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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 136


After that, Reimu welcomed Son Gohan into the Lookout and arranged for him to practice with everyone.

Son Goku and other people plus Son Gohan and Reimu, two little ones, a total of eight people, could be divided into four groups of two.

Son Goku and Reimu were assigned to a group to receive Castro’s special training.

Piccolo, Son Gohan was trained by Laner.

Krillin, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan, Chiaotzu were trained by Antisci and Jamboni.

After dividing the group, the next step was to train. Because only two months left before the Saiyans arrived on Earth, time was short. If the training was carried out step-by-step, it would not be possible for the Earth warriors to improve by leaps and bounds in these two months, so some special methods had to be applied.

Ayaka wanted them to have a sense of a tiger chasing after them. If not for this, she would have trained them years in advance.

Four capsules were seen flying out quickly, and four large and bulky behemoths appeared in the empty square in an instant.

“Huh, is this the Gravity Chamber?” Son Goku was surprised to see the sudden appearance of the behemoths.

“That’s right. These are Gravity Chambers made using advanced technology from outer space, which are very spacious and suitable for training. The next time whether it’s eating and sleeping you will be inside.”

“With this we can quickly improve our strength?” Krillin touched the special metal on the skin of the Gravity Chamber and felt cold.

“Humph, the effectiveness of the Gravity Chamber is not something you can imagine.” With a cold snort, Piccolo said disdainfully. He had been performing Gravity Training for nearly five years, and he knew exactly how effective the Gravity Chamber was.

The crowd looked at each other. His tone of voice made people think that the goods were showing off.

Skimming the side of the cowardly and aggrieved Son Gohan, Piccolo was a little impatient, “You are the son of Son Goku? Explained beforehand, if the training dragged the leg, I can not spare you!”

Son Gohan was terrified. 

“Wah wah,” he yelled and ran towards Son Goku.

“Cut the crap!” Piccolo coldly grunted, then closed his eyes to rest up.

Piccolo was not satisfied with the fact that the son of Son Goku had been assigned to train with him. The little guy who had no fighting ability could do nothing. He couldn’t drag his feet.

“Well, time is running out everyone quickly into the Gravity Chamber!”

Ayaka clapped her hands, greeted everyone into the Gravity Chamber, and then made eyes for Castro four people to follow closely.


After entering the Gravity Chamber, Krillin experienced the extraordinary features of the room, which was spacious and neatly arranged, pleasing to the eye. The instrumentation was also set to fall. It took several months to build these by Ayaka’s order to use advanced alien technology, which was countless times more luxurious than the Gravity Chamber given to Son Goku.


Ten times the gravity to start.

In an instant, the environment abruptly changed. The sudden change made Krillin and others stagger, prostrate on the ground.

Only Son Goku and Piccolo, who had long been accustomed to the gravity environment, were motionless on their faces.

“The strong gravity, it becomes so troublesome to even stand up!” Krillin’s whole face distorted. Beans of sweat emerged, and his legs were constantly trembling.

Yamcha and the others were the same, trembling and keeping a half bow, sweat seeping out like a stream.

“Hang in there. With such training conditions, you will soon be able to become strong!”

Tian Shinhan’s eyes firmly examine the surrounding. His heart couldn’t help but get excited.


Time rushed.

In the blink of an eye, two months have passed. During this time, Son Goku and others had never stepped out of the Gravity Chamber. They were all training inside for their lives.

Such excellent training equipment coupled with the four instructors’ strict discipline. That was not worse than in Grand Kai’s Planet, unconsciously several people’s strength was changing in quality.


At the same time, two streams of light from outer space streaked across the dark starry sky, gradually approaching the solar system towards a watery blue planet in orbit of the solar system.

Tiny pieces of meteorite hit head-on, but they were all blocked by the shield outside the spaceship. The slightly larger ones were directly crushed into pieces and shot out in all directions.

Then the spaceship entered the atmosphere. The friction between the air and the spaceship slowly turned into two searing balls of fire, trailing a long tail behind it, like a fire snake trailing its long tail, revealing its hideous fangs.


The two fireballs crossed the sky and flew toward the bustling city.


In the middle of the city, a new day began, and passersby and passing cars noticed the fireballs falling from the sky and dodged away after realizing the danger.


Two loud roars rang out, the Earth shook violently, and two incomparably wide craters appeared not far from the bustling city. In the suburbs, splashes of sand and smoke filled the air everywhere.

“What fell down?”

“Did a meteorite land on the ground?”

“Look what it is, you guys!”

People’s movement was fast, and many drove to the impact site under the urging of curiosity. In a short time, the impact crater was tightly surrounded.

Some people were excitedly looking at the white sphere in the middle of the giant pit and chattering about it.

Oblivious that the danger was approaching a little.


The spaceship hatch opened.

Vegeta and Nappa came out and then slowly floating up.

“It’s a person, someone came out of it!” Someone shouted.

“What are they, how can they fly?” People chattered in panic, then ducked into the car, ignited it, started it, and scrambled in all directions.

“This is Earth? It’s not that great!” Nappa said with one foot on the ground, looking at the fleeing crowd with disdain.

“Not even double-digit power level, really garbage!”

“Hmph, say hello to these losers. Raze the ground and consider it a little interest!” Vegeta coldly towards Nappa said.

“Okay, look at these annoying flies. I feel impatient!” Licking his lips, Nappa moved his arms, and his bones crackled.

After half straddling his body, he calmly stretched out two fingers. Then, with a “ha” sound, the two fingers suddenly mentioned upward, and huge energy spurted out from the ground.


A violent explosion rose to the sky. A huge mushroom cloud suddenly appeared high in the sky, and in an instant, the wide-field was destroyed. All the small lives living in this field followed the field and instantly went up in smoke.

Among the smoke, Nappa and Vegeta were lightly coughing out of the smoke.

“Haha, I accidentally greeted some enthusiasm!” Nappa opened his eyes and laughed.

Vegeta looks cold and impatiently glanced at, “Business is important, seize the time to find the man who captured Raditz, and Kakarot that traitor, we must not let them off lightly!”

Napa nodded nervously and turned on the probe to look around.

“Well? Vegeta, how on Earth there is no power level of more than 3000. We can not even seem to find Kakarot’s trace.”

Nappa puzzled and probed again, “What to do? The highest energy response on Earth is just two close to 1000, but there is another 1500 energy response. There is just no one that reaches 3000. Could it be that because they know we are coming, so they all fled?”

Vegeta snorted, shaking his head disdainfully, “Those earthlings are not so much as to flee without a fight. I’m afraid it’s because they have a strange skill to escape the detector detection! Raditz was captured before because of the gullibility!”

“If they escaped detection, then we can’t find them?”

“Idiot, Raditz’s energy response is detected. Therefore, Raditz’s place should be their lair.”

Vegeta said towards the data of energy reaction 1500 fly.

Nappa stood dumbfounded for a moment and hurriedly followed closely.


On the Lookout.

The Old Kami looked at the Lower Realm with a gloomy expression. He had monitored the Saiyans when they entered the Earth, but he didn’t expect the two Saiyans to be so arrogant and unaware of the importance, destroying nearly a thousand acres of good land as soon as they arrived.

They were now coming towards the location of the Lookout.

Leisurely gazing at the four huge training rooms in the square, the Old Kami’s mind calmed down.

“Is Goku and the others still not ready to cultivate?”

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