Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 19


Mount Paozu was located in the Northern Hemisphere somewhere in the mountains, surrounded by steep and precipitous mountains. Because of the remote location and often fierce beasts, Mount Paozu was sparsely populated, and traffic was very inconvenient.

After coming down from the Korin Tower, Ayaka went straight to Mount Paozu. Initially, she intended to use Instant Transmission to find Son Goku directly, but suddenly, Ayaka realized that she might have overlooked a crucial link.

“My Instant Transmission is different from what Son Goku learned later. My Instant Transmission does not require the use of ki to locate, so will it make me dependent on it, in the long run, thus reducing my sense of ki?”

Upon thinking of this, Ayaka stopped in the air. She couldn’t help but had a cold sweat seeping out of her back.

“Good thing I realized early. Instant Transmission may seem convenient to use, but it may leave hidden dangers for me.”

Ayaka decided that in the future, as long as it wasn’t planet-to-planet travel, she would try not to use Instant Transmission. Instant Transmission could only be used as a secondary ability in battle, not a primary skill in combat.


Ayaka flew in the air for a while longer, roughly found the direction of Mount Paozu, and then landed.

The mountains here stood in a relaxed and quiet environment, with various strange pines and rocks strewn across the peaks, and the scenery was infinitely beautiful.

After some searching, Ayaka came next to a large pool of water and found a set of dark purple practice clothes placed on the rock on the opposite bank.

“These clothes are Son Goku’s; it seems that he is in this neighborhood.”

Ayaka leaped to the opposite rock. She took out a cloth in her hand, spread it on the ground, and then sat on the ground, waited for Son Goku to arrive.

“Demon, who are you?”

A crisp voice came from a naked child dragging a large fish tens of times larger than him in his hand. He was startled after seeing Ayaka and quickly leaped backward alertly.

‘This is Son Goku. His mind is really simple, too cute! However, his strength is still feeble. His power level is only 15.’

Ayaka looked at Son Goku with a smile as she sized up Son Goku and said, “I’m not a demon, I’m human!”

Son Goku had never seen anyone other than his grandfather and even less knew what a woman looked like. Suddenly, when he saw Ayaka, who looked different from him, he took her for a demon.

Son Goku threw away the big fish in his hand and stared with a wary face, “Nonsense! If you’re human, how come you don’t look like me?”


Ayaka lost her voice and laughed. She couldn’t imagine that she was subjected to the same experience as Bulma. Son Goku was too innocent of distinguishing between a man and a woman.

“Well… You’re a boy, and I’m a girl, of course, we look different!”

“Woman?” Son Goku listened to Ayaka’s explanation. There was some confusion in his heart, and his gaze towards Ayaka remained unrelaxed.

“Yes, men and women are looking different. Didn’t your grandfather tell you that?”

Son Goku suddenly realized. He remembered what his grandfather had told him, “Really, grandfather had mentioned it to me, so you are a woman!” Son Goku said and walked around Ayaka, but he found that Ayaka did not have a tail, “Why do you not have a tail? Moreover, your hair is also long!”

Ayaka felt a burst of speechless when Son Goku surrounded her. She couldn’t help but laugh lightly after hearing his words, “Not everyone has a tail like you. There were some men and women without tails out there.”

Son Goku remembered that his grandfather didn’t have a tail and believed Ayaka’s words.

Ayaka picked up the clothes on the ground for Son Goku to put on. After rustling his clothes, Son Goku asked curiously, “My name is Son Goku. What is your name?”

Ayaka thought about it for a while and said, “Ayaka! You can call me Ayaka. Of course…. you can also call me sister!”

Ayaka thought it was very appropriate to let Son Goku call her sister.

‘Well, I’m four years older than Son Goku, and we both have the Saiyan bloodline. I’ll live with him from a young age and lay the foundation, so letting him call me sister is right.’

“Sister?” Son Goku cocked his head, remembering what his grandfather had said about calling a girl older than him a sister.

Dragging the big fish he had just caught, Son Goku and Ayaka walked down the road. Son Goku then asked, “So, sister, what are you doing here on Mount Paozu?”

“I’m here to find Son Gohan.”

Ayaka couldn’t say she was here to find him, so she moved to Son Gohan. Moreover, looking at Son Goku’s simple appearance, she doubted whether he understood the meaning of “sister”.

“You came to look for grandpa?” Son Goku’s eyes were a little bleak, “….Grandpa died a year ago.”

Ayaka remembered the story. When she saw that he was a bit depressed, she said comfortingly, “I’m sorry! I did not know that your grandfather has passed away. Your grandfather once helped me; since he is no longer here, then I will take care of you in the future!” She took this opportunity to climb up the pole and made an essential connection with the protagonist.

“Will sister live with me in the future?” Son Goku asked happily.

“Yes, from now on, I will take care of you. Let me tell you, my strength is powerful. I can help you train in the future!”

Upon hearing Ayaka say that she was powerful and could help him train, Son Goku frowned in disbelief and said, “My grandfather trained me since I was a child. How can you be stronger than me?”

“Well… because I’m a sister! Of course, a sister should be stronger than her brother!” Ayaka jokingly knocked Son Goku’s head, causing Son Goku to shout with great dissatisfaction.

The two of them quickly became familiar with each other. Soon, they arrived at the residence located at the top of Mount Paozu.

Son Goku’s home was made of a large, high quality, and durable material. It was a four-square hut made of bricks and tiles, and the four corners of the roof of the house were high up, making it a place full of Chinese atmosphere. The house was surrounded by bamboo and cedar trees, and the wind blew on the sound of “instigation”.

There was a large piece of open space in front of the house, which should be where Son Goku practiced his martial arts, with firewood piled up on the side.

Son Goku dropped the fish in his hands, ran inside the room, bowing to the Dragon Ball placed in front of the incense niche.

Ayaka saw the incense niche placed on the mat in front of the Four-Star Dragon Ball, next to a red stick. This was the Four-Star Dragon Ball and Power Pole, and Son Goku still thought the Four-Star Dragon Ball was his grandfather!

Ayaka followed the salute to respect Son Gohan, the martial artist.

Son Goku jumped up and ran to the open space in front of the house. He then removed the scales and guts from the big fish he caught and started preparing to set up firewood, “I’m starving. Today I’m treating my sister a grilled fish.”

Ayaka looked at Son Goku skillfully scaled and gutted the fish and set up firewood. Her face couldn’t help but show a smile. With the Saiyan blood, The children seemed to be very good at survival skills. Not only her but Son Goku as well. This was probably the characteristics of the Warrior Race. Otherwise, how dare they send young babies to a strange alien planet?

When the firewood was set up, Son Goku ran back to the house to look for tools to start the fire. However, after Son Goku searched for a while, he could not find anything to start the fire, so Ayaka shouted to the house, “Goku, no need to look, I’ll help you light the fire!”

Son Goku came out of the house, embarrassed. He scratched his head with his hand and said, “Sister, I forgot where I put the matches.”

Ayaka shook her head helplessly. She turned her finger to the stacked firewood, and with a little use of ki, a light blue ki wave was released.


The ki wave hit the firewood emitted a slight bursting sound, and the pile of firewood immediately burst into flames.

Son Goku looked on in surprise; his mouth opened wide. Son Goku had never seen such a magical move, so he couldn’t help but be shocked.

“What an amazing move!” He jumped up and said, imitating Ayaka’s action just now. He stretched out his fingers and pointed around hard, but he couldn’t send out a ki wave as Ayaka did.

Ayaka knew that this was because Son Goku’s body didn’t have enough ki and couldn’t send out ki waves yet. She then went up and said with a smile, “This is the use of ki. Your body’s ki is very weak, so you can’t make this move yet. First of all, you have to make your ki strong. If you want to learn, sister can teach you.”

Son Goku was busy nodding. He now believed that the sister’s strength in front of him was far above him, so he was delighted that Ayaka was willing to teach him to practice.


Oh, I’m so full! I can’t eat anymore.” Son Goku said with a satisfied look as he patted his bloated and bulging belly. A several-meter-long fish was almost all wiped out by him alone, while Ayaka only ate a small amount.

It was strange, Ayaka used to eat as much as Son Goku, but since she practiced the Energy Bound, she ate less and less. Now, she was just like a normal girl, and sometimes she didn’t even have to eat.

“Am I going to be able to stop eating?” Ayaka was startled, “Immortality, if coupled with the incarnation, was it going to turn one into a God?”

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