Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 18


Ayaka faced towards Korin Tower. With a “whoosh,” she rushed into the sky with a strong shock wave and soon disappeared in the white clouds.

Below, Bora and his family were dumbfounded. They looked at the sky and lost sight of Ayaka. They couldn’t imagine that such a small girl had such a strong power.

After a long time, Bora closed his mouth, looking at his wife incredulously said, “That girl, perhaps she can meet Immortal Korin!”

“Yes, if only Upa could be as powerful as her in the future!”


Passing through a white cloud, Ayaka soon saw the top of the flat, spherical tower located overhead.

“Almost there!”

Ayaka revealed a smile, and with a burst of energy, a stream of air spurted out from under her feet. Suddenly, her speed increased several times, creating an invisible whirlwind behind her.


Ayaka’s figure came to the top of Korin Tower. She entered the top of the tower with a gentle leap and saw a fat white cat lying on a bed sleeping, with several water jars next to the bed.

“This is Korin! It looks the same as in the anime. I heard it’s over 800 years old.” Ayaka went near Korin and pulled up Korin’s beard.


Korin was awakened by her, looking at the young girl who appeared in front of him. Korin didn’t come back to his senses for a while, but after a long time, he was surprised, “I can’t believe a girl climbed up the Korin Tower. You’re such a lovely girl!”

“Hello, Immortal Korin! I heard that you have magical Senzu Beans here that can keep you from being hungry for ten days after eating them, so I’m here to make a deal with you.” A faint smile appeared on Ayaka’s face as she told Korin her purpose. She avoided the critical point and didn’t say anything about the important role of the Senzu Beans, and just saying that it could stop people from going hungry.

Korin licked his paws, narrowed his eyes, and said, “Senzu Beans, where did you hear about it?”

“I heard it from Master Roshi, who climbed up Korin Tower 300 years ago had seen Senzu Beans!” Ayaka came prepared and said calmly.

“Master Roshi? So it was that kid.”

Korin didn’t doubt Ayaka’s words. He had a large number of Senzu Beans, which weren’t worth much at all. Furthermore, he preferred fish to Senzu Beans.

“You said you want to trade. What do you want to trade with?”

Seeing that Korin didn’t doubt, Ayaka was relieved. As long as she could trade the Senzu Beans over, she was fine. She took out the box of Capsules filled with fresh fish and opened one of them.


White smoke rose, and a large box of fish appeared there.

“This is a ton of fresh fish, and I have nine more capsules here with different kinds of fish!”

Korin dropped the crutch in his hand and pounced next to the box, sniffing it with his nose, “How do you want to trade it? Senzu Beans are very precious.”

“One ton of fish for ten thousand Senzu Beans. I have ten tons here, so you give me one hundred thousand Senzu Beans!” She said and brought out the other nine Capsules.

Korin’s body flashed and snatched the Capsules from Ayaka’s hand, as fast as a gust of wind.

After keeping the Capsules with fresh fish close to him, Korin went to the store and searched through the boxes. He finally found a jar of Senzu Beans in a nook and corner. He then looked at Ayaka, who was dumbfounded, “What a disgrace to the Gods!”

After receiving a jar of Senzu Beans, Ayaka didn’t bother to count them carefully because it looked like the number was more than one hundred thousand.

Having gotten the Senzu Beans that she wanted, Ayaka’s mood became cheerful. Her eyes showed a pleasant look, and she climbed up with Korin. Korin was also very curious about the young girl who had climbed up the Korin Tower at such a young age, “Little girl, who is your master? Is it Roshi?”

“No.” Ayaka shook her head, “I will go to him, but I am not going to become his disciple!”

Korin nodded. Master Roshi was indeed not suitable to take female disciples.

“Your strength should be powerful. Do you want to grab the Divine Water?” Korin licked his paws.

Ayaka knew that Korin did not understand her strength, so she let out a small part of her ki. Although this ki is only a fragile part of Ayaka’s body, it also has nearly 500 power levels. It was much more powerful than the Kami on Earth.

Suddenly, Korin felt the mountainous aura that emerged from Ayaka’s body, which turned into a gale and swept around, blowing the things on Korin Tower.

Korin was shocked by the aura emanating from Ayaka; his body was somewhat immobile. He hadn’t felt such strong ki even from Kami.


After Ayaka collected her ki, Korin wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “I never thought you were so strong. You’re simply a monster.”

Ayaka smiled in embarrassment. Even with the little ki she just gave off, no one on Earth would be a match.


Above Korin Tower, the Lookout.

Kami looked at the Lower Realm with a shocked face. Just a moment ago, he felt a terrifying aura; the aura made him feel suffocated.

“Kami, what was that ki just now?” Mr. Popo said with some concern as he stood next to Kami.

Just now, he also felt that ki. That was powerful ki that shouldn’t exist on Earth. Even the Demon King Piccolo back then was far less powerful than that ki! If the owner of that ki were evil, no one would be a match.

“I can’t believe that such a powerful person has appeared on Earth. If that person hadn’t taken the initiative to reveal her ki, we wouldn’t have known about her existence!”

Kami looked down with a stony face and said slowly, “That person is now on Korin Tower, and it looks like she is not an evil person.”

“There is an existence on Earth whose strength surpasses Kami; I wonder if it’s a blessing or a curse!” Kami cast his gaze into the distance and said with a worried expression.


Ayaka looked at Korin’s shocked look. She couldn’t help but put a smile on her face and said with a faint smile, “How about it? Do I still need the Sacred Water for my strength?”

Korin calmed down for a while and said with a complicated expression, “How do you still need any Sacred Water? There is no one on Earth whose strength is stronger than yours. Even Kami is not your opponent.”

“There are many more powerful existences than me in this world. I was seriously injured by them some time ago.”

“You shouldn’t be an Earthling.” Korin judged that there would be no more powerful existences on Earth. Even if there was, a person who had seriously injured Ayaka wouldn’t be able to hide his ki.

It was unknown whether Korin was oblivious or just didn’t care that Ayaka might have lied about the Senzu Beans before because the Senzu Beans hadn’t manifested their value yet.

“Yes, I come from Planet Vegeta, located in the corner of the North Area, very far from Earth.” Ayaka saw Korin looked surprised and continued, “The planet I live on was destroyed in a disaster, and the number of surviving clansmen is already very few. So, I came to Earth. However, you can rest assured that I like the Earth very much and will not destroy it.”

Ayaka cast her gaze higher into the Lookout. Her words were addressed to Kami.

If Ayaka didn’t explain clearly, Kami wouldn’t be able to sleep peacefully. Since she came to Earth, she needed to say hello to the highest authority on the planet.

“So she’s from another planet, are all aliens this strong?”

Korin didn’t know much about other planets, but he was satisfied with Ayaka’s goodwill. Since the girl who claimed to be from Planet Vegeta had made it clear that she wouldn’t interfere with Earth, there was no need to pay special attention to her.

Korin licked its paws and picked up a fresh fish, and brought it to its mouth, “Uh…. then, good luck living on Earth!”

Korin knew that Kami must already know what was going on here. Since Kami didn’t raise any objections, that was the default to let the girl live on Earth.

Ayaka had already gotten the Senzu beans she wanted and said goodbye to Korin and Kami. Next, Ayaka had to go to see the little Goku. Son Goku was four years younger than herself, and by calculation, Son Goku should be more than six years old now.

After saying goodbye to Korin, Ayaka jumped off the Korin Tower in one leap and flew towards Mount Paozu.

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