Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 163


The ancient Planet Namek, with its pleasant climate, was a planet where life flourished and flourished, but after the climate change, the traces of life on it declined very quickly. After hundreds of years of rest and recuperation, Planet Namek temporarily recovered a little, but now it had been hit by a devastating disaster.

This time the disaster was even more serious than the last climate change, and had already hurt the planet’s foundation.

In addition to the continental plate fracture magma spurts, there were pits and potholes everywhere after the battle, full of devastation, as if through the relentless blow of countless nuclear bombs, the planet’s rotation cycle and orbit had been slightly deviated. There was also the dizzying rise of thick smoke emitting fire, the pungent odor made people very uncomfortable.

As in the original story, Planet Namek was finished. Even if the planet could still be preserved, it was no longer suitable for the reproduction of life, the good planet was destroyed in this way, how could people not regret!

King Cold and Frieza had been killed, there was only Cooler left. Piccolo asked, “The guy called Cooler, can Launch and Lancy deal with it?”

Ayaka smiled brightly, a charming smile on her pretty face, “The girls’s strength is very strong, Cooler is not yet an opponent. It should be almost time to count.” Although they were far away from the battlefield of Cooler and the girls, their keen senses were always watching the battle there.

Compared to Piccolo’s surprise, Ayaka was much more confident in her chest. She felt the two breaths in the distance, representing Cooler’s that was decaying sharply, in contrast, the merged state of the girls was still bitterly strong.

Piccolo smiled with relief, he had seen the strength of the girls, but had been unable to touch the bottom. However, he thought it was not weak!

At this time, the North Kai’s voice appeared in everyone’s mind, the tone was very excited, “Haha …… good news, just now Metal Cooler has been defeated by the girls. Haha, I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. You have done a good job, the Frozen Clan finally died out, the North Area can be considered peaceful!”

This time, North Kai did not restrict himself to a particular person, and everyone present heard his voice.

For the sudden sound of strange voice, Son Goku and others were very alert, and thought that there was a big enemy attack. Their actions seemed a bit comical to Ayaka, who grinned, couldn’t help but giggle, and explained, “The one who spoke is the North Kai, the ruler of the entire North Area.”


“That’s right, I am the Kai, the ruler of the North Area. I am ashamed to say that over the years, the Frozen Clan has been a powerful force in the North Area, brutalizing countless living beings, and I could not do anything about them. But now it is good, Frieza is dead, King Cold and Cooler are also dead, the North Area can finally be peaceful. I would like to express my gratitude to you, you are the credit of the North Area.” North Kai said with high sincerity.

Understand what was going, Son Goku and others feel a little embarrassed, scratching their heads, “Oh, in fact, we did not help much, Frieza, King Cold, Cooler are killed by Ayaka and the girls.”

North Kai laughed aloud, “No need to be modest, your name is Son Goku, after all these years, the Super Saiyan surprisingly reappeared, and two at once. Moreover, Ayaba, if not for today’s attention to Planet Namek, I would not have known that you are actually a Super Saiyan.”

Ayaka smiled sarcastically and did not answer the question. North Kai was not aware of every thing that happened in the North Area, like the fact that Ayaka was a Super Saiyan, which had been exposed a few times in the North Area, but North Kai did not necessarily know until he got excited to explore. In fact, North Kai was not Supreme Kai, he just more than ordinary people to understand a channel of information.

If this channel was not used well, he might not know what happened to the entire North Area. Some planets above the arrangement of Gods, in addition to protecting the planet where they were, also play a role in the transmission of alerts.

If you count Broly, who was defeated by Ayaka, there were not two Super Saiyans. In fact, there were three.

Even though Broly had suffered a fatal blow, she didn’t think Broly would die so easily, based on the Legendary Super Saiyan’s outrageous life force.

In the end of a short conversation with North Kai, everyone looked relaxed. The strongest three Frozan Clan had all been killed, and the remaining cosmonauts were a piece of cake.

The whistling light wind blew, the skyline appeared two black shadows, Launch and Lancy were flying towards this side, and arrived in front of them in a flash.

“What a hard work!” Ayaka reached out and handed out two Senzu Beans.

Lancy gently shook her head. She did not take them, but said, “We also have Senzu Beans, we already ate them when we came back.”

Nodding lightly, Ayaka remembered that they also had quite a lot of stock in their hands, so she put the Senzu Beans in her hand back. This stuff needed to be used one by one, it was better to try to save a little.

The battle was over, everyone was relaxed, Tian Shinhan looked at the severely damaged ground, and said, “Planet Namek damage is very serious, but the good thing is not completely destroyed, as long as the Dragon Balls here, it will soon be able to recover.”

“But the Namekians have moved to a new planet and should not move back.”


“Well, let’s move around and get rid of all those cosmopolitans and go back to Earth!” Krillin said with a twinkle of excitement in his eyes.

In this suggestion, everyone quickly agreed. One by one, they were itching to get up. If the cosmonauts were weak, they were at least stronger than the Earthlings, and if they returned to Earth, they wouldn’t even have a chance to fight.

Among them, Ayame’s reaction was the strongest. With the small face fierce and angry face, children were the most vengeful. The previous hatred of being bullied by Frieza was instantly transferred to his men.

Just when the decision to sweep the tail, a beam of energy sped over, the target was exactly Son Goku and others.

“Watch out!”

Son Goku’s sharp-eyed immediately saw that the attack was launched from the mountain, the target was Yamcha. Between lightning and fire, Son Goku flashed in the void and decisively struck out, kicking Yamcha away.

“What’s going on?”

Yamcha was confused for a moment, why did the good Son Goku kick him away. His body just landed on the ground, only to hear a buzzing sound, in the place where he was originally standing was issued a burst. A bowl-sized melt hole appeared in the ground, the surrounding earth layer was surprisingly high temperature melted into liquid.

Seeing this scene Yamcha secretly said good luck, cold sweat immediately flowed down. If not for the timely action of Son Goku, he would have reported to the Other-Wworld.

“What the hell?”

Everyone was furious, flames burning in several pairs of angry eyes. The strongest enemy had already been eliminated, so who was the one who struck? How could a mere minion dare to be so arrogant? That was not good enough! They turned his head and swept his eyes to the side of the hill.

With a hint of doubt and anger, if the gaze could destroy the target, that hill would have been razed.

A few clicks rang out, and when they saw the other party’s true face clearly, they all revealed a look of dismay.


“How is it Cooler, wasn’t he wiped out by the girls?”

“He’s not dead yet?”

Appearing at the top of the hill was a lime green figure, surprisingly it was Metal Cooler who should have been wiped out!

“It shouldn’t be, I clearly wiped him out!” Launch was also very puzzled, clearly destroyed him to the point that not even the remnants were left, how did he appear again intact on the mountain?

Compared to the enemy who just appeared in Planet Namek at that moment of tension, a mere metal Cooler was not put in their eyes. It was not, their side now had two Super Saiyans, and two combined forces could defeat Cooler, and a mere metal Cooler, wasn’t he seeking death?

But next, something that made Son Goku more horrified happened to them. One, two, one after another green figure emerged from behind the rock, in a moment, it had surrounded Ayaka and others, the number must be at least thousands.

“What a…. joke?” The smile disappeared, and Krillin’s face turned a little white.

“This is a lot!!!”

“How to deal with so many Cooler!”

At this moment, both Son Goku, who could transform into a Super Saiyan, and Piccolo as well as Vegeta could not be calm. A metal Cooler required the combined efforts of the twogirls to deal with, and here there were thousands of them. Several hundred thousand of them against one person, even Ayaka couldn’t bear it.

Yes, now even Ayaka’s face was extremely ugly. The power of a few Cooler she did not take into account, there were Senzu Beans in hand, and even more numbers could not withstand her to destroy one by one, but Son Goku and others were not opponents!

Extremely strong individuals did not fear the combination of weak individuals, even if their numbers were huge, the effect of the attack was not stackable. For example, Ayabk’s ability to withstand 10,000 points of energy attacks, while the metal Cooler attack only a mere 100 points, imagine 10,000 metal Cooler bombarded her, how could she not be harmed?

A series of 100 came out and hit on Ayaka, was she able to withstand the strongest 10,000.

The answer was no!

“Girls, take Goku and the others back to Earth immediately!”

“Good, Lancy, one of us, move quickly!” Launch knew how powerful the metal Cooler. He was much more powerful than the ordinary Super Saiyan, and it was easy to kill Son Goku and the others, so she did not dare to stay for a moment. She launched Instant Transmission to bring Son Goku and the others back to Earth.

These metal Cooler could only be handed over to Ayaka.

By the time the girls left with the others, only Ayaka and tens of thousands of metal Cooler remained in place.

Boom! A proud and cold golden flame burns, Ayaka re-entered the Super Saiyan State, and all of a sudden the power raised to the extreme. In the previous battle with King Cold she did not take out her full strength.

In a matter of moments, there was a violent shaking in Planet Namek, the magma in the core of the earth began to surge and stir by the pull of Ayaka’s powerful force. Hot lava shot out from the fractured plates of the earth, the moisture in the air boiled like ignited gasoline. The swish turned into a hazy mist, the temperature of the air rose by nearly a hundred degrees, and the heat wave engulfed everything, as if it were a living hell.

“Female Saiyan, in front of my Cooler army, what is your personal strength?” An overlapping voice echoed in the air.

He thought he could overwhelm himself with numbers?

“Arrogant and cocky!”

Ayaka laughed coldly indifferently. The full power of Super Saiyan was not something that could be defeated by sheer numbers. Metal Cooler’s power level couldn’t even beat Android 17, so how could he defeat Ayaka at full power.

Ayaka’s turquoise eyes wavered slightly in divine light, and mentally made a decision.

“In order to prevent the emergence of leakage, it can only be completely erased from the universe along with Planet Namek!”

To know, as long as one of the metal Cooler escaped, it could replicate thousands of them, and even the appearance of hundreds of millions was not impossible,. In order to ensure that nothing could go wrong, the most reliable way was to erase the Cooler along with Planet Namek.

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