Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 128


To maintain the Super Saiyan state in daily life and to restrain the body of the leaking ki, Ayaka was living so uneventful in Grand Kai’s Planet, living a simple and leisurely life every day.

The girls were fishing, enjoy the scenery, occasionally did some simple exercise, and time passed slowly.

At first, Grand Kai was worried that Ayaka would continue to challenge the limits, and he was ready to stop it! However, it should be known that extreme challenges had advantages and disadvantages. Each challenge was actually a reorganization of the destruction of the body; the long-term impact on the limit was not only the pros and cons of cultivation but also injury to the body’s origin and even threaten life.

The moderate relaxation allowed the body’s origin to repair itself in order to progress better.

Ayaka was almost an adult, so how could she ignore this truth? The way of arts and martial arts was a relaxation. The combination of work and rest was the way to go. She was now at the peak of the first stage of the Super Saiyan – a full power state. However, to break through to the second stage of the Super Saiyan, she still needed a long time to accumulate.

Ayaka had been a Super Saiyan for nearly five years, but she wanted to break through to the second stage. How could it be that easy?


Two months later, Ayaka was flying in the suburbs, exuding a rich and terrifying pressure. However, the strange thing was that although the pressure was terrifying, there was no disorderly overflow of excess energy. The pressure came entirely from the spiritual level of oppression.

Ayaka raised her hand. Her five fingers were joined together, and a few blue arcs of lightning flashed in her palm, crackling and snapping, gradually forming a lightning ball seven or eight centimeters in size.


The blue ball of thunder and lightning swooped out with vast power. The vast energy streaked and swept out, and with a loud bang, an enormous blue mushroom cloud rose violently in the distance.

Landing on the ground, looking at the destruction of the Earth by the Ten Thousand Fist, she frowned in confusion. “Strange, the Ten Thousand Fist surprisingly only caused this damage, the power did not increase at all!”

Ayaka had already noticed in her heart. As her strength continued to improve, the increase of the Ten Thousand Fist became smaller and smaller. Until now, when she broke through to the peak of Super One, the Ten Thousand Fist had no increased effect.

The “Ten Thousand Fist” was a combination of her “Ten Fist” and the “Kaio-ken”, which played a vital role when Ayaka hadn’t become a Super Saiyan. However, as her strength increased, the power of the Ten Thousand Fist became less and less effective and now almost reduced to chicken ribs.

“Kaio-ken has a limit shackles. The power can not be unlimited to play an increasing role, and my Ten Thousand Fist could also have such a shackle?”

Kaio-Ken, Ten Thousand Fist was, after all, a “high skill” developed at a low level. However, at a high level, its adaptability could not meet the needs.

Ayaka frowned. Since she became a Super Saiyan, she rarely used the Ten Thousand Fist. Until today she realized that the inherent flaws of the Ten Thousand Fist had actually reduced to ordinary attack moves. However, the power of the Ten Thousand Fist couldn’t be improved overnight.

“Spending time to study and improve the Ten Thousand Fist, it would be better to advance to Super Saiyan II as soon as possible to make it convenient.” She thought to herself, her eyes wavering.

The old figure of the Grand Kai suddenly appeared and then lightly flew to Ayaka’s side.

“It seems that you have encountered confusion! Why don’t you ask any questions and see if I can solve it for you!”

Hearing the old voice of Grand Kai, Ayaka immediately woke up. Yes, if you had a problem, ask the Grand Kai. With the countless years of experience of the Grand Kai, there was always a better way out than thinking by yourself.

“Lord Grand Kai, is this….”

Ayaka told Grand Kai the problem she encountered and then quietly waiting for Grand Kai’s answer.

“Oh, so! It’s modified with Kaio-ken from North Kai.” Grand Kai listened carefully and pinpointed it from time to time.

“But Ayaka, there’s no need to improve on the Ten Thousand Fist!” Grand Kai’s answer was beyond Ayaka’s expectations.

She puzzledly poked her head over.

Grand Kai took a deep breath, and in a stern tone, he said, “Everything in the universe is free of its laws, the astral movement and even the birth of old age. Sickness and death are bound by laws that can not be easily violated. North Kai is proud of Kaio-ken and Spirit Bomb, I think the Spirit bomb is still worthy of the hand! That Kaio-ken has actually exploited the loopholes of the law, to a certain extent is against the order of the universe.”

“The power that does not exist but forced by Kaio-ken, there is subversive damage to the body and even to the balance of order, fortunately the Kaio-ken has its own shackles. North Kai’s insight is not enough to make up for the defects of the moves, but also fortunately so, otherwise it will certainly be blocked by the universe inhibition!”

The will of the universe was the inhibition of Everything under the rules. If this inhibition was compared to a high “man”, he was a judge and executive officer, a weak ant occasionally crawling on the table. He might just smile lightly and reach out and brush it off the table. However, if a cockroach crawls on the table, it was definitely waiting for a book as thick as a brick.

“Ayaka, your Ten Thousand Fist exceeds Kaio-ken a lot, more likely to trigger the rebound of the cosmic order. In the future, don’t ever hold the idea of enhancing its effectiveness similar to this aspect of ‘Kaio-ken’, even if you use it, you can only use it as an ordinary move, otherwise there will be a strange disaster!”

Ayaka was startled. The extra use of Kaio-ken and the Ten Thousand Fist would trigger a cosmic suppression backlash, which she had never even thought of.

At this point, Ayaka remembered Son Goku’s viral heart disease. Could it be that the disease was not caused by Son Goku taking Ultra Divine Water when he was young, but a calamity caused by the rebound of the universe?

Suddenly, Ayaka remembered Launch and Lancy. They were both carrying Kaio-ken, and Grand Kai’s caution had to be brought to her attention. Although the girls had basically never used Kaio-ken, they should be cautioned just in case.

“Grand Kai, you said that a significant increase in power level will cause a cosmic backlash, so will the Super Saiyan Transformation and the Fusion Dance of Planet Metamor produce harm?”

Grand Kai thought for a while and said, “Super Saiyan Transformation originates from the bloodline itself, is its own power, just extremely difficult to tap out, and the rules of the universe have long since set boundaries, so there are only a handful of people who have broken through the barrier to transform into Super Saiyans over the ages. Don’t worry, break the boundary of the Super Saiyan Transformation is recognized by the universe will not trigger the universe backlash. As for the Metamo Fusion Dance I do not know much. I think it is through two bodies to withstand the negative impact on the individual will not cause harm! And the Metamoran Fusion Dance is a superposition of real power, a technique of trickery rather than a technique of breaking the established rules of the universe.”

Ayaka breathed a sigh of relief. It was good that there was no impact. Otherwise, these two great tools would not have been implemented well. Ayaka then smiled to herself and felt that her question was superfluous. How could the Super Saiyan Transformation be harmful? No Super Saiyan died in the original!

The Ten Thousand Fist was the second. Anyway, the Ten Thousand Fist couldn’t destroy the rules of the universe due to the low level of “research and development”, and it was just an ordinary move for the transformed Super Saiyan. The Metamoran Fusion Dance, as Grand Kai said, was a coincidence to combine the power of two people in one, not “creating something out of nothing”.

A few more months had passed, and Ayaka calculated that she had been on Grand Kai’s Planet for almost a year and a half, plus a few years before that, and five years at first glance.

“It is time to go back. In a short time, Saiyan Raditz should arrive on Earth!”

Since the environment of the main show development didn’t change much, Ayaka believed that Everything should go according to the original. The reason why they did not make significant changes to the original was that Ayaka felt that if there was no Z chapter of the Dragon Ball, that would not be Dragon Ball. A familiar Dragon Ball, to make her feel real.

Of course, many people would say that Everything was interpreted as in the manga. How could it still be true? It was the manga! But Ayaka did not think so. With a different face of Dragon Ball, if there was no Dragon Ball background and no Dragon Ball essence, Ayaka, who was already so powerful, would have been better off just focusing on intergalactic battles, showing Everything in front of her eyes would only make her feel whole and nothing, like a dream.


She found the girls, then bid farewell to Grand Kai and left the Grand Kai’s Planet.

“A few more super strong people have been born. Haha, the more strong people in my galaxy the better, so that we won’t be underestimated by other Grand Kai. Hmmm, is it a good idea to hold a Martial Arts Tournament some time later to compare the strength of the strongest people in the galaxy?”


North Kai’s Planet.

After Ayaka left, the entire North Kai’s Planet was stirred up. North Kai’s Planet had been feeling as if he was living in deep water and fire. As Ayaka was away for more than a year, little Reimu had no love of her mother. Reimu didn’t know any better, and when she was angry, she threw all her anger on North Kai.


Reimu rummaged through the room of North Kai, one hand pulling the gold silk trim on top of North Kai’s suit.

“Aiya, little girl, that is my last golden silk. Just leave me some. How can I meet other Kai in the future?” North Kai looked at it with tears in his eyes. If he had known that Reimu was so greedy for money, he would have sent her back to Yeiling so that he would not have to suffer so much.

“Hmph, who told you to take mama away? Without mama, Reimu is going to bully you!” Reimu nonchalantly pulled out all the golden threads, and her eyes were fixed on North Kai wearing Kai’s uniform with a little golden thread on it.

“What are you looking at, this can not be given to you!”

North Kai squirmed and turned away, but Reimu darted up, grabbed a thread, and began to draw it up.

A year and a half had passed, and Reimu was already almost five or six years old. Nevertheless, her height was already equal to that of North Kai, and she was so skilled that she grabbed a thread and pulled out the whole golden thread with a clatter.

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