Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 15


In a vast solar system in the universe, the messy meteorites collided with each other without trajectory and then broke into several smaller meteorites.

In the solar system near the sun’s position, a steel planet rapidly revolved around. The steel planet had no atmosphere, and the overall color appeared to be yellowish. There was no moisture on the ground, and heat, barrenness, dullness, and strong gravity were its main themes.

A tiny figure struggled to make jumps, leaping more than ten meters high with each jump.

The steel planet was oddly giant, and the gravity was also oddly strong. Under the powerful gravity, it wasn’t easy to stand up.

“12,998, 12,999, 13,000!”

Ayaka stopped after doing 13,000 jumps in a row. She wiped away the sweat on her face. Her eyes revealed a determination, and then she started running again.

Ayaka kept running until her feet became a little hobbled, and an intense soreness came from her thighs. The feeling of fatigue and pain kept coming to her body.


The body fell to the ground, exhausted, and fell asleep.


A dozen hours later, Ayaka woke up, then began to practice again with high intensity.

After each exercise, her body would secrete magical power to repair the injured cells and muscles, while the meridians and bones would be strengthened.

Ayaka continued to exercise on this planet with intense gravity, and as time went on, her strength was improving rapidly.

Ever since losing to Dore, Ayaka felt a fierce dissatisfaction with her power, thinking of ways to enhance her strength. So, with a gravity higher than she could bear, it was a good challenge for her.

When she first came to this planet, Ayaka was entirely immobilized by the powerful gravity. However, after several days of adaptation, she could barely stand up and walk, and after a long period of practice, she reached this present point.

The steel planet was barren with no atmosphere. The iron lumps were the most abundant, and there was no sign of life. Fortunately, thanks to the “Energy Bound”, Ayaka could survive on it for a long time.

Boing Boing!

Several ki waves shot out, shining with blue light. Ayaka instantly moved to the front of the ki waves after sending them to make a resistance posture.


The ki waves hit her body with a massive explosion, and the smoke dispersed. Ayaka stood there intact, patting her body to bounce off the debris generated by the blast.

There was a flash of light in her eyes, and her body violently raised the strength.


The steel ground steeply produced a wave-like ripple as it cracked a reddened groove.


Ayaka used all her strength. The ki burst out from her body, forming a huge ball of energy. The ball of energy emitted a bright light, and at this moment, she was like turning into a dazzling star. The debris on the ground slowly escaped from the gravity and floated around Ayaka.


The ki in her body was ejected in all directions, with Ayaka as the center. A large amount of ki condensed together, like a roaring dragon mercilessly devouring everything around her.

The high purity energy generated extremely high temperatures, melting the iron on the ground at once. The powerful shock wave cut through the bumpy ground, rubbing out a “hissing” ear-splitting sound.

The violent energy gradually calmed down. And there was a fifty-square, two-meter-deep crater around Ayaka, with molten steel liquid flowing inside the crater and some light green smoke floating above. In the vicinity of the crater, the destruction stretched for several kilometers in a circular shape.

Looking at the ground destroyed by her ki, a smile spread across Ayaka’s face for a few moments.

“My strength is solidly improving. This is good. Let’s do another 20,000 push-ups!” Clapping her palms, Ayaka made another decision that would make strong men sweat. She then crouched on the ground and did push-ups. Each time she was exhausted, she rested for another ten hours or so and then continued to exercise when her body recovered.

Ayaka persisted in her training on the steel planet until she felt that she could no longer improve her strength.


Ayaka sat on a lofty mountain peak, thinking, “The gravity of this planet can no longer give me a breakthrough in strength!”

The ground below was pockmarked by her destruction.

“Without more powerful external forces, my strength will grow slowly or even stagnate!”

She stretched out her small, white, childish hand and made a fist, exerting herself a hundred meters away. A wave of ki shot out from her fist, smashing a deep, bottomless cave a hundred meters away.

“My strength is many times greater than before, but I’m still not a match for Dore.”

Although her strength had improved a lot, Ayaka knew she was not yet a match for Dore, “The strength of Cooler’s Armored Squadron is so powerful. If I don’t work hard to improve my strength, I will be left far behind by the story.”

Son Goku and Demon King Piccolo’s strength in the pre-Dragon ball was not powerful and could even be said to be frail and weak. However, after entering Namek Saga, their strength improved at an incredible rate.

In addition to their bloodline and excellent quality, their mindset was also essential. They were practicing with the heart of a true martial artist, which was incomparable to Ayaka and even more powerful cosmopolitans. Whenever they encountered stronger enemies, they also became stronger and improved themselves continuously.

Although the Earth’s overall strength was low, the martial arts on it had a long history. After a long time, various schools concluded a complete training system, focusing on ki and mind. For example, Master Roshi and Mutaito, despite their low strength, they could all be called the greatest martial artists.

Compared to the universe and Saiyans, who focus only on strength, the Earth’s training methods had more potential. With a bold and extravagant, one entered the subtle and frugal. If not for the Earth’s bloodline that caused them not to have substantial power, it would be tough to say who was the hegemon of the universe.

Ayaka was taking advantage of the Saiyan bloodline, and in terms of the foundation, she believed she was still far from it. In other words, she was still mainly at the level of wild profligacy.

“After arriving on Earth, I must carefully polish the foundation and sense the martial arts of the Earthlings.”

Ayaka had already made her plans.

At this time, several golden shadows flashed across the universe. The golden shadows were extensive in area, trailing a long tail behind them, brilliantly illuminating the entire space in gold.

Huh, what is that?”

Ayaka looked at the space illuminated by a golden color, and her face showed a curious expression. Her body flashed to space, only to find that the vast star not far away from the steel planet was now violently churning. The sun’s surface was scorching with fire snakes roaring uncontrollably, ejecting many energetic particles into space.


Her eyes flashed with excitement, unexpectedly encountered a solar storm. This solar storm had obviously just begun, still in the brewing.

“The energy of the solar storm is violent, but the energy generated is not small. I shouldn’t miss it!”

Ayaka looked at the solar storm that kept throwing out charged particles. Her heart was tickled, thinking about using the Energy Bound to absorb all this energy.

Directly absorbing the particle energy emanating from the sun was very dangerous. If she weren’t careful, she would be burned by its blazing heat. She wasn’t superior enough to withstand the fury of a sun. However, Ayaka didn’t particularly care about this. She had an immortal body; no matter how much energy, it couldn’t kill her.

And also, such a massive jet of solar storms was rare; if she missed it, she didn’t know how long she would have to wait.

Ayaka flew to a place closer to the sun, where she could absorb more of its particle energy. However, the temperature was extraordinarily high, and Ayaka felt the tingling sensation coming from the body due to the high temperature.

If people in the universe who were familiar with science saw her actions at this time, they would have laughed at her for not even knowing how to write the word “death”.

“The temperature is soo high!”

Her body was burned by the sun at close range and became red. A burst of burning pain came to her heart, but Ayaka endured the discomfort from her body and began to absorb the sun’s energy using her “Energy Bound”.


A large cloud of solar particles pounced on Ayaka, but her body absorbed it little by little. The feeling of absorbing solar particles was not pleasant, and Ayaka’s brow tightly wrinkled.

The solar energy entered Ayaka’s body little by little, and the scorching and tyrannical energy kept rampaging through the body. Although there was ki to keep her body in shape, that solar energy was not so well tamed, and it did not take long to kill countless cells.

Newly born cells quickly replaced the dead cells as she continued to fight with the solar energy. Ayaka controlled the Energy Bound to tame solar energy slowly, and the tamed energy would gradually pool into her bones and internal organs.

In this process, Ayaka’s body parts were strengthened one by one. A few months had passed, and she had been immersed in the training. The feeling of coolness generated by the renewal of cells throughout her body made her intoxicated.

It was the entire structure of a self-masochist.

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