Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 165


After the destruction of Planet Namek, another six months passed. After a cooling-off period, the Dragon Balls of Earth once again resumed their functions, and according to the previous agreement, Son Goku and the others gathered the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron out.

Above the Lookout, the golden bright light burst out from the seven beads gathered to a piece, rocketing upward. The dark clouds that covered the sky hovered and gradually converged, shrouding the sky in a black curtain. It was not clear what the difference was between the dark clouds of Shenron’s appearance and the black clouds of a thunderstorm day in the Lower Realm, that they could obscure a place like the Lookout.

“Shenron, please resurrect the Namekians who were killed in Planet Namek within six months.” Son Wukong spoke his wish to Shenron and then waited quietly.

In the dark clouds, the mighty Shenron hovered its long green body, and its loud voice rang out in the sky, “This wish is easy and can be granted!”

Buzz, red light flashed, and the eyes of Shenron lit up with a blood-colored glow. This was Shenron exerting its divine power.

At the same time, far away on the other side of the universe on the planet New Namek, those Namekians whose dead bodies had been preserved intact slowly opened their eyes, with a trace of confusion in their eyes, having all been revived. When the Naamekians who were responsible for guarding the corpses of their clan members saw them come back to life, their faces showed surprise, and then they immediately reported to the Grand Elder.

After learning of the situation, the Grand Elder leaned back against his seat with a relieved look on his face, “Oh, this is the power of the Earth Dragon Balls, and the Earthlings have kept their promise to summon Shenron and bring back all the dead clansmen.”

The Grand Elder was of high status, and the Narmekians who were summoned were immediately convinced when they heard the Grand Elder said so, and then talked about it. The Dragon Balls also existed on Earth? This made them very surprised. Previously, they only heard the Elders ask everyone to preserve the corpses of their clansmen, but they never thought that they would be revived with the help of the Dragon Balls on Earth! But the Dragon Balls over there could actually resurrect so many people at once, which surprised them a lot.

Hearing the clan’s noisy discussion, Nail frowned unhappily, and then reprimanded them to stop the seemingly “endless” discussion.

“Is Moori here?” An old voice rang out.

“I am here, Grand Elder.”

A short, fat, elderly Namikians man stepped out of the crowd and listened to the Grand Elder with a reverent face.

The Grand Elder picked himself up, his vicissitudes of face looked at the Namekian named Moori, and said in a deep tone, “Well, you have excellent ability of dragon race, from today, you are the Grand Elder of the new Namekian!”

What, the Grand Elder was actually going to abdicate! All at once all the Namekian revealed a shocked look, and looked panicked as they spoke out to try to change the Grand Elder’s mind.

The Grand Elder’s abdication was a bolt from the blue for them!

However, this was something that the Grand Elder had decided long ago, and the crowd’s exhortations could not change the Grand Elder’s resolution.

“Everyone do not argue, I am old, many things are beyond my ability. Although the magical fruit sent by the Earthlings has added more than ten years of life to me, the reconstruction of New Planet Namek needs a new Grand Elder to lead. Moori, I hope you can let the Dragon Balls continue to play luster, proper use of the Dragon Balls!”

Seeing the unquestionable attitude of the Grand Elder, Moori nodded helplessly, “Yes!”


“Your wish has been granted, goodbye!”

The seven Dragon Balls rose high into the sky in a dazzling bright light, then split into seven, turning into white stones scattered all over the world. The dark clouds in the sky dispersed, and the sky returned to azure.

“The dark clouds just now is a vision generated by the Dragon Balls, that the Namekian really resurrected?” Vegeta leaning against a tree, cold face through a few curious.

“Ha, they certainly resurrected. The Earth Dragonball can resurrect many people at once, but beyond the ability of the maker can not be achieved! For example, killing Frieza, Shenron can not achieve a wish like that.”

“Che, so the Dragon Ball is not much.”

Vegeta disdainfully turned away. He stayed in the temple in order to see the power of the Dragon Balls.

However, after hearing the limitations of the Dragon Ball, he immediately lost interest in the Dragon Ball. Even Frieza could not be killed, the Dragon Ball was no longer magical. He had to rely on its own efforts to surpass Son Goku.

“Kakarot, I am now temporarily overtaken by you, but soon I will defeat you! And that woman named Ayaka, I, Vegeta sooner or later will make you look up!” With that, Vegeta jumped down the Lookout without looking back.

“Haha, Goku, you seem to be on his radar.” Krillin teasingly elbowed Son Goku.

Son Goku laughed and said, “Vegeta’s not weak, I have a feeling he’ll surprise me the next time we meet.”

“Yes, you Saiyans are really perverted, the potential is deep.” Expressing agreement with Son Goku’s words, Krillin’s face showed a few moments of concern.

To say that Vegeta’s potential was far more than theirs, the Saiyan bloodline should never be underestimated. Not to mention that Vegeta was someone with top talent, don’t look as if they were countless times more powerful than Vegeta now, if not for the help of Ayaka, perhaps their strength would not even give Vegeta the qualification of shoes. As long as he was given the goal, Vegeta’s strength would definitely skyrocket. More importantly, Vegeta was not a kind person! Leaving him on Earth was a blessing and a curse!

However, Krillin was also clear that Vegeta did not dare to mess up. This point made his heart a little comfort.

Son Goku and them would not be angry because of Vegeta’s words, but Ayame was different. In her heart, mama was the most important, must not be slandered by anyone. After listening to Vegeta arrogant words before leaving, Ayame was very angry. Her face was red and filled with righteous indignation, “Humph, even I can not beat the guy, there is nothing to drag. How dare you say to surpass mama! Next time I’ll teach him a lesson.”

“Eh? That, he doesn’t seem to be slandering Auntie.” Son Gohan corrected in a whisper.

Immediately, Ayame’s angry eyes were cast over, and Son Gohan was startled and fled behind Son Goku in fear.


“But then again, where’s Ayaka gone? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her.” Yamcha looked around, the Earth’s strongest people were basically all here, but only Kami Ayaka was not seen.

Back to Earth in those few days, according to the strength of the people in the circle of the final harvest of the next Planet Namek, Vegeta also came to Earth to Ayaba asked some questions. At that time, Vegeta was very “modest.” He came over to ask what he did not understand, and then he asked for understanding to sit alone and meditate under a tree. When he felt it was almost time to come over to challenge Ayaka, he was beaten and defeated, wounded and asked again, and so on.

Because he was so arrogant when he left, he didn’t have the consciousness of respecting the teacher at all.

“Ooo, I also have not seenm ama for a few days, I heard that these days seems to have some big breakthrough, and has gone into seclusion!”

“Eh? Isn’t auntie already a Super Saiyan? What other breakthrough can there be?”

“Idiot, I have taught you things, have you forgotten? How can there be an end to cultivation. If the strength is strong, it can be surpassed again!” Piccolo yelled at Son Gohan with an ugly face.

Son Gohan immediately shrunk his head back. Speaking of which, Son Gohan was far more afraid of Piccolo than of Chi-Chi. As for Son Goku, in Gohan’s eyes. he was a good father.

“So powerful, so soon there is a breakthrough. I wonder when I will be able to surpass her!” Son Goku lifted his energy and clenched his fist in a spirit of exhilaration. After the original breakthrough to Super Saiyan made him a little confused. He was not sure of the future direction, but Ayame’s performance made him dispel the fog in front of him,. There was a strong person in front for him to surpass, there was nothing more than this to make him happy.

“Haha, anyway, we are hopeless. Well, it is better to intensify the training, so that you do not fall too far behind!” Krillin laughed sarcastically.

“Us too!”

There were not a few people with the same fate.


Hyperbolic Time Chamber, in the white boundless space.

Ayaka was dressed in an avant-garde style of weight-bearing clothes. Her legs were coiled and floating in the air, and her two arms were coiled and intertwined in a thoughtful manner. A circle of transparent aura around the emanation, such as a mirage, so that the space produced some subtle distortions.

On the other side, the merged Launch and Lancy was constantly practicing.

After half a day, Ayaka, who had been a monk in a state of meditation, stretched her limbs, her feet touched the ground, and a round of light wind with the ground thick white dust slightly raised. Calm, relaxed, silent, but the next moment, the fierce terror aura spread without warning. such as a tornado, the golden hair swayed under the action of the cyclone, a few clusters of golden hair on the forehead rose to the sky, and a few traces of lightning flashes up outside the golden flame.

Uh, the girls sensed the change of Ayaka, and stopped cultivation to look up towards her side.

On this side, Ayaka re-floated and rose up, her body hanging upright in the air. The leather jacket of the upper body clings to the exquisite body, slightly loose under the chest, the hem was blown up by the strong whirlwind, revealing the delicate skin. Under the denim skirt two white and tender thighs are exposed, but at the moment they were covered by the burning gas flame.

“Ayaka is going to break through the Super Saiyan?” The girls opened her mouth wide.


As if a thin string snapped, the film that isolated the power was pierced at once, and the realm that had been suppressed for several years was finally released.


The golden flames of the sky burst out abruptly, the spread of ki caused The girls could not help but take several steps backward. Subsequently, m more terrifying and deep whirlwind circled up, layer upon layer, wave after wave, such as the blooming lotus flower, flawless in revealing noble and elegant. The entire spirit of the Time Chamber’s calm was broken by the terrifying cyclone, riotous to the extreme airflow filled every corner of the space.

The girls gulped, the real suffocating oppressive feeling, as if a substantial weight pressed in the heartland.

The golden light, silver-white electric arcs continue to “sizzle”, occasionally meeting, a crackling sound.

Ayaka’s entire body was wrapped in electric arcs, and the golden hair stood more erect. However, perhaps the female Saiyan hair was longer than that of men, with the flame erect hair only the forehead and two sideburns, the back of the head and shaved to the shoulders of the long hair only a slight warp, not like Son Goku rose to the sky.

Quietly fall to the ground, at this moment, the white dust rolled up more obvious.

Glancing at the edge of the field of vision silver-white arc crackling flicker, feeling the powerful energy flowing through the body, Ayaka could not help but roar.

“Finally, I reached the second stage of Super Saiyan!”

Feeling the suffocating pressure coming from Ayaka from afar, The girls both surprised and enviously looked. At this time, Ayaka who was wrapped in lightning looked so dashing and moving.

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