Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 171


“Becoming a Super Saiyan seven years earlier than Dad?”

Son Gohan was startled. Perhaps because the Dragon Ball warriors died early and no one to teach the reason, although Son Gohan became a Super Saiyan for some years, the strength of the growth had not been much. His current strength was only a little stronger than when Son Goku returned from Planet Namek and was very barely able to deal with two androids.

“Dad only took two years to have about the same strength as me now, and Auntie became a Super Saiyan seven years earlier than Dad, that strength is not more powerful?” In the impression of Son Gohan, the warrior at that time was far more solid than now, and even their own practice alone for seven or eight years might not be as good as their practice for one or two years.

Although it was demoralizing, it was a fact. The peak of the Earth had passed, relying only on their own to hold on. If they collapse one day, there would be only one way to destruction.

Under careful consideration, Son Gohan unexpectedly found that the young and beautiful aunt opposite had a surprisingly high probability that her strength was still above the androids.

“Auntie, the strength of the android is a little higher than me, are you really sure?”

If Ayaka’s strength was really enough, he would have implored the other side to fight. On the contrary, if it was not enough, he would not let Ayaka fight no matter what.

It seemed that her appearance prevented her from gaining Son Gohan’s trust. Ayaka shook her head lightly, and once her thoughts passed, she released a portion of her chi slightly. At once, the entire room was enveloped by an amazing ki, the room shook up and down with a creaking sound, and the ground trembled slightly.

“This is just a portion of my ki, is it enough?” Ayaka asked with a smile.

“It is enough, put it away, if this continues the house will not be able to stand!” Son Gohan shouted in surprise, this strength was definitely above the androids. Tranks had been stunned, he had never seen such a powerful ki. When Brother Gohan and androids were fighting, they were not that powerful!

A few seconds later, the vast and terrifying airflow slowly disappeared. The room once again calmed down, but the interior furnishings seemed to experience the baptism of a tornado, all kinds of furniture and furnishings fell to the east and west, becoming disorderly.

“Now, the Earth is saved, no more hiding!” The young Trunks’ heart was very happy.

There was no way out of the mountain, there was a village in the dark. Just because Son Gohan broke an arm and worried about the future of the Earth, he never thought that God would send such a big surprise so soon! Brother Gohan’s aunt was here, the androids would not be a problem!

“Hmph, this time believe it, don’t worry about any androids with mama’s strength!” Ayame bragged happily.

Sonn Gohan and Trunks nodded vigorously, looking at Ayame’s eyes mixed with a little respect, which was in addition to the elders and the worship of the strong.

“Well, we will put aside the matter of androids, I will naturally go to solve them after some time. First of all, the matter of the Earth, the Lookout and Korin Tower were destroyed by the androids a long time ago, and after the death of Biker Earth’s Dragon Balls have also disappeared, without the Dragon Balls want to restore the trauma of the Earth is very difficult!”

Ayaka’s clear voice unfolded.

Son Gohan couldn’t help but nod. It was very difficult to calm down the situation of the Earth now that the androids were wiped out, especially those who suffered trauma because of the battle, basically impossible to recover.

“You have not thought of using the Namekian’s Dragon Balls? Just wish to the divine dragon of Planet Namek, not only the Earth can be restored, even Son Gohan’s arm can also be reborn.”

“I never thought of it, but the new Planet Namek is too far away from the Earth, and the location is uncertain. Goku and his spaceship was destroyed many years ago along with the old Planet Namek, there is no way we can reach it without a spaceship and a star map! Bulma said with a sad face.

“Indeed!” Ayaka nodded gently. Without a ship, without an address, no wonder Bulma went farther to invent a more complex time machine. However, why the dead Piccolo did not contact Namekian through Kai, though? Could it be that they also had no hope that Son Gohan and the others could defeat the androids, so they did not do anything useless?  

“So, tomorrow Gohan, Trunks and Ayame will go with me to find the androids, and after defeating them I will make a trip to New Planet Namek!”


“Great, the end of androids is finally here!”

By this time the sky had darkened, a hazy evening sun rose in the sky, and darkness gradually descended on the entire city. The crumbling and desolate West City was soon darkened by the night, and surprisingly, there was not a single light. The Bulma family was afraid that they were the last family in West City.

Walked to the basement, the mainframe buzzing sound came over, fluorescent flashing computer screen on a string of complex code constantly crossed, Bulma was concentrating on their work continued.

Seeing Ayaka walked in, Bulma put down the work in his hands, picked up a cup of coffee and drank, “The world has declined a lot, regardless of diet, technology is far worse than back then, but also constantly worry about the day will be attacked by artificial people. Now think about it, the life of the year really happy!”

“Are these the sketches you designed the time machine?” Ayaka picked up a piece of draft paper, which was densely drawn with various icons and filled with calculation formulas.

“Yes, this is the time machine design, but because of your arrival, I’m afraid these things will not come in handy!” Bulma said regretfully, but there was more joy in his eyes at the imminent salvation of the world.

“It’s not useless, I came to you hoping you would invent a machine for me, just like the previous Dragon Ball Radar’s. I can accidentally travel through parallel dimensions, so I need a machine that can determine the coordinates of space!” Ayaka said his request.

Bulma listened and instantly came to the fore. The technology that could determine the coordinates of parallel space was very similar to her time machine theory.

“Dragon ball radar because there are dragon balls as a basic reference, but to determine the space without a reference to invent it is very difficult.” Bulma frowned.

“If it is a space reference then I have a little clue, I do not know if it works.” Saying that, Ayaka gathered in the palm of the hand out of two or three layers of mutual distortion of the film, this film was like a dream, tangled and twisted, like a crystal clear gem emitting a mysterious luster.

Bulma “thump” immediately sprang to her feet, throwing away the cup of tea in her hands and quickly crossed to Ayaka. Her two eyes glittered, like seeing her favorite thing.

“This …… is space film, if this, I am completely sure that the space detector invented, but the space aspect is too complex, I’m afraid it will take a long time.”

“It does not matter if it takes longer, I have three years to wait, after three years I must return, I have a more powerful enemy there to deal with.”

Instead of traveling through time inside the Dragon Ball, it was better to travel through space.

“Three years is certainly enough!” Bulma said with confidence.


The next morning, as soon as it was light Ayaka got up from bed, and then carried Ayame who was hugging his bed to walk to the bathroom.

After washing up, Ayaka walked to the courtyard. Son Gohan and Trunks were already fully dressed and eagerly waiting there. Son Gohan was wearing the orange martial arts uniform of Turtle School, and Trunks was wearing his usual casual clothes with the Capsule Corporation design.

“Auntie, let’s go!” Son Gohan is in a very good mood.

With such a powerful Super Saiyan as Ayaka to fight, Son Gohan believed that today was definitely the end of the androids, after waiting for so many years, the Earth was finally about to face peace.

“Well, then let’s go, Gohan, when the time comes, you do not fight. It is enough that the androids are given to me alone, Ayame and Trunks strength is not yet strong, you are responsible for protecting it!”

Trunk’s strength was about 5 million, while Ayame had 4 million in Planet Namek, and after returning to Earth after so long to practice, her strength rose to 6.3 million, the strength of the two of them plus a fire then perhaps become a Super Saiyan. But this was the Earth, a little carelessness would cause great losses, so this time Ayaka only intend to let them stand by, the androids have her in enough.

Son Gohan nodded in understanding. It was enough for Trunks and the others to watch and grow some experience, and they didn’t need them to really fight, not even for himself.

With a few swoosh, Ayaka four into a few rays of light rose in the air, to a direction and disappeared.

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