Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 16


After an active period of more than a year, this giant star in the universe gradually calmed down and not produced too much chaotic energy anymore.

On one side of the sun, a human-sized dust meteorite floats, rotating periodically along with the sun.

Suddenly –

With a “click”, the meteorite shuddered, and a crack opened up on it, which gradually grew until it covered all parts of the meteorite.


The meteorite exploded as a one-and-a-half-meter-tall young girl appeared there. The young girl stood naked in space, making her white and pink skin exposed. Her belly was flat and smooth, and her body was athletic without losing its softness.

The young girl had a petite and lovely mouth with bright eyes just right dotted on the face. Her face looked a little tender, with flaxen hair a little on the red side. A few strands of hair naturally hanging down to the chest, and that kind of haze between loli and girl had a beautiful sense of seduction.

This girl was Ayaka, who absorbed the sun’s energy in space.

Soon, after she entered a state of training, the dust floating in the universe slowly wrapped her up. The dust slowly began to condense under the sun’s high temperature and finally turned into a meteorite.

“Two years have passed!”

Ayaka woke up and felt her body filled with vigorous power, a feeling she enjoyed immensely. Ayaka tried to unleash her ki, and suddenly her body glowed with a golden light. Mountainous and overwhelming ki emerged, and the golden light covered the sky and illuminated the nearby starry sky.

This golden ki carried powerful energy that could destroy the world. If it were fired out at full power, it would be enough to kill the creatures of a planet instantly. It’s definitely much more powerful than her previous one.

“Power level 120,000!!!”

Her power level had increased to 120,000! A full boost of several thousand.

After ten years of unremitting efforts and countless hardships, Ayaka finally possessed enough power to destroy the world. At this moment, she was really about to burst into hot tears.


Ayaka found herself surprisingly naked. The few sets of clothes she brought from Planet Yardrat were all destroyed in the battle, and now she had no extra clothes in her hands.

“I need to find a set of clothes first.”

Naked made Ayaka felt uncomfortable as she had slowly gotten used to her body. The two red dots on her chest seemed to be starting to bulge a little subtly, like fresh shoots fighting their way out of the fertile soil.

At this age, her body began to develop. On her breasts, the two pink circles of red were thus full and bulging. Her vitality began to flourish, making Ayaka care more about her body and couldn’t just let people look at it.

“The girl’s body was troublesome. It’s complicated to fight, and high-intensity combat is easy to explode clothes. Should I get a battle armor?”

This matter was related to her privacy, so Ayaka had to pay attention to it. However, the cosmonaut’s battle armor wasn’t quite in line with her aesthetics, and it felt hard to wear and was particularly ugly.

“The body looks so beautiful, so I can’t wear such ugly clothes.”

Ayaka nodded. She was very proud of her looks and body proportions. She felt that the casual outfit with skirts and pants that an 18 years old usually wears was quite good. Unfortunately, it was not strong enough.


Earth, an azure planet located in the Southern part of the North Area.

Earth was a Low-Level Planet, a planet that wasn’t put in the eyes of any race. The humans on Earth were only dregs with a power level of only a dozen, even if they were armed with firearms. However, this planet shouldn’t be underestimated because there was a profound martial arts heritage on such an insignificant planet. It only needed a key to open the door, and it could shock the whole universe.

Six years ago, when a Saiyan child descended on this planet in a spaceship, it was destined to become extraordinary.

Ayaka teleported to a small village located in the Northern Hemisphere. She first had to take a few sets of clothes suitable for her to wear.

When she came to the backyard of a villager’s house, she secretly took away several sets of girls’ clothes hanging on a bamboo pole when the owner wasn’t looking and then hid to wear them.

As she walked down the street, the pedestrians passing turned to look at her with astonishment in their eyes. Either men or women, they all valued her appearance.

Ayaka looked at the various goods displayed in the store. When she wanted to buy, she realized that she didn’t have Earth’s currency and suddenly remembered that she had spent all these years in training and basically had no money. If not for the memories of her previous life, according to her growth trajectory, it was guaranteed that once she came to Earth without knowing anything, there was a great possibility that she would become a robber with excellent power level.

Wow! What a beautiful little sister. Do you want to play with these senior brothers?”

Ayaka frowned slightly. She didn’t like this kind of provocative questioning and looked up to see four young men with colored hair blocking her way.

One of the gangsters saw Ayaka’s beautiful face and reached out a hand to touch her. Ayaka avoided the punk’s hand with a light dodge. The young gangster eyes show desire and then step forward and said, “Little sister, do not run away. This senior brother will not hurt you, so let senior brother touch you!”

“That’s right. Stay with these brothers and have a good time!”

The three gangsters next to him yelled with coaxing. They laughed loudly with eyes full of lust. Although the girl in front of him wasn’t very old and hadn’t grown up completely, there were already a few moving parts in the mold, looking very delicate and lovely.

Ayaka’s face became gloomy as she coldly said, “Do you want to play? I will let you play well!”

As soon as she finished, she took the four gangsters’ hands and launched Instant Transmission, bringing them to a forest.


“Ah, where is this place?” The gangsters shouted in fear when they saw that they had suddenly arrived in a strange place.

“I’ll make you guys play well!”

A cold smile appeared on the corner of Ayaka’s mouth, and she slightly exerted a bit of ki. Suddenly, a powerful aura rose from beneath her feet.


The ground where Ayaka stood sank a meter. It shook violently, and the clouds in the sky dissipated in a flash. The ground beneath her feet was utterly unrecognizable and became potholes covered with gullies.

The four gangsters were stunned by the sight in front of them, shouting and begging for mercy, “Young Lady, forgive us. We won’t dare to do it again. Forgive us!” They said and kowtowed repeatedly.

Ayaka looked at them coldly and said with a grim face, “Bring out all the valuable things you have on you.”

The gangsters looked at each other but didn’t dare to disobey, so they quickly handed over all the money they had to Ayaka. Ayaka took the money and counted it, and found that there was 300,000 cash.

“You have quite a lot of money on you! It seems that you’re a son of a rich family!” She then launched an Instant Transmission and disappeared in front of the eyes of the gangsters. She didn’t care about the death of the gangsters.

Seeing Ayaka disappeared, the gangsters came back to their senses and looked at the forest that Ayaka had easily destroyed. Their minds were still unsettled. They looked at each other with a look of horror in their eyes, and then a few of them hit the guy who had just molested Ayaka, “I told you not to mess with a monster like that. How do you expect us to go back now?!”


Ayaka went back to the city and got a room in a hotel. She then took a nice hot bath to wash away all the sweat and stench from her body.

At this time, she found that the currency on Earth was similar to the yuan’s purchasing power in the previous world. After ordering the waiter to buy a few clothes for young girls, Ayaka went into the barber store to fix her hair.

Ayaka had the barber gave her a small chopped haircut. However, instead of cutting it all to pieces, she left a cluster of long hair tied into a pigtail that hung down to her back, with two slightly reddish hairs hanging on her chest. She liked Mea Kurosaki’s hairstyle in “To Love-Ru Darkness”.

With her hair color being flaxen on the red side, she resembled Mea Kurosaki’s red hair.

Putting on the blue striped casual shirt and denim skirt pants that the waiter brought, Ayaka also bought a pendant to wear around her neck, making her whole body instantly became youthful and beautiful.

Ayaka struck a few poses in the mirror as she was almost mesmerized by herself.

Suddenly, Ayaka snapped out of it. She touched her cheek and mused, “After all that time, I seem to have adapted somewhat to life in Dragon Ball.”

“But… it seems to be not too bad…” she grinned at the mirror.

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