Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 17


After a good night’s rest in the hotel, Ayaka came to the Capsule Corporation on the next day. She wanted to purchase some tools for wildlife. The Capsule was a high-tech product developed by a company affiliated with Bulma’s family, and the tiny Capsule could hold motorcycles, cars, airplanes, and houses.

After simply purchasing a set of double-decker houses and several pieces of electrical equipment such as refrigerators and color TVs, the money robbed from the gangsters was almost spent.

“This money is not well spent!”

With one hand, she picked up the box filled with Capsules and found that there was very little money left in her hand. Earth was different from the planet Ayaka had stayed in the past. Here, money was indispensable, “I need to get some more money as soon as possible.”

Walking down the street, she didn’t carry anything in her hands. The few sets of clothes she had the waitress bought had all been loaded into the Capsule.

Ayaka was looking to get some money when suddenly, she saw a jewelry store in front of her. “Right, there is a place full of gold and silver treasures hidden in the Dragon Ball World!”

Ayaka remembered Son Goku when he was dealing with the Red Ribbon Army. He once entered a pirate’s treasure trove filled with gold and silver treasures along with General Blue of the Red Ribbon Army.

“Unfortunately, so many treasures in the original story ended up sinking into the sea. Since I’m here, these treasures will be received unceremoniously.”

Ayaka’s body flashed, disappearing from the street. Fortunately, there was no pedestrian on the street; otherwise, people would be stunned to see a person suddenly disappear.


Ayaka flew above the ocean, looking at the waves. She looked for the blue sea, searching according to her memory, “It should be around here.”

After flying around the entire ocean for a few weeks, Ayaka roughly judged the location. Her body then swooped down and “poof” into the bottom of the sea. With the impressions from her memory, she quickly found the entrance to the treasure trove.

“I’m fortunate. The chance of finding this entrance is quite low.”


Ayaka burrowed out of the seawater and came to an enclosed underwater space. This place should be carefully arranged by the pirates because there were traps set up everywhere. In Ayaka’s memory, Son Goku and General Blue suffered many attacks when they came here, and there were several robots inside guarding the treasure.

After avoiding heavy traps and robot guards, Ayaka came to the treasure pile in front of the chamber. It had a thick stone door in front of it, and behind the door was the chamber where the treasure was piled. After pushed open the stone door, Ayaka walked in with a smile on his face.

The chamber was filled with gold and silver treasures. These were the fruit of years of looting by pirates. Ayaka took out the box that had been prepared and put the treasures inside.

Among these treasures, Ayaka didn’t find any Dragon Ball like in the original story, but she didn’t mind it.

In the original story, the Dragon Ball was found by Son Goku when he was looking for the Four Star after summoning Shenron for more than a year. It should be when the pirates found it and brought it to the bottom of the sea.

Looking at the chamber that had been carried empty, Ayaka showed a wry look on her face. She then teleported away from the bottom of the sea, “If the pirates saw their years of savings were carried empty, I’m afraid they will be angry and vomit blood.”


Ayaka came to the big city. She took a huge scale of gold and silver to the big jewelry store. She went to the big store because she was afraid that the smaller store couldn’t handle so many of her goods. However, the waiter was still shocked when Ayaka took out the mountains of gold and silver.

At first, the waiter looked at her as a child and didn’t believe that she was here to sell something. However, after looking at the gold and silver piled up all over the hall, sweat ran down her face, “She didn’t wipe out the treasury, did she?”

The actual situation was similar to what the waiter thought, Ayaka didn’t wipe the treasury, but she emptied all the pirates’ savings.

Watching the entire gold and silver, the waiters were busy counting the number while Ayaka was lying comfortably in the VIP room, holding a drink in her hand and sipping.

Finally, the store owner handed two bank cards to Ayaka as he wiped his sweat and trembled, “Miss, you brought 11 tons of gold, 18 tons of silver. Including the jewelry, you have a total of 3.67 billion Zeni!”

Ayaka smiled and took the two cards. With these, she didn’t have to worry about money in the future. One of the two cards held 3.6 billion, and the other contained 70 million, both with worldwide access.

After leaving the store, Ayaka went to the seafood market, ready to buy a few tons of fish.

Ayaka intended to go to Korin Tower and exchange the fish for some Senzu Beans from Korin. In her mind, Korin should like to eat fish. Moreover, many Dragon Ball fanfiction had talked about taking fish to exchange for Senzu Beans with Korin. Whether it was true or not, these fish weren’t worth much money anyway, so why not go ahead and try?

The Senzu Beans didn’t reflect much value in the early Dragon Ball story, except that they could make people full. However, at a later stage, it had become a life-saving magic weapon. Not only could it quickly return physical strength, but also instantly cure any injury. Unfortunately, the fat man, Yajirobe, overate it in the early stages, causing a severe shortage of Senzu Beans in the late Dragon Ball. Otherwise, Son Goku and others wouldn’t have to fight for it.

Ayaka had an immortal body, and her recovery ability was powerful. She wouldn’t need Senzu Beans. However, not everyone had the same physique as her. So, having some Senzu Beans on her could be used for the people around her in emergencies.

She asked the staff to divide the whole ten tons of fish into ten boxes and then pressed the button.

With a “bang”, there was a burst of white smoke, turning into ten tiny Capsules. Ayaka picked up the Capsules and put the boxes in it, then left the seafood market.

“The Capsule is really convenient. It can hold a box contains ten tons of fish.”


Sacred Land of Korin.

Korin Tower was located inside a forest near the Sacred Land of Korin, guarded by a special tribe.

Ayaka flew above the Sacred Land of Korin and saw a long tower soaring into the sky from afar. The top of which penetrated the clouds and was covered by white-capped puffy clouds.

“That’s the Korin Tower. It’s really tall! The ancestors of the earthlings didn’t seem simple enough to build such a miraculous structure.”

Legend said that it was impossible to reach the top of Korin Tower without climbing with bare hands. Although Ayaka scoffed at this legend and did not believe it much, the truth was that humans really couldn’t get to the top by transport, at least not yet.

Landing below Korin Tower, Ayaka observed up close.

The Korin Tower was built with a particular stone, carved with various totem patterns. Those totems might be the ancient human belief in the gods. Legend said that Korin inhabited the top of the tower. As long as one climbed to the top of the tower to get the Korin’s approval, one could take the Sacred Water to enhance their strength. This made many martial artists come to Korin to challenge the Korin Tower, giving Korin Tower a reputation as a sacred place.

Immortals did exist at the top of the tower, but Ayaka knew that Korin lived for an unknown number of years. It had lived in Korin Tower even before God.

“Stop right there! Who are you?”

A man’s voice came from behind her.

Ayaka saw a Karinga with stripes painted on his face, holding a bow and arrow, coming out of the forest. “Is that Bora, the Village Chief, father of Upa?”

Ayaka knew Bora. The number one assassin in the world, Mercenary Tao, killed him when he was protecting Korin Tower, and then Son Goku used the Dragon Balls’ power to revive him.

At this time, Bora was still relatively young. Behind him, a Karinga woman, carrying a baby in her arms. They should be Upa and his mother.

After Ayaka’s explanation, Bora put down the bow and arrow in his hand. Bora’s heart was full of good feelings for the girl who came to challenge Korin Tower at such a young age.

After teasing Upa, who was still sleeping peacefully in his swaddling clothes, Ayaka said goodbye to the Bora family and marched to Korin Tower.

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