Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 164


When Ayaka made a judgment, metal Cooler also received the instructions from the core body. A large number of metal bodies began to move at the same time, densely scattered from different directions towards Ayaka’s direction. Immediately, the land and sky were filled with the silhouette of Cooler everywhere, and when she looked up, she saw a green blur.  

The ubiquitous Cooler overwhelmingly did create a strong visual effect, but Ayaka did not have too much to worry about. The corners of her lips lightly raised, looked askance and said, “The individual looks pretty good, but the number of ornamental will not work. It’s the same as a flood of locusts.”

Cooler’s face hung with a faint smile, the angular and stiff metal face was chilled. “Humph, you’re trying to show off, and is still arrogant now. Later you will know my power!” One of his metal body was eliminated by Launch before, which already made him compare his own strength. Compared to the single body strength he might not be as good as the other side. However, Cooler had his backing, the number of men was his strength. In the thousands of metal body under a series of attacks, he believed that even the Super Saiyan couldn’t resist.

Time ticked away. A smile appeared at the corner of his stiff mouth, ‘I wondered which metal body moved first.’ A swarm of metal bodies transformed into lightning next, and the emerald green light immediately shuttled through the air. Thousands of them, staining the sky green. Snapped, the flesh of the flesh of the fist cutting a brief curve. Ayaka’s eyes blinked, accidentally punched, just “coincidentally” hit a metal Cooler body.

“Uh, the green light shines, it stings the eyes hardly!”

Who would believe it? The metal body that was hit stared at the eyes.

A huge force was transmitted from the chest, and the metal Cooler was hit hard in the back bulge, and then glided along the ground as if it were a cannonball shot at full speed. With a loud bang, the metal body hit the mountain range 10,000 meters away and disappeared after incredibly penetrating the mountain range.

The overwhelming force had dispersed part of it when it hit the metal Cooler, and the rest was borne by the mountain range during the impact. However, it was this second collision that caused the entire mountain range, which stretched for tens of thousands of miles to collapse and become history once and for all.

“Although it is not a flesh and blood body, but the feel is not bad!” Blowing lightly on the white fist, Ayaka revealed a charming smile.

With a single move, a metal body was disintegrated.

“This ……” Metal Cooler sucked in a breath of cold air and reacted violently, his heart bursting with fire. He narrowed his eyes, “This female Super Saiyan is surprisingly strong! Oh, but this is interesting, she can block one of my doppelgangers, but I do not believe she can block all my doppelgangers together! Kevlar Cooler Legion, full attack!”


An overlapping shout echoed over with an aura like ten thousand horses galloping. Moreover, each horse was a powerful existence that was enough to obliterate a galaxy.

The evil light swept through the eye sockets, countless suspended in the air metal kevlar gradually formed a formation, and then in a certain formation towards Ayaka advance. If one didn’t work, then together, the pile would all pile the opponent to death. These are all completed in an instant, what Ayaka had to face was a row of rows and rows of metal bodies.

However, in another way, Ayaka also never wanted to fight with the metal Cooler one-on-one. The wheel war was the second most unappealing, and the important thing was to waste time. Ayaka wanted to wipe him out of the universe together with Planet Namek.

“Phew!” Golden light swooped into the midst of the vast army, blurred figures in the formation of a Cooler weaving, the sound of tinkling knocking incessantly heard, “Poof!!!” Countless greenish metal bodies seemed to be off-line kite like shaking down from high in the air.

The energy was at full power, and it was almost a punch. With a kick, the small, flexible body was like a heavy crusher, encountering those who dared to get in the way, all crushed. Metal Cooler was beaten by Ayaka without the ability to fight back. After the destruction of the metal body, a mess of limbs and broken bodies fell with a clatter, and soon, the following became a green metal dump.

“Bastard! How can she be so strong?” Metal Cooler broke into a cuss. After seeing Ayaka’s strength, he could no longer calm down. That super Saiyan was too perverted, killing him was as simple as crushing ants, and if this went on for long, even more metal doppelgangers would not be enough to consume ah!

He must took the initiative! Instantly. All metal Cooler agreed, regardless of whether they were on the ground or in the sky, they all converged together in a spherical gesture to cover the entire sky.

“Death Ball!”

Overlapping shouts rang out, and the dense crimson balls of light intersected in the sky. The terrifying energy gradually formed a dense and impermeable giant net and came towards Ayaka.

“It’s a bit interesting!” Ayaka revealed a hint of surprise and spread her hand. The huge energy chop leapt out and swayed from side to side on Ayaka’s palm. “White Moon Slash, go!” With a soft chant, the blue-white energy chop came out of her hand, and steeply enlarged the moment it left her hand, turning into a huge disc thousands of meters in diameter in an instant.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of Cooler’s death balls landed on top of the White Moon Slash without exception.

In one moment, the roar resounded through the sky, and the terrifying explosion generated incomparably hot heat, burning the sky red at once. At the same time that the amazing power of the explosion tumbled out of the terrifying cyclone, in order to overturn the sea spread out, a burst of shock waves in tens of times hundreds of times the speed of sound spread throughout the planet, and meet on the other side of the planet.

After the violent impact, Ayabk’s White Moon Slash didn’t dissipate, but impartially continued to follow the original trajectory, swallowing up the entire sky in a matter of seconds. The entire sky infested with the green figure of Metal Cooler, surprisingly, broke out of a circular cavity, the metal body that was hit head-on instantly turned into smoke and dust.


The entire sky became silent. The Cooler legion was frozen. That burning golden light flame, the beautiful blue-eyed figure looked as terrifying as a demon to him at that moment.

Was Super Saiyan really invincible?

Metal Cooler had experienced great joy and great sorrow, and was already on the verge of losing confidence. Dead silence, the opponent was so powerful, he could not recapture the former glory of the Frozen Clan.

When fighting he was still dumbfounded, especially against a strong opponent. Ayaka, of course, could not let go of such an opportunity. While the Cooler Legion was lost in thought quickly flew up, a stream of light flashed. Ayaka flew through the open area cleaved by the White Moon Slash, and soon flew out of the atmosphere to the high altitude orbit a million kilometers away from Planet Namek.

Her clear eyes were cold and incomparable, and her turquoise eyes were firmly fixed on the planet below. The original green Planet Namek had now become grayish yellow, passing through the thick smoke one could actually see a hint of red lava.

On the side of the grayish-yellow planet, Aykba noticed a huge silvery-white object creeping close to Planet Namek like a giant tree with roots, and that was the technological core that controlled all the metal Cooler – Big Gete Star!

“Planet Namek, you follow the Cooler and disappear!”

With a soft sigh, her hands were crossed, and a bright light was generated from her palms. Followed by a flash of thunder, the energy in her hands slowly converged and took shape, gradually turning into a basketball-sized silver-white ball of energy, surrounded by ghostly blue arcs of electricity crackling and flashing. A terrible aura emanated out, as if knowing the end was coming, Planet Namek became terrified and shifted unwillingly in orbit.

Snort! The silver-white ball of energy in Ayaka’s hand solidified and thinned, then steeply expanded into a huge thunderbolt a thousand meters in diameter!

“Heavenly Thunder Shock Surprise!”

Softly shouted, the huge ball of thunder and lightning puffed a few times. The dazzling light spread out to obscure the bright light of the planet at once, and the whole starry sky was compared to the shocking scene of the Heavenly Thunder Shock Surprise. With a rumbling sound, the terrifying ball of lightning passed through the atmosphere and came crashing down towards the continent.

The air was stirred up, the earth began to tremble, and the magma burst out of the earth’s surface, dispersing a dazzling red light as if it were a blooming flower, as if to play the last song for the end of the planet.

Cooler angled his head to witness the massive attack. The strong light stung all the metal body, and he couldn’t help but squint his eyes and shield his hands. The mutation of Planet Namek had already stunned Cooler. Seeing the huge thunder coming at him and feeling the destructive energy contained within, how could he not understand what was coming and his whole being went crazy.

“No! I can’t die here!” His face twisted and roared.

In the midst of his reluctant roar, the Heavenly Thunder Shock Surprise landed on Planet Namek. Almost instantly, the plate broke completely, and the tremendous energy knocked right through the crust and mantle, extending all the way to the core of the earth. The core of the Big Gete Planet was also inevitably annihilated.


In the quiet and secluded starry sky, Ayaka watched from afar as the last glory of Planet Namek erupted, followed by the earth-shattering planetary explosion but appeared slightly lost in color.

“So, the Frozen Clan has disappeared, but unfortunately, Planet Namek can not be saved!”

Ayaka was very confident that all the metal bodies had been destroyed. There was a loss and a gain. At the expense of Planet Namek, the Frozen Clan was completely buried, and it was impossible to say whether it was a gain or a loss. However, as far as the North Area was concerned, the eradication of the Frozen Clan was a huge victory.

Just as she was about to move to leave, she noticed that the three nearby planets had undergone some subtle changes. With the disappearance of Planet Namek and the spread of the tremendous energy that bombarded the planet, the balance of the three planets systems was broken. What followed would be chaos in this planetary system, and perhaps the planet would compete with each other. Of course, she couldn’t rule out the possibility that the three planets would break up.

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