Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 177


“Okay, let me see the power of the Saiyan Prince, I hope it is not unbearable!” 18 adjusted the clothes, walked towards Vegeta’s side.

But her “arrogant speech” make Vegeta angry. His whole body ki rose up, and Vegeta gaze was cold. Who dared to scorn the Saiyans would be killed by him. Whether the other party was female or not!

Under Vegeta’s strong aura, 18 did not move.

“It’s my turn!”


Her calm cheeks became cold and indifferent, 18 emitted an icy and bone-chilling chill, and her aura actually did not belong to Vegeta at all! Lightly stepped on the toes, the whole body flies up, instantly had come to Vegeta with.

This scene let Vegeta eyes stare, his body suddenly tense, he realized that the android in front of him was not simple!

She did not wait for him to think more, the swift attack would greet over.


A series of exchanges, starting from the first, a powerful impact would come like a whirlwind, at once enveloped him. Vegeta more and more gloomy fight, punches and kicks also became heavy.

Not far away Son Goku and others landed on the ground, looking at Vegeta who was tangled with 18, his gaze became worried.

Vegeta seemed to be fighting with 18. The two were neck and neck, but Son Goku’s sharp eyes had found that Vegeta’s attacks were nothing for the android. –18 seemed to be in a mess, but in fact, it was like dancing, teasing Vegeta all the time. The Super Saiyan realm consumes ki very quickly, and Vegeta was doomed to fail if he could not quickly resolve his opponent.

“The situation is not good for Vegeta!”

Son Goku’s face was gloomy. He was expecting that after several years of hard work and preparation, he should be able to easily deal with the androids with a large increase in strength, but the current situation seemed that he and others were still too optimistic.

‘Even Vegeta could not take the androids, it seemed things were not good ah.’

As soon as he flashed to assist Vegeta, 17 had blocked in front.

17 face showed a flirtatious wink, clear voice with a cold, piercing chill, “Son Goku, this is a fair fight, none of you can interfere, or don’t blame me, and 16 is not polite!”

Faced with the threat of 17, Son Goku was unusually silent.

From the point of view of the strength of the androids, the Earth side only had Vegeta, Trunks, and Son Goku to deal with them with certainty. Piccolo, Tian Shinhan, and others have been unable to keep up the pace. In the case of three against three, Son Goku realized that the scales of victory did not favor their side.

The android 16 that made him feel especially uneasy, the big man who had been silent gave him an unusually depressing feeling, that feeling was far from 17, 18 could be compared to.

“The most dangerous one is the android 16, who doesn’t say much!” Such a realization arose in his heart, and son Goku then somewhat cast a shadow of fear.


A few moments later, Vegeta’s battle was still going on, but a long time to maintain the Super Saiyan state gradually exhausted Vegeta’s physical, and his movement gradually slowed down.

On the contrary, 18, in addition to the jacket tattered, there was no sign of fatigue.

“Damn, are the androids human dolls? The strength is not even a little weakened!” Physical and mental trauma made Vegeta gradually lose confidence, but strong pride made him persist in the fight. He couldn’t lose in front of Kakarot no matter what!


With a long cry, Vegeta reluctantly roared, rushing the sky flames straight to the clouds. His body flashed a few times, and Vegeta’s figure disappeared, moving as fast as lightning, ready to attack hard.


18’s cold smile flashed, allowing Son Goku to watch the battle from afar, heart flooded with bad omens. Suddenly, as if a premonition 18’s body sank, cleverly dodge Vegeta’s attack, two sky blue eyes shining, the corners of the cold mouth smile, a leg raised high

Surprisingly, it kicked to Vegeta’s arm.


Vegeta let out a painful scream, the whole arm at an incredible angle bent down.

The whole arm had been broken.

Seeing that 18 continued to attack, Trunks, who was watching the battle, shouted nervously and had transformed into a Super Saiyan and rushed up with his longsword.

“Not good!”

“This fool!”

Piccolo and Son Goku could not imagine that Trunks would be so reckless to rush up, immediately disrupting their thinking. But this time, they couldn’t let him go up alone. They gritted their teeth and followed, which would turn into a melee.

Vegeta and 18 seemed to have settled the big picture, but Trunks suddenly intervened, as well as the Son Goku and Piccolo to support, allowing the battlefield suddenly to become rapidly changing again. The long-awaited 17’s delicate lips gently raised, spit, sneered, and acted.

A blurred figure flashed. 17 leaped behind Trunks. The two small hands clenched into fists and struck Trunks’ back violently! Just a face-to-face work, but let the Trunks lose the ability to move.

At least the Super Saiyan in front of 17 was so unbeatable, out of everyone’s expectation. After defeating Trunks, 17 showed a big smile and attacked Piccolo and Tian Shinhan.

“I said this is a one-on-one battle, and all those who want to interfere in the battle will be punished!”

Bang, bang!

There were two sounds.

Piccolo and Tian Shinhan fell in response to the sound. Son Goku’s face was anxious, a few beads of sweat dripping from his forehead, but the android 16 was blocking him to death, so he could not rescue.

On one side, Vegeta and Trunks had been under the attack of the androids out of the Super Saiyan state. At this time, they could continue to fight only Son Goku and Krillin, and the situation had taken a sharp turn, very unfavorable to them. To put it politely, Krillin was a soy sauce, and this point was very clear even Krillin himself.

“Hey, Son Golu, I originally wanted to let you live more days. Who. knows you sent yourself to the door? In that case, I’ll solve you!” 17 crossed his arms with a charming face and said.

18 also walked forward, a bored face said, “Vegeta has disappeared that strange light on the body, his hair has turned back to black.”

“I was made to kill Son Goku, so give him to me!” 16, who had not spoken, suddenly spoke up.

“Ah ah, 16 also want to make a move? Then Son Goku will be for you to deal with.” 18 called out in surprise. For this 16, she didn’t know why 18 and 17 always felt that they could trust her. Maybe that was the charm. Having 16 to go out, 18 walked over and put his arm around 17’s shoulders and laughed, “After killing Son Goku, we have a good tour of the world. So many years have passed, wasting so much time hasn’t been good fun yet!”

Krillin stood to the left and right, heart trembling, looking at the playful 17 and 18, and cold sweat emerged. “This is bad. Trunks is a sword to kill Frieza but was knocked out by that woman called 17 with a punch. Alas, how can Goku alone be a match for three androids!”

The battle was soon played. Although Sun Goku had improved rapidly over the past three years, far from being a match for 16, it did not take long to be seriously injured.

“It’s over. Goku is no match!”

“16, do it quickly so that we can leave.” 18’s voice came from far away.

16 nodded his stiff head, the hands gathered a vast wave of energy, raised his head eyes flatly, “I only kill Son Goku alone, no malice to others!”

“Damn, totally not an opponent!” Son Goku’s eyes were half-closed, helplessly prostrate on the ground, the corners of the eyes left blood.


His palm shone with a silver-white light, energy waves erupted from the palm of 16, and for a moment, space condensed, blindingly bright light spread out in an instant, stinging people’s eyes.


Violent explosion sound came, the wild energy mixed with astonishing aura swept away together. The whole canyon was instantly swept away by the powerful force of the shock wave. Forest trees were uprooted, broken land, and rocks flew around. Rivers and lakes followed the surge of shocking waves.

Huge-colored clouds rushed up to the clouds.

“Goku!” Krillin shouted in grief and anger. This energy was huge and terrifying. If placed on other planets, it could destroy the planet in a moment. In such huge energy was the Super Saiyan could not survive.

“Wow, the strength of 16 is so strong!” 18 exclaimed in surprise, and 17 also curled his mouth in amazement.

“It looks like No. 16 strength is even stronger than us. Really, people shouldn’t judge by looks.”

‘Who could have known that the quite naive and dumb No. 16 is so strong?!’

When the smoke from the explosion gradually dispersed and saw the scene inside, 16’s face was a little stiff.

17 and 18, the two sisters looked back, saw the scene in the center of the explosion, followed by a stunned face, and then their faces turned gloomy.

In the center of the explosion, a blonde female Super Saiyan was standing in front of Son Goku….

In the nick of time, Ayaka appeared in front of Sun Goku by teleportation and blocked the attack of 16 for him.

“Great, Ayaka …..he is saved!” When Krillin saw Ayaka appear, his tears flowed.

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