Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 162


The distant sky was distinctly gloomy, just like a whole bottle of ink poured out, black clouds overwhelmed the city.

The dusky air filled with thick smoke, Son Goku’s robust posture standing upright. His chest was bare, and his upper body clothing had been broken in the battle, leaving only a few torn strips of cloth around his waist fluttering in the wind.

“Sizzle” in a gentle sound, Son Goku’s teeth clenched. His whole body bursting with golden light, and his hair sometimes black and sometimes golden, constantly transformed. At the same time, a large swathe of twisted and stretched cyclone from his body ejected. Those cyclones were either rising up to dispel the clouds and fog, straight through the clouds; or swooping down to the earth, but more in all directions such as the tiger whistling ape cry to spread.

The golden folded as if the gods descended from the world, mighty and extraordinary!

When Frieza saw this scene, he could not help but reveal a stunned expression. The distance between the two people was not far, so it was the best way to experience the changes in each other. It was no exaggeration to say that at this time, with alternating hair color black and gold Son Goku’s body was undergoing a huge change, and the aura was rising.

This change brought great pressure on Frieza.

Hawking, a few muffled sounds, more than a hundred golden lightning cut through the clouds, swooping down from a height of 10,000 meters. A large golden snake snaking and twisting, showing the charm of the top energy. As if to swallow the world, along with the golden lightning descending, a surge of appalling aura spurts out.

At this point,Son Goku roared in place, the vast and majestic breath along with the sound wave began to rise. At the same time, the flicker of golden light around the body stopped, the body was wrapped in a thick layer of ki flame, as if there is an endless supply of fuel for replenishment crazy burning. The black hair was instantly transformed into a golden yellow, and the black eyes were replaced by turquoise pupils.

This was the Super Saiyan!

Looking at the golden flame burning high in the air, and the expression of the cold Son Goku, everyone felt a pressure at the same time. They were overwhelmed by the perfection presented by the Super Saiyan.

f the process of transformation was turbulent and shocking, then the perfect Super Saiyan was mature within the waves of unrest.

“Dad…. transform into a Super Saiyan!” Son Gohan opened his mouth with a face of adoration.

“Great, Goku’s ki became so strong all of a sudden, much stronger than Frieza. This time Frieza must not be a match.” Yamcha said excitedly.

“That’s the Super Saiyan? Damn, surprisingly I was surpassed by Son Goku again.” Piccolo’s gaze focused, his eyes revealed shock, and his heart was extremely unsettled.

Likewise, Vegeta also looked at the Son Goku who became a Super Saiyan. His face was like an ancient well, but a trace of doubt flashed through his heart, “Strange, the same Super Saiyan, Kakarot’s ki looks much lower than the female Saiyan called Ayaka. Is there a difference between the strength and weakness of the Super Saiyan?”

Once you think of the Super Saiyan, there might be strong and weak, Vegeta’s heart rose a trace of excitement, and his two eyes were hot. Then, it must still be because of the bloodline! Could it be that the Super Saiyan was not a power level, but only a transformation state?

Therefore, Vegeta confident rose. If only he could transform into a Super Saiyan, it was not hopeless to surpass Kakarot.

“Super Saiyan State, I must reach as soon as possible.”

As the prince of the Saiyans, Vegeta couldn’t be surpassed by the inferior warriors for too long. He needed to bridge the gap and thus become the strongest warrior among the Saiyans.

Ayaka narrowed her eyes. Her face lightly revealed a smile as she looked at Son Goku’s power level, “Goku’s Super Saiyan transformation was broken in a state of rage. There is still a lack of control over the transformation, if he can really master the transformation at will like the original when he returned from Planet Yardart, his strength can be doubled several times!”

The outburst in the state of anger was mandatory to cross into the Super Saiyan State, and the control of the Super Saiyan power was slightly lacking. Not as watery as Ayaka’s initial transformation, his power level couldn’t be the same as Ayaka’s initial transformation, surging to nearly 100 million.

“But with46 million power level, it is more than enough to deal with Frieza.”

High in the air, the sizzling flame calmly burning, and Son Goku’s face expressionless face rigid flying in the air. A pair of turquoise eyes without a trace of emotion, staring at Frieza.

In fact, when he saw the other side in the battle just now, Frieza had a sense of foreboding. Sure enough, this ominous premonition came true, this abominable Saiyan turned out to be a Super Saiyan, the power suddenly exceeded him.

Super Saiyan, the appearance of one on Planet Namek had already frightened Frieza, but now there was another one, and even broke through in the battle with himself.

At this moment, Frieza’s face was bitter. He wanted to slap himself twice, knowing that the other party was a Saiyan, but he didn’t kill the other party at the beginning. Now he turned out to be a Super Saiyan whose strength far exceeded his own, and that mindset of playing eventually led to bitter consequences.

“This is a joke. I Universe Emperor Frieza can not die here!”

“I need to escape!” Frieza knew that he was no match, he had to find a way back for himself, the answer decisively chose to escape.

Phew! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A series of energy waves flung from his hands. These energy waves dense throughout the sky, like a cannonball to form a huge coverage network, followed by the outbreak of a deafening explosion. Taking advantage of the visual barriers created by the explosion, Frieza turned around and sped away, turning into a stream of light towards the universe.

Reality was such a bone. There were not many options for Frieza, this time it was impractical to rely on his father and big brother, not to mention that they could not rescue him in time, looking at the female Saiyan standing in the distance and watching this side, perhaps his father was already in a bad way. Looking to Cooler to save himself, it was better to dream!

Frieza’s escape speed was fast, looking to break out of the atmosphere. When he saw the deep background of outer space, he revealed a smile, the joy of survival after the robbery let him forget the failure suffered earlier.

“You seriously wounded Krillin and my companion, and you want to escape like this? Stay for me, Frieza!” Son Gokus cold voice suddenly sounded next to his ears.

The golden light brushed by, Son Goku had stopped in front of him.

Like seeing a ghost, Frieza’s heart trembled. He then roared in despair, he even rushed toward Son Goku, apparently wanted to fight for his life!


As in the original, Frieza turned into an opponent of the Super Saiyan Son Goku. The strength of the two was not at all on a par, not more than two times Frieza had been bruised. Like a dog, he completely lost his heroic posture as the Emperor of the Universe.


The bright and dazzling ki chop round and lightly fly over, all the way to cut away everything, but the result –

The look was stunned, the smile stiffened on his face. How could Frieza not have thought that his full force of the attack actually played off, and his move ended up hitting himself by mistake.

His body split in two, his left arm was broken, and his upper body and lower body were completely separated.

“How could…” Frieza’s face was bleak.

“What a sad downfall, but you are to blame for all this!”

Son Goku expressionlessly said, surprisingly turned his back on Frieza and walked away.

“Saiyan, I must kill you!” Left with only the upper body, Frieza didn’t know where to get the strength. He flew up and stretched out his claws to Son Goku, trying to die with Son Goku.

Sensing the movement of Frieza behind, “You’re looking for death!” Son Goku changed his position, ready to give Frieza a death blow. Just at this time a faint figure appeared in the middle of the two, before he struck to Frieza, the figure was fast and swift, in a flash it held Frieza’s wrist, and then force.


Son Goku unexpectedly saw that Frieza’s two eyes whitened deeply set into the rock layer, the forehead between the eyebrows had a fist-sized depression.

Ayame shook her head, smiling, “You are still not decisive enough to the enemy. An enemy like Frieza, should be completely humanely destroyed!”

Son Goku froze and laughed in embarrassment. After he exited the Super Saiyan State, his golden aura disappeared, and his hair and eyes returned to their normal color.

There, Krillin greeted excitedly, and slapped Sun Goku chest hard. “Goku, you’re awesome, to defeat Frieza!”

“If not in time to break through into that what Super Saiyan, the final result can really hang!” Yamcha breathed a long sigh of relief.

“Although Frieza was destroyed, but unfortunately, the environment of Planet Namek also ruined!”

Looking around the face of Namekian, Piccolo regrettably sighed, the planet no longer had the kind of nostalgic atmosphere that he missed.

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