Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 160


“Tsk, I thought the legend passed down from generation to generation in the clan was just nonsense. I never imagined that Super Saiyan really existed in the world! Hum, this time is not in vain, since we met, Super Saiyan must be killed!”

King Cold walked towards Frieza with a steady pace, his whole body ki thumped out, with a killing aura.

As the ruler of the Eastern Area, King Cold was not just concerned about his own acreage. He had been concerned about the movement of the entire North Area. Of course, both the Frieza Forces and the New Northern Forces had always been under his close monitoring, and the time when Frieza came to Planet Namek with fire, it caught his attention.

Of course, after coming to Planet Namek, the appearance of the Super Saiyan made him quite surprised.

“Father, that female Saiyan is very dangerous.” Frieza opened his mouth and said.

King Cold nodded flatly and looked at that Super Saiyan with some gravity. Although he did not believe that the Super Saiyan would be an invincible existence like the legend of his ancestors, King Cold had always been cautious. Just because the other party was the Queen of the New Northern Forces and had defeated his son, Cooler, he chose to transform for insurance purposes.

Ha suddenly, a terrifying energy emanated with King Cold as the center. The power of this force was so strong that it immediately pushed down the pressure of Cooler. Naturally, on the surface, it also seemed to be much stronger than Ayaka.

This was a great event, everyone present was stunned by the terrifying power that erupted from King Cold. The energy that was so wildly full of evil intentions that even the soul was shaken to its core pressed against the chest, and the body involuntarily trembled, unable to even make a move to escape.

“How can this be. Surprisingly…. it’s more powerful than Ayaka’s ki…”

The crowd’s face was ashen and fell into deep despair.

If Ayaka’s Super Saiyan state showed a fine rain like a crisp mood, then King Cold showed a naked dominance. That was hegemony that would never allow others to provoke!

“Cough….” Seeingng that the crowd was stunned by the power of King Cold, Ayaka coughed lightly and said quietly, “It seems that the situation can not catch up with the change. Before the battle has even started, another strong there was power enough to disrupt the whole situation The situation has changed. I will rearrange, King Cold’s strength is the strongest and I will deal with it; the metal form of Cooler I will give to Launch and Lancy; Frieza is weaker, it will be given to Goku. It’s okay, right?”



“Got it, we will definitely defeat Frieza!”

If the opponent was still Frieza, Son Goku had some confidence in himself. He was afraid that King Cold and Cooler would make a mess of it. But Ayaka’s arrangement kept them distracted. As a joke, the strongest King Cold had already been taken over by Ayaka, and Cooler also had been given to Launch and Lnacy to hold back. Facing the weakest Frieza, if he still couldn’t fight, he would have to despise himself.

“You have to be careful. Even Frieza, his power is too powerful than you!” Now everyone was doing their own thing, but could not spare the manpower to ride to the rescue!

This point of course everyone understands, “Yes!” All of them answered in unison.

In Frieza’s side, he was standing beside King Cold that had completed the transformation. He turned into the same as Frieza’s ultimate form. The ultimate form of King Cold has the same appearance as Frieza, but the body and face was more sturdy. It was more mature and more terrifying, and surrounded by a hazy, powerful, suffocating and violent power.

Frieza and King Cold both heard Ayaka’s arrangement very clearly, Frieza sneered, “Father, those guys even underestimated our Frozen Clan. How dare they try to wipe us out, it’s really ridiculous!”

“Isn’t this just what we want? Frieza, those weak Saiyans and Earthlings are for you to deal with, give them a good lesson!”

King Cold didn’t care about the weak Saiyans and Earthlings. It was more than enough for the youngest son, Frieza, to deal with.    

“Hey, okay, I will teach them a lesson, so they will beg for life and death!” Frieza licked his lips, wanting to perform well in front of his father.

Ayaka’s power made him feel intimidated, but Son Goku and the others were completely out of his mind. Being able to stay away from that terrifying Super Saiyan was exactly what Frieza was looking forward to in his heart.

With swoosh a few times, Son Goku and others got into fight with Frieza. They turned into a few bright light towards the other end of the planet, until they passed far through the countless mountains before descending.

Over there, Launch and Lancy had already flown into the air. Cooler’s hatred for them was not less than for Ayaka. When he saw the enemies =, and seeing them rise into the air, he ruthlessly stomped on the ground and shot up to the clouds.

Now, the whole area was left only Ayaka and King Cold.

In fact, Son Goku was in the most dangerous of the three battlefields, because the opponent was Frieza. The strength was too much stronger than him. If Son Goku didn’t break through to the Super Saiyan in this battle, the defeat was basically set; Launch and Lancy could barely fight with Metal Cooler after the merging, but they must end the battle within 30 minutes of the merging limit, otherwise they couldn’t escape the end of defeat.

The rest was Ayaka with Super Saiyan full power state. She had reached the peak of the first stage, but whether she could broke through or no, it depended on the strength of the ultimate form of King Cold. Ayaka estimated that King Cold’s strongest should power be similar to the Android 16. If so, the ordinary Super Saiyan state was naturally not an opponent. However, Ayaka’s base was more solid, and with full power state, there should not be much difficulty in dealing with it.

Scattered in one of the three different locations of the battlefield of Planet Namek, Ayaka and King Cold began to engage in battle.

A gentle breeze blew by, swirling the dust to the sky, the wind and clouds changed, full of slaughter.

Without warning, blindingly bright light suddenly flashed, and two confused figures began to flash continuously in the sky. For a time, the sound of snapping hand-to-hand combat sound like the sound of war drums around. A large mass of a large mass of terrifying energy in the seeping pressure of the large strands of bombardment to the ground, around, the rumbling roar incessant.

Ayaka came to a sharp stop in the air, gushing energy like a dense cannonball swept the entire sky, with some of the aftermath grazing the ground, the whole of Planet Namek immediately gushed out crimson magma. As the object of the attack, although King Cold’s attack was powerful, it was not at all close to Ayaka within three feet.

With a simple exchange of blows, Ayaka’s test had been completed, and she had some understanding of King Cold’s strength. King Cold was much stronger than Android 17, but not quite as strong as 16.

“Still too weak!” After the test was finished and the ending had been predetermined, Ayaka lost interest in King Cold. At full power, she was not short of a battle of King Cold’s caliber. Originally, she was full of expectations, and wanted to take the opportunity to break through to the second stage of Super Saiyan, but unfortunately the opponent was still too weak.

Life and death battle to get the most effective breakthrough, if the opponent was a Perfect Cell, Ayaka would definitely go all out.

Considered that Ayaka was a Super Saiyan for almost seven years, and early to reach the full power of the Super Saiyan, the accumulation had accumulated. She was only a foot away the Super Saiyan Second Stage. But this little distance was like a membrane firmly isolated her, visible but could not be touched.

“Goku’s side is still a little dangerous, it’s time to end the battle!”

A faint majesty crept onto the face, two turquoise eyes penetrating King Cold’s movements abnormally. Ayaka’s eyes emitted a brilliant light, the body suddenly accelerated, and she rushed to King Cold in almost no time.

“Very fast!”

King Cold was astonished, the stiff face finally showed a trace of gaze.

The strength of this female Super Saiyan opposite him was really unexpectedly strong, and she was able to suppress himself to death. No wonder the ancestors left a warning message for them to beware of Super Saiyans, it seemed that there was indeed a reason for it. King Cold did not know that Ayaka was actually just testing him and had not yet brought out his true strength, otherwise there would be nothing left for him now.

“Ooh!” In King Cold’s stunned gaze, with a small showy white hand appearing, then tightly grasping on his arm. “Oh no!!!” King Cold secretly said that it was not good, and hurriedly made an attempt to retract his hand, but he was appalled to find that the strength that he had been incredibly confident could not be put to use.

The strength of the slender hand was like an iron vise that held him in place, unable to move. Then a huge force came from the wrist. Before King Cold could understand what was going on, he was thrown into the sky. The wind like a knife cut on the cheeks, and his eyes could not open at all.

Phew! Bursting into full strength and barely stabilized himself, King Cold looked around with an ugly face. There were clouds everywhere, but the female Saiyan’s figure could not be found as far as the eye could see. An inexplicable coldness emerged from the bottom of his heart, King Cold couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, it seemed that he had finally underestimated his opponent, and he really shouldn’t have ventured to Planet Namek.

The sight of the blond figure was a few dozen meters away from himself. Swoosh! Two beams of ki waves suddenly flew in. King Cold hurriedly turned sideways to dodge the qigong waves. Hiss! The scorching airflow grazed his cheek and flashed by. Although he avoided the ki waves, the blazing heat still left a scar on his face.

“That was close! This is the strength of the Super Saiyan, it is so terrifying!” Caressing the wound on his face, King Cold was horrified in his heart.

For a moment, King Cold became apprehensive, the opponent’s strength seemed to be above him.

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