Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 169


Soon the submarine floated up, the hatch opened, and the people inside trembled and came out to board the shore. Master Roshi looked lamenting with his crutches, but he walked with a very steady step. Oolong did not have his share of guts, followed him, has closed his eyes in despair.

Since the appearance of the androids, there was no peace and quiet in their memories. With the news of the Dragon Ball warriors falling one by one, their situation was becoming more and more dangerous, and Master Rosh, who knew that there was no longer any hope for the Earth, began to hide with a few people who could not fight.

This kind of muddled and sneaky days had continued until now.

“Tell me, what do you want!” Master Rosh raised his head and stared deadly at Ayaka.

Seeing Master Rosh’s death-defying appearance, Ayaka smiled lightly, and her beautiful face immediately depicted a soft curve.

“Master Rosh, Oolong, Puar, the day is quite difficult, so many people hiding in a tiny submarine.”

Master Rosh’s expression was stunned, actually even his own and other people’s names were investigated, the visitor was not good.

“What do you want?”

Ayaka spread, and smiled, “I do not want anything, I want to ask you about a few people ……”

“Could it be to find out the whereabouts of Gohan?” Master Rosh’s body suddenly shook, immediately alert. After the fall of the Dragon Ball warriors, Son Gohan has become the last warrior on Earth. His importance is self-evident, to say that he was the hope of the Earth was not too much, if something happened to Son Gohan, the Earth was truly doomed.

“This young lady, no matter what we will not betray our companions, you’d better dismiss this attention before it’s too late!” Master Rosh said with a firm hand.

Ayaka’s face slightly stunned, then eyes narrowed some understanding. She didn’t exist in this world, Master Rosh didn’t know her identity, and now this situation was probably treating her as a newly appeared androids.

She laughed, “You guys misunderstood, I’m not an android, nor do I belong to this world, my identity is Kami, because of some accident came to ……”

“Humph! Do you think we will believe it?” Before Ayaka could finish her words, Oolong popped up and spoke out of turn.

Ayaka glared, where was your turn to talk here? The good atmosphere had been ruined by you! Her glare could be considered a “bad guy” identity, scared Oolong immediately shrunk to the turtle behind the fairy.

“Oolong, don’t be rude!” Master Rosh was able to see that regardless of whether the two people in front of him were androids or not, such strong people could not be offended, “This lady please continue ……”

“Oh, where was I just now. By the way ……” Ayaka gushed to explain where she came from.

When she finished, Master Rosh, Oolong, and Puar, each of their faces showed an astonished expression, their mouths opened wide. The other party actually said she was a Kami from another world, and was the sister of Son Goku, what kind of divine unfolding was this, Master Rosh felt that the brain is not enough.

“Sorry, what you said is so unbelievable that we can’t believe it for a moment.”

Ayaka pondered for a moment and spoke, “The androids in this world should not be aware of what happened on planet Namek, you guys are Goku’s friends should have heard him talk about it, why don’t I go to New Namek and bring a namekian over?” Only Goku they know that there was a New Planet Namek exists.

“Oh, right!”

Suddenly thought of the idea, Ayaka showed a smile, turned into the form of the first stage of Super Saiyan. The terrifying power immediately erupted, beautiful long hair turned into golden yellow in the wind dance, two bright eyes flooded with a clear turquoise luster. Powerful energy fluctuations rolled up the sand on the beach, the body in front of the blink of an eye became a dim yellow, even the surrounding calm sea was also subject to energy traction, began to turn up huge waves.

“This is …… Super Saiyan?”

Support the arm to block the sky of yellow sand Master Roshi’s astonished. He looked at the person with the golden flame entwined in front of him with wide-eyed.

A feeling that couldn’t be expressed in words came over me. The other party could transform into a Super Saiyan, she was indeed not an android then!

“Kami who can transform into a Super Saiyan ……” Master Roshi muttered.

The powerful sense of oppression suddenly disappeared when the transformed state was released.

“Well, now you believe it, right?” Ayaka laughed lightly.


Master Roshi was busy nodding, the pale face finally showed an expression of joy, looking at Ayaka’s gaze full of expectation.

Even if the beautiful woman opposite was not a Kami from another world, it didn’t matter, what mattered was that she could transform into a Super Saiyan, which was a rare and valuable power for their broken world, and since the other party claimed to be Goku’s sister. Now the Earth was in trouble, only Gohan alone, the other party as his aunt always did not stand by and did nothing.

After thinking about it, Master Roshi immediately glowed up and felt that there was still great hope for the Earth.

“This young lady ……” When Master Roshi just wanted to say something, he looked poor in words and did not even know how to address the other party.

“Call me Ayaka.”

“Well, Miss Ayaka, since Miss Ayaka is Goku’s sister, then I will not hide. Gohan’s whereabouts are actually not very clear to us, but a few days ago when the communication he was near the small northern town, should still be there.”

“How about Bulma and Trunks?” Ayaka asked.

“They’re living pretty well, they’ve been living in seclusion in their old home in the West City, and it’s said that Bulma has been inventing something, probably to deal with the androids.” Seeing Ayaka smiling and nodding, Master Roshi no longer hid, and mustered up the courage to say, “Ahem, Miss Ayaka, you’ve seen the state of our world, it’s just like the end of days. If possible, I hope you can help Gohan together to deal with that gang of cruel artificial people.”

After saying that, Master Roshi then looked at Ayaka nervously, waiting for her answer.

Ayaka smiled lightly and said, “Don’t worry about that, I’m also the Kami of Earth anyways, even though it’s not the same world, but I won’t let the androids continue to harm the Earth.”

“Thank you so much!” Master Roshi said excitedly.

Ayaka gently shook his head, looked up at the sun in the sky, the sunset remnants of the sun, the time is already late, so he took Ayame’s hand, and said, “Then I go to find Gohan, if nothing you guys also go to Bulma, the artificial man can not run wild for long!”

With that said, she prepared to fly towards the sky.

“Well, by the way, there is a sentence when not to say?” Ayaka suddenly turned back and said.

“There is no harm in saying it!”

“In fact, if you want to hide from androids, hiding in the sea is useless, and even if you want to hide you can at least hide a little deeper, what is the effect of this five or six meters underwater! In the shallow water to explore the lookout, deep fear that others can not find?”

Master Roshi face astonished, Ayaka had her pleasant laughter into a bright light disappeared.

Looking at the sky, Master Roshi muttered, “I hope the Earth will turn around this time!”


Near the West City, the city that has been turned into ruins.

When she first came to this world, she had felt a few slightly strong auras here, only the auras were intermittent and not very strong.

From high above, a trail of black smoke rose up as if it had just experienced a battle, and the sirens of the police cars below were still whining.

The breeze picked up newspapers from the roadside and fluttered high in the air on the crumbling streets. Snapping, after losing upward support, the newspapers fell back down like drunken drunks, lightly clinging to the cracked and broken walls. The air of infinite desolation spread through the city.

Ayame followed Ayaka, her small face slightly upset, then pinched her nose and urged Ama to speed up.

“Mama, hurry up and get out of here.”

Nodding, Ayame accelerated her speed, she likewise disliked the sight of crumbling ruins everywhere, but that was the least of it in this desperate world, where destroyed cities like this were everywhere.

While flying over the playground–

Ayame suddenly braked urgently, the speeding body immediately stopped, a folded turn to fly in a certain direction. She saw two familiar figures in the ruins not far away.

“Ah!” Ayame inadvertently flew overhead, and hurriedly followed Ayame.

“Ayame, why are you suddenly turning?”

“Shhh, look at that!” Ayame’s slender finger pointed in one direction.

Looking in the direction of Ayame’s finger, there were two people lying on the ground not far away, a large one and a small one, the slightly larger one was wearing the familiar orange martial arts uniform, but his whole left arm was empty, the blood-stained broken sleeve was blown around by the wind, the whole left arm had been broken off. And next to him, there was a slightly smaller person lying.

“Eh, that person looks so familiar!” Ayaka had a surprised face.

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