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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 127


The giant dragon swooped down, surrounding it like a huge basin. The water in the basin gushes violently, and the shining stars shake around and break apart with a crash.

Using ki to form a huge shield around, Ayaka shouted, “COME ON, LET ME SEE THE ULTIMATE THUNDER POWER OF THE THUNDER CHAMBER!”

She magnificently shouted at the five-clawed dragon formed by the thunder with strong confidence in her words.


The dragon was enraged as if it were a living creature, its huge body shining with a bright silver-white light, running over with an intimidating and terrifying aura. The broad dragon body flashed with a purple-black folded electric aura, stretching out continuously.



The thunder dragon slammed into the body of Ayaka erupted with a deafening sound, and the dragon immediately annihilated. In an instant, time and space seemed to be frozen in general.


Along with the loud sound of tearing, space was twisted and cracked a striped path as if the fireworks were about to burn out when the last glimmer of light. The huge sound formed a piece of shock waves visible to the naked eye continue to bounce back in all directions.

The space boiled, and for a long time, chaos-like disorderly breath gradually subsided, and the space no longer appears thunder.

Ayaka’s attractive body appeared in space. But, unfortunately, Ayaka was in a bit of a mess. Although the five-clawed dragon formed by the thunderous force blocked, the energy formed by the violent impact still injured her. The clothes on her body shattered countless times in the raging and continuous impact, and there were different degrees of damage to various parts of her body.

She sat down against the ground and rang the bell. The slender and transparent crystal longsword detached from her body and flew in the air. When the divine sword trembled, a cool and soothing aura emanated from the Ice King divine sword. The cool breath entered the body. Combined with the body’s powerful recovery ability, the injuries all over the body were healed in just a short time.

The thunder environment could promote growth. The most threatening, day and night to endure the impact of lightning was not generally able to withstand. Feeling the energy flowing through her body, Ayaka felt energized. At this moment, she seemed to be able to stab the space with a finger. But, of course, these were just Ayaka’s feelings. Space was not that easy to break open.

However, it was undeniable that for any strong person under the baptism of this extreme environment, as long as they survive, there would be notable progress. At this time, Ayaka’s strength had reached a chilling point. She knew she was one step closer to breaking through the Super Saiyan into the Super Saiyan second stage.

In Ayaka’s understanding, there were a total of three transformations of the first stage of the Super Saiyan.

The first transformation was her previous state, blond hair and blue pupils of the ordinary transformation, which was the transformation of ordinary Super Saiyan. The second state was slightly swollen muscles, speed, strength also increased, but also the consumption of ki was also extremely rapid. So compared with the first state, it was a kind of consuming transformation to shorten the length of the transformation to burst out more powerful power, similar to the use of Kaio-ken.

The third state was a muscular transformation, which turned into this form. The muscles would be extremely swollen, consuming a lot of energy and seriously affecting the speed! It could be said that the three transformations in the state of the most undesirable one. The original Son Goku and Vegeta were aware of its flaws, so coincidentally avoided using in battle.

In Ayaka’s view, the three transformation states excluding the third muscle-type transformation. The first and second had advantages and disadvantages: The ordinary transformation power was relatively small, but the transformation time was long, and the expendable transformation power was huge, but the transformation time was shortened.

These were different combat forms taken in the same air condition. The transformations were extended from a highly intelligent combat background. Ayaka was now reaching the fourth state of the first stage of Super Saiyan transformation, Super Saiyan FP, also known as Super Saiyan Full Power.

Super Saiyan FP had the same power as an ordinary Super Saiyan. However, the Super Saiyan state could be maintained for a long time, overcoming the weakness of the Super Saiyan in the battle of physical exertion to maximize the Super Saiyan’s power level.

 This state of Super Saiyan strength in the second state on the basis of speed, so the overall power level increased significantly.

In the original story, the first to reach the Super Saiyan Full Power level was Son Goku and Son Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

At this time, Ayaka was the Super Saiyan Full Power, overriding the first three transformations of the Super Saiyan state. Thus, she combined all the advantages of normal transformations and expendable transformations and the ability to preserve the Super Saiyan state for a long time and overcome the weakness of physical exertion in battle.


The gate opened automatically. Ayaka looked back at the nearly empty Thunder Chamber behind her and walked out with a single stride.


Outside the golden-white platform hall, Ayaka’s turquoise eyes scanned the beautiful garden-like scenery outside. She then took a deep breath of air, exhaled the turbid air, and breathed in the breath that contained drifting fragrance. Her spirit was lifted, and her whole body was refreshed. The scenery on Grand Ki’s Plant was simply different from the training chamber.

At this time, a few martial artists flew past Ayaka, nodding to her in a friendly greeting. Ayaka nodded back at them.

Over this time, she had gotten to know most of the martial artists here. The martial artists all knew that the three of them were specially invited by Grand Kai to come and train, so they were extra warm to Ayaka and the girls. In addition, they often helped to solve some problems.

Ayaka flew around the platform hall but did not find a suitable place to train. After experiencing the Thunder Chamber training, Ayaka already had strong adaptability. She was no longer concerned about the other harsh environments, which were slightly less than the Thunder Chamber.

After a few glances, there were only big thunderbolts, black holes, ray storms, and other extreme environments that caught her eye, but she didn’t plan to go in these extreme environments. It was too dangerous.

As the name implies, the Big Thunderbolt referred to the Big Bang, which was the terrible chaos of the opening of the universe. The Big Thunderbolt here wasn’t the kind that opened up the universe but the chaos of the formation of the galaxy. Its degree of terror was not trivial, knowing that the “galaxy” here was not the galaxy of the former Earth but a huge cluster of galaxies containing billions of former galaxies.

When this galaxy cluster opened up the power, Ayaka worried about going in and couldn’t get out. Although she possessed the body of immortality, it could be sealed inside forever, between life and death in a continuous cycle.

The black hole and ray burst power were a little less than the Big Thunderbolt, but Ayaka was also unable to go in now because there was no escape from the fate of permanent “death”.

Due to the horror of these extreme environments, almost no one had dared to set foot in them throughout history. Even Grand kai, who created these training chambers, did not dare to step into them. —The construction of these training chambers was a coincidence, commonly known as the power of the force. It was not Grand Kai who was above the training chambers.

“These inquisitive environment is too terrifying. If I go in now, I’m afraid I’ll be swallowed to the bone, so I’d better practice with Grand Kai!”

Ayaka remembered the horror inside and sighed helplessly. Even if the individual strength was strong, it seemed insignificant in the face of the vastness of the universe.


At the Grand Kai’s residence, Grand Kai sensed the condition of the platform hall through the crystal ball. Seeing Ayaka came out of the training chamber and still maintain the Super Saiyan state, Grand Kai could not help but nod his head.

From Ayaka’s Super Saiyan form, Grand Kai knew that Ayaka had progressed again. However, it was surprising that she still maintained such a perfect Super Saiyan transformation for so long.

The next few days, Grand Kai was shocked that Ayaka’s Super Saiyan transformation had never been lifted, and the Super Saiyan transformation had just become Ayaka’s daily state.

“What a terrible little kid! It is surprising that she can keep her Super Saiyan transformation and surpass me by that much in one year. This kid is definitely different from the previous Super Saiyan, simply unfathomable!”

Grand Kai was shocked to observe. Ayaka’s golden light flames scattered away. Surprisingly, there was a kind of rhythm of returning to the basics. Without the outgoing flames that rose to the sky, the Super Saiyan state didn’t seem so sharp.

The blonde hair, blue eyes, as if Ayaka originally looked like that, there was no sense of sculpting the transformation.

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