Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 133


The person who speaks had no intention to listen, and as Reimu’s childish voice rang out, the crowd couldn’t help but cast their eyes over.

“Someone here actually knows about the Saiyans?”

The biggest reaction was none other than Raditz. Although it came from a child’s mouth, it also showed that the Saiyan’s prestige had spread to this point. With a wolfish look on his face, his pride was undiminished.

“What is a Saiyan?”

Krillin and others were confused. They had never even heard of the term “Saiyan”.

Reimu said in those brief words just now, as if this Saiyan was a race outside the Earth.

In other words, aliens!

When Ayaka heard what Reimu said, she did not stop her from continuing. Anyway, the plot had developed to the Z chapter. It was time to announce the existence of the Saiyans to the public.

“Eh, others are not very clear. It seems to be a very powerful warrior race. Reimu was also part of Saiyan…”

Reimu shook her head, she also couldn’t say how the Saiyans were actually a nation, but she knew that she and her mama and her Uncle Goku, whom she had just met, were Saiyans.

“Haha, there are other Saiyans on Earth, this is really good news!”

Already a prisoner, Raditz was overwhelmed with joy and spoke eloquently, “The Saiyans are the greatest warrior race in the universe, not your weak Earthlings can be compared! Don’t think that if you capture me today, everything will be fine. Don’t be too complacent. You may be the most powerful on Earth, but I tell you, any of the Saiyans in our Middle-Level Warrior as long as they become adults, they are no less powerful than you, and some powerful senior warriors can crush you with a wave of their hands!”

This was a bit of a mouthful when Raditz said this. Middle-Level Warrior Saiyan strength was generally more than 1000, but not many people reached 3000 or even 5000 or more. Moreover, now that Planet Vegeta had been destroyed, the Saiyans almost extinct. This statement is only enough to embolden themselves.

However, Raditz didn’t know whether it was because of an excess of national consciousness or a sense of superiority. He continued to preach the glorious history of the Saiyans.

“We Saiyans are a great warrior race. Since joining Lord Frieza’s camp, we have been fighting on various planets, destroying the natives and reselling the planets. Kakarot, you were sent to Earth to destroy the Earthlings! If it were not for the lack of manpower we would not have thought of you, but Kakarot you have completely forgotten the pride of being a Saiyan and mixed with the Earthlings!”

Hearing this, Ayaka frowned.

Even though this Raditz was the brother of Son Goku, why were people not clear about the situation?

“Humph, even if Goku is a Saiyan, but he has been living on Earth, has long been an Earthling.” Bulma shouted in defiance.

Among the crowd, she was the first to accept the existence of aliens. As to whether it was a Saiyan, it was just a symbol in her mind.

Ayaka nodded slightly, “Before, the earthlings can not be compared with the Saiyans, but the times are different. Now, although the earthlings are not powerful, it is better than the Saiyans who are now like lost dogs, living under Frieza. At his disposal, incurring the extermination of the race, after the destruction of the home planet, how much dignity is left in the Saiyans living under Frieza! “

Ayaka’s words pierced the bulls-eye, and Raditz’s face instantly paled a few points.

Yes, no matter how proud the Saiyans, they couldn’t change the fact that they were under Frieza. —For a subordinate, what qualification to be proud of! Their home planet was destroyed, and the community suffered a catastrophe. Not even a few survived, and what glorious history to talk about!

He sent a vicious glare at Ayaka, “Who are you, and why do you know so much about the Saiyans?”

Raditz was stern and looked at Ayaka with more than a little caution.

Ayaka expressionlessly walked over to Raditz, took the scouter in Yamcha’s hand, and activated her divine power to block the communication function on the scouter.

“I am a Kami on Earth, and the sister your brother Kakarot recognized on Earth!”

Raditz’s face dawned on him, “So it was you who tempted Kakarot! If you have the sense to let me go immediately, or else when my companion comes, you will taste the most vicious revenge in the world, and I tell you, my companion is far above me in strength, and is not comparable to any of you!”

‘How annoying!’

Listening to the threatening words of Raditz, Ayaka raised an eyebrow. What did you mean by temptation, improper wording!

With a point of her finger, she directly knocked Raditz out.

Raditz fainted, but everyone gathered around. They all saw that the so-called Saiyans must be very powerful people, whether out of curiosity or involved in the safety of the Earth, they were very interested in knowing about the Saiyans.

Especially Son Goku, could he really be the Saiyan he spoke of?

“Sister, then… that person is really my brother?”

Ayaka lightly laughed a little, said, “Yes, that person called Raditz should be your brother is correct. The Saiyans have always been a crazy people, extremely strong, but now the clan has few people left.”

“Uh,” Son Goku lowered his head in silence. For a moment, there was nothing to say.

“Wow, Goku is actually an alien, no wonder the strength is so powerful!” Krillin jumped up exaggeratedly and looked around Son Goku.

“Well, just now Reimu said she is also Saiyan?” Bulma thought for a moment.

“Not only Reimu, I am also. Reimu, me, and Goku, we are all purebred Saiyans, Gohan would be belong to the hybrid Saiyans!”

Ignoring everyone’s surprised expression, Ayaka continued, “23 years ago, the Saiyans’ home planet – Planet Vegeta suffered a devastating blow. The entire planet was completely erased from the universe by the then evil Frieza, Goku was sent to Earth before the destruction of the home planet.”

“The purpose at that time, as the Saiyan just said, was to conquer the life of the individual on Earth. However, Goku bumped his brain as a child, causing the information instilled into his brain to fail.”

“And I left Vegeta four years earlier than Goku. After that I have been traveling between planets in the universe, and then came to Earth and met Goku….”

Ayaka said in a flat tone, but when it came to Planet Vegeta was easily destroyed by Frieza, Krillin, and others couldn’t help but gulp.

“Erase the whole planet from the universe, that called Frieza used the advanced technology in the universe?”

‘Is there such a technology?’ Bulma’s eyes glowed.

“No. He destroyed Planet Vegeta by himself alone, without the help of any external force.”

Ayaka dispelled Bulma’s fantasy.

“This… personal strength, and still able to destroy the planet?” Krillin and other people couldn’t believe it, as if listening to holy books.

“That’s right. As long as the strength is enough. The destruction of the planet are easy. Goku’s brother Raditz has two companions, the strength is very strong. I’m afraid to say that they can not destroy the planet, but the full force of the ki wave. The destruction of the species above or very easy.”

Ayaka knows Vegeta’s strength. In the original story, Vegeta came to Earth with 18,000 power level. Nappa also had 8500 power level. Such strength could not destroy the planet but could easily destroy the species on Earth.

“Eh? It’s that powerful!”

The crowd was stunned.

After shaking Raditz’s scouter, Ayaka nodded with certainty.

“This is a scouter invented by aliens, able to measure the power level of a person’s body gear. Do you want to try it?”

“There is such a thing, let me see!”

Bulma took the scouter with interest and put it on her ear.

Pressing the scouter start button, the scouter sounded beep beep beep, followed by a series of magical codes displayed on the light green frame.

It was a novelty, and while the words used were not very familiar, the battle positions were in familiar digital form. As Bulma made the switch, the text actually turned into Earth text.

Aiming the button at Master Roshi, the lens showed Master Roshi’s power level – “139!”

“Ayaka, is this value high or low?” Bulma asked, turning her head.

Ayaka smiled, “An adult Earthling’s power level is 5 when holding a firearm, what do you think of this figure?”

Bulma wore out his lips, disbelieving, “Only 5 points of data with a gun, so Master Roshi is quite powerful!”

Master Roshi then raised his head with a proud face and coughed lightly in a very conspicuous manner. He was the God of martial arts, too!

“Hey, Bulma, look at me, how much power level I have!” Krillin came up to Bulma and shouted, likewise Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, and others also gathered over.

Tick tick tick.

The data showed up.

“Wow, so high, Krillin’s stats are actually 3318 points!” Bulma exclaimed in surprise, and this data compared to Master Roshisprevious 139 was a bit shabby.

“Haha, I can’t believe I’m that strong!” Krillin floated and laughed. This was dozens of times more than Master Roshi. Mmmmmm, very impressive!

Next, Bulma measured Tian Shinhan and others in turn, and the results –

Tian Shinhan, 3468!

Chiaotzu, 3079!

Yamcha, 3290!

Son Gohan’s power level was only 7 points, which didn’t surprise anyone. After all, he was just a child! What made everyone feel unbelievable was Reimu’s power level, which was 2610 points. How did… Ayaka train her?

How could a young child be trained to be strong to this point?

In fact, Ayaka did not particularly train her. As a child for more than two years, Reimu’s strength only reached 388. The rest was mainly the result of her practice in the North Kai’s Planet.

After a burst of surprise, Bulma probed on Son Goku. The data displayed by the probe kept jumping upwards, soon exceeding the 5000 thresholds and finally stopping at 7622!

“Goku’s strength is really terrifying, I’m afraid we have no hope of surpassing him in this life!” Krillin said with a dry smile.

Son Goku frowned calmly as if thinking about something, without the slightest hint of excitement and some expectation to know Ayaka’s power level.

Bulma had pressed the button, a messy code flashed on the lens, the light kept flashing, the data then rose wildly.

8000, 9000, 10000, 11000, 12000…


The scouter could not withstand the excessive energy burst open, smoke, and unpleasant smell.

Ayaka was clutching her chest with one hand. Shaking her head with the other hand on her chin, she explained, “This is an old-fashioned scouter, the upper limit is about 12,000…. More than that, there will be an explosion! Well, Bulma, this scouter will be left to you to repair.”

“Eh, there is such a thing, just leave it to me! But then again, You guys have really high power level, how dare you burst the scouter!”

“Oh, after all. It is an old-fashioned instrument, it is said that there is now a little more advanced.”

Not to mention the scouter in the hands of Raditz, even the large planet scouter in the hands of Frieza would also be burst by Ayaka’s energy. —To say that the measurement limit of that large scouter was only tens of millions, and Ayaka, who reached the first stage of Super Saiyan full power state, could not be measured simply by the quantitative value.

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