Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka

Dragon Ball Legend of Ayaka Chapter 181


“Who the hell are you, and why are you calling me sister?”

For this young girl who looked exactly the same as herself, Ayaka thought before and after speculating her identity.

“Hehehe, my origin is very peculiar, and sister does not know my identity is very normal! In fact, I am the blood sister sealed back in the year with the Evil Containment Wave. So many years I have grown up!”

“The blood sealed in the past?” Ayaka murmured.

A bright light crossed her mind, and the past happened like a videotape.

Yes… that was more than ten years ago when she had not yet taken over the Kami position. In order to choose the Kami successor, the Old Kami sent her to another world 300 years ago, and then because she killed that world’s Great Demon King Piccolo, the Kami and Dragon Balls disappeared. To prevent future invasion of the Earth by powerful people and the plight of no one to resist, Ayaka sealed a bottle of her own blood with the Evil Containment Wave wave.

So, the girl who looked exactly like herself was the blood she left behind in that world to grow up?!

Ayaka came up to Ayaba in a flash, with the tip of her nose only a few centimeters away from the other side, and looked oddly measured up.

In a sense, Ayaba is herself, but because the existence of the world barrier blocked the ki of the original, hat the cells from the original body was using the “immortal body” ability to be reborn and the creation of a unique personality.

Although Ayaba had its own personality, she was born because of Ayaka. She was already deeply imprinted with Ayaka’s mark from the bottom of her heart, and everything was centered on Ayaka.

From top to bottom, she carefully examined Ayaba. Her small hands were constantly kneading the soft and tender skin of the young girl. Ayaka smiled and retreated to a place a few meters away from Ayaba.

“Well, the body type is well-proportioned and standard, and feel soft and boneless, the body is perfect!” Ayaka was very satisfied with the fine review, then took Ayaba’s small hand towards the nearest island and flew away, excitedly said, “Come, let’s find a place to talk about you first, so I can understand what happened later in that world!”

Ayaba smiled and hummed, and with a light smile, she was pulled by Ayaka to an uninhabited island.

“First of all, when did you come out of the seal of the Evil Containment wave?”

“Well, I have actually released a long time ago, about a few years before the plot started, and that’s when Master Mutaito probably also worried about the comfort of the Earth, so he let me out early!” Ayaba sat next to Ayaka, smelling the faint fragrance of Ayaka’s body, and her spirit was very relaxed.

“After coming out, sister’s image and some things about the Dragonball have been floating in my mind, before I have been unable to understand. Then I asked Mr. Mutaito and learned that sister came from another world. After that time, I worked hard to practice because I wanted to come over here to see when I was strong.”

Ayaka nodded. After all, Ayaba was generated by her own blood, and according to the special nature of her genes, it was not surprising that Ayaba had her memories.

“Because I was born of blood, so after regaining my physical body for a whole decade, my strength has stagnated and even regressed a bit.”

This was understandable. Although the body of immortality guarantees the continuity of life, it really worked with this ability. The after-effects were still very drastic. When Ayaka was “killed” by Donnie, the resurrection, if not coincided with the development of adolescence, the cells have full vitality. It was estimated to stagnate for more than a decade.

Ayaka continued to ask, “What about later? The plot of Dragon Ball should change, right?”

Ayaba nodded slightly and said, “The future is different, but eventually Son Goku still worshiped under Master Roshi to learn martial arts, until the time of the Raditz invasion of Earth plot was pulled back. Later, I became Super Saiyan 2 to kill the Perfect Cell. Before coming here, I have run another test to determine the eggs of Majin Buu do not exist on Earth through the time machine created by Mr. Popo. By the way, How about the plot that happens here?”

“The androids only appeared a few days ago!” Ayaka said with a big smile.

“Strange, why is the time so far off? I was there after hundreds of years!”

“Maybe it’s because of Mr. Popo’s time machine.”

The substance was two worlds in itself. The time machine was not really a time traveler, and it just tore apart two spaces. But it turned out, coincidentally, that Ayaba had found the right target space! Ayaka had her own opinion on this point. Once she used the “time machine” to reach the other space, and now Ayaba had come over…. It seemed that the two spaces should be relatively close to each other. In other words, they had a very close relationship with each other.

“By the way, who were you fighting with just now? If I hadn’t reinforced the earth before, you guys would have destroyed the earth with such power,” Ayaka asked curiously.

Ayaba spitted out her tongue, put her head back, embarrassed, “It was a silver-haired girl. I hadn’t seen her before, and somehow she found me and struck out at me in anger, and the girl even knew my name!”

“Even know about you? What is the other party’s origin? Forget it. Put it aside for now. I’ll take you to the Lookout!”

“Sure!” Ayaba happily responded.

Ayaba was happy. She found that her sister was just like she imagined, gentle and considerate. Staying by her sister’s side, her heart was particularly peaceful, and it was really worthy of being her “sister”!


In the Lookout corridor, Son Goku’s face was frozen, and other Dragon Ball warriors together quietly leaned on the corridor wall.

Occasionally there were enemies, they would feel excited, but in recent times the frequency of the appearance of enemies on Earth was too frequent and too mysterious. Androids appeared only a few days, and now there were several mysterious ki emerged. The successive pressure had made them anxious, but now they could only wait for the investigation results.

The space shook slightly, and Ayaka appeared in the corridor.

Seeing her return, Son Goku and others did not coincide to welcome. But when they saw the red-haired girl next to Ayaka, they hesitantly stopped and could not help but look up Ayaka and the red-haired girl.

“Ayaka, is this your relative? She looks like you!” Krillin said in awe.

“Yes, except for the hair color. The rest is exactly the same as Ayaka!”

There was a resemblance in the world, but there was no resemblance like Ayaka and the red-haired girl next to her.

Son Goku was surprised, but at the same time, he also noticed the red-haired girl’s ki, “Her ki, as thick and pure as sister!”

“Eh, really!”

Ayaba’s appearance initially attracted the group. Only then did they notice her ki and reveal appalled expressions.

“Let me introduce her! This is my twin sister, Ayaba! She first arrived on Earth, and the ki just now is hers. Ayaba, they are Son Goku, Krillin, Yamaha…” Ayaka pointed to Son Goku and others to introduce them one by one, and when introducing Ayaba, Ayaka referred to her as her twin sister.

Ayaba showed a smile and greeted Son Goku and the others.

‘So it was her twin sister, no wonder she and Ayaka look exactly the same.’

Everyone nodded in a daze, and this reason was really impeccable. The only doubt was that both of their sisters were a little too strong. Could their genes be that good?

“Mama, this is the peach I just picked. You taste it!”

Ayame, who was gradually appearing as a young girl, came running far away, carrying a large white and red peaches basket in her hand. When she got closer, she saw the red-haired woman standing next to Ayaka, who was close to her, and asked in surprise, “Eh, who is this person who looks so much like mama?”

“Ayaba, this is my adopted child, named Ayame!”

‘Hmph, so that was it, an adopted child of the sister?’

Ayaba looked at the slightly slender little girl, and a brilliant light flashed in her eyes, then quickly revealed a smile, put her arm around Ayame, and said, “Sister’s child is my child, right? Ayame, I am the same as your mama. You have to call me auntie!”

Ayame instinctively resisted the inexplicable additional auntie. One adult was enough, and she did not want to be governed! Her little face set up, displeased, “Who is your child?! I do not admit it. I have only one mama!”

“Ha, the little girl is so rude!”


Two pairs of beautiful, clear eyes flashed with electricity. Ayaba and Ayame inexplicably got cold feet.

Bang Bang!

With two thuds, Ayaka nonchalantly knocked the two on the head, casually said, “You two don’t play around. Give me a good time in the future. You really make me so stiff just after meeting!”

Ayame shrank her head and gave a bow, and greeted Ayaba.

As for Ayaba, although the strength was very close to Ayaka, she appeared to be very receptive to Ayaka’s lessons. She hadn’t been educated about the rare enjoyment of having someone in charge of her expression.

With Ayame’s disobedience to discipline, it was totally the opposite extreme.

“Mr. Son Goku, what’s going on?!” Trunks came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. When he saw the crowd, he asked suspiciously.

In the back, Vegeta walked behind with a cool face and showed a few moments of surprise in his eyes when he saw Ayaba.

“Ah, Trunks, you guys finished training. Well, the hair has become much longer!”

“Well, after spending so much time in it, it is only natural, haha. But… Who is this lady? how does she look so much like Miss Ayaka?”

Krillin volunteered to come forward to explain, “You do not know? She is Ayaka’s sister, she just arrived on Earth, and the strength is very powerful!”

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