Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 134


Ignoring the surprised expressions of Krillin and others, Ayaka said seriously, “Raditz is a Saiyan… I want to take him away. Leaving him on Earth is also a scourge. I still have some power outside the Earth, so Raditz will be arranged to a place suitable for his survival!”

While the crowd pondered, Son Goku nodded thoughtfully.

This Saiyan named Raditz was, after all, his brother, Son Goku, didn’t want to kill him. Since Ayaka said to place Raditz, he naturally had no opinion. So, he lightly nods.

Ayaka didn’t say much, dragging Raditz to let him hover in the air, and said, “The other two Saiyans are far away from the Earth, it will take some time to reach the Earth, I will let people start to investigate, and will inform you of the results.”

“But you should be prepared, the strength of those two Saiyans is not a comparison to Raditz. The conservative estimate of power level is at least 15,000 or more, and may be 20,000 power level!”

In the original story, Vegeta only 18000 power level, but Vegeta was once ravaged by Lancy. Who knew that he would not be upset and double the effort? Then the strength might be higher than the original!

“The normal” state 30,000 power level was a bottleneck of the Saiyan. If they could break through 30,000, they would enter another world. The road ahead will be clear.

Krillin and others originally did not care much about the other two Saiyans. If Raditz was a Saiyan, so what, he was still defeated? Although Goku was also a Saiyan, he grew up on Earth, learning the Earth’s martial arts. So, he subconsciously narrowed down the threat of the Saiyans.

Hearing such a solemn account of Ayaka, he could not help but realize that he had thought wrong.

If the other side’s strength was above 15000 power level, even Son Goku was far behind. So, for the safety of the Earth, they had to practice even harder in the future.


Somewhere in the universe on a remote planet.

Wet vapor filled the jungle between the dry and hot. The stuffy feeling was very unpleasant.

Vegeta lit a campfire in the dark environment. He held an unknown piece of meat in his hand and chewed it, and an octopus-like alien creature was lying beside him in the darkness.

Nappa’s large body sitting aside, his fingers tapping the scouter, his rough cheeks netting a mocking smile, turned to Vegeta and said, “That guy Raditz is really useless, how dare he let someone capture him on a Low-Level Planet like Earth?”

Vegeta frowned slightly, “Idiot, after seeing the data displayed by the communicator, do you still think that Earth is just an ordinary Low-Level Planet?”

Vegeta reprimanded Nappa. It could be said to be a routine, something that would happen every now and then.

Nappa’s neck shrunk, rubbing his head, and he smiled sarcastically.

Vegeta snorted unhappily. He stood up and threw out the meat in his hands. He picked up a stone and weighed it up and down and said with sharp eyes, “The data transmitted by the communicator shows that the opponent’s power level was more than 3000, and I’m afraid it’s more than that…. Although that guy Raditz is just a loser, they were able to capture him easily. So, this Earth is at least a Middle-Level Planet.”

Nappa nodded, “It seems that the intelligence collection is wrong.”

“Vegeta, what do we do next, to save Raditz?”

“Save? Raditz was a waste to save. What is the value of saving him? Hum, as a Saiyan, he was captured alive by the people of Earth, it is a shame!”

“Then…. we can’t just leave Raditz alone, right? No matter what, he is also a Saiyan, and today we do not have many Saiyans.” Nappa said hesitantly.

Now the number of Saiyans was very scarce. Although Nappa did not look up to the strength of Raditz, after all, he was also a Saiyan!

“I don’t care if Raditz lives or dies. Even if that kind of guy is not killed by the opponent, I can’t spare him!”

Vegeta’s cold words let Nappa chilled, and his face became complicated.

Vegeta believed in the supremacy of strength, and losers were not worthy of survival. Especially after being defeated by a few mysterious women ten years ago, he delved even deeper into this distorted value.

“But that gang insulted the Saiyan dignity in front of the Earthlings and I will not forgive. That Kakarot even betrayed the Saiyan and sided with the Earthlings, the end of betrayal can only be death!”

Vegeta’s eyes turned and said with a grim face.

Nappa swallowed, and sweat emerged from his head. He was frightened by the murderous aura emanating from Vegeta.

He said with a dry smile, “But I did not expect that there are other Saiyans on Earth besides Kakarot. Especially one strong person actually knows so much about Saiyans. Maybe she is also a Saiyan. If that is the case it is good news, as long as he is willing to join us….”

Before the words were finished, Vegeta waved his hand to interrupt him.

“Even if that guy is also a Saiyan, perhaps the same with Kakarot, not standing by our side!” Vegeta said expressionlessly.

As the prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta rightfully believed that all Saiyans should obey him. Therefore, for those Saiyans who didn’t obey, he didn’t have any good feelings.

Nappa sighed, trembling to pack a little. He sat with Vegeta into the spaceship, and the two light rushed up into the universe.


In the spaceship, Nappa looked outside with a complex expression, muttering self-awareness, “Vegeta’s mind is increasingly impervious to guess!”

But then he calmed down. Although Vegeta’s mind was difficult to guess, it seemed to be the same exalted power, keeping the lonely Prince Vegeta.

Only more intensified.

“By the way. Your big head is not too bad. It’s just a shortcoming of the heart, don’t get killed by your own people!”

Out of nowhere, the words of the young girl ten years ago surfaced in the heart.

Although there were a few less nerves, sometimes looked silly, Nappa wasn’t a fool. He knew that if he continued like this, until the day he had no more use, perhaps the same road before him was the same as Raditz.

In a trance, Nappa gradually entered a dormant state.

Then, two beams of light penetrated the universe and marched in the direction of Earth…


A few months had passed in the blink of an eye.

Above the Lookout, Raditz warily stayed at the edge of the Lookout, his eyes looking confusedly at the cloudy space below.

“Damn, what the hell is this place!” Raditz cursed a few times.

Not far away, the dark Mr. Popo leaning against the banana tree with a pair of godless eyes staring firmly at him.

After cursing, Raditz sat down on his buttocks. How could he had been trapped in this tiny Lookout and supervised by this guy whose strength was obviously inferior to his if he was in normal times? But now the tiger fell, and he wondered where they found the shackles. His whole body’s power was “sealed”.

“Surprisingly, they can seal my power. It is completely impossible to resist….”

Raditz thought sadly. He was angry, but he didn’t dare to provoke the female Saiyan. It should be said that none of the women he could afford to provoke, especially the little Saiyan, simply like the devil.

At that moment, four bright lights appeared in the sky, and there was four huge incomparable ki approaching the temple.

Raditz got up in terror, “What is that? What a terrible aura!” His heart thumped violently.

Although he could not accurately sense the amount of ki, he could still draw some conclusions from the huge power emanating from the other side. In the face of danger, creatures had instinctive fear. The strength of the visitor was many times more powerful than Vegeta.

Vegeta’s power level was in the tens of thousands.

“What kind of Low-Level Planet is this. Even the High-Level Planet does not have such a power level!”

For a while, Raditz was in tears. He felt that he was pitted to death. If he had known that the Earth was such a dangerous place, he would never have come. Moreover, those four ki, did you need to show off so much? Were you afraid that others would not know how powerful you are?

It was either a bad comer or to show off some kind of majesty!


At the same time, Krillin and others who were scattered all over the Earth also sensed the four terribly strong ki.

“Tian Shinhan, what is it? What a powerful ki!” Chiaotzu looked at the sky in panic.

Tian Shinhan gazed in the direction of the Lookout, “It’s unclear. If it’s the Saiyans, it’s too early. Anyway, let’s go to the Lookout and take a look!”

The Lookout was the center of the Earth warriors. If an accident occurred in the Lookout, the consequences were unimaginable.

Likewise, Krillin, Yamcha, and Son Goku had the same intention. Even the long-unseen Piccolo also looked gloomy towards the Lookout.


The Lookout, the Old Kami, and Mr. Popo had also been stunned by the powerful ki.

They hurriedly walked out of the main hall. Whether it was an enemy or a friend they had to face. However, it was good that Ayaka and others were also in the Lookout at this time, so they did not panic.

Shoo, shoo shoo!

There were several air-breaking sounds. Then, four majestic and powerful figures appeared in the hall with identical white backgrounds and red-trimmed dress code uniforms and surging with compelling ki. Looking at the appearance, the opponent was obviously not an earthling.

“May I ask who the four of you are, and what is the purpose of coming to Earth?” The Old Kami went forward and asked, keeping his composure.

The four stood in a row, and one of the leader-like figures spoke up and asked, “Is this the Earth Lookout?”

“That’s right, I wonder who your Excellency is?”

“I am Castro, the other three are the Queen’s personal guards Laner, Antisci, and Jamboni, who came to Earth on the Queen’s orders!” Castro replied calmly.

Not long ago, when he received the news from Ayaka, Castro immediately rushed towards Earth with several of the Queen’s personal guards.

It was worth mentioning that there was a planet called Ruswet under the rule of the North Force. This planet had a highly developed technological civilization. Of course, the Ruswites preferred peace, no foreign expansion, and no weapons to destroy the world, but the basic civilian technology had developed to a considerable degree.

The entire planet was 70% green and had the most developed trade transport network in the entire North Area. Interstellar travel, material transportation, and “single soldier” transport were beyond other civilizations by several blocks.

‘The Queen?’

The old Kami’s face was puzzled, not understanding what they meant by that. But, on the contrary, once Raditz heard the names of Castro and the others, his entire face changed, and cold sweat swished down from his pale forehead.

‘Castro, the Queen’s personal guard? Could it be the Leaf Spirit Planet forces that rule the North Area? Why do they come to Earth?’

The Queen’s personal guard, that was a more terrifying battle group than the Ginyu Force!

Castro had already made his presence known a few years ago and was one of the most powerful people in the Leaf Spirit Planet forces, while the Queen’s personal guard had been formed earlier. However, it was only recently that they really showed their strength, and there was no doubt that the four of them. No matter which one they were, they would be the most powerful people in the world. Furthermore, there was no doubt that all four of them have extremely terrifying strength, no matter which one.

Raditz didn’t know the specific strength of the Queen’s personal guard but listened to Vegeta said, as long as the Queen’s personal guard in, it was a special force that fought Ginyu Force.

Of course, it was not that the Queen’s personal guard was stronger than the Ginyu Force, but Frieza couldn’t afford to mess with the Queen’s personal guard. So he was strictly ordered not to have any conflicts with the Queen’s personal guard.

In Vegeta and other peripheral forces, this phenomenon showed the strength of the Queen’s personal guard was above the evidence of the Ginyu Force.

However, these were old history. With the Tree of Might Fruit “nourishment”, the personal guard had caught up with Ginyu Force.

“I wonder who the Queen you are talking about is?”

“Your Majesty is the Queen who rules the North Area in the Northern Region and is the most powerful being in the universe!”

At the mention of Her Majesty the Queen, a fiery glow emerged from the eyes of all four of them.

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