Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 168


Trunks left, returning to his space-time with some doubts, but he promised that if he doesn’t die in the future, he will come back here to fight with everyone.

Not long after Trunks returned, Ayaka summoned Z-Fighter and brought Son Goku back from the planet Yardrat. Son Goku only learned the instantaneous transmission of this motion on Planet Yardrat for one year.

Ayaka explained briefly about Dragon Ball’s world and what would happen in the future.

After listening to Ayaka’s description, everyone showed a look of amazement, the future world, time machine, androids. Everything is beyond their imagination.

“Ha, so the androids are very powerful opponents?! Then we are going to practice well, three years later, to beat the androids to death!” Son Goku was not worried at all and was confident.

“That teenager also said that history has changed because of his arrival, the androids exist or not is still hard to say, and according to him, their world does not have the existence of Ayaka.” Piccolo looked at Son Goku and said in a flat tone.

“It is also the amount….. it seems that the development trajectory of parallel worlds is not exactly the same, not to mention whether the androids will appear, even if they do, we have Ayaka here, the androids are not enough to worry about.”

“But will there be Ayaka there? are our androids here more powerful than that teenager’s time and space?” Krillin thought hard about it.

“In any case, three years we put more effort to train to raise the strength!” Tian Shinhan belonged to the ascetic type of people.

For their concerns, Ayaka didn’t care. She was aware of the original plot of Dragon Ball but also understood that Cell was not from the world with their own existence, then his power would not be enhanced by their own existence, as for the native 16, 17, 18, etc., there was no collection of strong genes, so strong that it would not change. As for the collection of strong genes to develop the native Cell, according to the original development, the future in the embryonic stage was destroyed. Ayaka was here, instantly confident that her genes did not leak out, just in case, she would also go to the door to destroy it. Of course, it was best to do the same as in the original.

“Then we will each practice and meet again in three years. By the way, the time is about 10 am on May 12, three years later, on an island 9 km from the southern city.”

“Got it.”

“That’s in line with our habits!”

Son Goku and the others responded loudly, and then each of them left carrying an oversized Gravity Chamber, and for three years, they would experience demonic training.

After everyone left, the Old Kami shook his head and said, “If androids really appear, the earth will be another disaster!”

“Oh, androids are not enough to be feared. If they should mess up, I will crack them.”

Ayaka did not care to say, 17, 18 power was only a little more powerful than the metal Cooler, the only thing that really made her care about the Perfect Cell.

‘By the way, Cell of another time and space, that was the original debut of the Cell should have come to Earth a year ago, lurking until three years later.’

‘Should I get rid of him in advance?’

Ayaka shook her head that Imperfect Cell she would not put in the eye, even if the lightning type Cell and she came only slightly equal. —This was a parallel world of Cell, and the upper limit of power was this level. In the original plot, it was to be defeated by Son Goku and others and now crossed to the world where Ayaka exists. That was not that the goddess of fate didn’t take care of it.


Time passed a little, and the girls had returned to Earth. Ayaka was calmly reclining on the branches of the huge banyan tree; through the dense leaves, a few rays of sunlight shining down, warm initiated sleepiness.

After hitting an hache, a stuffy feeling came from his chest. Ayaka uncomfortably rolled over, close to the body of Reimu, woke up from sleep, mouth barred, re-found a comfortable position to lie down, the small face close to Ayaka’s soft and supple body.

“This child, after taking her out to cultivate, she went straight to sleep.”

Putting Reimu in her lap, Ayaka leaned her back against the banyan tree and dangled his feet from the trunk. The breeze blew over, and the leaves rustled. Reimu murmured dreamily, squirming slightly a few times. The slender and tender body seems to melt into Ayaka completely.

These days, Ayaka had a stronger sense of that film in her mind, and surprisingly, it could be controlled according to her, and the film would completely disappear when it was not needed.

“What exactly is that film?”

Ayaka thought hard not to understand. The idea of a thin film leaped to her hands, that substantial touch like a thin film made of organic materials floating not far from the skin. The size of the film was less than a square meter, she poked a few times with her finger, found that the film was full of tension, but to a certain degree, responding to the force on the finger will be very strong, know that this should have been the limit of the membrane can be stretched.

At this point in the sleep of Reimu throbbing, her palm knocked Ayaka.

A snap, in Reimu’s dismayed look, the hand of the film ruptured, the space cracked a thin line of crystal.

More and more fine lines gradually diffused, and soon the space around Ayaka became tattered. The space shattered… Ayaka wanted to cry, wanted to pull the film to make intact, but found that the broken film didn’t obey.


The whole film shattered, a powerful whirlwind blew up, the whole space where the film is like a cut, a shaving surface. Crystal-like meteor light up, a piece of gorgeous space fragments like bright fireflies in the summer, beautifully dotted.

Ayaka was holding Reimu headlong into the middle of the broken void. Shortly after Ayaka disappeared, the space rippled in a circle, flat and complete thin space walls re-generated.

Everything was calm as if the previous events had never happened.


This world was the world of despair. Since the moment the androids appeared 13 years ago, the bond of peace has been broken. There was a war going on here every moment, and there were battles with the androids and people killing each other. Endless moans of pain and sorrow were being played out.

In this world, Son Goku passed away more than a decade ago, and Dragon Ball warriors have also died tragically at the hands of the androids. Now all that remains was Son Gohan fighting alone, with a passion, wandering on the edge of life and death.

After knowing the world she was in, Ayaka smiled bitterly. It turns out that the film in her head is actually a spatial sandwich. Since the advancement to Super Saiyan 2, her Instant Transmission ability had also evolved along with the ability to travel through parallel spaces.

If Ayaka is right, the parallel space here was the anime version of the “Bragin Ball Z” world, but also the past of the world in which the original Trunks lived. Still, because of Ayaka’s appearance, this world might also become a separate and different world.

The original Dragon Ball originally existed in several different parallel worlds. The first and most famous world was the original world of the manga; the second was the future world where Trunks lives, where Trunks destroyed the androids and Cell so that the world restored peace. —-Well, it was Trunks who came to the original world to give medicine to Son Goku, went back and killed the androids and Cell; the third was the original world where Cell originally lived, where Trunks killed the androids No. 17 and 18. But he was killed by Cell, and Cell grabbed the time machine back in the past.

The world in which Ayaka lived should be considered an offshoot of the original world. Because of Ayaka’s relationship, the world has changed considerably. However, the specific itinerary was still based on the original. There was Frieza, there are androids, and in the future, there would be Majin Buu.

“Mama, where is this place?” Reimu blinked her pretty eyes and asked with an innocent face. The child had no idea of the trouble she was getting into.

“Ahem, this should be considered a parallel world. Well, it’s chaotic, and wars are going on everywhere!”

“Reimu doesn’t like it here! There was smoke all around as if a battle had just been fought.”

“Reimu is taking you away.”

Reimu picked up the little man in her arms and flew up into the sky, flying far away in the blink of an eye, passing several cities along the way, but each of them was in chaos. The presence of androids and the drinking of blood by heroes had stripped the world of its morals.

“Let’s go to the Lookout!” Ayaka thought about it and flew toward the location of the temple.

When she arrived at the Lookout location, she realized that the Lookout had disappeared, and all the way down, there was no sign of Korin Tower. It was not until thousands of meters above the ground that the half of the tower was seen standing alone in mid-air.

“Both the Lookout and Korin Tower were destroyed!” A slight sigh, this world makes her feel strange, familiar people have been killed, “Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin …… are dead, able to deal with the androids are left with Gohan and the young Trunks!”

“Let’s find them first!”

Ayaka holding Reimu, once again disappeared.


Overseas, Master Roshi’s.

Ayaka’s figure appeared abruptly, pushed open the door of the room. She found it empty. Master Roshi went to take refuge, and with that strength of Master Roshi was just an ordinary person in front of the androids.

“Mama, look!”

Reimu pointed to the island outside the undulating sea. With their eyesight was clear to see there was a submarine lookout. It was quietly peering at the situation on the island.

“So he was hiding at the bottom of the sea.” Ayaka emerged with a faint smile and waved over there.


In the submarine, Oolong and Puar were startled that they were discovered.

Oolong’s face was terrified, his body was trembling, and he screamed in terror, “What to do? They’re waving at us. They must have been discovered, oooh, those androids will surely kill us.”

“Phew, get on the dive. Since they’ve been discovered, then there’s no point in running away. And look at them. They don’t look like the androids on live TV.” Master Roshi leaned on his crutches with a sad face. The other side is strong, that’s for sure, look at their previous speed can be seen.

“Good, God bless!”

Oolong trembling hands, piloting the submarine slowly rise, soon revealing the surface of the sea.

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