Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 166


“Is this the transformation above Super Saiyan?” The girls jaw dropped.

Ayaka was surrounded by silver arcs of electricity, the crackling of lightning wandering in the golden flame, both the aura and image of the first stage of Super Saiyan had undergone a radical change, looks much sharper.

Breathe a sigh of relief, she opened her mind to feel the power of the second stage of the Super Saiyan state, and was satisfied to exit the transformation. As soon as the transformation state was lifted, the white dust floating in mid-air lost its upward momentum and slowly floated down to the ground.

The empty, silent and vast space regained its calm after Ayaka withdrew her aura. The scene just now was like a phantom, came and went quickly, leaving no visible traces in the time house.

When the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was built long ago, it was empty except for a few houses for people to live in, and everywhere was white, the survival conditions were harsh. Although not comparable to the extreme environment in the universe, it was a good place to practice. Uh, especially a good place to buy time for practice at critical moments.

In the middle of the empty and dry square, Ayaka stood motionless. With her eyes closed, she gradually familiarized herself with her power, breathing like a blooming lily, bringing a few fragrant and quiet breath.

Seeing Ayaka still in meditation, the girls did not disturb, but a certain distance away and began to continue to exercise. Inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was very large, so they didn’t have to worry about whether the full outburst would disturb Ayaka’s meditation.

In Ayaka’s perception of the Dragon Ball, it was a world of strong people. Although there was no talk of the gods walking around, strong people like dogs was an indisputable fact. What could be called strong people, there were different standards for different periods. However, one thing was certain, namely that one of the “great gods” as the top power. The slightest inattentiveness might burst out from some corner of the unpredictable universe, and nobody knew why he was obscure.

There were not many “great gods”, but one could be fatal!

The Dragon Ball World was dangerous, because the slightest lag could be eliminated from the game. Ayaba did not like the original Dragon Ball warriors when they were coerced by the enemy every time they passively practice, which was not in line with her character. She preferred to seize the initiative, before the enemy appeared to catch up with everyone.

Some people thought it was a psychological inferiority complex, caused by a lack of self-confidence in themselves. In fact, it had nothing to do with self-confidence at all, just as some people like to follow the orders of others, which was the obedient type. Let them made a decision might get things wrong, but asked them to carry out but can be done perfectly. Similarly, there were people who were suitable for foresight and planning ahead. Since they already knew the danger, they had to get the fire before they put in the hard work, wasn’t that stupid?

The strongest enemies in Dragon Ball were Frieza, Cell and the Majin Buu, and perhaps there would be some other unknown existence. Since she knew the enemy was strong, she had no reason to sit back and wait for death.

Long ago, Ayaba, who was not very strong at that time, set Frieza as her biggest enemy and overtaking goal, but it was enough to deal with Frieza with her Super Saiyans. The demise of the Frozen Clan, Cell was on Ayaka’s agenda. In fact, the so-called lightning Cell form was the second stage of the Super Saiyan transformation, so to deal with lightning Cell needed at least the same breakthrough to the second stage of the Super Saiyan.

But Ayaka did not want to be stuck in the first stage of the Super Saiyan for seven years, and only today she made a breakthrough.

After reaching the Super Saiyan 2, Ayaka’s whole body relaxed. The former kind of “suppression” of power suddenly disappeared, and her body was full of power.

“After 130 days of the demise of the original Planet Namek, Bulma summoned Planet Namekr Dragon to resurrect Krillin and Yamcha, and then 130 days after the resurrection of Tian Shinhan and Chiaotzu, followed by another 1 year mechanical Frieza came to Earth. Now only half a year from the destruction of Planet Namek, that is to say, no accident, a year and three months later, another time and space of the transcendence will come to Earth!”

“My strength in Super Saiyan 2 state should exceed Dabura by a lot. No surprise, even if Cell evolved into lightning form, he is not an opponent. But the battle between the strong, is the Earth can withstand that high intensity of the battle?”

Thinking about this problem, Ayaka gently shook her head, the Earth could not possibly support in that kind of battle.

The original late battle is somewhat absurd, if Cell really wanted to kill Son Goku and others, why not just destroy the Earth? The Dragon Ball warriors who couldn’t survive in space would immediately die, even if Son Goku used Instant Transmission to escape, with the ability to survive in space, Cell had been invincible.

Of course, what Dragon Ball wanted to present to everyone was not the plot that didn’t make sense, but rather to that taste!

However, since Ayaka appeared in this world, naturally she neededd to guard against various factors. In case Cell enlightened not to go hard with the Dragon Ball warriors, but directly choose to destroy the Earth, what would happened?

Of course, it seemed a good idea to wish directly to the Dragon so that the Dragon Ball warriors could survive in the universe, but this also seemed a little twisted, Ayaka also wanted the original flavor of the Dragon Ball world!

But as a last resort, it seemed to consider. If Shenron couldn’t do it, with the consent of the Yardartians, imparting the world energy was also an option.

This forced, Ayaka could do it completely.

Hey, let’s get a tougher external hardware first!


Time flew by, Ayaka and the girls stayed in the time house for a few more months. After Ayaka thoroughly adapt to the power of Super Saiyan 2 and figure out a new combat mode for the power, they opened the door of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and walked out of it.

In the moment of walking out of the door, Ayaka was shocked, her feet pause. A layer of transparent membranes had surprisingly appeared in her mind, which could not be seen or touched, but she clearly sensed their presence.

“What’s wrong?” The girls asked confusedly.

“Uh, nothing, maybe it’s an illusion?” Ayaka shook her head and left the film in her head behind as she walked towards the Great Hall.

The moment they stepped out of the time gate, everyone sensed their ki. She heard a crisp sound, and Ayame cheered. her whole body had turned into a ray of light and ran wildly over, then a pounce, buried her head deeply in Ayaka’s plump and upright chest, squinting her eyes and rubbing her small face constantly on the soft breasts.

“Ayaka out, did you breakthrough?” The crowd came over and asked with concern.

“Oh, a little breakthrough, kind of crossed into a new level.” Ayaka tugged up Ayame’s collar, and said modestly.

This modest attitude was even more uncomfortable than “pride”.

“Oh, it’s too much. Ayaka already so strong, and now it’s even stronger!” Krillin sagged and complained, “A pretty girl like you, why do you have to become so powerful!”

“That’s right, you act like this makes us big men very ungrounded!” Yamcha empathized.

“By the way, what is the realm above Super Saiyan?”

Son Goku asked curiously.

Grumbling, hearing Son Goku asked, everyone still pricked up their ears, even Piccolo also looked like listening to the teachings. They all desperately wanted to know about that brand new level.

Ayaka pondered for a moment, said, “This breakthrough is a further transformation above the Super Saiyan, I call it ‘Super Saiyan 2’, is in the Super Saiyan full power state of the breakthrough again, of course, since the breakthrough, the power is more powerful than the ordinary Super Saiyan. It’s also stronger. But the specific strength I can not be here to perform.”


Just after asking, everyone felt wrong and quickly reacted. This was the Lookout, and was on Earth, the unusual situation, a million or even ten million power level would make the whole planet shake violently. If Ayaka released the energy in full here, not to mention what kind of impact the Lookout would suffer, the Earth could definitely be in chaos.

Seeing everyone was still curious, Ayaka thought about it and said, “If you want to visualize the words … Well, wait until you can reach the strength of the merged Launch and Lancy or Metal Cooler, you will understand. With my current power, killing Metal Cooler is simpler than crushing ants! ” Ayaka briefly explained that Metal Cooler’s power was weaker than Android 17. Before, she could pop one with a flex of her fingers, now she could pop a whole lot with one.

“So powerful!!!”

Krillin listened and sucked in a breath of cold air, his face was horrified. The strength of the girls after merging and the strength of Metal Cooler just seemed to them to be deep, and according to Ayaka, she was already so powerful that it was frightening.

“Haha, Ayaka is the most powerful!” Ayame held her head up proudly.

Ayaka smiled and rubbed her head, “Child!”

“I want to see the realm above Super Saiyan.”

Son Goku’s blood boiled, but felt some regret when he thought of the consequences caused.

“By the way, I think the Earth is not strong enough. In case there is any battle on Earth, it is easy to destroy the Earth!” Ayaka threw out the subject.

Everyone nodded in deep understanding. The Earth was too weak, and with the increase in strength, the fragility of the Earth could no longer withstand their full strength battles.

“Yes, every time you cut a deal, you have to pay attention to the range of attack, you can’t let go at all!”

“That kind of battle is too depressing, not at all painful.”

What can you do, Ayaka?” The Old Kami asked with a frown. Previously, because the Earth’s strength was too weak, they feared an alien invasion, but now the strength had gone up, they were worried about hurting the Earth.

Ayaka smiled lightly at the words, her sweet and pretty face crossed a bashful, that confident smile was like a breeze sweeping through the tender green shoots, let people unconsciously feel comfortable.

“Since the strength of the Earth is not enough, so I plan to enhance the strength of the earth.”

“With the Dragon Balls?”

Ayaka gently shook her head and said, “The Shenron transformation is not realistic, some attacks beyond the ability of Shenron will still harm the earth, I want to take a safer approach!”

Ringing, a pleasant bell rang, transparent and shining pleated crystal longsword leaped out, then there was a cold air came, the temperature of the temple suddenly dropped, a pocket-sized palace with frosty cold appeared in the heart of Ayaka’s hand.

“Huh, what is this, it looks so cute.”

“One look and you know it’s not an ordinary item.” Yamcha said calmly.

Only the Old Kami’s’s body shook violently upon seeing the Ice King divine sword and the Ice King’s Palace. The mysterious pressure emanating from the divine sword and the palace caused him to turn pale and sweat coldly, it was the soul oppression from a higher level.

“Could it be that it is an item of some great figure that has such a powerful pressure!” The old Kami murmured.

“This longsword and the Palace were inadvertently obtained by me in the universe, they have supreme might, and I think it would be perfect to use them to transform the Earth.”

The Ice King’s Palace, as the Palace of the Empyrean Gods who managed beyond the boundaries of the Empyrean God Realm, was no less powerful than Supreme Kai, and it might be possible to transform the Earth with it to make it as indestructible as the Holy Land of the Empyrean God Realm.

Holding the Ice King Palace and the Ice King Excalibur for so long, Ayaka unexpectedly found that her “guardian” power actually had no power to destroy so far. It was a very magical power, even if she was already Super Saiyan 2, if she wanted to break through that layer of defense, it seemed impractical.

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