Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 137


“Kami, Goku they have not yet finished training, but the Saiyans are about to arrive at the Lookout. Should we call Ayaka and the girls out?”

Seeing the Saiyans gradually approaching, Mr. Popo reminded the old gods.

Lightly shook his head, the Old Kami did not move his eyes from the gravity room, “Saiyans strength is indeed strong, but it is not necessary to Ayaka out. I believe that Goku will catch up.”

Ayaka was certainly the Kami of Earth, but the Old Kami also realized that the shallow pool of Earth could no longer accommodate her. The dragon, she should have a bigger stage. Thinking farther ahead, Goku couldn’t be confined to Earth. They all grew up. It seemed that the position of Kami still needed to find a successor.

After another period of time, the Saiyans were getting closer and closer to the Lookout. The hatch of the Gravity Chamber hadn’t meant to open.

Raditz sat under the banana tree, looked up, and swept a look not far from the Old Kami and Mr. Popo. He slanted his eyes and skimmed his mouth, “With the new northern forces of the queen, Vegeta how can threaten the Earth?”

“What a meal.”

Then snoozed like nothing else, the upcoming group of Vegeta this one wasn’t a bit excited.

Of course, the mentality of watching a good show was still there.

“Vegeta, that arrogant guy has to suffer.”

Ayaka’s strength had already penetrated into the marrow, completely buried his fear of Vegeta. He had seen the powerful Queen Ayaka and wouldn’t be afraid of Vegeta, whose strength was only a few tens of thousands, which was too useless.

Previously, he followed Vegeta because he was the Saiyan prince, the strongest of the remaining Saiyans. Now there were more powerful Saiyans, Even idiots knew how to choose.

Besides, what was there to do with Vegeta? He was just Frieza’s lapdog, and one day there was the danger of being killed by Vegeta or Frieza.

The good bird chooses wood and perch, the wise minister chooses the Lord and the thing. It was time to make a choice.



The four Gravity Chamber hatch seemed like an agreement to open at the same time, and Son Goku walked out with eight people.

Eight people lined up. Their eyes were shining like a sharp prickly mane, like a falcon soaring on the wing, overlooking the miles, with a strong confidence on their faces. Two months of hellish training made them transformed, whether temperament or strength. There had been a huge leap.

The Old Kami and Raditz immediately felt strong ki. The Old Kami secretly praised a good word, but Raditz was dumbfounded.

‘How do they become so powerful? In just two months’ time, there would be such a great improvement!’

His intuition told him that the eight people in front of him had all doubled their strength several times compared to what they had two months ago.

The training inside had such an effect, and Raditz was nakedly envious.

“Goku, you came out just in time, now the Saiyans are flying towards the Lookout, hurry up and stop them!” The Old Kami said with delight.

“The Saiyans have already reached Earth?”

Old Kami frowned, “Yes, those evil guys have arrived on Earth, and once they came, they destroyed a large area of land in a demonstration. The damage is heavy!”

Referring to the damage caused by the Saiyans, the Old Kami was gloomy. The so-called something for something, those two Saiyans were obviously just coming in accordance with their own nature. 

“What? How could such a thing happen? We absolutely can’t spare them!” Krillin yelled in righteous indignation when he knew.

The opponent was obviously demonstrating! 

“Since those two Saiyans are so confident, let me go to meet them first!”

Tian Shinhan’s three eyes opened. He was the first to react. With murderous kinetic energy surging between his eyebrows and a sudden expansion of his ki, his body flashed, and he went to meet the Saiyans.

“Ah, that guy Tian Shinhan also did not wait for us, but left us alone to go. Krillin, we should also follow.” Yamcha grinned to express his dissatisfaction, followed by a stream of light swooping down.


“Humph. Insolent fellow, how dare you strike before this Demon King,” Coldly grunted, Piccolo, glanced at Son Gohan with an ugly face and also flew towards the Lower Realm. “With that bunch of trash also want to defeat the Saiyans. Huh, the Saiyans’ heads are this Demon King’s!”


Son Gohan’s eyes wavered, not knowing whether he should follow the flight down, so he ran in the direction of his father, Son Goku.

“Goku, those two Saiyans, I will leave it to you!” Kami said.

Son Goku was calm and collected. He nodded firmly and then left the Lookout together with Son Gohan.

“Ahhh, where is Mama?” Reimu looked around, looking for Ayaka’s figure, and was disappointed not to find it.

She didn’t care if the Saiyans came to attack. The Saiyans naturally had the Earthlings to stop the attack. She just wanted to let Ayaka knew that she hadn’t slacked off at all in the past two months, and her strength had steadily risen.

“Reimu, Castro, you five go together to find the Dragon Balls. Goku and others may be a big ripple of the battle, we will use the Dragon Balls for damage repair!”

Ayaka’s voice appeared in the ears of the crowd, obviously without a figure, but the voice was clear.

“Follow me!”

“Got it.”

The five rays of light thrown from the Lookout, flying everywhere to find the Dragon Balls.


White clouds were floating in the blue sky, Vegeta and Nappa speed towards the location of the Raditz.

Suddenly, the scouter “beep”, and a series of data appeared on the lens.

Looking at the data above, Nappa teased, “Hey Vegeta, there is a new guy. Well, this time the power level is about 3500, and is coming towards us!”

Vegeta sneered contemptuously but slowly lowered his body, “Since those guys took the initiative to find the door, then we are waiting here. This prince is bound to teach them a good lesson, let them know that the Saiyans are not so easy to mess with.”

“Nappa, you have more than a dozen Saibamen, take them all out. Let them open their eyes!” Vegeta ordered as if he was a commander.

“Good idea. Let the Saibamen fight with them. Ooh, there are a few high goods inside, later will definitely scare those earthlings to death!”

Nappa slapped his head and laughed out loud, after which he planted a dozen or so Saibamen seeds in an open space and quickly dropped a few drops of green catalytic liquid.

In a short while, a dozen of Saibamen broke out of the ground, one stood around Vegeta them with teeth and claws.

There were four Saibamen with green color, which were several high-level Saibamen, with a power level of 3000 to 4000. These advanced Saibamen were intended to be of great use when the planet was captured later, now to deal with the Earthlings, they were brought out in advance.

Although there was some waste, it was still a good thing. To be honest, Vegeta still didn’t care to fight with the Earthlings.

Suddenly, the wind raged, the air throbbed, several bright lights flashed from the sky, and in the blink of an eye had come overhead.

“Are they coming?”

Vegeta’s mouth curled up. His eyes coldly looking at the sky appeared in the seven figures.


Son Goku and others descended to the ground one after another, and the two sides confronted each other.

Before engaging in battle, the attacker first attacked the heart. Instantly, the air became frozen, irritable, depressing aura spread out. Within a 10-mile radius of small animals seemed to sense something, and they went towards the distance to hideaway.

A cold, chilly wind brushed by, sweeping the Earth, sluggish and untouched.

“I thought there were only two Saiyans, what are these green things, they look so disgusting.” Krillin whispered.

“Probably the subordinates of the opponent. The strength is average, I can destroy them with one blow!”

“Be careful, those green ones seem to be a little different.”

Surveying these Saibamen, Son Goku found that they looked short and disgusting, but their strength was extraordinary. Noticing those green-colored Saibamen, their power level was no less than 4000.

“Hey, is this Kakarot? He seems to have a good strength, but this strength is nothing in the eyes of this master.”

He tapped down the scouter, and 4300 data appeared. Although Napa was slightly surprised that a Low-Level Warrior actually reached this level, on the surface, he licked the corners of his mouth and expressed disdain.

“Vegeta, let me take a shot?”

“Do not rush Nappa, first let the Saibamen fight them.” Vegeta stood in front of Nappa, showing a playful smile. One could see that he simply did not put Son Goku and others in his eyes.

“Kakarot, experience the fear.”

“Goku, they are also too arrogant.”

In the face of Vegeta’s mocking smile, Son Goku did not yet have something to say, but Krillin and others showed indignation. These two Saiyans were really arrogant.

“Interesting, so as not to waste my hard practice!” Piccolo twisted his wrist, neck, and then the cloak off his body to make a battle stance.

The battle was about to start.


At Kame House. Bulma and others guarded in the room, and there was an ink-colored transparent sheet the size of a washbasin on the table.

In the corner of the transparent sheet “ticking” flashing 20 or so light points, each light point near the corresponding value.

This was a new scouter made by Bulma, according to Raditz scouter, which could detect the upper limit of hundreds of thousands of energy.

On the TV screen also showed the image of Son Goku and others, which was transmitted through the private satellite capture of the Capsule Corporation.

At this moment, Bulma, Master Roshi, Violet, and Oolong were watching the images on the screen with a nervous face.

The news about the sudden drop of alien objects and the destruction of a large area of land had been transmitted to Central City, which was 10,000 miles away.


The King examined the material with a grave expression, frowning at the two white spherical spaceships.

“Order it down, make sure to find out the cause of the destruction.”

At that moment, an official ran in with a panting voice.

“Your Majesty, there was a violent earthquake in the remote plains. This is the image just captured by the satellite, take a look!”

“This is….” The King stood up haughtily and looked at the image with a shocked expression.

From the image, it could faintly see several figures violently engaged in battle. In the thunder and lightning, large blue energy waves and shock waves visible to the naked eye were revealed in a very visually stunning way.

“It’s that teenager, the teenager who defeated Demon King Piccolo and saved the world, is there any more Demon King that threatens the earth?”

Associated with the previous report, the King realized that the Earth was facing another crisis.

This time it came from outer space.

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