the peaceful place near the door, chasing Ayaka straight down.


A thunderbolt went straight at Ayaka.

The purple lightning flashed with a demonic brightness. It was so bizarre that it seemed like a long snake with a spiritual nature, stuttering with a chilling letter. It coiled and came. The sky and the earth were infinitely close, and a purple folding line went back and forth through the air in the middle.


The space near the purple lightning appeared a strange art cracks, and the air surged through the cracks toward the unknown space.

Surprisingly, it made the nearby space shatter!!! The enormous destructive force made Ayaka discolored. She snapped a few times. The lightning had actually penetrated the protective layer and hit Ayaka’s delicate body directly.

The body clothing issued a “sizzling” sound, instantly blown to pieces. However, because the clothes had the ability to recover, so in the blink of an eye, back intact. However, Ayaka’s body was not so lucky. Although she had a strong recovery ability, the lightning was still cracked and black. A burning smell wafted into the nose.

Grinning, a surge of energy emerged from his body to repair the injured cells, but the speed of repair in such an extreme and treacherous environment was obviously not as fast as the speed of destruction, and before Ayaka could recover, another demonic purple thunderbolt swept down.

“How fast!” Ayaka sighed darkly. She leaped to avoid this sweeping, suddenly felt an abnormal energy reaction to her side, and looked back, “Not good!”

She wondered when a purple to black arc lightning actually drifted to her. It was about to engulf her, this lightning was silent and not too powerful, but its color made people uneasy.

This arc lightning was like a mollusk-like, with countless long, thin, and curved tentacles. It was like a big net that covered Ayaka.

At this point, she had no way to retreat but to continue to accept the baptism of thunder.

She gritted her teeth, “I’ll fight!”

With the skin splitting open, Ayaka stayed in place with a bitter face and could only let the lightning strike down.


The miserable shout came out from her mouth. The voice was harsh and loud, but apparently, Ayaka was the only one practicing in the Thunder Chamber, so no outsiders heard her screams.

As the lightning strikes down, again and again, Ayaka gradually found a pattern. Although the lightning in the Thunder Chamber was terrifying with enough power to destroy a large planet, its attacks were strictly time-based, and this was the rule!

Generally, it was nine thunderbolts for a round. These nine thunderbolts would be struck as a single time, after which it would fall into a pause period of tens of minutes. She thought she couldn’t carry it anymore. She had to choose to escape from the Thunder Chamber, but what was waiting for Ayaka was not another thunderbolt. However, it was a pause that lasted for a short period of time. Ayaka seized this gap and frantically used the Energy Bound and the Ice King divine sword in her body to repair her body.

After receiving nearly a hundred rounds of thunderbolts, her body had a certain resistance to thunder, so she boldly sat on the ground and used her Energy Bound to absorb the lightning energy permeating the space.


After a year, Ayaka adapted to the environment of the Thunder Chamber, during which she did not stay in the Thunder Chamber all the time. The purpose of her visit to Grand Kai’s Planet was to receive instruction from Grand Kai, and it was impossible to spend her time inside. So Ayaka would step out of the Thunder Chamber once every month to allow Grand Kai to instruct herself in training.

Grand Kai was unexpectedly generous to her, and with the guidance of the Grand Kai and her hard work, her strength rose rapidly. A few years ago, when she was transformed into a Super Saiyan, she was still at the beginning of the Super Saiyan stage, then when she came to the Grand Kai’s Planet, she was already approaching the middle Super Saiyan stage, and now she has reached the upper Super Saiyan stage.

For Ayaka’s growth, Grand Kai did not say too many words. It could only be described as a genius.

In just over a year, Ayaka’s strength even exceeded him a little, which left Grand Kai speechless. In addition to his age and that long experience, he had nothing to show off in front of Ayaka.


Inside the Thunder Chamber, Ayaka dashingly stood in the middle. The thunder of several kilometers around all converged over, turning into an unusually large beam of thunder.

Ayaka closed her eyes, her long golden hair fluttered, and a few bunches of hair on her forehead shot up to the sky.

When she opened her eyes, her bright eyes gazed at the huge thunderbolt that kept converging in the sky, and her turquoise eyes did not have a single fluctuation.

“Interstellar thunderbolt and thunder gathering actually triggered extreme mutations!”

Looking at the environment that turned into a starry sky, the several stars overhead ran according to a systematic and clear trajectory, and occasionally the stars collided with each other, giving rise to a deafening thunder momentum.


Huge thunderous sound as if stabbing through space rang out in the ears, and in a flash, the stars staggered away to continuously collide. Each collision was producing chilling purple-black huge energy as well as endless spatial vibrations…

“It’s coming!”

The colliding stars in the starry sky had disappeared, and a long dragon-like galaxy shining with dazzling brightness suddenly replaced them.


The angry five-clawed dragon tore up space and suddenly impacted down!

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