Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 167


Transformation of the Earth was a plan for everyone’s benefit. Since Ayaka had a solution, the next step was to implement the process.

The aura of the Ice King divine Sword and the Ice King’s Palace was very strong, and the transformation later might be even more domineering. The crowd waited for Ayaka’s command to float far away from the divine hall, and only Ayaka’ss figure was left above the hall.

“It’s time to start!” Krillin floated a long way away and shouted.

Ayaka nodded, exhaled deeply, through the deep resonance of the soul, began to manipulate the Ice King Excalibur.

A transparent cyclone blew up under her feet. A round of air currents swept through and gradually spread around like a wave from time to time. Soon, the divine sword reacted, bright light erupted from the sword, then the bright light gradually expanded and became a dazzling light source.

A ray of cold light radiated from Excalibur, which was the divine power contained in Excalibur, and even now, Ayaka did not understand the nature of this divine power. The gentle light arrived in the sky above everywhere in the blink of an eye and then quickly slid down, soon into the ground, and those divine forces began to transform the earth’s structure slowly.

Because it happened so suddenly and disappeared in the blink of an eye, many Earthlings who noticed the light thought their eyes were hallucinating and rubbed their eyes from time to time.

When the Ice King Excalibur came into play, the pocket-sized palace erupted with a pleasant ringing sound, and the palace began to grow larger with the tinkling sound.

The melodious bells intermingled to play a mysterious divine rhythm, and infinite magical energy emanated from the palace, flowing little by little to the shrine, then fusing with the subtle laws within the Lookout, transforming it from the inside out.

Because the Earth Lookout adopted unknown laws to connect with the Earth, at the time the lookout transformed, the Ice King Palace also indirectly affected the Earth. –Under the dual effect of the Ice King divine sword and the Ice King Palace, the Earth was changing from inside to outside and from outside to inside.

The power of the Divine Sword began to penetrate from the Earth’s crust, then the Earth’s mantle and core, transforming every inch of land and rock; the energy of the Palace began to work from the Earth’s core through the control of the Divine Palace.

A large swath of greenish haze filled the planet and lasted for about five minutes before the haze dispersed.

Phew, finally finished!” Ayaka took a long breath. The Ice King divine sword and the Ice King Palace turned into streams of light and returned to his body with a “whoosh”.

Manipulating the Ice King Divine Sword and the Ice King Palace to transform the planet was not a human job. Previously, Ayaka thought it would be easy, apparently overestimating her ability, but in fact, only a few minutes after the actual transformation began, she felt mentally deprived and dizzy.

The good thing was that the transformation only took a few minutes in total.

To transform the Earth, the Ice King divine sword and the Ice King Palace have lost their capital, the divine power inside drained half at once, not knowing when to recover.

Of course, the effect of transformation was excellent. Ayaka estimated that now the Earth was not far off, even if it was not as good as the Sacred Land of Kai. After all, devouring two Ice King treasures with nearly fifty percent of the divine power, the effect wouldn’t be too bad. ==The Lookout, as the center of the Earth, was also the direct bearer of the divine power of the Ice King’s Palace, and the strength was increased by countless times.

Ayaka floated in the air, glazed eyes overlooking the endless mountains of the Lower Realm, thinking that this quiet green planet could be considered a second spring.

“The strength of the Earth now is probably to withstand the attack of the Majin Buu and will not be easily destroyed, and it will not be a hindrance to the development of ordinary production.”


Half a day later, Son Goku and other people went down after browsing through the transformed greatness. One by one, they flew back to the Lookout.

Ha, the Earth has become so strong that there is no need to worry about its destruction.” As soon as Krillin landed, his laughter came over.

Tian Sinha nodded incredulously, “Yeah, now we can let go of our hands and fight.”

“The thought of being able to cut at full strength makes you excited!” Son Goku was delighted.

Ayaka looked at them and shook his head helplessly, “Goku, you should be careful. Although after the transformation, the Earth will still be harmed, the divine power of the guard is merely unable to destroy the planet.”

“Ayaka is right. We all still need to moderate to do so. But then again, only effective for attacks that exceed the limit, ordinary productive life is not affected, such a humane setting. It’s incredible.”

The transformation was completed. The happiest was the Old Kami, and nothing would make him happier than to have a peaceful Earth.


Time passed like a white horse.

Son Goku and others continued to practice, and from time to time, in front of the Lookout. The Lookout was now the strongest place on the entire planet, allowing them to let loose and engage in battle.

Launch and Lancy left Earth a few months later, taking some Tree of Might Fruits left in Ayaka’s hands. They utilized the Tree of Might Fruit in the universe and created more than twenty experts with a strength of more than 100,000. –These experts assisted Ayaka’s power in the universe -the New North Force- to take over the Eastern and Southern territories, and the New Northern Force expanded in full force. The New Northern Force expanded and stabilized its jurisdiction under the planning of North Kai.

So far, the Northern Galaxy had become the dominion of the new Northern Empress. The East and South also finally bathed in the care of Kai because the situation in the two places was not stable, so Launch and Lancy were personally sitting in town. As for the Western region where the tentacles have not been explored was still a mess, and the situation was separate. After taking care of the two places in the southeast, she would certainly consider the things there.

Son Goku also couldn’t stand the loneliness and was finally sent to Planet Yardrat by Ayaka.


A year later, the Southern Islands.

Surrounded by sea on all sides, the Southern Islands were dotted on the sea level like stars in the sky. The excellent geographical location made the four seasons here, like spring, cool and pleasant, attracting a large number of tourists to visit. The trees above the archipelago were dense and lush, verdant, with a few buds showing on the tender green branches, the breath of life was brewing.

On top of the hillock, a purple-haired teenager suddenly appeared, feeling a very different scene from the impression. The teenager’s eyes flashed with a trace of envy. In his original world, he experienced a continuous battle of big and small, couldn’t find such a beautiful place.

The wind brushed the lavender hair, the teenager swished up and flew quickly in one direction.

The teenager was Trunks who came from the future or the Trunks of another parallel world. In his world, the warriors were dead and what remained was apocalyptic despair. Trunks was flying fast with his great sword on his back, and the peaceful and calm atmosphere here could not help but let him compare his memory of the miserable and desperate world with this place, and once compared, his clear cheeks showed a few sadness.

“I need to find Mr. Goku as soon as possible and tell him about the future disaster!”

“I must not let the tragedy repeat itself ……”

He did not know that this was not at all the same Earth that he perceived.


In the dusky and barren hills, Trunks hugged his legs and sat on the cracked rock shelf, the breeze blowing his hair so that his heart rarely calmed down. He opened his pocket watch and looked at it, and Trunks thought faintly: “According to mother, in half an hour, Frieza and his father will come to Earth and come here….”

However, after half an hour, Frieza and their figures did not appear, and a few moments of surprise flowed from the teenager’s eyes.

“What’s going on? According to history, Frieza should have arrived on Earth, and mother said that one of the best friends also did not appear! Could it be that because of my arrival, history has been changed?”

For a while, Trunks’ brain was a bit confused, surprisingly producing a sense of strangeness. The pace of history seems to have been interrupted.

“No matter what, let’s go to the Lookout first!”


In the Lookout, there was no one in the empty and spacious hall. Krillin and the others had gone to practice alone, and Gohan had to go to school.

The figure of Trunks appeared in the hall, and then with stunned eyes, looked at the glorious Lookout in front of him. In his world, the Lookout was destroyed a long time ago, and he got the knowledge that the Lookout is more from the words of Son Gohan and Bulma. At this time, he personally saw the Lookout, and the kind of peaceful, solemn atmosphere came to the surface.

“Junior, what are you? How can you appear here?” Mr. Popo’s face was not surprised, he asked.

Trunks came back to his senses at once and looked at the black figure that appeared in front of him, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, “Ah! You are Mr. Popo. I have something important to ask you. Is Mr. Son Goku here? Or, Mr. Piccolo or Mr. Tian Shinhan will do!”

“Sorry, they are not here, Junior. What do you want from them?” Mr. Popo asked suspiciously.

“This …… I have to talk to them face to face!” Trunks was a little embarrassed; something about the future was so appalling that he had to speak to Son Goku in person.

“Well, then you wait a while. I’ll let Kami talk to you!”

Mr. Popo turned around with his hands behind his back and walked towards the interior of the Lookout, then knocked on the door of Ayaka’s room.


“Trunks is here?”

Ayaka climbed up from the recliner set up on the balcony. She had thought that with her appearance, the original Trunks would not come. After all, the world of Dragon Ball had many parallel worlds, which even the original Trunks came from a parallel world. And this world where she was now was also one of the parallel worlds.

However, Trunks came in accordance with the original, that their own world was still quite “major”!

After listening to Mr. Popo’s description, Ayaka’s eyes dinged up.

‘Trunks actually came to the Lookout….’

‘But think about it, Frieza and King Cold had been buried in Planet Namek.’


Hastily sorted out, Ayaka and Mr. Popo came to the main hall. From a distance, she saw the teenage figure carrying a large sword.

“Sure enough, it’s Trunks!” She lightly smiled with faster footsteps.

“Who are you?”

Seeing the beautiful young girl who appeared in front of him, Trunks was amazed but also puzzled. According to his mother’s description, there didn’t seem to be such a beautiful Kami on Earth!

“This is the Earth’s Kami and Son Goku’s sister. You can talk to her about anything!

“Kami? Son Goku’s sister?”

Trunks was confused for a moment. In history, Son Goku did not have a sister! Trunks chagrin up, “Son Goku has a sister who is Kami? Did Gohan brother and mother forget to tell me such important information? Or has history been changed because of my appearance?”

“Junior, what do you want with Goku?”

Looking at the dumb and dumber Trunks, Ayaka suddenly rose to the idea to play with him.

“Uh, hello, my name is Trunks, from ……”

Whether history had changed or not, Trunks still told his origin, and Ayaka listened with a smile until Trunks was all finished.

“That is to say, three years later, there will be a terrible artificial human…. all Dragon Ball warriors will die in battle. After that, the Earth is in a state of despair! And you came to inform us of this specifically?” Ayaka concluded.

Yes, only I did not expect history to change because of my arrival, I do not know if the Androids will still appear, but please, you must be prepared.”

Trunks attributed the reason for the change in history to himself but were oblivious to the fact that the butterfly effect would only work on history. Moreover, the strength of the butterfly effect was related to what the time traveler did.

As for this world now, history has changed significantly from the moment Ayaka was born thirty years ago.

“By the way, this is the antidote for viral heart disease, which was already produced in our time.”

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