Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 161


Without giving King Cold time to react, Ayaka launched another attack. After a test, she did not intend to keep it back. Her body darted in the direction of King Cold, leaving a few remnants in the sky, and her body had instantly arrived in front of King Cold.

For the sudden appearance of Ayaka without warning, King Cold’s cold pupils suddenly narrowed, and a sense of danger through the nerves to the brain. Nerve trembling, with a wealth of experience, King Cold quickly made a response, turning the direction to avoid the attack.

Seeing this, the corners of Ayaka’s mouth raised slightly. Her turquoise eyes flashed with a cold, stern light. Since she chose to attack, how could she let King Cold avoid it.

Her body wavered like a ghost, following the direction where King Cold had dodged and dashed up. Just a step in the void, it generated a cyclone visible to the naked eye. Those cyclones formed a huge ring of shock waves that stretched from the sky to the ground, surprisingly, the ground exploded.

The two tangled up and fought from the sky to the ground, and from the ground to the sky, rumbling explosions resounded through the sky. King Cold went to a lot of trouble to get rid of the other attack, but Ayaka always leisurely and easily pinned him to death.

“Such a persistent Super Saiyan!”

King Cold was furious. He shot a large wave of energy downward, but was easily dodged by his opponent without exception. At this time, he could already fully appreciate why the ancestors repeatedly stressed the fear of the Super Saiyan, this kind of boundless and unfathomable fellow was too difficult to deal with.

“Such a mistake! If I had known this before, I should have completely destroyed the Saiyans, and there would not be the scene today!” King Cold regrets. The arrogant father and son did not take their ancestor’s warning seriously, rather his youngest son Frieza was trying to eradicate the Saiyans for him. Unfortunately, the result was not clean. By the time the super Saiyans appeared, it was only when they ate the bitter fruit.

When the book was used, you hate it! The world was like this, but unfortunately it was too late to regret it now. A flash of light coalesced in her hands, Ayaka raised her right hand and sent a series of ki waves went towards King Cold.

Light blue energy waves turned into dozens of beams penetrated the air. Along the way, the atmosphere was stirred up, like boiling water in a boiler, expanding away to the surrounding area, revealing several vacuum lines. Large beams of energy accompanied by electric arcs, and in the crackling sound of electric arcs, it attacked like a vicious wolf towards King Cold.

Time froze.

“Not good!”

Sensing the heaven-destroying energy contained in the energy beam emitted by his opponent, King Cold’s face turned white and his ice-cold face twisted and distorted. A look of horror flashed by, and King Cold knew that each of those seemingly tiny ki waves was extremely terrifying, and could be fatal enough. One was already so terrifying, but there were at least a dozen dense beams of energy shooting towards him.

“How can this king be defeated so easily!”

King Cold roared madly, his cold face looked extraordinarily hideous, and actually opened his arms to try to block.

Suddenly! Bulge! Blitz!

There were several cracking sounds, and most of the energy beams were blocked by the shield in front of King Cold’s chest. However, three more energy beams penetrated the shield and struck directly at King Cold’s chest.

The three blue beams struck the chest and emitted a fiery electric light like a drill hitting a rock, burrowing through King Cold’s chest at once and then through his back, surprisingly penetrating King Kurd.

“Ah…” Several mouthfuls of blood gushed out, and King Cold looked at his penetrated chest in disbelief.

“Impossible. Was I defeated? Is this the Super Saiyan? Haha, cut the crap… Frieza you do not do a complete…”

“Ho!” Ayaka’s body appeared above King Cold. The golden hair in front of her forehead danced with the wind, and her bright aura raged and burned, sizzling in dynamic calm.

Her two turquoise eyes didn’t have a single fluctuation, looking at King Cold, like a god on high declaring the verdict, “The Frozen Clan has been doing wrong for a long time, today it will completely disappear from the universe, and the first one is you, King Cold!”

With that, Ayaka raised her arm, and her small white hand was clenched into a fist and pounded down on King Cold!

“Go to hell!”

A fist full of force fell, and the solid aura generated around the arm slammed down on King Cold’s skull. Suddenly, the sky seemed to be cracked as if covered with crystal cracks. Click, the sound of bones cracking sounded, King Cold’s head deformed, and his two eyes were covered with blood. The powerful force penetrated the body, and a large ring of shock waves converged a few dozen meters behind him with another series of terrifying cyclones meeting the ground and going.

After a short pause, King Cold suddenly accelerated, like a cannon shot from the chamber of a missile straight down.


After the deafening sound, the dust settled and the whole ground was completely unrecognizable. Red magma flowed in the gully, a pungent smell of sulfur spread out, the whole scene was like the end of days.

After making sure that King Cold was completely dead, Ayaka smiled gently. She destroyed the corpse and then flew away from the battlefield.


On the other hand, the merged Launch and metal Cooler were fighting to a standstill, gradually into the white heat.

After the transformation of the metal Cooler through the Big Gete Star technology, of course, the strength doubled to several hundred million combat power. However, Lancy and Launch were not bad. After a period of training in Grand Kai’s Planet, their individual strength had improved by leaps and bounds, and the combined body was comparable to Metal Cooler.

Ayaba flew far away, seeing Launch and Cooler couldn’t split the difference for a while, she accelerated towards Son Goku’s position.

In contrast, Son Goku was more in danger there.

When she flew to the battlefield of Son Goku and Frieza, she found that there were surprisingly cloudy, countless golden lightning struck down from the clouds, and a scene of the world connected.

On the side, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tian Shinhan and others had been seriously injured, especially Krillin. A hole had been opened in his abdomen, and blood could not stop flowing out, and he was already breathing in and out.

“What is this?” Ayaka’s eyes glazed over, stunned by their miserable appearance. Just one Frieza had made them so miserable.

She slapped her head and realized that she had actually made such a low-level mistake. It was true that Frieza was no longer powerful in her own eyes, but he still seemed unattainable to several Dragon Ball warriors!

She had not only underestimated Frieza, but also disguised as an overestimation of the strength of Goku and others. As the saying went, a hundred secrets and one oversight, fortunately did not lead to a big mistake.

To see Son Goku, who was confronting Frieza in the distance. At this time, Son Goku was full of indignation, his cold face was filled with killing intent with a burst of golden light flashing in his body.

See this situation, a smile of surprise crept onto her face. Ayaka’s eyebrows immediately rose, “It looks like this is Goku’s breakthrough to the Super Saiyan/ Krillin’s injury is not worthless!” Compared to the original Krillin, who was dead before prompting Son Goku to complete the Super Saiyan breakthrough, now only seriously injured was already very good.

“But his stomach broke open a big hole, it should be very painful, now is not the time to be happy!” Thinking about the surrounding people still injured all over the place, Ayaka quickly put away a smile. She then quickly walked next to Krillin and others, and gave them one Senzu Bean.

After eating the Senzu Beans, everyone quickly recovered. Ayame climbed up and complained to Ayaka with a face full of anger, “Mama, that white guy hit me so hard, Ayame was so hurt by him! You have to teach him a good lesson!”

“Really, Frieza is too strong, we did get a few hits before he put us down!” Yamcha said in shock.

“Thank you, fortunately you have enough Senzu Bean on you, otherwise I would have been in trouble!” Krillin patted his chest with a worried and frightened look.

“How is the battle going on your side?” Tian Shinhan asked.

“Don’t worry, King Cold has been killed by me.” Ayaka simply replied.

“Eh, what’s wrong with father?” Son Gohan looked in amazement at Son Goku who was surrounded by a faint golden glow.

“This is–“

Vegeta looked at the appearance of Sun Goku and his mouth opened wide. His heart flashed with an unbelievable guess, “Damn, this look actually so similar to that female Saiyan called Ayaka, could it be that Kakarot is about to become a Super Saiyan?”

The golden aura around Son Goku continued to become thicker and thicker, flickering and fading, yet still appearing unstable.

Ayaka looked away and affirmed, “Yes, it looks like Goku is about to become a Super Saiyan!”

Although he already had a number in mind, with the real affirmation from Ayaka, all of them could not help but shake their bodies, with shocked expressions in their eyes.

Goku was already so strong, if he became a Super Saiyan how strong he would become! Ayaka was the Super Saiyan, she was able to defeat King Cold in a short period of time, her power was very intuitive. That meant that the gap between them was getting bigger and bigger.

Vegeta’s face was gloomy, as if everyone owed him a large sum of money. Once upon a time, he always thought that the most qualified to become a Super Saiyan was himself, but now he was surpassed by two people. One of them was actually a Low-Level Warrior, and his heart was flooded with bitterness and powerful resentment.

Vegeta was not much resistance to the fact that Ayaka was a Super Saiyan. After all, the other party was the new Northern Empress who ruled the Northern territory.

But to Son Goku, Vegeta very unconvinced.

“But it was lucky to get the guidance of the New Northern Empress, and now it’s going to become a Super Saiyan!”

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