Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 135


The Old Kami and Mr. Popo looked at each other.

‘Is the Queen they mentioned really so powerful that they worship like this?’

The Old Kami had felt the strength of Castro and the Queen’s personal guard, and it was absolutely terrifying. The strength of the Queen that they worshiped so much was imaginable, but it was still unconvincing to say that she was the strongest in the universe.

The Old Kami didn’t believe that the Queen’s strength was the strongest in the universe, but Raditz believed it very much. Moreover, he was aware of the heroic deeds of that Leaf Spirit Planet Queen.

It should be known that the strength of Cooler was far above Raditz’s boss, King Frieza. In Raditz’s mind, Frieza was nearly invincible, but such a powerful ruler whose strength was far above King Frieza could be easily killed by the Queen of the Leaf Spirit Planet.

He dutifully hid to the side, thinking, ‘Even Frieza didn’t dare to provoke them. So, how could the person they were avoiding not be strong?’

At least so far, he hadn’t heard of a more powerful force than her.

“We do not have what you call a Queen on Earth, could there be a mistake somewhere?” The Old Kami said in a low voice, the other side’s power forced him to lower his position.

Unexpectedly, Castro shook his head, “If this is the Earth Lookout, then there is no mistake. The Queen is the one who asked us to come here to see her.”

‘Wait, the Queen is here?’

The Old Kami flashed a light, “Ayaka can’t be the ‘Queen’ they are talking about, right?”

The Old Kami hurriedly instructed Mr. Popo beside him, “Mr. Popo, hurry up and call out Ayaka and Launch, these people might be here to find them!”


Mr. Popo was also in high spirits and showed his surprise. His figure flashed several times and walked towards the interior of the Lookout.

“A few of you please wait a moment.” The Old Kami said with a pleasant face.

How good it would be if Ayaka was the Queen they were looking for. That meant Ayaka’s power in the universe was extraordinary!

At this moment, the Old Kami was looking forward to it.


“Mr. Popo, don’t need to scream, we’ve already come out!”

At the entrance of the Lookout, Ayaka’s figure appeared and blocked in front of Mr. Popo. After that, the two girls also came out.

Ayaka’s face hung with a faint smile. The white background of the Kami robe gently fluttered, filled like a goddess. It was elegant and breezy. In a short distance, she quickly strolled up to Castro.

Castro and others showed their breath so undisguised, and Ayaka had sensed it a long time ago. However, she was pestered by Reimu and could not get away, which was why she came out late.

“Your Majesty the Queen!!!”

Castro, Laner, Antisci, Jamboni respectfully shouted and then made a small salute to Launch and Lancy.

The girls’ strength was extraordinary, and the treatment they enjoy in the Leaf Spirit Planet was noble, even though it was not as good as Ayaka.

Of course, this refers to the spiritual level, and no one was worse in material terms. 

The strongest people in the universe were eating well since no matter which planet, they needed the blessing of the strong. Without leaving the planet, they could still talk about democracy because the level was relatively low to show civil rights. —Once they got out of the planet, they found that the outside world had developed the weak to the extreme and destroyed the planet at every turn. Nevertheless, they all are grateful for Queen Ayaka’s rule.

Sure enough.

The Old Kami’s dry and thin cheeks revealed a smile. It seemed that Ayaka’s power had far exceeded his perception, unknowingly forming a great power in the universe.

‘What? That girl is the Queen of the New North Force, the powerful existence that killed Cooler?’

Raditz shouted out of breath, and then his body and mind trembled. The shame of being a prisoner disappeared, and behold, how many people could be captives in the hands of the Queen of Leaf Spirit Planet? What was there to be ashamed of!

That was glory… Well, it wasn’t exactly an honor either.

“I can’t imagine that the one who defeated Cooler is our Saiyan. Haha, the Saiyans are really the most powerful people in the world!”

Raditz laughed indiscriminately. This extreme nationalist, looking at Ayaka’s gaze full of admiration, his heart surprisingly generated a sense of pride.

Compared with the great Queen Ayaka, Vegeta, who was called Saiyan Prince, was in vain. In addition to grumpy, self-important, what else was left? Queen Ayaka should be the leader of the Saiyans!

So soon, even the “Queen Ayaka” name was used.

Calmly swept Raditz a glance, Ayaka smiled and asked Castro, “I asked you to investigate the matter how did it go?”

Even if she knew that Vegeta would come to Earth soon, Ayaka still sent someone to investigate specifically to determine their whereabouts.

“Since we received the Queen’s order, we have started to have people investigate. But the target is on a relatively remote planet, even using the most advanced technology we took several months to investigate and understand. My subordinates received the results of the investigation on the way here, and according to the way the Queen described, those two Saiyans will enter the solar system in two Earth months!”

“Hmm? Two months from now to the solar system?”

Ayaka’s face was stunned, and her eyebrows were slightly raised.

Now only three months had passed since Raditz was captured. How could Vegeta arrive on Earth so soon?

Then Ayaka walked up to Raditz and asked, “Raditz, when were you separated from your companions? Where were they at the time, and were there any missions in the works?”

“Uh, no…. that time we just finished the mission, and is in the vacation. Because the next task is short of manpower before I came to Earth, Vegeta and other should go to a remote place to train. Perhaps they got the message of the Earth immediately after the arrival…”

Raditz answered honestly. At this time, he had no little resistance.

“Is that so?”

Ayaka did not get something valuable, but she did not put it on her mind. No matter what the reason for Vegeta to come to Earth early, there was nothing for her to worry about.

At this time, six ki converged from different directions, and the target was precisely the Lookout located high in the sky.

A few air currents surge, and several figures appeared in the Lookout.

Son Goku, Krillin, Tian Shinhan, and others came to the Lookout. Even Piccolo, who had not been heard from, also appeared.

“Is that them? So powerful. I feel their ki is even more terrifying when I get closer, my whole body bones are not listening to me!” Krillin’s face was a little dark, indisputably panting violently.

He looked at Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, and others with the same ugly face.

“Ahem.” Ayaka coughed, and her eyes glared, “If you want to show off, you’ve shown off enough. Why don’t you quickly take back the ki?”

Castro and the Queen’s personal guard showed a few smiles. This was not in order to highlight the Queen’s majesty but shoot to the horseshoe.

The ki was collected at once.

“Sister, what are they?”

Son Goku looked at Castro and the others with a stony face. The ki of these four people made him feel a heavy sense of oppression.

“Don’t worry, they are all my subordinates, I asked them to come over.” Ayaka said with a smile.

“By the way, the situation has changed, the other two Saiyans will arrive on Earth in two months, how is your training going?”

“So soon?”

The crowd was stunned. They had expected that it would take a year, but they did not expect them to arrive on Earth in less than six months, and now they were not confident that they could defeat each other. Although the Earth would never be destroyed with Ayaka in, they didn’t want to rely on Ayaka for everything. They wanted to stop the Saiyans themselves.

“Wait, what is this Saiyans you guys are talking about?” Piccolo frowned and asked as if he had unknowingly missed a lot of things.

“The so-called Saiyans, is…”

Son Goku told Piccolo about the Saiyan information in a serious manner, “That is to say, the opponent will arrive on Earth in two months.”


After listening to it, Piccolo had a fierce smile on his face, and his fingers full of sharp nails made a “cackling” sound. Then, he laughed wildly, “Haha, if I had not come to the Lookout, I would have missed such an interesting thing. Saiyans, how dare to dabble in the world that this Demon King is interested in. Haha….”

“It seems that even Piccolo wants to take a shot at it?” Krillin whispered to Yamcha.

Yamcha nodded, “If Piccolo joins us, even if Ayaka and the girls don’t make a sound, we’ll have a great chance of winning!”

“But will that guy Piccolo help us? His ambition is to rule the world!”

“Only if there is a world for him to rule.”


Everyone acted like they had chicken blood, so confident?

“Those two Saiyans are not yet strong enough for you to deal with.” Ayaka stood out to splash a bucket of cold water. She looked at Castro and the others, “But the safety and security of the Earth should be handled by you Earth warriors themselves. In order to improve your strength, the four of them will train you for the next two months!”

So these four people were instructors.

Son Goku, Krillin, and other people’s eyes were shining and looked at Castro’s gaze full of fire. If such masters trained them, it would be much faster than if they were alone to figure out the progress.

“Cut the crap. Does this Demon King still need their guidance?” Piccolo coldly snorted disdainfully, but anyone could hear that he did not refute the intention.

Even if Piccolo was proud of himself, he could see that the strength of the four people was far above him.

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