Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 178


18’s face looked gravel at the sudden appearance of the female Super Saiyan. She inquired about the information, said, “She is the sister of Son Goku, called Ayaka. She has rarely struck out and there is no specific data about her in the information, but I can not imagine that the strength is so powerful!”

“Our goal is only Son Goku, do not mess with the others!” 17 subconsciously wants to avoid conflict with Ayaka.

“But she does not seem to allow us to kill Son Goku. This hurts!” 18 fingers on the head to play around, curling a few strands of hair.

16 reverted to the harmless state of that heavy sword without a blade before, with a calm face looking at Ayaka, suddenly rippled back a few steps to walk to 17 them.

“I just probed the energy in her body at close range, and the reaction is particularly strong. She has more powerful energy than any of us! With her around, we can’t kill the Son Goku!”

“16, even you can’t beat it?” 18 suddenly asked.


The sisters all of a sudden frowned up, feeling that things were difficult. It seemed that something was beyond their expectations so that several androids who had intended to play the game of earth to experience the joy of life were immediately caught in a dilemma.

Ayaka suddenly showed overwhelming strength at once dispersed their pursuit of the wonderful state of mind of freshness.

On the side, Ayaka lifted the Super Saiyan state, watching the two of them 17 and 18 with interest. From time to time, the sound of admiration. The two had beautiful faces, bland but elegant temperaments. The original siblings turned into sisters, and surprisingly it had a unique flavor!

The androids in this world were quite kind. They did not kill a single human, like in the original. They fought one-on-one and knew how to protect the natural environment, making Ayaka treat them with good feelings.

“17, although you are androids, I can see that there is nothing hostile in you. Why not sit down to make a cup of tea and talk? Why fight and kill!”

“No need, today we will let Son Goku go. Next time he will not be so lucky!” 17 felt bored and planned to leave.

Suddenly, Ayaka looked at 18, and seeing the tattered clothes on her, she went up and called them to stop, then handed them a set of clothes.

“18, the clothes you are wearing are tattered. Put this dress on!”

That was a set of clothes similar to the original 18 later. 18 received the clothes with a bewildered face, and Ayaka tapped her head again, swishing out a pearl necklace and personally putting it on 18’s neck.

“That’s much cuter!” Ayaka exclaimed.

“Thanks!” 18 looked strange and flickered a few times, whispered a thank you, and then followed 17 and flew away.


“Uh, Ayaka, why did you let them go? They are androids!”

Seeing the androids leave, Krillin swayed from hand to hand.

Ayaka shook her head and pulled out a few Senzu Beans and threw them over, “These androids aren’t bad. They’re not our enemies. Goku thinks so too, right?”

“Well, they seem like they’re a bit reckless, but I can’t feel their killing aura, so they shouldn’t be considered bad guys.”

Ayaka then laughed, “Yes, they are still redeemable problem youth only. It can be solved with a dress, a necklace, or even a few words. Why do we have to fight and kill to do it!”

“Whatever you say!”

Krillin could not say anything for a while, so he ran over to feed the injured people Senzu Beans. Tian Shinhan, Yamcha, and Vegeta soon awakened, and from the mouth of Krillin, learned the news that the androids had left.

Vegeta’s face was blue, his body was trembling slightly because of anger, and the fiasco of fighting with the androids made him suffer badly.


Yelling in anger, Vegeta flew up into the sky alone and left.

“Let him alone, since Vegeta turned into a Super Saiyan, he becomes arrogant. This is not a small blow, and he hates to be defeated by a woman!” Piccolo stopped Trunks, who wanted to go after him, said.

The crowd smiled at the words. However, it wasn’t the case. Ayaka first struck him, and his heart was fragile. –Hey, the heart made of glass was fragile, and it felt like it would never love again.

Trunks wanted to say something but calm down, wondering, “They do not look like the androids I know. I have seen the strength of the androids who are not that strong, and they have a completely different mentality, does not seem to be very brutal!”

“Well, according to Ayaka, those three androids won’t hurt Earth. We can leave them alone for now! We mainly need to improve our strength!”

Piccolo flickered sharply, looking in the direction of the Lookout. Hiscalmed heart could not be calm for a long time. Facing the androids had let him realize their own weakness, unknowingly, even he gradually couldn’t keep up with the pace of the Saiyans.


A few days later, Trunks received a call from Bulma. A mysterious machine was found in the forest in the west. Because it had the logo of the Capsule Corporation, Bulma suspected that it was a time machine and needed Trunks to go over and confirm it.

On the Lookout, Piccolo approached the Old Kami.

The Old Kami looked down from the Lookout with a stony face while an ominous feeling in his heart. He finally saw clearly the new crisis of the Earth, the android from another time and space —Cell.


In a small town, 17 grabbed a caravan, and then three androids drove the car around and wandered up.

17 looked at the beautiful clothes his sister was wearing, narrowed her eyes, and smiled lightly, “The clothes that Saiyan gave you fit you quite well, well, it looks beautiful!”

“Hmph!” No. 18 indifferently bristled, playing with the necklace hanging around her neck, smiling lightly, “That said, we have no chance to kill Son Goku. What do we do next?”

“Well, the attack on Son Goku is just because there is nothing to do to pass the time. Giving up is not much. But 16, you are specially made to kill Son Goku. Is it okay not to do it?” 17 asked while driving with a tilted head.

Although they were the androids created by Dr. Gero, since the betrayal of Dr. Gero, they no longer have to comply with the orders left by Dr. Gero to kill Son Goku. And even if they wanted to kill, someone would stop them.

“I don’t know!” 16 looked out of the window, turned back with a smile, and replied indifferently.


In the cold, icy sky of the northern polar regions, a tall young girl appeared without warning, then a few flashes and flew off in the southeast direction.

It was a young girl with a beautiful face and eyebrows and a lovely spirit, the young girl was flying at high speed in the air, but her body did not leak a bit of breath.

What people noticed the most was her long, shiny silvery snow-white hair, a glittering white flame wrapped around her. It’s like a genie in a legend. A closer look at the delicate and lovely face, the pair of eyes full of aura was actually also silvery white.

“Bastard guy, I won’t let you get ahead of me!”


In another place, on the calm and ripple-free island, a young girl with long red hair stood on the sea, feeling the soft breeze coming from the air.

The girl opened her eyes, and she sensed the aura of the earth. The corners of her mouth revealed a charming smile, “This is the earth? Something doesn’t seem right! Uh, no matter, it’s hard to come here. First, go find sister!”

The red-haired girl pondered for a while, then locked a direction to fly away.

The calm sea immediately cut through a torrent.

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