Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 132


Ayaka’s arrival seemed both sudden and logical. Then, just as people were talking, there was a gale sweeping through. The undulating sea swept up in waves under the effect of the wind, with fierce wake currents crashing into each other just like a sharp blade splitting the sea several times.

Bulma pressed the wind-blown hair, standing on tiptoe to look into the distance.

This gust of wind came very suddenly, Son Goku sensed the surrounding ki, and his sharp eyes looked into the distance. He saw the sky gradually reveal a few blurred figures.

Bulma’s eyesight couldn’t compare with Son Goku’s, and they naturally couldn’t see the incoming people. However, seeing Goku and others with smiles on their faces, she busily said, “Eh, I can’t see it, is there anyone flying here?”

Son Goku nodded, “It’s sister and the girls!”

“Ah, Ayaka and the girls are also coming over? Haha, there are more people to make our party meaningful!”

When Bulma heard that Ayaka had come, she immediately became happy. It had been a long time since she had seen them.

As soon as the words fell, the three suddenly appeared before Master Roshi with Ayaka carried a child in her arms.

Reimu looked at the people on the island with a curious face.

“Hi everyone, long time no see!” Ayaka greeted the crowd.

“Geez, you guys finally showed up! Where have you been for the past five years? It’s like you’ve disappeared, you can’t even be found, and every time I want to notify you guys to come to the party, I can’t reach anyone!” Bulma walked up and complained.

She then looked at Ayaka up and down. Ayaka seemed to have matured even more after several years of absence. Her appearance had not changed much, but she seemed to have an indescribable air of more authority.

Ayaka then explain to her, “These years we went to a very special place to practice, of course you can not find!”

Bulma said, “Every time this is the reason, why do you have the same virtue as Goku and the others, only know how to practice? Life should be colorful, shopping, strolling, entertainment, racing, horseback riding, enjoying food, there are so many more things worth doing. If you keep on practicing, you won’t be able to experience other kinds of fun.”

Ayaka only had to smile lightly. Bulma was a typical earthling living in a comfortable environment, and there were some things she could not understand.

Ayaka walked to Son Goku. She nodded with satisfaction, “Oh, your strength increase is not bad, these years are not wasted!”

Son Goku wasn’t at this level in the original story at this time.

Son Goku scratched his head in embarrassment, “Thanks to the Gravity Chamber left by sister, I can practice even better. But, I wonder how much gap there is compared to sister?”

Son Goku understood perfectly that at the same time as his growth, Ayaka must also be rapidly improving strength. It was not a matter of overnight to surpass Ayaka, but he wondered whether the gap between the two was narrowing or widening.

Ayaka lightly smiled and shook her head, with regret on his face, “Although you have been working very hard to become stronger, the gap between us now is still very large! Therefore, I regret to tell you that if you don’t want to be left a greater distance behind by me, you still need to work harder!”

Son Goku showed an expression of amazement, and instead of being struck down, his fighting spirit was aroused.

This was Son Goku. His pursuit of martial arts was both simple and serious. Saiyan’s “irritability”, “arrogance” didn’t seem to take root.

Looking at Son Goku, five years ago, his power level exceeded 1000. After using the Gravity Chamber training, now his strength has increased to 7622!

Although the effect wasn’t as outstanding as in the original, compared to the same point in time in the original, it was already a world of difference. The gravity Chamber effect was poor, and perhaps the life on Earth was too stable; there was no blade hanging overhead. There was no taking into account the safety and security of the Earth, and the mindset of Dragon Ball warriors was not adjusted to the edge of life and death.

Born in worry, die in peace, spiritual flogging was like the key to turn the gears and the key to open a door.

Noticing the young child behind Son Goku, the corners of Ayaka’s mouth lifted slightly.

This childish little guy was Son Gohan.

Reimu looked around and found that all adults, rather boring. When she noticed the young figure, she cheerfully flashed to Son Gohan.

“Eh? Ayaka, who is this child?”

Bulma had long noticed the little girl beside Ayaka. The girl was small, but the eyes were clear and bright, and the face had the underpinnings of a beauty and in the future. Perhaps when she grew up, she would be just like Ayaka, another great beauty.

“Oh, her name is Reimu. She is an adopted child.” Launch opened his mouth to explain.

Bulma “Oh”, and a strange light flashed in his eyes. It seemed very interesting that Ayaka would adopt a child. 

At this time, Krillin looked at the cute Reimu and developed an interest. So he flew across and wanted to hug the little girl.

But his hug came empty.

Reimu emitted ki, if any, deftly dodged.

Krillin’s eyes were wide open, and an incredible look appeared on his face.

Surprisingly, she dodged! Although negligence and carelessness accounted for a very important reason, no matter what, it was dodged by her.

“This child’s body has such a strong…. ki!”

Looking at Yamcha, he was also full of shocked looks.

“Are all the ones with Ayaka monsters? Such a small child, the amount of ki is not much lower than us!”

Yamcha shook his head with a bitter smile. He looked at the little girl who scared Son Gohan so much that he cried out and was a bit discouraged, “Alas, we have been training for so long, but we are only a little stronger than that little girl. We have no place to go!”

“By the way Ayaka, how old is this child?”

Ayaka then said, “Almost six years old.”

“Oh, almost… six years old.” The tone of voice penetrates the vicissitudes that anyone could feel.

Krillin patted Yamcha’s shoulder, sighing, and said, “Do not look at who that is following. Compare with Ayaka’s family, I’m looking for sin and suffering. Let’s practice honestly!”

The journey of life was long. The road of life was long, one step at a time.

Compared with Ayaka, the Kami, and the people around him, Krillin just couldn’t find himself at ease. But, of course, at this time, they automatically ignore that. In a way, they also considered the people around the god of heaven.

“Ahem, everyone is here, let’s go inside and have some fun. Violet has prepared a large number of meals, let’s enjoy!” Master Roshi coughed and greeted everyone as they walked into Kame house.


After about half an hour, Reimu dawdled over to Ayaka and again into Ayaka’s arms.

“Why don’t you tease Gohan anymore?” Ayaka pry opened a walnut to put the nuts into her mouth.

Reimu shook her head, disdainful, “Gohan cry. His strength is still so weak, and he doesn’t like people. Reimu wants to stay by mama’s side.”

The child’s heart was only a few minutes of heat to pinch the toy. Gohan was like a toy in her eyes.

Bulma, who was reading a magazine, turned her head. Then, she smiled and said, “Ayaka this child is quite clingy to you.”

“That’s right. I raised her with my own hands, anyway. Hmm? Someone is flying towards Kame House!”

There was three relatively strong ki flew towards here.

Son Goku, Krillin, and others also stopped talking. “Someone is coming!”

An idea flashed, and everyone coincidentally headed outside the Kame House!

“I thought there should be only Raditz, how come there are three ki, and who are the other two?”

Ayaka frowned and walked out of the room. Familiar with the original, she knew that Raditz would find Kame House, so she intended to wait for the rabbit. However, how could she had imagined that Raditz would be so miserable. He had just come to Earth and was captured by Tian Shinhan and Chiaotzu.

To say the least, this was also the impact of her butterfly… The original Dragon Ball warriors were extremely talented existence. In the original story, Tian Shinhan and others went to the heavenly realm to practice. It didn’t take long to surpass Kami and then went down to the world to practice on their own.

This was evident!

At this time, the strength of Kami was significantly higher and indirectly caused Tian Shinhan and other people to improve.

‘Ha, so it is Tian Shinhan and Chiaotzu…. Was Raditz caught by them?’

After a brief moment of consternation, Ayaka quickly reacted. However…. wasn’t t this gap too big? Raditz was in tragedy as soon as he came to Earth.

“Tian Shinhan, how did you guys come, who is this guy?” Krillin happily ran forward, full of confusion, pointing at the paralyzed Raditz on the ground.

“I’m not sure. This guy suddenly appeared in the place where Chiaozu and I practice, then inexplicably attacked us. After that, he was captured by us, and I saw that this guy was dressed oddly so I brought him here. By the way, this guy is the same as Goku when he was a child, he also has a tail, maybe there is something to do with Goku!”

“Hmm? Really have a tail!” Son Goku walked up and really saw the brown tail behind Raditz.

“Goku, he is the same as you as a child, is he not your relatives?” Krillin was shocked that the man really had a tail behind him, so he joked to Son Goku.

Just then, Raditz widened his eyes and looked at Son Goku. Looking at the same general appearance of his father, Raditz immediately recognized the man called Son Goku was his brother Kakarot.

“Kakarot, you’re here, how come you didn’t kill the Earthlings, and still laughing and talking with them? Have you forgotten your dignity and they are in the same boat?”

Raditz forgot his situation and actually lectured Son Goku.

“What are you talking about? My name is Son Goku, not Kakarot as you say! Who the hell are you?” Son Goku frowned and spoke with a hint of displeasure.

At that, Raditz’s face turned ugly. The abominable Kakarot even denied his name, what a disgrace to the Saiyans.

“I am your brother Raditz, I came to Earth this time just to find you.”

Suddenly, he saw that Son Goku lacked the Saiyan’s iconic tail. His face could not help but change dramatically and instantly became gloomy.

“Kakarot, where is your tail, where did your tail go on?”

“Oh, that tail I think it’s in the way, so I pulled it off long ago!” Son Goku said, seemingly did not care about it

“Damn, Kakarot, you even pulled off the tail. It seems you have forgotten the greatest nation in our universe!”

“Hey, who the hell are you? Are you really Goku’s brother!” Yamcha grabbed Raditz’s arm, stared at Raditz’s face full of coldness, and then took off his face that was fixed on the ear with dark green lens-like thing.

“Wow, he’s a Saiyan too. Mama, how did this Saiyan come to Earth?”

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