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Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 180


“Big talk!” This was Ayaba’s comment to the silver-haired girl, who was simply without bounds, full of words that were out of tune.

According to the memory obtained in mind, Ayaba didn’t dare to say that she knew everything but at least had a clear perception of the world’s strongest people. At this stage, the strong people who dared to say that they easily defeated Super Saiyan 2 were not without power. Of course, but that was in the boundless universe. At this time, there were no such strong people on Earth.

“Do not believe it does not matter. Just wait, and I will let you see what is called absolute power!”

The silver-haired girl smiled contemptuously. After that, her face was straight, and both eyes looked straight at her opponent. Her body swayed swoosh and disappeared abruptly, cutting a blurred shadow in place, a few remnants connected into a line, but straight towards the red leaves.

The small fist was swung towards Ayaba.

Without warning, a slender fist appeared in front of the eyes. Ayaba’s expression changed dramatically, and she hurriedly raised her hand to block the past. “Clang” a sound, a huge impact to promote the shock wave scattered out, Ayaba felt a shock, and the body was instantly back a few meters.

“What a force!” She couldn’t help but marvel at the sound, lightly rubbing the faintly numb wrist, the expression then gaze up.


The sea surface blows super-strong whirlwind, gradually the storm range continues to expand, this center for dozens of kilometers around all surrounded by the storm.

The dark sky clouds, booming thunder, black clouds gathered, as if pouring out the ink, the sky dyed black. The sea surface huge waves churning, one by one a hundred meters high huge waves overturned, slapping each other splash a piece of the wave.

The two young girls were like female gods of war with victory in their hands. Both sides were confident. They tested each other, and their fighting figures shifted from the sky to the sea’s surface and then moved from the surface to the bottom of the sea, and there was no place that was not a battlefield for their tussle.

“This silver-haired girl does have some strength.”

Ayaba was fighting while judging. She did not know how much truth there was in the words of the silver-haired girl just now, nor why she was against herself, but the other party’s strength was real. But these did not make her step back.

‘Hey, before seeing sister, I will warm up a little.’

‘This intensity of battle rare opportunity!’

‘But then again, couldn’t it be that my sister offended her, and she mistook me for sister, but how does she know my name?’

Ayaba pondered.

The silver-haired girl stopped in the air, “Ayaba’s strength has actually reached this level. It seems she entered the Super Saiyan 2 realm, not just a day or two!”

“Should I release a little more power?” The silver-haired girl’s eyes flashed. If she released more energy, the district Super Saiyan 2 stage naturally did not matter. However, she quickly denied, “No, if you raise the strength again, they will soon notice. This time I sneaked out, it would be bad if they were drawn here!”

“This time, I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to teach Ayaba a good lesson!”

The silver-haired girl’s mind kept turning, then nodded with determination and continued to attack towards Ayaba.


In Kami’s bed-chamber, originally lying on the bed half-squinted eyes, resting, Ayaka suddenly sensed two strong breath coming. Her heart was astonished, and her eyes suddenly opened. Her body quickly jumped up from the bed, and then full of suspicion transient to the outside of the room.

On the corridor, waiting outside the spiritual time house, Son Goku also sensed the appalling energy coming from the Lower Realm and was equally shocked.

“What kind of ki is this? Why do I feel my whole body is shivering!”

As soon as the light worked, Krillin couldn’t control the body to squat down, hands supported on the ground, cold sweat had soaked undershirt.

“Yes, I find it difficult even to breathe!” Yamcha’s face was full of sweat.

“This is trouble, the androids are not over, and what monsters have appeared in the lower world.” Tian Shinhan cold face gray, stiff.

Son Goku was equally full of worry, “This ki is very powerful! I’m afraid that even if Vegeta and the others succeeded in breaking through is definitely not an opponent.”

At this time, Ayaka’s elegant figure appeared on the corridor. Seeing her appearance, the crowd found the axis of the backbone had gathered around.

“Ayaka, the newly appeared powerful ki, do you know what is going on?”

Unfortunately, the answer was not what they expected. Ayaka shook her head slightly and said softly, “I’m not sure, but those two ki give me a very familiar feeling as if I’ve seen them somewhere. Forget it. You guys should not interfere in this matter. I will go to the Lower Realm as soon as possible to see and come back to tell you when I find something!”

Son Goku nodded helplessly. Those two strands of ki overtake them too much, and they could only let Ayaka alone explore the situation first and then make a decision after separating the enemy from us.

“After seeing the strength of the androids, I know that the Super Saiyan is not invincible, like Ayaka, and those androids can easily defeat us! Well, I must quickly reach beyond the realm of Super Saiyan.”

Piccolo was silently nodded and spoke, “And that newly emerged strong people, we can not let down our guard!”

“You guys stay here. I’ll go and return as soon as I could!”

Saying that, Ayaka launched Instant Transmission, and her figure immediately disappeared from the Lookout.


In the sea at the Lower Realm.

Within a radius of tens of miles, the seawater was boiling like a huge boiler, tumbling up and down, thousands of tons of seawater were stirred up by the energy scattered by the battle, splashing into the air, and then falling back down under the influence of gravity, some of which vaporized before it reached the surface.

On the battlefield, hundreds of four or five meters thick transparent water column straight up to the clouds, connecting the sky and the sea ……

Ayaka appeared on the sea’s surface full of doubts, looking at the distant gloomy zone of constantly flashing electric light. She accelerated as soon as her body quickly forward. “What in the world has come to Earth, and why do those chi give me such a familiar feeling?”

The two young girls who were fighting fiercely seemed to sense something and stopped fighting the moment Ayaka appeared.

“It’s sister’s breath. Did sister come over?” Ayaba shouted with a face full of surprise.

“She actually came. Well, now is not the time to meet!” The silver-haired girl’s face hesitated slightly, then she quickly left with a grit of her teeth.

“Hmph, little girl, knowing that my sister is coming, you run away so quickly!” Seeing the silver-haired girl retreat without a fight, Ayaba couldn’t help but laugh openly. Suddenly, she twisted her body and looked around, nervousness rising in her heart, “Uh, will I be a little hasty to meet my sister like this, or should I dress up?”

Just when Ayaba was struggling over what posture to use to face her sister, Ayaka had appeared beside her.

At the first glimpse of the young girl in front of her, Ayaka could not help but feel a blur before her eyes, and then and then rubbed her eyes hard, innocent mouth open into an “O” shape.

The most surprising thing was that the other party had a face exactly like hers. If she wasn’t sure that she had been awake, Ayaka even suspected that she was dreaming.


A golden Ki rose up.

Ayaka also turned into a Super Saiyan 2 state, her huge aura spreading outward, silvery-white electric light scurrying and crackling in the aura flames!

For a time, Ayaka approached the young girl. Two identical young girls were standing side by side, the huge golden breath vying with each other, at once letting the whole world eclipsed.

The two girls stood on the surface of the sea. Turquoise eyes were looking at each other, a vast and rapid whirlwind.

Round of waves rushing out in all directions, the smooth surface of the sea slowly sink out of two huge arcs of more than 50 meters deep puddles, or bordering each other!


The two of them exit the Super Saiyan state at the same time and only then does Ayaka realize that although the other side looks like his face, she has beautiful long fiery red hair.

“Sister, I finally see you!” Ayaba shouted excitedly.


‘Why did she call me sister?’

‘She’s not my long-lost sister, is she?’

‘No, I don’t have a sister, so who the hell is she?’

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