Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 129


The auspicious clouds were surrounded by a flicker of shadow on North Kai’s Planet.

The three blurred figures appeared, and once again, they returned to the North Kai’s Planet to feel the weak tenfold gravity above it, and Reimu’s face showed a faint smile like a lily. 

Ayaka’s subdued smile didn’t last a few seconds when she saw Reimu flung on the North Kai writhing. Her eyes glared. Ayaka was a little angry, Reimu had become more and more lawless child, even wrestled with North Kai.

“Reimu, what are you doing? Get off from North Kai!” Ayaka bellowed with authority.

When Reimu heard the sound, her body jolted. She turned around to see Ayaka, and her little face showed a smile of surprise. She jumped down from North Kai and flashed as a black shadow in a flash of lightning, and her whole body had jumped into Ayaka’s arms.

“Oooh… mama, you are finally back. It’s so boring here and Reimu missed you!” Reimu cried and buried his head into Ayaka’s arms. Her small head was constantly rubbing Ayaka’s soft breasts.

“Well, well, I’m back, and will take you away later.”

Picking up the small head in her arms, she looked at Reimu’s teary-eyed. Ayaka’s anger subsided a lot, and her tone was soft as she stroked Reimu.

Launch, on the other hand, walked over to North Kai and helped him up.

“Lord North Kai, are you all right?”

North Kai tidied up the Kai’s clothes that had been stripped, then took a long breath. He put on his sunglasses and sighed, “Alas, it’s fine, I’m used to it!”

‘Used to it?’

North Kai’s words made Ayaka’s eyes glare. Look at what North Kai said that he had already gotten used to it. In other words, Reimu had been so lawless for more than a day or two.

With a clang, a spoon of the head knocked on Reimu’s head, making Reimu clutched her head with a face of aggression.

Ayaka would no longer be soft because of her pitiful appearance. Her eyes widened, and her voice was cold and stern as she scolded, “You child, you are getting worse and worse! If you do that again, mama won’t want you anymore, so apologize to Lord North Kai!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Lord North Kai forgive me! I won’t do that again. Mama, I’ve already apologized!” Reimu appeared in front of North Kai in a sharp flash, apologized quickly, and then turned her head pathetically to look at Ayaka.

“Haha, it’s no big deal, Ayaka don’t need to be angry. Hehe, Reimu this child is quite lively, I like playing with her too!” North Kai said with a smile.

Although Ayaka and the girls didn’t show their depths anymore, they must have gained a lot from their training in the Grand Kai’s Planet.

After that, Ayaka and North Kai chatted about their training in Grand kai’s Planet. North Kai was saddened to hear all kinds of insights, and when he learned that there were still huge flaws in his pride and joy, the North Kai was depressed and sighed several times but soon recovered.

In the conversation with North Kai, Launch and Lancy also interjected a few words from time to time. Ayaka had harvested the most during the trip to the Grand Kai’s Planet, and they were also not bad. A variety of strange environment cultivation and the guidance of Grand Kai was making their strength grow by leaps and bounds.

The girls weren’t ordinary earthlings since they were divided into two. Otherwise, perhaps they would have fallen into a bottleneck and been unable to grow.

After a brief explanation of the results of their own cultivation, Ayaka pushed Reimu, who was not honestly burrowed in her arms.

“Reimu, get up quickly, we have to leave.”

“Eh, are we finally leaving?” Reimu looked at her mama with bright eyes and then leaned on her.

Ayaka took Reimu’s tiny hand and waved goodbye to North Kai, “Lord North Kai, Bubbles, we have things to do so we won’t bother you much longer!”

North Kai nodded with a smile and watched Ayaka disappear into North Kai and then joined Bubbles in his inspection of the North Area around North Kai’s Planet.



In the northern part of the North Area… On the way to Earth, Ayaka made a trip back to the Leaf Spirit Planet.

Although Ayaka disappeared for more than a year, the entire Leaf Spirit Planet forces were still running in an orderly manner. It’s all because Ayaka had an arrangement before, the Leaf Spirit Planet continued to clean up and reorganize its forces, doing meticulous implementation of Her Majesty’s orders. Hence why the entire Leaf Spirit Planet range gradually peaceful down.

Through the effective management of Castro, the chief executive, the “cabinet” to deal with day-to-day affairs was running efficiently. The tentacles were becoming more and more solid throughout the territory of the New North forces.

In order to eliminate the laxity brought about by the excessive peace, Ayaka issued an order in the name of the Queen of the Central Planet in Leaf Spirit Planet, requiring each Planet to hold a martial arts competition every five years to select the planetary (administrative Planet) guard. The general administrative Planet’s unified area guard, the Central Planet guard, and the Queen’s personal guard.

When everything was arranged, Ayaka gave Castro and her own Queen’s personal guards one the Tree of Might Fruit. A total of four people consumed four Tree of Might Fruit. —With Tree of Might Fruit, they should be able to raise their power level to more than 100,000. Although they might not be invincible, there were few opponents in the universe.

After doing all this, Ayaka only took Reimu back to Earth together.


Earth, an oasis area.

Swish swish swish-

Four figures appeared in the sky.

Reimu was the first time to come to Earth. As soon as she appeared, she curiously surveyed the surroundings, but after finding that the surrounding scenery was no different from the Planet Bodhi where she used to live, her fiery mood immediately subsided a lot.

“Mama, this place is not different from Planet Bodhi and our planet Ye Ling!” Reimu said with her dark eyes looking left and right, not so excited.

“Oh, the Earth is no different from the planet Bodhi and Planet Yeling. Most of the planets that are suitable for life are like this. But Earth also has its uniqueness, in the infinite high altitude has the existence of the Lookout. Oh, your mama is the Kami of the Lookout!” Lancy flashed to Reimu’s side, teasing Reimu.

The pantheon was not only on Earth. The majority of Low-Level Planets had pantheons. As for whether there was a temple on the higher planets, Ayaka was not quite sure…

If the Kamis were not as strong as the natives, would it not be a joke? Anyway, Ayaka did not see the Kami of Lookout in the skies above Leaf Spirit Planet and other such High-Level Planets.

Hearing that her mama was a Kami of Earth, Reimu floated an amused smile and yelled that she wanted to see the shrine.

So the four went into a few streams of light towards the Lookout.


In the Heavenly Realm, the spacious Lookout was now left with only the old Kami and Mr. Popo, Tien Shinhan, and the other all left the Lookout in the early years of successful training.

The old Kami was delighted with Tien Shinhan and other people. They were the beginning of the wholeheartedly teach them. The first thing he did was to let them leave the Lookout and set out on their own martial paths.

The air around the Lookout was extremely thin and only occasionally a few wisps of light wind.

The old Kami stood on his crutches at the edge of the Lookout, looking down at the bustling and noisy Earth below.

A few beams of bright light flashed, and four more figures suddenly appeared in the Lookout. It was the four girls.

“Hey, Ayaka, you guys are back!”

The old Kami saw the sudden appearance of the four, and a smile surfaced on his dried-up face.

“Old Kami, we’re back. Tell, this little one is my daughter Reimu!”

As soon as the old Kami heard that, he looked at Reimu in amazement and asked with a puzzled look, “You…. have a daughter?”

“Reimu is my adopted child, which is my clan!”

The old Kami suddenly nodded lightly. He knew that Ayaka’s home planet had been destroyed and stranded on Earth, and it was not a surprise that he had adopted a clan member as his daughter.

“Old Kami, nothing big happened in the past few years, right? How is the Tien Shinhan and the other’s training?”

“Oh, all is well, their strength is beyond me, there is nothing to teach so I let them each seek the martial path to go! These little ones can be said to be the hope of the Lower Realm martial arts practitioners. If it was before, any one of them are qualified to inherit the position of Kami.”

The Old Kami said with a big smile. It seemed that he had great hopes for these new generation martial artists.

To know, a few years ago as a Kami, he had only 300 power level. After taking the Tree of Might fruit brought by Ayaka, he broke through to more than a thousand. As for Tian Shinhan, Krillin and others, they used only two years to surpass him, and it was conservatively estimated that they should now have several thousand power level.

Dragon Ball’s big gears seemed to turn faster.

Ayaka smiled and nodded and then led Reimu to visit the Lookout together.

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