Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 179


At the Lookout, Piccolo sat on the square with a complicated face looking at the Old Kami. He was easily defeated by 17 after feeling a lack of strength, so he left everything behind to come to the Lookout.

The Old Kami stood on the edge of the Lookout with a cane, two eyes penetrated the layers of clouds below to view what was happening on the earth. Not long ago, a strange monster suddenly appeared in his sight, it was from other time and space aggregation of various excellent bloodline android Cell!

The initial state of Cell waa not scary, but he was able to continuously improve his strength by sucking human life essence. In just a few hours, dozens of cities had been attacked and tens of millions of humans had been killed. Because of Cdll’s special ability, not a single trace of the energy of the victims escaped and was sucked dry intact, so it was hard for people to notice.

At this time, Cell had grown up, the strength was strong enough to rival 17.

“These four years I have been disturbed, before I was confused, thought it was the threat of the androids, until I just saw that guy and finally, I understand! The Earth will soon land a huge disaster, a crisis that has never been encountered before!” The Old Kami clutched his cane with both hands and let out a long sigh after he finished.

“Hmph, what exactly did you see?” Piccolo said disdainfully.

The Old Kami did not answer, still looking down on the Lower Realm with a concentrated expression, the corners of his dry mouth twitched, “Oh, just wait and you will naturally understand.”

“I was worried that those few androids would do something untoward and bring calamity to the earth, but fortunately those androids are quite peaceful and not as inhumane as rumors. But I did not expect a new enemy to appear on Earth so soon! What Earth needs now is not a god or a dragon ball, but a powerful warrior!”

“How do you say, you agree to fusion?” Piccolo wondered what the Old Kami had just seen, and his attitude had changed so much.

“Yes, the time has come for the fusion of the Kami and the Great Demon King… When the time comes, I will transform into the power in you.” The Old Kami lingeringly looked at the Lookout where he lived for many years, slowly said, “Piccolo has changed, that evil thought in his heart has disappeared, there is no need to separate after this fusion. Mr. Popo, thanks for taking care of me for so many years!”

“Kami!” Mr. Popo understood what was happening next, he looked downcast and reluctant.

“Ha, Piccolo, fuse!” The Old Kami shouted, and his whole body emitted a bright light, turning into a whirlwind of storms that surged towards Piccolo’s body.

Suddenly, Piccolo’s whole body burned with fire-red ki flames, and his ki kept climbing, finally reaching its peak after the Old Kami completely fused into Piccolo’s body. The violent gale swept furiously on the hall, and the air, which was already very thin, became even lighter all of a sudden.

“This power definitely exceeds that of the androids!” Piccolo confidently clenched his fist and felt the new power of his body. Piccolo and the Old Kami were more powerful than the original. This fusion at once let him exceed the strength of the androids.

“Now, I am neither Piccolo nor the Old Kami, but the forgotten name of the Super Namekian!”

Thinking of the monster that could absorb human essence to enhance strength, as seen in the Old Kami’s memory, the excitement on Piccolo’s face because of the strength enhancement faded away, and his icy face became grave.

After saying goodbye to Mr. Popo, he leapt down the Lookout, towards the location of Cell.

There were still countless humans suffering from the killing there.

“A guy who can absorb life essence, what kind of monster is that!”


After seeing Piccolo fly away, Mr. Popo sighed a little, then walked to Ayaka’s room and reported to her about Piccolo’s situation.

After listening to Mr. Popo’s report, Ayaka waved her hand and said, “The Old Kami chose to fuse with Piccolo after all. It’s his choice, and we won’t discuss whether it’s right or wrong.”

Even so, Piccolo’s strength became stronger than the original. Now that Super Piccolo had appeared, that Cell was close to the perfect body!

From Super Piccolo to the time Cell became a Perfect Cell, Ayaka knew that it only took three days. Three days after, Perfect Cell should hold the “Cell Game”. The next question was, should we stop Cell from devouring 17 and 18?

Ayaka couldn’t bear to let such lovely girls be devoured!

17 and 8 had been different from the original. Son Goku and the others knew that the sisters were not malicious to the Earth, and the dormant device would not be manufactured. The sisters should know that it was not easy to kill Son Goku, so that they might have given up. As long as they did not go to Master Roshi to find Son Goku, they would not easily meet Cell.

If they were still found by Cell, Ayaka could not do anything about it! She could only resurrect them after destroying the Perfect Cell.


Ayaka’s palm on the head of the bed, the body, leaned back and spread, decided to leave it!

“Mr. Popo, have Goku and others already entered the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?” Ayaka suddenly asked.

A few days ago, Son Goku suddenly brought Son Gohan and Vegeta. Trunks approached her, wanting Ayaka to open the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for them to practice, and Ayaka agreed and let Mr. Popo arrange it.

“Uh, it’s not their turn yet. The first group to go in are Trunks and Vegeta. Well, it will take a while before they come out.”

Ayaka nodded lightly, then sat on the bed and pondered.

Cell’s harmfulness was undoubted, and Ayaka felt no need to let him become a complete body because doing so would not benefit her in any way but would lead to the loss of countless lives. He was not detected before because he was well disguised, and now that he was exposed, it was time to remove him.


In the calm sea, the silver-haired girl stepped through the void speeding forward, silver-white aura tightly wrapped around the body, the long silver hair against the sea breeze was blowing down behind, like stardust across the starry sky emitting glittering luster, swoosh across the sea.

Suddenly, the silver-haired girl stopped and saw a cluster of fire-red figures in her eyes, her face sunken, gnashing of teeth to the figure attacked.

Not far away, the red-haired girl was flying comfortably. Although her heart was anxious to see her sister, the surrounding waves, calm and peaceful seascape made her mood very pleasant, the speed could not help but slow down the speed.

At that moment, she saw a young girl with a silvery glow emanating from her whole body come in front of her, looking at her with an angry face, and actually stopped her way at once.

‘Uh, being stopped, who was this person?’

The red-haired girl narrowed her eyes at the silver-haired girl who blocked her way, and after confirming that she did not know her, the girl asked suspiciously, “This lady, do I know each other? Why are you blocking my way?”

The silver-haired girl was furious, her eyes glared round, and she bellowed, “You don’t know me, but I know your name is Ayaba. You won’t get past me today unless you fight me!”

“Huh, someone here actually knows my name!” The red-haired girl, Ayaba, was amazed in her heart and carefully sized up her opponent.

Ayaba was clear that her own birth was extremely special and grasped the great opportunity to come here so easily. It was reasonable to say that no one in this world should know her.

“I didn’t expect to meet a great person just after arriving. Hehehe, this is interesting!” Ayaba looked over with her seductive eyes, and her pretty face showed a lovely peachy smile.

“What I hate the most is the smile you show with this face!” The silver-haired girl muttered, recalling the person’s smile deep in her memory, and her face turned ugly.

With a gloomy attack, the silver-haired girl shouted angrily. Her whole body immediately exploded with a terrifying and suffocating aura.

Suddenly the power spread out, the sky stirred up the incomparable chaos, the wind howling, tiger and ape cry like hissing. Chaotic air currents hit the sea, immediately set off hundreds of meters of high wind waves, wind followed by huge waves slapped out, the scene is chaos.

Silver flames suddenly pulled up, surging and stirring energy tumbled up in mid-air. As if extreme heat, the surrounding moisture vaporized at once, the diffuse white fog rumbled and spread, and the silver-haired girl glared her silver-white eyes, two eyes filled with ice-cold piercing killing intent.


Ayaba was obviously stunned by the other party’s ki. Her small hand covered her lips and cried out, the corners of her pink and delicate mouth curled slightly, displaying a seductive smile.


The golden ki appeared out of thin air!

Ayaba’s long, fiery red hair suddenly turned golden, the hair on her forehead was suspended high under the effect of the flame, and in the golden burning flame, two turquoise eyes were revealed.


Silver bright arcs of lightning constantly flash, adding a bit of majestic dominance to her powerful transformation! This was Super Saiyan 2 transformation, the second Super Saiyan 2 to appear in the world apart from Ayaka!

“Hmph, strange lady. Although I do not know why you are hostile to me, trying to block my way, that would be a big mistake!” Ayaba waved her hand very dominantly.

The silver-haired girl snorted coldly and shook her head disdainfully, “Super Saiyan 2 Transformation? If it were not for fear of alarming them and can not use the full force of the words, I would crush you with one finger! But this little power is more than enough to deal with you!”

Wondering who was the “they” that the girl was talking about that made them so afraid!

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