Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 170


“He’s Gohan!”

Ayaka sprinted forward and looked at the empty left arm of Son Gohan. After checking his injuries, she shook her head slightly.

“Eh!!!” Ayame look surprised, quickly ran up to watch carefully, “Really eh, but how he was so badly injured?”

At this time, although Son Gohan was seriously injured, he was not yet completely unconscious. When he suddenly saw two unfamiliar figures appear around him, he was instinctively alert. His body moved slightly, pulling at the wound, and the heartbreaking pain made his face a little distorted.

“Do not move!” Ayaka sternly drink, then her hand reached into her pocket and pulled out a small cloth bag, taking out a Senzu Bean and handing it over. Ayaka knew that Son Gohan still had the last remaining Senzu Beans on him, but gave the less wounded Trunks to eat. From this point of view, Son Gohan was a good big brother. But from a strategic sense, it wasn’t the best choice for him to do so.

“This is …… Senzu Beans?” Son Gohan’s pale face stunned for a moment. It was difficult to open his eyes half, as if using all his strength to strain to pick up the Senzu Beans.

“That’s right, you should be very clear about the role of Senzu Beans, do not speak, quickly eat!”

Seeing that he was so strained, Ayaka directly put in his mouth.

Son Gohan chewed the Senzu Beans, and was shocked while speculating on the identity of the other party. Who were these two girls and why did they have the precious Senzu Beans on Earth? It should be known that from twenty years ago the production of Senzu Beans had been sharply reduced, and with the destruction of the Lookout and Korin Tower, the source of Senzu Beans was cut off. Now, the last one he had on him was still frugal to save, and not easily used.

The Senzu Beans healed Gohan’s injuries, but not the arm recovery. Ayaka could not help but sigh. This Senzu Beans was a sacred medicine for healing, but not a regenerative sacred object! Senzu Beans could only improve the body’s own healing ability, and the Saiyan’s self-healing didn’t include torso rebirth.

“They don’t look like bad guys, and they don’t have the aura of androids. They can just use the precious Senzu Beans to themselves, they should have no malicious intent.” Although Son Gohan still had a lot of questions in his heart, he knew that now was not the time to ask. With a gentle leap, he left a residual shadow and had arrived beside Trunks. Carefully pull out the last Senzu Beans to feed him.

After eating the Senzu Beans Trunks body injuries quickly recovered.

“Brother Gohan, your hand…..” Trunks looked at Son Gohan’s empty arm in shock, and then said sadly, “I’m sorry, it’s all my fault, if I hadn’t dragged you down, your hand wouldn’t ……”

Son Gohan patted Trunks’ head, “It’s not your fault, it’s just an arm, if you lose it, you lose it, and I have a feeling that the next time we meet I will never lose!”

Not bad! This is how the Saiyan looks like. Trunks, as Vegeta’s son, you still have a lot to learn from Gohan!” Ayaka clapped her hands appreciatively.

Ayame also rolled her eyes, impressed by Son Gohan, when the crybaby unexpectedly also had a manly time.

“May I ask who you are, thanks to you guys this time. You seem to know a lot about us?” Son Gohan asked suspiciously.

Ayaka upturned the corners of his mouth, showing a clear and flawless smile, said, “I am also a Saiyan, and can be said to be your father’s friend. Well, I will tell you the specific identity after meeting Bulma.”

“You’re a Saiyan?”

Son Gohan showed a surprised expression, and then nodded happily.

“Please follow me.” Under the leadership of Son Gohan, Ayaka and Ayame headed to the old home of Trunks in West City.

West City, once a prosperous city had now become a dead city.

Bulma old home was in the basement. Bulma was concentrating on the computer to repair the drawing, surrounded by a narrow open space piled with all kinds of instruments, a stack of A4 draft paper scattered in a messy manner.

“Mom, we’re back!” There was a loud noise from above.

When Bulma heard the sound, she turned the computer off. She walked out of the room, noticing that there were two strangers beside Trunks and froze slightly, thinking it was oun Gohan and the escapees they had rescued, “But this one is so pretty!”

Female Saiyans were not as rugged as men. Although they also had brawny fighting types, in fact there were many beautiful women Saiyans, who were generally weaker and belonged to small families, generally guarded by powerful Saiyans in their homes, could not bear to let them out in the open and face danger.

Ayaka had always maintained the appearance of a young girl. Her was a rare female Saiyans in the upper class. Soft in a valiant, slim body, and not thick waist, the overall appearance was very aesthetic. So when Bulma saw Ayaka, she couldn’t help but be a little stunned.

After that when Bulma noticed Son Gohan’s dangling arm, her face changed abruptly and she covered her mouth with her hand in shock, “Gohan, what happened to your arm?”

“Before the battle with the androids, Oh, if it were not for this Miss Ayaka happened to pass by, I am afraid that I and Trunks will not be able to return!” Then briefly recounted the following.

After listening to Son Gohan’s explanation, Bulma was afraid. If not for Ayaka happened to pass by, they would not have been able to return, so she looked at Ayaka’s gaze full of gratitude.

“By the way, this Miss Ayaka claims to be a Saiyan, seems to be familiar with the things of Dad and Uncle Vegeta, Aunt Bulma you know her?”

“Eh, Miss Ayaka is also a Saiyan, I have not heard Goku and the others mentioned?” Bulma said surprised.

“It is normal not to know. Although I am a Saiyan, I do not belong here.” Seeing Bulma’s puzzled look, Ayaka smiled and said, “I heard that you are now studying the time machine, you should know the concept of space-time, right?”

“Could it be that you are a Saiyan from another time and space? So that means my scenario is correct?” Bulma’s eyes were wide and her expression was full of hope for her invention.

“That’s right, parallel space to be exact. Not long ago Trunks came to my time and space and informed us about the androids, and now everyone is desperately trying to train to prepare for dealing with the androids! And I happened to get out of space because of some accident, but I did not want to come to you!”

As she spoke, Ayaka’s beautiful eyes stared at Ayame, the little girl immediately revealed an innocent and pitiful look.


Sitting in the living room, Ayaka told his situation, Bulma and Son Gohan listened to a long time before they reacted.

“In that case, should I call you Auntie?” Son Gohan said in amazement.


Ayame nodded slightly. At that moment, Ayame also couldn’t wait to jump up and open her mouth, “Right, right, you have to call me sister!”

With a sarcastic smile, Son Gohan ignored her words. He could not pull this face to call such a small child as sister. Although Ayame was also a “girl” like, Son Gohan knew that this is because the Saiyans live longer than Earthlings, they also maintain a fairly long youthful state, and Ayame was clearly a child.

Ayame then grunted unhappily, and her heart became strongly dissatisfied with the future Son Gohan.

After the shock, Trunks said happily, “Great! If everyone can live, the androids can be quickly wiped out, and the Earth can restore peace!”

With a cold smile, Ayaka splashed a scoop of cold water, “This is here, the two spaces are completely different, the time machine invented by Bulma is not as good as a time travel machine, it just penetrates two different parallel spaces!”

“Well, if the two are parallel spaces, Ayaka’s world could not be saved to change to here, the androids would still exist!” Bulma nodded her head in agreement.

“How can that be?” Trunks’ excitement was extinguished for a moment and became downcast. If it couldn’t be changed, how could they save the Earth with only them?

“Ahem, if you guys say androids, I can help you out!”

“You mean ……”

“Ayaka you are able to deal with the androids?”

“Auntie, you may not know the fear of the androids, the average Super Saiyan is not their opponent. They are too strong, even Uncle Piccolo and Uncle Vegeta have died in their hands ah!”

He thought Ayaka underestimated the androids, if therefore something happened it would be bad.

“Hmph, mama is powerful than you can understand, a small android is not taken into account at all!” Ayame said bristling.

Son Gohan had a bitter smile. Ayame was a child with blind confidence, and he knew very well the strength of the other side when he had really seen the terror of androids. He believed that the strength of the aunt from the other world was certainly not weak, and might even be a Super Saiyan. But so what, the Super Saiyan who lost in the hands of the androids had been more than one or two.

Ayaka put down the cup of tea in her hand, said flatly, “To be honest, the androids 17 and 18 were weak and I do not care at all! You know there are strong and weak Super Saiyans. I was able to transform into a Super Saiyan before your father was an adult, a full seven years before your father.”

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