Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 14


At some point, Dore had arrived above Ayaka.

“What?” Ayaka was startled; the pores of her whole body tightened up, and she made a defensive posture. Dore clenched his fist and hit Ayaka’s head hard. Ayaka felt dizziness in her head, and her body fell rapidly.

When she was very close to the ground, Ayaka struck a blow with her ki toward the ground, using the rebound to stabilize her body.

At this time, Dore followed again and launched a constant barrage of attacks on Ayaka. Ayaka was passively defending, and her body was soon covered with bruises.


Ayaka and Dore were fighting back and forth. One punch after another was launched at each other, and because they were moving at high speed, only two shadows could be seen flashing.

The battle scene continued to expand; mountains, lakes, forests, grasslands, a large swath of land were destroyed.

Ayaka stopped to catch her breath; she had consumed a lot of physical strength. In contrast, Dore only had his battle armor torn, there were not many injuries on his body, and his breathing was as calm as ever.


Dore’s figure disappeared again and launched a kick towards Ayaka’s stomach. Ayaka caught that kick with both hands, but her body was sent flying far away. If not for her powerful body strength, that kick just now would have broken her hands.

“The gap is too big!”

After feeling her entire hand still tingling, several thoughts flashed through Ayaka’s mind. With a bitter smile, she activated her Unsighted to look at Dore – 145,000!

Surprisingly, there was a 140,000 gap!!!

“No wonder I can’t beat him. It seems that he is still just playing around and not taking it seriously.”

Ayaka secretly sighed, worthy of being a member of Cooler’s Armored Squadron. His strength was indeed terrifyingly strong and suffocating. However, she wasn’t willing to escape like this.

“Let’s fight!”

As her eyes flashed with blue light, Ayaka’s heart was ruthless, and her face was cold as she stormed towards Dore. Her hand shot out nearly a hundred ki waves, each with a terrifying aura.

Dore grinned and licked his lips disdainfully. He stood upright and stretched out a palm, ready to resist the ki waves.

“TURN!” Ayaka shouted; those ki waves then shifted direction when they were about to attack, hitting Dore from another direction.

Dore’s eyes widen as the ki wave hit him. The whole area suddenly rose a vast mushroom cloud. The heavy dust blotted out the sunlight, making the entire ground dark all of a sudden. It wasn’t over yet; Ayaka was building up her strength to launch her technique.


A spiral ki wave fired out of her hand. The Sword Wave directly hit the target, and in the blink of an eye, the even more giant mushroom cloud rose. The explosion produced a colossal shockwave that cleared away all the dust that had just blotted out the sky.

Ayaka exhausted her ki, supporting herself on the ground with both hands. She panted heavily, and her body collapsed. Sweat moistened her cheeks, and her face looked distinctly pale.

When some smoke dissipated, the sky regained its calm. There was a huge crater on the ground that looked terrifying, as if a planetary impact produced it. Looking toward the sky, Dore, however, stood unharmed in the middle of the vast crater.

“How is it possible?!” Ayaka looked on in disbelief, her eyes flashing uncertainly, “I can’t imagine that this can’t even harm him!”

She prostrated helplessly; there was nothing she could do this time. The ki in her body had almost dried up.

“Little girl, you’re outstanding. It’s a pity to kill you.” Dore shook his head and sighed; he was a little regretful, “However, you can’t blame me. Who told you to be unwilling to serve King Cooler?!”

With that, Dore’s hand condensed out a half-moon energy beam. Without much thought, he slashed toward Ayaka’s head.


The energy beam chopped empty space.


Dore’s face suddenly changed. He was shocked to find that the little girl disappeared, followed by a faint energy reaction that appeared in outer space! In an instant, she had run away to outer space.

It turned out that at the critical moment, Ayaka launched the Instant Transmission. However, due to time constraints, she couldn’t pick a specific location and entered the universe like a headless fly, relying entirely on her senses.

Ayaka was lying flat in the universe with a panic in her heart, “I almost died! Fortunately, I had a life-saving technique and finally got rid of Dore’s entanglement.”

Upon thinking about Dore’s strength, her face was distinctly ugly.

Cooler’s Armored Squadron members were already terrifying, so how much more frightening was the power of their masters, Cooler and Frieza. For the first time, Ayaka felt that her strength was so weak.

“I’m still too weak!”

Ayaka shook her head and managed to heal her body when she suddenly felt a burst of pulses. When she turned her head to look, she was shocked when Dore had arrived at her side.

Damn! How can Dore survive in space too?”

Ayaka suddenly felt a burst of desire to cry. She wanted to escape but couldn’t, and now there was no more ki in her body.

“Is that your special power? That’s amazing.”

Dore was curious about Ayaka’s move because it was very eye-catching. He wanted to learn how to use it, but he knew that she wouldn’t tell him, so he didn’t ask.

Without doing anything, he sent a powerful ki wave directly at Ayaka. When she saw the ki wave coming towards her, Ayaka couldn’t help but close her eyes in despair.


There was a bright flash of light in the universe. Although there was no sound, the intense and blinding light heralded an unprecedented scale explosion in this place.

In the blast, Ayaka’s entire body was blown to pieces.

Seeing that Ayaka had been blown into dust by the ki wave, Dore smiled sinisterly and then informed his subordinates to send a spaceship.

Shortly after, the spaceship came from afar, and Dore’s body swept through space into the spaceship’s interior and left.


After a long time, in the place where the explosion occurred just now, a cell appeared out of thin air; it was powdered and invisible to the naked eye. Then, flashing with a light golden glow, seemed to be mysterious power from this cell. The cell rapidly multiplied, and after several hours, it formed a ping-pong ball of flesh.

That ball of flesh constantly wriggling, slowly growing larger, and three days later, it grew into the size of a baby. The head, arms, and legs were vaguely recognizable, and after another three days, Ayaka was reborn.

Thanks to her immortal body; otherwise, she would be dead this time. Since she died directly this time, the resurrection time was taking a bit long. However, because it was a broken body, all the cells on upper and lower bodies were replaced, causing Ayaka’s strength to become more powerful after rebirth. Although she didn’t know how much, when she returned to her prime, her power level reached 18,000, a full increase of 6,000.

This battle was the most oppressive since Ayaka was born because it was unilateral abuse. It was painful! Ayaka vowed that one day she would get revenge for all these ten times, even a hundred times.

Ayaka recalled the battle with Dore. She found that she was incomplete in some places and was utterly following her eyesight when fighting. Also, although she knew many secret techniques, her number of moves she had was too limited. It seemed that she had to go to Earth to learn correctly.

Although the people on Earth didn’t have a high power level, their use of moves and ki was a masterpiece. When two people with the same power level fought, the Earthlings would gain the upper hand.

“It’s time to move to Earth.”

With this idea in mind, Ayaka couldn’t resist the urge to go to Earth immediately. However, since Son Goku was only four years old, Ayaka decided to go to Earth after two more years. In these two years, she would try to improve her power level. After all, there would be no one who could fight her, and there would be a less strange environment in the universe, so the breakthrough might not be so easy anymore.

In the beginning, Ayaka intended to go to Earth when she was ten years old. By then, Son Goku was almost six years old or so, and after another six years, the Dragon Ball story would begin.

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