Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 130


Ayaka had returned to Earth for several days. Every day, she would observe the situation in the Lower Realm at the Lookout. According to her estimation, Son Goku’s big brother, Raditz, would soon come to Earth.

She wondered what kind of expression Raditz would have when he came to Earth and found that there were so many guys whose strength exceeded his on the Low-Level Planet described in the intelligence, which seemed very interesting to think about.

Time passed day by day, and Raditz hadn’t come.


Finally, Ayaka received the news that Master Roshi was about to hold a party.

“It’s finally time to start, Dragon Ball Z!”

Although she didn’t have to fear everything with her strength long ago, when the world was about to enter the big time, her heart still couldn’t help but float surging thoughts that made her excited. It could be said that with the arrival of Raditz, the entire pace of Dragon Ball had taken a huge turn.

Son Goku and other’s power level had risen. It was exciting to think that the rolling waves of the great era were about to sweep away!

Ayaka found the girls, open the door, and said, “Bulma and the others are going to hold a party at Master Roshi’s place, let’s go there too!”

“We’re leaving right now?” Launch and Lancy looked at each other and agreed in unison. Everyone had known each other for a while, and it was indeed time to get together after years of not seeing each other.

“Eh, mama, what kind of party is this?”

“The ones we will see later are all friends of mama. By the way, you will also meet other partners, they all have the same Saiyan blood as us.”

When Ayame blinked with a puzzled face, she was already pulled up by Ayaka and flew down towards the Lower Realm.


In a dry canyon, Krillin and Yamcha fought fiercely.


The fierce fight caused a burst from the world. It caused the sky to shake, sand and rocks flew, and the violent and direct power collision was so loud that the creatures in the vicinity of tens of kilometers did not dare to approach.

A bunch of wind blades reinforced by “qi” swept on the rock wall, immediately leaving numerous deep and shallow, crisscrossing scars.


The two figures fought quickly and then turned back quickly in the opposite direction, each gliding on the ground with one foot deep into the rock, cutting a furrow several dozen centimeters deep in the hard surface of the rock.

Krillin breathed out, wiping away the beads of sweat on his forehead, waving his hand, and said, “Well, that’s it for today. . We’ll have to attend Master Roshi party later!”

Yamcha was also tired. So he stopped, leaning against a rock then rest.

“Krillin, your strength is getting stronger and stronger, I will be left behind if I don’t work harder.”

“Hehehe, how could you said that. Although we are much stronger than before, thinking about that Goku guy I think it is still far from enough,.Goku has definitely become more powerful, and I wonder if we still have hope to catch up with him, Tian Shinhan, and others. Their strength must have also become stronger!”

“Yes, we are getting stronger, Goku and others are also getting stronger. We really can not slacken!” Yamcha nodded vigorously.

Since leaving the Lookout, Yamcha came with Krillin to the desert where he had previously been a desert bandit and carried out inhuman training in the desert for several years.

As people were rare in the desert because of the harsh survival environment, Krillin and Yamcha could fight with all their might without fear or favor. They both steadily improved their strength over the years.


Fire Mountain.

Chi-chi dressed as a young woman tidying up the household chores, while Son Gohan in the next room was wearing Chinese characteristics lying on the table painting and drawing.

Because of a series of initiatives by Ayaka, the Ox-King castle was not destroyed, leaving a lot of money. Plus, Ayaka’s gift of a luxurious villa at the time of the wedding made Son Goku’s family live a very prosperous life now. They didn’t have to be confused about money. Sometimes they could hire some maids and tutors to come over, so Chi-chi didn’t have to go the extra mile to allow Little Gohan to properly learn some martial arts.

Although several years had passed, Chi-chi was very well maintained. She looked like she was only in her early twenties at first glance, a fresh young woman alive and well.

“Chi-chi, won’t you come with us to Kame House?”

Son Goku helped the Little Gohan sit on Flying Nimbus, ready to go out.

“No, today the master who repairs the flowers and plants will come over. I have to come along to sort out the flowers, you guys should also go early and come back early!”

“Oh, Gohan, then let’s go! Hold on tight!”

Son Goku shouted, driving the Flying Nimbus broke through the clouds towards the direction of Kame House.

Chi-chi waved from afar until the father and son disappeared.


Meanwhile, somewhere on a farm in the suburbs, a huge fireball fell from the sky. It wasn’t uncommon for meteors to appear on Earth, but meteorites that managed to fall to the ground were quite rare, with the vast majority being burned up in the atmosphere.

This time, when the farm owner saw the fireball cut through the overhead with a loud boom and fell a few kilometers away, he hurriedly put down the work in hand and drove his car to chase it.

A few kilometers away on the grassland, green grass swaying with the wind as if waves rolled up layers of ripples. The fireball fell and smashed a huge impact crater more than ten meters in diameter on the flat grassland. The impact crater was about five or six meters deep. A white craft half-buried by gravel was embedded in the center.


The craft shuddered, the hatch slowly opened, and a man in a combat suit stepped out of the craft.

Raditz leaped out of the impact crater through the crystal display on his left eye to the farm owner who drove up. His expression frowned unhappily, “How come there are still living people on this planet? That kid Kakarot didn’t kill all the people here?”

Son Goku was sent to Earth on a mission. First, to complete his training on the Low-Level Planet as a stage, and second, once the people on Earth were dead, it would be convenient for Frieza to sell the planet in the future. 

“You… what are you…. people?”

The farmer trembled and raised his shotgun and pointed at the mysterious man who had fallen from the sky with a panicked look.


The detector flashed a few times and showed the farm owner’s power while emitting a prompt.

Seeing the numerical value, the corners of Raditz’s mouth showed a cold smile and coldly snorted with great disdain, “The power level index is only 5, what garbage!”

Suddenly, the farmer pulled down the trigger and fired a shot under tension.

With a flash of cold, Raditz flickered with one hand, cupped the shot in his hand, then reversed the bullet and ejected it, killing the farmer with one blow.

“Haha, what a foolish race to presume to move against me, Raditz. They don’t know how to live! Huh, there are two powerful energy reactions 800 miles away, could one of them be Kakarot?”

Raditz tapped the scouter and quickly showed the exact location of the other party. Then, with a whoosh, he rose high into the sky and flew towards the target of the energy reaction.

“Kakarot, why have you not killed the people on this planet, have you forgotten the pride of the Saiyans?”


Eight hundred miles away in a mountain waterfall, Tian Shinhan was sitting in meditation like under the flying waterfall with Chiaotzu floating in the air, constantly controlling the surrounding hundreds of rocks in a regular motion.

Suddenly, Tian Shinhan opened his eyes, and his eyes looked sharply at the sky.

“Tian Shinhan, what’s happening?” Chiaotzu threw down the rocks and flew to Tianjin Rice’s side.

Tian Shinhan shook his head and said, “Nothing, just a powerful ki is approaching. I don’t know if it’s an enemy or a friend.”

The opponent’s ki wasn’t weak and had a bit of evil in it, so he was afraid that the possibility of it being a friend was low. However, the strength of the ki was not as strong as his, so he didn’t care much!

“Here it comes!”

Tian Shinhan’s eyes must have seen a figure lingering high in the sky.

“It’s not Kakarot, is there such a master on this Low Level Planet?” Raditz disdainfully looked at Tian Shinhan, and Chiaotzu reached out and pressed the scouter.

After a few “beeps,” the scouter detected the power level of the other person.

“721, 563, on the Low Level Planet, they can be considered rare experts!”

Landing on the rocky shelf, Raditz looked down from above and said in a cold tone, “Hey, those two trash over there, tell me where Kakarot is. If you tell me nicely I can spare your lives!”

Raditz did not take the earthlings into account at all, so he spoke in an extremely mean tone. His purpose was only to find Kakarot; he did not care about anything else. Before coming to Earth, he just finished a mission with Vegeta and Nappa. He had a period of leave, which happened to be relatively close to Earth, so he was ready to come and look for his brother.

Saiyans had been very rare and could gather one was enough.

Hearing the opponent’s arrogant shouting, Tian Shinhan frowned. This kind of reckless guy was really common. The world lacked this kind of seemingly good strength but a very arrogant guy. However, couldn’t you see that you aren’t stronger with that kind of strength than me?

In fact, Tian Shinhan couldn’t blame him for not understanding. How could he know that some people know how to hide their “ki” and scouter could only detect the energy leaking out?

Raditz’s arrogant attitude made Tian Shinhan a little upset. Chiaotzu looked at him, and the two of them released all their Qi.

All of a sudden, the wind swept up. The scouter in Raditz’s ear beeped straight, and a series of unbelievable data was displayed.

“3,468, 3,079! How is it possible! Earth is only a Low Level Planet, how could a guy with a combat power of over 1000 appear!”

Raditz shouted in disbelief, and then his face showed panic. He had to know that his power level was only 1500, and he was no match for the two people below.

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